Birthday Surprise Ch. 01

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This is the first part of a mini-series. It is based in the UK and is entirely fictional. I hope you enjoy!


“Surely this is going to be one of my best birthdays ever?” I thought to myself. I was going to be spending a weekend in an exclusive five star hotel with my boyfriend, Mark. We had driven about an hour to get here. I wasn’t sure of its exact location, but the rolling hills along the route suggested we were in the South Downs.

Although it was early October, the weather was being kind to us. The rain clouds had held off and the temperature was still warm enough that coats weren’t needed.

We carefully turned a corner on the gravel drive and were greeted with a spectacular vista of the hotel and its grounds. The hotel building was two storeys high, with a grey slate roof. There were half a dozen granite steps leading towards the main entrance. Columns stood astride the double-width front door. An engraved stone on the front of the building proudly declared it had been constructed in 1868.

Around the hotel were a myriad of topiary hedges and neat flower beds. A lush green turf stretched away from the main building to the distant tree line.

It was great to be away. Some “me” time was always welcome; to recharge my batteries and switch off from the pressures of work and bringing up children. Everything had been taken care of, so I had nothing to worry about. Yes. This was definitely going to be a break to remember.

We settled into our bedroom immediately. I was bowled over by the sheer enormity and extravagance of the room. The decoration was instantly to my liking. The walls were boldly coloured and more importantly, there was an absence of artex on the ceiling! The white sash windows had been left slightly open by the previous occupants, allowing a gentle breeze to enter the bedroom. However the room did not feel cold; far from it. There was a log fire here, ensuring we would remain warm for the rest of the night.

Complimentary wine and Belgian chocolates were most welcome as we began to unpack our hand luggage. I could definitely get used to this lifestyle!

We prepared for the evening meal. After some deliberations I selected a dark crimson dress to wear. It always gave me a bit of extra confidence when I had it on. After straightening my hair and applying makeup, I glanced in the mirror. It confirmed that I looked mouth-wateringly stunning, and was ready to go!

Mark crept up behind me and put his arms around my waist to hug me. He gently blew warm air across the back of my neck. It tickled slightly, but equally it was reassuring to have him so close. I could smell his aftershave as we enjoyed the precious moment of being alone together.

A wicked smile grew on my face as I saw he was wearing a black dinner jacket with matching bow tie. It was a classic outfit, which would not look out of place in this luxury hotel. However my mind was not bothered about the social etiquette of hotel attire. No, my thoughts were filled with smutty images of having sex with Mark! I began fantasising about forcing him to sit down so I could impale myself on him. It was difficult, but I resisted the urge to act on these thoughts immediately. I knew that later tonight we would be alone again, and perhaps then I could fulfil my primal lust.

We headed down to the dining room and were treated to a Michelin style meal. I was at a loss to describe what I ate. It was delectable, scrumptious and yummy! The food tantalised my taste buds as each course was brought out. The wine was free flowing and the conversation likewise.

We held hands across the pristine white table cloth, which draped over the edge of the square table. Mark leaned forwards slightly and our lips touched in the most delicate of light kisses. I don’t know if it was the wine, the surroundings, or the company, but I felt on top of the world.

My nylon covered foot slipped easily out of my shoe and I began to rub it up and down the back of Mark’s leg. No one could see what I was doing because of the table cloth. I kept moving my foot in a seductive manner. I managed to raise my foot high enough so my wiggling toes were firmly nestled between his upper thighs. Mark began to fidget in his seat, so I knew my movements were having an immediate impact on him. I felt part of his trouser leg expand as he became erect from my playful games.

He reciprocated in kind by subtly moving one of his hands under the table cloth. Without difficulty, he placed his tender hand on top of my knee. Carefully, he began pushing the hem of my dress higher. Having gained better access to my legs, he began to tease me with feather light touches. The temperature in the room seemed to go up, as we both revelled in the “naughtiness” of flirting with each other in such a public setting.

Mark ankara escort bayan leaned forward and whispered into my ear:

“I’ve made special arrangements for your birthday tonight. All will be revealed when we get back to the bedroom.”

I was both excited and curious as to what my birthday surprise would be. I tried to coax it out of Mark, but all he promised was that it would be the most amazing night ever. He began to kiss me again, which only served to heighten my trepidation of what might unfold tonight.

With the meal finished and a desperate yearning inside of me, it was time to return to the bedroom. I could hardly contain myself as we opened the door and stepped inside. The fire was still burning and there was a small side light on, which created the perfect ambiance. By this time, Mark had loosened his bow tie. It was still draped around his neck, but the main bow was undone.

Mark faced me and we began kissing and embracing each other. The kisses became more passionate. I was feeling hot. I was feeling horny. Mark seemed to find each of my pleasure spots with his kisses – sending tingling feelings throughout my body.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. The corners of Mark’s mouth turned upwards which let me know that the birthday surprise was about to be revealed. I had butterflies in my stomach. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I trusted Mark implicitly and knew it would be wonderful.

He opened the door and I was stunned by what I saw. A beautiful woman stepped into our bedroom, and like Mark, she had a beaming smile as she saw me. I looked her up and down, and must confess I had lustful feelings for the stranger who’d just entered. She had shoulder-length dark hair, styled to perfection. Her sultry, “come to bed” eyes, simply oozed sex appeal. I also couldn’t ignore the bright red lipstick that covered her pouting lips.

It feels strange describing another woman like this, because I was more than happy to be with Mark. But, deep down, part of me also had an affinity towards my own sex. I could be aroused by their beauty if the situation felt right. And tonight, the situation was definitely right!

I examined her appearance again as it was almost too much to take in. She wore a simple black dress that showed off her figure so well. The dress had a low back to it, and for this reason I guessed she was not wearing a bra. She must have been about five foot five inches tall, but as she was wearing high heels, it was harder to judge her actual height. Her legs were encased in glossy black stockings that shimmered in the flickering light of the fire. The cut of the dress made it clear that she had large breasts. I couldn’t help but stare at the woman and have erotic thoughts about what might transpire tonight.

Before I could say anything, the woman greeted me:

“Hello. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m your surprise birthday gift.”

She confidently strode over to me and kissed me directly on the lips. It was a lingering kiss, far beyond what female friends might consider an appropriate length of time. The electricity immediately sparked between us. I couldn’t help but put my arms around this mystery woman and respond in kind to the passion that was emanating from that first kiss. Things continued to get hotter in every sense. The woman began tracing her fingernails up and down my back, which made me feel light headed and giddy.

Time seemed to stand still. What was happening to me? Why did I have such passionate, sexual urges towards this stranger? How could I reconcile that it was a woman that was having this effect on me? Such conundrums could not be answered by logical thoughts. I was living the moment and enjoying the freedom of my emotional desires. Whatever was going on, I knew I could not resist the heavenly creature before me.

The woman’s caressing hands soon discovered the zip on my dress. She delicately allowed the zipper to descend. She continued to kiss me as the dress obeyed the laws of gravity and dropped in a heap on the floor. I was conscious that my knickers were becoming wet. I was so turned on.

The woman’s hands continued to glide over my body. It was strange to feel the smoothness of a female’s hand upon my bare skin, as I had grown accustomed to Mark’s slightly weightier and rougher touch. With each sweep of her hands, I found myself feeling more aroused.

She began to lower her head as her kisses moved from my face, ears and neck, down to the centre of my chest. She expertly removed my lacy bra, without any resistance from me. The woman began to tease my nipples with her swirling tongue. She was so soft and tender, yet also showing a level of passion with her every touch. She suckled on my left breast until the nipple became hard. She ankara bayan escort then turned her attention to the other breast, leaving a light trail of saliva over each nipple. My breathing was becoming more rapid. Small moans emitted from my mouth as I closed my eyes and revelled in the intimacy that this woman was showing.

As transfixed as I was to the spot, the woman managed to safely guide me a few steps back. At this point I was still standing, with my calves resting against the base of the king sized bed. I was aware that the only things I was still wearing were my silky cream knickers, nude coloured tights and shoes. The woman gently nudged my legs so they were slightly apart. She then dropped down onto her knees in front of me. I knew what was likely to take place now. There was no turning back; only pleasure awaited me.

She began to run her hands once more, but instead of my back, she began to make tender movements up and down my legs. Her delicate fingers would move tantalisingly close to the top of my inner thighs, and then pull away again, like the ebb and flow of the tide. With each agonising contact, I felt myself getting weaker in the knees. It was both ticklish and arousing. The wetness between my legs showed no signs of diminishing. Surely she would notice how hot I was feeling?

The magical sensations only continued to increase as the woman slowly, oh so slowly, kissed my inner thighs. She progressively moved higher and higher. I didn’t know what to say but my body was delighting in what was befalling me. The woman was adept at alternating the kisses and stroking her fingers along my legs. This kept the passion burning inside me. What can I say? I was transcending to nirvana.

The teasing movements of her glossy red lips on my thighs were briefly interrupted. She reached up with both hands and began to pull down my tights and knickers. As the last vestiges of my modesty were exposed, I felt only delight. Her face was covered with a Cheshire Cat smile as she looked up at me from her lowly position. She wanted me. She wanted to be part of me so badly. It was clear.

In my aroused state, I had lost sight of Mark. I had been mesmerised by the spell this mystery woman had cast upon me. I glanced about for reassurance that all was well. Mark had removed his clothes and sat himself on a comfortable armchair, close to the fireplace. He was beaming his approval at what was transgressing before him. He nodded for me to get more comfortable on the bed. Without thinking I did so; lying back onto the goose-feather duvet.

The woman was now dominantly standing at the end of my feet. She looked as gorgeous as the first time I had seen her when she entered the room. My heart was beating fast from the pleasure I had been put through, but I knew more was to come.

We maintained eye contact as she allowed her dress straps to fall away from her slender shoulders. Within moments the black dress was gone and I beheld the sight before me. I gasped in appreciation. She had large round breasts that held firm. Her gentle breathing resulted in a hypnotic swaying of them. Her hardened nipples, in the middle of her perfectly formed areola, just begged to be sucked.

The woman was wearing black Brazilian style knickers that suited her hourglass figure. I could see she was actually wearing black hold-ups with an intricate lace pattern at their tops.

As I felt my mouth hang open, from the opulence of her beauty, she moved forward to position her face between my legs. The moment I had waited for. The moment I had secret urges for. It was now about to happen.

At the first touch on my vagina lips, I put my head back and closed my eyes. I didn’t want to block out the image of this succulent beauty pleasuring me, but the erotic sensations coursing through my body were just over-whelming. I was repeatedly moaning with delight. This just felt so good!

The woman was so accomplished with how she could use her tongue. She deftly moved it in patterns that sent my labia and clit into ecstasy. Up and down her tongue travelled. She then switched to making small circular motions. The kissing and the licking just wouldn’t stop. The fire inside of me was getting stronger. She knew what buttons to press to bring me closer to cuming. As the feelings inside me grew stronger, so she continued to tantalise me with that tongue of hers. Somehow, this felt extra special, as I acknowledged the uniqueness of one woman pleasuring another.

The heat and wetness between my legs continued without bounds. It seemed to spur the woman on further. She was not going to let up until I was completely satisfied. I didn’t know how much more of this passion I could take! It was electric! The kissing, the licking and the sucking of my pussy… On and on it went – edging me closer to my much needed orgasm.

My ankara escort bayanlar hips gyrated in time to her tongue movements. I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer. I cried out as the first wave of exhilaration washed over me. My body went into spasm in response to the intense pleasure that it was experiencing. I couldn’t stop my limbs shaking for over a minute. My vagina lips were pulsing as pussy juices flowed freely into the welcoming face of the woman.

Time escaped my consciousness. After the heights of pleasure, my senses slowly trickled back into a more normal functioning state. Across from where I lay, Mark remained naked in the arm chair. It was evident from his enormous erection that he’d been intoxicated by the erotic events that had just occurred in front of him. He’d just witnessed a strange woman perform oral sex on the love of his life!

I couldn’t let go of the fact that his naked body still turned me on. And what’s more, I hadn’t lost sight of my love for him. We smiled at each other tenderly and the only words I could utter were:

“Wow! I didn’t expect that!”

It was at this point I realised that throughout this adventure of discovery, Mark had been quietly masturbating. His left hand was grasped firmly around his rock-hard cock. I loved watching him as his hand moved towards the top of his penis, and then descend again to the base of his shaft. I had been thoroughly satisfied by the woman, but my libido remained high and I could still imagine the pleasures that throbbing tool could bring me.

I looked down the bed as I sensed movement. The woman crawled up the bed to be closer to me, with her breasts hanging down invitingly. She leaned down to kiss me on the lips. I instantly felt pleasure from this simple gesture.

I became conscious that her breasts were now resting down on mine. It was a surreal feeling but one that I very much appreciated. I clasped my arms around her delicate figure, causing her breasts to press harder down onto my own tits. Our two bodies seemed to merge together like two jigsaw pieces.

Although I had secretly fantasised about being with a woman, I had never expected it to be fulfilled. Now, before me, was this Aphrodite. She was everything I would ever want from a woman.

As if reading my thoughts, the woman moved further up the bed and presented her tits to my eager mouth. She lowered her nipples and I savoured the opportunity to lick and suck upon them. My other hand instinctively moved up and began caressing the other breast. I was in heaven!

Things continued to develop. The woman re-positioned herself so she was crouched above my head, with her legs astride my neck. I stared up in wonder at the outlines of her curves. She was still wearing her knickers but I knew the flimsy material would not deny me the chance to please her. She slowly lowered her body towards my face, whilst flicking the thin strip of material on her knickers to one side. This provided me with an exquisite view of her pussy. I could see the drops of wetness along her engorged vagina lips. I wanted to ravish her. I wanted to make this a night she would never forget.

As my tongue began to probe her inner most parts, I was startled by a new development. Mark had silently moved across the room and positioned himself between my legs. Without any warning, I felt him slowly inserting his erect cock into my needy pussy. He began to push slowly inside me, filling me up. God that was something special! I could feel his hardness pushing further and further into me. I loved the sensation of fullness that he provided, whilst I was simultaneously engaging in the act of cunnilingus.

Mark continued to thrust in and out of me, as I savoured the woman’s juices. The smell and taste filling my mouth and nasal passages took some acclimatising to, but I then became addicted to her succulent feminine aroma. I wanted to experience more and more of it.

Although I didn’t feel confident in my abilities to pleasure this woman I tried to utilise ideas of what would satisfy me, and it appeared to be working. The woman began moaning and sighing in response to my licks. I found it difficult to concentrate because of the electrifying feelings that Mark was now generating in my pussy with his cock. I was extra sensitive around my vagina, from the earlier onslaught by the woman. But it didn’t stop me from recognising the telling signs that I was going to cum again. I urged Mark to come inside me. I wanted to feel his seed seeping into me. I wasn’t disappointed. As I reached the peak of my second orgasm of the night, Mark pushed into me and released a flood of semen. Above my head, the woman also gasped out in ecstasy.

The three of us collapsed on the king sized bed. Mark lay on my left side, and the mystery woman snuggled up to me on my right. Recovering from two orgasms within such a short time period seemed insurmountable. I could feel the pulsing of blood between my legs, like a second heart beat. I struggled to open my mouth and say anything. I was smiling from ear to ear. This was definitely a birthday treat to remember!

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