Birthday Surprise

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My wife and I had talked for years about having a threesome or a moresome. It added spice to our sex life, some talk to bring the heat up from time to time. Not that we needed it. It was always amazing. We had talked about another woman, another man, a couple, and more. The theme always being that it should be a stranger.

It was a week away from her birthday. I had to leave again for business, which I always hated. It just meant more time away from her. Begrudgingly, I went.

Two of the people attending the meeting were from a small private consulting company and they happened to be husband and wife owners. She was tall and athletic with long light brown hair. He was the same except with black neatly-cropped hair. The meeting turned out that our companies would not be doing business together, for reasons none of the three of us understood. After the meeting broke up, I went back to my room and was getting ready for dinner when they walked by my room. They were kissing like teenagers…like we do. I was leaving for dinner at the same time as them and so we got to talking and they invited me out to dinner. We all got to know each other and had some drinks. It turned out they live only a couple towns away from us.

After a couple of drinks, the conversation turned to how they kept their sex life interesting. I had told them we thrived on dirty talk. She asked for a sample. I blushed. He said, “No, I would like to hear as well.” I couldn’t bring myself to speak but gave them the gist of what we talked about. They both looked at each other and grinned, then asked to see a picture of my wife. I showed them and they looked at each other again. He swallowed, looked at me, and asked If I thought about ever making it real. “Of course I have,” I said. In reality though, I never thought we actually would. But, I always thought if the opportunity was right, my wife would be interested. ankara moldovyalı escortlar Then I remembered her birthday.

It was a chance but, I told them they should meet us for her birthday dinner and maybe see what happened. With that, we finished our meals and made small talk. I was hard thinking about it all the way through dinner. We exchanged numbers and emails.

The next week was torture. All I told my wife was some people I met were meeting us for dinner. I bought her a new dress, shoes, panties and bra. Saturday night came around and she looked amazing…simply stunning. We all met out for dinner. We shared a few bottles of wine and then decided to go dancing. We all got along like old friends. It was really a great evening. I knew chances of it turning into more were good. The dance floor was packed. Everyone was on top of everyone, sweating and bumping. My wife and the woman ended up dancing in between the man and me . My wife turned her back to the woman to kiss me and the woman playfully smacked her ass. I heard my wife moan even over the blasting music. She glanced over her shoulder, seductively turned back to me, and kissed me deep. Then she spun and began to dance WITH the woman, very close…rubbing and grinding. He and I moved in closer. My wife was grinding her ass into me and I was as hard as ever. She reached back over her head, grabbing my head and pulling it towards her neck. I kissed and that is when the woman moved in with both hands and rubbed my wife’s body over her dress, down to the bottom of it and up her thigh. My wife kissed me deeper and said, “Let’s go home and play with them.”

I told them the plan and they thought it was a great idea. We all had had too much to drink to drive so we got a cab. My wife and the woman were on us two guys as soon as we got in the cab. My wife was kissing me and rubbing me through my pants. I glanced ankara ukraynalı escortlar over and the woman actually was stroking him out of his pants. The cab driver looked in the mirror and nearly drove off the road. We were home rather quick. I paid the driver and tipped him well…he just grinned and drove off.

Once inside, I made a big pitcher of frozen margaritas. My wife turned on some music and the two women continued to dance, playfully touching each other mostly just to torture the two of us guys. My wife came to sit on the couch next to me. Except, she did not sit next to me. She hiked up her skirt and straddled my lap. Kissing me deep, I could taste the tequila on her…the lime…the salt. She could feel me growing and held my face while a grin stretched from ear to ear. “Having fun, dear?” she asked. I replied with a grin of my own and then raised my hips into her.

“Ooh, that’s fun,” she said, standing back up to get another drink. Across from us on the other couch the woman was giving him a lapdance to the music. My wife walked over, offering her a drink. The woman stood, kissed my wife deep and said, “Thank you,” then went back to dancing for him. My wife stood there in a bit of shock, holding her drink and staring off into space. The woman saw this reaction and while she ground on his lap, she leaned forward, lifted my wife’s skirt and cupped her very wet self. She slid a finger inside her panties, taking it out and licking it in a display for us all to see. She then pulled my wife’s panties down around her ankles allowing her to step out of them. Then she put her hand back on my wife’s crotch and began to slowly rub her across the hair at the top and down between her legs…very softly and gently. My wife was still in a bit of shock. One of my wife’s hands found its way to her own breasts and she started to gently squeeze them without realizing it.

I ankara minyon tipli escortlar sat back and watched the woman’s hands on my wife. I saw my wife’s eyes close and her mouth fall open. The woman stood and kissed her neck, still rubbing her, then kissed her way down across her breasts, unzipping her dress as she went. When she got to her belly, the dress fell to the ground . She dropped to her knees and began to kiss that line where the leg meets other places. She kissed lightly and dragged her tongue up and down the line where her panties would be. My wife placed her hand on the woman’s head as she licked her and the woman ventured lower to her clit, then used one hand to push her legs apart. She sucked in her clit then slid her tongue deep inside her. I stood and walked up behind my wife and I was now also naked. I held my wife’s shoulders firm and kissed her neck.

The woman pushed her, guiding us back to the couch. I sat down, and my wife sat down on my lap facing away from me. Using her hands, the woman guided my hard cock into my wife, who arched, taking me in deep. She could feel me filling her. The woman bent forward, her long hair falling across my wife’s legs and began to lick and suck her clit as I was buried deep inside her. He stood, dropping his pants and exposing an amazingly huge cock. He walked behind the woman, lifting her skirt and pushing her thong to the side and slid himself into her. He was slowly grinding deep inside her as she ate my wife and my wife rode me. I reached around squeezing my wife’s breasts. Her breathing quickened and I ground harder. The woman sucked her harder and my wife began to moan, grinding harder on me and pushing the woman’s face into her. He now began to fuck her hard, slamming into her. All of this got to me and I started to twitch and then cum deep inside my wife. She felt the heat of my cum and started to cum herself. This cascaded down to them. The woman layed back on the floor, he slid back between her legs and they fucked hard until they each came. We all laid still for a moment until the woman stood and got more drinks. She came back handing my wife her drink and said, Drink up, honey. We aren’t nearly done yet…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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