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The sound of the quarters hitting the floor shattered any sense of pride I’d had. The joy I felt with his dick in my mouth minutes earlier, gone, replaced with a deepening feeling of shame. There I was, on the floor, naked, except for the pantyhose. The drying spit and cum on my chin and chest, the wet spot on my hose, serving as sticky reminders of what had just happened. The old man laughing as he unlocked the door, my awkward attempt to quickly dress and leave only furthering my humiliation.

I swore I would never go back there again. I ditched my pantyhose, the few pairs of panties I’d had were gone too. I couldn’t bring myself to look at any Playboy or Penthouse, especially the Penthouse with all those phone sex ads in the back. As embarrassed as I was at what I had done, the gay phone sex ads got me harder than any of the women in the magazine did.

No matter what I did, though, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Me, on my knees, his cock pushing in and out of my mouth. I wasn’t disgusted with what happened, I was turned on by it. I started driving by the building again, each time slowing down as I passed by. Sometimes more than a few times a day.

With each passing day the thought of going back grew. The desire to feel him in my mouth again. It didn’t help that I had swiped a couple of pairs of my mother’s used pantyhose, back to wearing them regularly. Penthouse made it’s return, the gay ads and the bi stories in the Forum fueled my fire for cock.

My self-imposed, shame-filled exile from Charlton Book and Video would last a week and a half.

On Wednesday my parent took off for a long weekend. Within an hour of their leaving, I was upstairs in the laundry baskets, looking for any worn panties or pantyhose to wear. I would have to do the laundry, so I could do whatever I wanted in them. The perfect crime I thought to myself. I was soon stripped naked and slipping into a pair of black sheer to waist pantyhose. It felt amazing, my cock instantly reacted to the feel of the nylon.

I spent the night playing with myself. After going through all my parents room looking for any kind of added stimuli, I stumbled across a small draw filled with porn videos and toys. burdur escort I was ecstatic. I quickly popped a tape in the VCR and was rewarded with hours of sucking and fucking. I played with the few vibrators and dildoes. Sucking on one of the smaller fake cocks, teasing my hole with a thin vibrator, I brought myself through a few powerful climaxes before I passed out in ecstasy.

My mind was already made up for me, when I woke up the next day I was going back to the Book and Video. I had to feel a cock in my mouth again. I got up and showered. The black hose I had slept in were now stained with my dried cum, I put them on anyway. I put on the rest of my clothes, had some breakfast, grabbed a handful of quarters, and I was out the door.

The pantyhose and the thought of was I was about to do had me hard the whole drive over. I was going to suck cock again, and it was going to be awesome. Ten minutes later I pulled into the parking lot. I was a little nervous when I got there, there were a couple other cars in the lot. I didn’t let my nervousness get to me, I wanted cock and I was going to have it. I got out of my car and walked through the door with a mission.

“I.D. please”

My heart sank. The guy behind the register wasn’t the old man from the last time. I gave him my I.D., after looking at me a little too long, I thought, he handed it back. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, I would have guessed he was around fifty or so. I put my license back in my wallet. The old man from before wasn’t here, but at least I had a pocketful of quarters, my pantyhose and there were gay videos to watch in the viewing booths, so it wasn’t a total loss.

“Have fun kid.” I heard from behind me as I went behind the curtain.

Two of the six doors to the booths were closed, a little red light indicating their occupancy. I walked down the hall into the last booth, next to the occupied booth I had used the last time. I fished out some quarters and fed them into the tv. The screen lit up, highlighting the hole I saw the finger come through. I thought about moving to another booth, but the video playing made me stay.

There was a guy, his face covered in cum, burdur escort bayan his finger pushed through a hole in the wall. A giant cock came through the hole, the guy grabbed it and swallowed it. I looked at the hole in my booth’s wall. I snuck a peek thru it. All I could make out was a hand on a cock, it looked so hot. I cautiously put my finger through my own hole. My finger was barely through, when the head of a cock pushed over my knuckle.

It was about six inches, thick, cut, with a perfectly bell shaped head. I stroked it, it felt heavy in my hand. It may not have been the old man from before, but this what I had come here for. I wet my lips, licked the head and took him in my mouth.

The cock felt so good in me, I savored every inch as it slid down my throat.

I switched between bobbing on his dick and sucking the head while stroking him. I loved the feeling, pre cum oozing from my cock. I could taste his own sweet pre goo, that got me even hotter. I worked at a steady pace, bobbing and stroking, mirroring what was happening on the screen next to me. His cock pushing through the hole to meet my down strokes.

He pushed through once more and held. His cock tensed, unleashing a torrent of cum. I swallowed what I could, but there was just too much. Spurt after spurt filling my mouth. It leaked from the corners of my mouth. I licked and stroked his deflating cock, coaxing as much of his seed as I could from it, I savored the salty, semi stale tasting jizz.

His cock pulled form my lips, disappearing through the hole. I wiped the sides of my mouth, licking the cum from my fingers. I felt great. A wide stain spread over my pantyhose, my own cock leaking a steady stream of pre cum. The thin booth walls let me know the door next to mine was opened as the anonymous cock left.

It wasn’t long before I heard the door to the booth next door open and shut. I knew instantly I wanted more cock. I pushed my finger through the hole, wiggled it and was rewarded with a new cock. It wasn’t as big as the last one, it didn’t matter. I grabbed the base and moved my mouth to it. I licked the length up and down, swirling my tongue over the escort burdur bulbous head. Taking him in my mouth I swallowed the shaft.

The head felt thick in my throat compared to the thin shaft. I was easily able to take all his length in my throat. His cock buried in my mouth, my nose touching the booth wall. I held him there briefly, before pulling back slowly. I worked at a nice slow pace, bobbing up and down, working every inch of his fleshy rod.

In minutes he started to saw through the hole. I held my mouth to the wall and let him fuck my mouth, keeping as much suction as I could on his pole. His thrust became rapid, short quick bursts, erratically paced. I had to hold the shaft to keep him in my mouth. Without warning he flooded my mouth with his hot seed. I swallowed two mouthfuls of his hot seed before he pulled out. His cock slipping back through the hole.

Having that second load dumped in my mouth sent me over the edge. I turned back to the video, the screen was black. In my lust for cock I hadn’t even noticed the time run out on my video. I slipped in a couple more quarters and found another gay flick. Two giant cocks were spit roasting a small little guy, his lips barely fitting around the meat in his mouth, his ass stretched to breaking from the dick in it.

I grabbed my cock and stroked furiously. The image on screen and the taste of cum in my mouth pushed me over the edge. Cum wildly shot from my prick, hitting my legs and shirt, the rest bubbling out over my hand. I licked my hand clean. I felt somewhat ashamed, but strangely proud of myself. Sure sucking cock was dirty and nasty, but I brought two guys to heavy climax with just my mouth.

“Pack it up! Gotta close up for now, can’t have you perves running amok while I’m out!”

The muffled voice echoed down the hall, rousing me from my thoughts. I stood and pulled my pants back up. With the video still playing I left the booth.

“God damned help can’t work for more than two hours, gotta come in on my day off to keep this hole running. Shoulda just opened the store myself, least then I would’ve had my lunch with…”

The clerks words trailed off as he turned back to the register. Our eyes met. It was him, the old man from my first visit, the entire reason I came back here.

“Well hello there my little cocksucker. I hope you didn’t fill up back there. I forgot my lunch, but I do know what you’re gonna be eatin.”

He locked the door. I smiled as I let my pants drop to the floor…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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