Aunt Forced Me to Masturbate Ch. 01

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Aunt Forced Me to Masturbate, Ch 01

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# # #

Forty-six-year-old aunt, sexually abuses and dominates her twenty-six-year-old nephew.

Author’s Note:

This is a true story as told to me to write for Brian about his bi-sexual, Dominatrix, whore of an aunt, Maureen.

# # #

An unhealthy relationship, Brian is sexually attracted to his aunt in the way that a submissive man is sexually attracted to a Dominatrix. Only, what complicated matters is that this is his blood, related aunt and not some woman that he picked up in a bar and invited home. Mercilessly under her sexually control, he obeyed her every command and granted her every whimsical wish. Twenty-six-year-old Brian was willingly, sexually abused and consensually humiliated by his domineering and sadistic MILF of a forty-six-year-old Aunt Maureen.

Not caring if he was aware, unable to equate the two, Dominatrix verses sub, he seemed not to know nor care that he was her lowly sub. As long as he got to see his aunt without her clothes and have sex with her, that’s all that mattered. Her willing pawn, Brian didn’t care if she sexually abused him and humiliated him. He loved his aunt. He really loved her and hoped to have incestuous sex with her one day. His dream woman, not knowing of another woman like her, he wished that he could marry her.

“Wait! What? Hold up. Seriously? Are you kidding me? Stop! Not so fast! Let’s read that again.”

Instead of rushing through what I wrote, read the first, part of this story again before continuing to read the rest of my story. Now, after rereading the first part of this story before proceeding, think about what you just read. Think about a blowjob diet. Think about what it means for an adult male to be sexually abused, controlled, and sexually dominated by a woman, a lowly woman.

Imagine your overweight wife, lover, girlfriend, mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, neighbor, family friend, aunt, cousin, or grandmother intent on losing weight and willing to do anything to lose it, even suck your cock and swallow your cock.


Thank SusanJillParker for inventing the Blowjob diet. It’s up to you to convince every woman that you know that it works. It’s up to you to convince every woman that you know that your only motivation for them to suck your cock and swallow your cum is your desire to help them lose weight.

# # #

Back to the story, Aunt Force Me to Masturbate.

How does that happen? What kind of man would willingly and consensually allow a woman to sexually abuse him, physically control him, and sexually dominate him? Brian is such a man. He was a man who was not only sexually attracted to his aunt but also who would do anything to see his aunt naked and have sex with her.

“A means to an end, what’s wrong with that? There’s nothing wrong with him willing to do anything to see his aunt without her clothes and to have sex with her.”

Alas, had Brian known about the Blowjob diet, invented much later in this story, he would have had an easier time of sexually seducing his aunt. If Aunt Maureen knew that she’d lose weight blowing her nephew and swallowing his cum, she would have blown him every day, multiple times a day. Who knew that men’s semen was a surefire cure to losing weight? You men may all thank me later after you convinced every woman you know to not only suck your cock but also swallow your cum.

# # #

A rare beauty, Aunt Maureen was a tall, 5’10” tall, beautiful, sexy, and a shapely thin, redheaded, blue-eyed, busty Dominatrix. The complete opposite, Brian was a lowly, ungrateful, and unworthy sub ready to kiss her feet and lick her toes. He’d literally would do anything to see his aunt naked and have incestuous sex with her. With Brian tolerating it without complaint, his MILF of an aunt sexually abused him, completely controlled him, and humiliated him in front of others.

How dare she take sexual advantage of her nephew? How dare he give her such control? As if she’s spitting on him and kicking him by her hateful and spiteful attitude and hateful words, what’s wrong with her for her to do that to a man who worshiped the ground that she walked on.

Yet, how did she sexually abuse him, you ask. Good question. I wonder how she sexually abused him. How did she sexually humiliate him, you ask that, too? Another good question. I wonder how she sexually humiliated him. You’re really getting into this, aren’t you? Let’s find out, shall we?

Think about the physical, emotional, and sexual ramifications of a woman sexually abusing, controlling, tokat escort and dominating a big, strong, muscular man. How can an adult male not only be dominated, controlled, and humiliated but also sexually abused by his aunt, a mean-spirited woman who shows her intolerance for men while showing her love for women? Let’s be honest. Let’s see a show of hands. Who here would want to be sexually abused, controlled, and dominated by a beautiful and sexy woman?

“Hmm. Aha. Well, that’s surprising. That’s as telling as it is interesting. Except for one, strange looking man seated in the back of the room who’s busy masturbating himself, nearly everyone in the room had their hands raised. All the men and even some of the women, too, want to be sexually abused, controlled, and dominated by a beautiful and sexy woman. Go figure. Who knew? I guess it pays to be a tall, beautiful, sexy redhead.”

# # #

Susan looked around the room full of men with a scattering of women seemingly patiently waiting their turn to be sexually abused, controlled, and sexually dominated by a strong-willed, sexually defiant woman.

“Perverts! You’re all a bunch of perverts. Wimps! You’re all a bunch of wimps,” shouted Susan. “As if she’s Elvira, mistress of the night, what’s wrong with you men to allow a woman to treat you like that and disrespect you by talking to you like that and treating you like that? How dare she?”

Instead of making you feel like less of a man than you are, I dare say, turn the tables on her and let her know that you’re the boss. Slap her across her face, strip Aunt Maureen naked, push her back on the bed, spread her legs, and mount her. Forget about making love to her, fuck her, really fuck her.

Fuck her hard and fuck her fast until you give her a sexual orgasm with your cock. Let her know that you’re her superior. Let her know that if anyone is the Dom, you are the Dom. Trust me, once you do that, she’ll be your bitch for life.

Why would Brian allow a lowly woman to sexually dominate him? He would and I’m ashamed of him for doing that. How dare he call himself a man. He’s not a man. He’s a mouse. In the way that he kowtows to a mere woman, he’s pussy whipped.

“Shame on you,” said Susan not grasping and/or understanding that some people are into S&M, dominance and submission. “And you who disrespectfully treat your man like that are not only whores but lesbians. You not only disrespect men but also, you hate men, too. Shame on you.”

Now, depending on what the sexual humiliation is, who here wants to be sexually humiliated by a beautiful, sexy, and shapely MILF of a redheaded, busty woman? Judging by your upraised hands, everyone wanted to be sexually humiliated by a beautiful, sexy, and shapely MILF of woman. Actually, Brian doesn’t have it bad at all. Maybe, he knows something about women that the rest of us don’t know. Maybe the way to a woman’s heart and to her pussy is to allow her to walk all over you.

“Sure. If it means that I can see you naked and have sex with you, I don’t mind you kicking me hard in the balls. Seeing you without your clothes and fucking you is worth the pain,” said Brian.

# # #

Brian’s Aunt Maureen is not only domineering and controlling but also, she’s a sadistic bitch. What does that even mean? First of all, how is she domineering and how is she sadistic? Does she force him to strip himself naked? Does she force him to dress up in women’s clothes? Does she force him to masturbate himself and cum in front of her? Actually, she does all of the above and more.

“Bitch! You horrible bitch! How dare you treat your nephew in such a humiliating way.”

Actually, she’s not such a bitch. What she does and demands if not so horrible. What she does and demands could not only be sexually exciting but that could be erotically fun.

Moreover, think about it, welcoming the sexual anticipation and the sexually attention, no matter what the sexual attention was, perhaps, Brian willingly wanted to be sexually abused and controlled by his aunt. Not having to twist his arm or put a gun to his head, perhaps, allowing his Aunt Maureen to sexually dominate him was something that he willingly wanted her to do. It’s a given that Brian would do anything to see is aunt naked and have sex with her.

“Take off your clothes. Strip yourself naked. Put on my panties and my bra. Now masturbate yourself. I want to watch you cum.”

# # #

Let’s see a show of hands again. Think of a woman that you’re sexually attracted to and sexually lust over, any woman, a woman that you’d love to see naked, make love to, have sex with. Yes, of course, unless there’s no other women that you’re sexually attracted to, mothers are okay. How many men would gladly allow a woman to strip them naked, command them to dress up in women’s clothes, and force them to masturbate and cum for her?

Seriously? You’re kidding me. Let’s be serious here. You’re all dreaming. Heidi Klum, Sophia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez, Katie Perry, tokat escort bayan Christina Hendricks, and or Serena Williams would never have sex with any of you. Aim lower. Who? Oprah? Sorry but Oprah would never have sex with you either. She a lesbian.

Perhaps, more realistically is you having sex with mother, your sister, your aunt, your cousin, your grandmother, your wife’s best friend, your mother-in-law, your sister-in-law, your neighbor, and/or a co-worker. Now, do you have a woman in mind who you’d allow to sexually abuse you and want to sexually dominate you? I’m willing to bet that you have more than one woman who you’d allow to physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually do anything to you as long as you can see her naked and have sex with her.

“Am I right?”

Let’s be honest, truth be told, how many men would love to have a sexy, shapely, and a beautiful aunt who not only sexually abused them but also who sexually humiliated, controlled them, and sadistically dominated them, too? Granted. That depends what your aunt looks like and if she’s a MILF in the way that Brian’s aunt is a MILF. Moreover, that depends on how his aunt humiliated him, dominated him, controlled him, and how she was in bed.

So, how did Aunt Maureen sexually abuse, humiliate, and control Brian, you ask? Good question. Let’s find out, shall we?

# # #

“Take off your clothes. Strip yourself naked, Brian. I want to see your naked cock,” said Aunt Maureen. “I want to see how big your prick gets.”

As if she had never seen a naked man before, Aunt Maureen stared at her nephew removing his clothes. Then, once he was naked, seemingly fascinated with his naked prick, she stared at his naked cock. Clearly, in the way that her nephew wanted to have incestuous sex with his aunt, she wanted to have incestuous sex with her nephew. Clearly, she wanted to stroke him, suck him, and fuck him. Clearly, he wanted to finger her pussy while licking her pussy. He wanted to make, sweet, slow love to her before fucking her hard and fast.

“Now, masturbate yourself,” she said. “Stroke yourself. Go ahead. Don’t be shy. I dare you to masturbate yourself in front of me while I watch. I double dare you to masturbate yourself. I want to watch you masturbate yourself. I want to watch you cum.”

Aunt Maureen took a step back to watch Brian play with himself. She stared at him as if she was a horny man staring at a woman undressing. She stared at him as if he was a stripper that she hired for the night.

“Stroke yourself harder. Stroke yourself faster. Give yourself a big erection. Yeah, that’s it. I want to see how big your prick gets. Take your hand away. Show me. Show me your prick. Now, continue stroking yourself again and don’t stop. Stroke yourself harder. Stroke yourself faster. I want to watch you cum,” said Aunt Maureen. “Cum Brian. Cum,” said Aunt Maureen.

She watched him stroke himself faster. She watched him stroke himself harder. She continued watching him masturbate himself until he had a big and hard erection. She watched her nephew masturbating himself as if she had never seen a man masturbate himself before. She watched him cum as if she had never seen a man cum before.

# # #

“Well, that’s not so bad. Actually, this is pretty good so far. So far, so very good. What do you think,” asked Brian’s aunt after asking him to strip himself naked and masturbate himself?

Susan envied the sexual control that Aunt Maureen had over her nephew. She wished she had sexual control over a man in the way that Maureen had sexual control over Brian. Only, she’d do much more than have him strip naked, wear her clothes, and masturbate himself. She’d have sex with him. She’d command him to give her multiple, sexual orgasms. She’d command him to eat her pussy and make love to her before fucking her hard and fast.

“Well, if forced to strip naked and masturbate is sexual abuse, then sign me up. My sex life doesn’t get any better than that. I love stripping myself naked. I love masturbating myself,” said Susan Jill Parker. “While rubbing my clit, fingerfucking my pussy, and pulling, turning, and twisting my nipples, I love giving myself a sexual orgasm with my fingers.”

Clearly, not embarrassed or ashamed, Susan loved stripping herself naked in front of men, especially in front of men that she didn’t know and had never met.

“I can’t count the number of men who wanted to see my naked ass, my naked pussy, and my naked tits. Sexually accommodating them, I can’t count the number of men that I stripped myself topless and naked in front of them. I can only imagine how Brian must sexually feel exposing his hard, erect, and naked cock to his MILF of an aunt,” she said while wanting to strip naked and expose her naked body to Brian.

“An incestuous whore, Aunt Maureen wanted to see her nephew’s naked prick. So what? Big deal. Call me a whore but if he was my nephew and had a prick that big, I’d love to see Brian’s naked cock, too,” said Susan.

Susan escort tokat rubbed her breasts through her blouse and fingered her emerging nipples through her bra while thinking about stripping herself naked for Brian.

“I love it when a good-looking, sexy man flashes me his erect, naked prick. Then, I love it when he puts a gentle hand to my shoulder as his sexual, suggestive hint for me to move to my knees, and take him in my hand before taking him in my mouth. Once again, my sex life doesn’t get any better than that.”

“As if I’m Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lindsay Lohan, or Nancy Reagan, a champion cocksucker, I love sucking cock,” said Susan. “I love men cumming in my mouth, all over my face, in my blonde, lush hair, and across my naked tits. I love receiving a cum bath from a man, especially from a man that I hardly know.”

Susan read over her own story, Aunt Forced Me to Masturbate.

“Brian’s aunt, Maureen, wanted him to masturbate himself in front of her,” said Susan. “She wanted to see his erect, naked prick. She wanted to watch him cum. Truth be told, that’s something that I’d love to see and watch Brian do, too.”

Susan looked at Aunt Maureen before looking at Brian.

“Truth be told, that’s something that I’d love to be ordered to do, too. I’d love to masturbate in front of someone and allow them to watch me have a sexual orgasm and cum. How can that possibly be sexual abuse? That’s too sexually exciting to be sexual abuse,” said Susan.

# # #

Yet, the driving force behind my sadistically, humiliating experiences was my aunt’s lesbian lover, Christine. She not only hated me for being born a man but also, she hated me for being sexually attracted to and sexually lusting over my Aunt Maureen. It’s no secret that if I could have incestuous sex with my aunt, I would. It’s no secret that I’d love for my aunt to suck my cock and fuck my cock. It’s no secret that I’d love to not only cum in my aunt’s mouth and all over her face but also in her pussy, too. I’d love to give my aunt a cum bath.

Alas and unfortunately for me, clearly, a changed woman, my aunt no longer liked men. She sexually preferred having sex with women than with men. A switch hitter and batting from the other side of the plate, she now loved women more than she loved men. Surrounded by women, a telling sign of her obvious sexual orientation, she only had female friends.

After seeing her going at it and watching her making out with her lesbian lover, Christine, no doubt about it, she’s, indeed, a lesbian. Women can’t make out like that unless they preferred the weaker sex. Too bad and very disappointing, especially with her sexy body and beautiful face, clearly, my aunt is a licker and not a sucker. Alas, by no fault of my own, with Christine blocking my sexual seduction of my aunt, I paid the price for being born a man. If I had been born a woman and was my aunt’s niece instead of her nephew, I’d be having sex with her.

Most lesbian women will have nothing to sexually do with men. Unless they’re a nurse, a doctor, a dental hygienist, or a nun, they’d never dare touch a man never mind touch a man’s penis. Unless they’re getting ready to remove it with a sharp pair of scissors or a knife, lesbian women would never take a man’s cock in their hand to stroke him. Unless they’re going to bite it off, they’d never take a man’s prick in their mouths to suck him. Unless, their pussies were line with razor blades, they’d never take a man’s cock in their pussies to fuck him.

“Yuck! Gross! God forbid. That’s disgusting. That’s so disgusting. I’d never masturbate a man. I’d never suck a man and allow him to cum in my mouth,” said Aunt Maureen’s lover, Christine. “I’d never fuck a man and allow him to cum in my pussy.”

Unless they’re a prostitute, the lowly wife of a powerful politician, the behind-the-scenes wife of a famous actor, a rock star, a sports athlete, or a very rich and/or influential man, many married women no longer have sex. Sad but true, done with all that, now that they’ve given birth to their children, whether married or single, many women would never willingly, consensually, and/or voluntarily take a cock in their mouths, in their pussies, and/or especially in their asses. Assuredly, not doing it for love, no better than a prostitute, something so totally true, I dare say that most married women have sex for the money.

Submissive and elegant, women on their knees in prayer are more deemed to live their lives alone in solitude while sequestered and cloistered behind the high walls of nunnery. If given their druthers, sadly and unbelievably, many women would never have sex with another man. Assuredly, they’d much rather have sex with women. Relatively happy without them, women don’t need men in the way that men need women.

# # #

Unless they’re incarcerated in prison, whether through conjugal sex, masturbation, or even homosexual sex, men will always find a way to have sex. Shocking but true, think about it, sex is much more important to men than it is to women. With there a multitude of men’s magazines, more men are into looking at and masturbating over topless and naked photos of women, watching porn of women having sex with men and/or with women, and/or reading erotic literature than women.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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