Asian Law Firm Intern

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Our law firm hasn’t had an intern in a while but recently my boss thought I was overworked and needed help. I wasn’t too excited since I knew from the past that some interns are more work than help but I was proven wrong.

I was only told that a junior from a good law school was to arrive the next day.

When she first came into my office I had a hard time returning her friendly “hi”, as she was probably the sexiest young woman I’ve ever met. She was certainly Asian, probably Vietnamese, fairly tall, dark, shoulder-long hair, luscious lips colored in dark red, small, brown eyes and a totally charming smile.

Only a bit later during our conversation did I have time to look below her head and found her wearing a tight shiny shirt that made her breasts and nipples very apparent (she certainly didn’t like to wear bras), and a very short mini-skirt in flashing red that ended just a bit below her pussy. She also wore black but see-through pantyhose that made her gorgeous legs even more beautiful and wore expensive black shiny leather high heels that showed all her toes with the red toenails through the pantyhose. Just stunned, I was barely able to communicate with her and I’m sure she noted my red face and the bulge in my pants.

Over the next couple of days we spent a lot of time together in the office and since she had a good sense of humor, we also laughed a lot. When she was sitting closer to me, I could smell her fragrance, a very erotic, flowery scent that turned me on immensely. I don’t think that it was by accident bolu escort that her legs sometimes touched mine, just for a second or so, but enough so that I could feel her body being close. I was sure she was teasing me and even torturing me since she knew I couldn’t just have sex with an intern.

But naturally this was all I wanted and thought about these days and I had already made up plans to ask her out for dinner and then spend some hot time together.

But then it turned out differently.

One day I worked late and thought I was the last one to leave when I saw a light still on in the intern’s office. I silently moved into her office and – found her watching a porn movie online! I made a noise and she was startled and turned around, her face getting red.

“Are you going to report this?” she asked with apprehension. “I don’t think so”, I said. “But I also think this is a good time to get to know you a bit better.”

“What do you mean?” she asked unsure. “Let me show you,” I said, approached her and gently embraced her, as she had stood up meanwhile. I felt her uncertainty and to some extent fear, she was probably around 20 and may not ever have had a boyfriend before. But I was determined and also wanted to go forward very gently.

I took her hand, playing with her long fingers, touching her sexy nails painted in sparkling white polish, and led her to my boss’s office. There was a big comfy leather couch and I asked her to sit next to me. She was sweating, I could smell it, and this turned bolu escort bayan me on even more. I caressed her head and her hair, then gently her face, her lips, sticking my fingers a bit into her mouth. She slowly started to warm up and enjoy it, she definitely was more at ease now that we slowly started kissing and our tongues did a long and intensive dance with each other. My cock was rock hard already and I imagined her pussy was probably getting wet so it was time to undress.

I asked her to undress me first and she started with my tie, not very skillfully, sort of cute, then my shirt, and stopped to stroke my chest with her hands and fingers and also scratched my skin a bit with her fingernails. I was in heaven…

Then to my shoes, socks, pants and underpants. From her face I was sure she had never seen an erection before and was unsure what to do. I put her hands around it and asked her for a massage, rubbing her thumbs on the head where pre-cum was already coming out and served as lubricant.

Then it was my turn. Taking off her shirt revealed her absolutely stunning breasts, 38C, firm, despite of her not wearing bras, with dark brown nipples already erect. I couldn’t help but massaging her boobs and nipples for a while and licking and sucking them as well. I took off her mini-skirt and saw that she wasn’t wearing a slip under her tan pantyhose either. Wow! Her ass was so tight, firm, round, and ultra-sexy, I couldn’t grasp it. I had to dig there a long while with my hands and my tongue.

Now escort bolu it was time for the special treatment I needed. I lay on the floor and asked her to put her high heels on my cock, first gently rubbing it, then pressing harder, also working with the stiletto heels. She was a very good student, as she followed my commands closely and aptly. She also stroke my balls with her heels and then went forward over my body to my face so I could lick this dirty leather and get a scent of her pantyhose too.. I asked her to take off the high heels and now use her feet in tan pantyhose to please me. Everywhere on my body I wanted these cute feet with the red toenails in the smooth fabric of her pantyhose. I let her work long and hard on that task, sparing my cock for last. Finally I was sitting up, she opposite me, I would take her pantyhose feet into my mouth, lick them, suck on them, put them in as deep as I could and then she was finally treating my little man. Nothing could be more exciting than that! This 20 year old Asian girl, a virgin for sure, in pantyhose, playing with my cock – oh my God!

I was close to coming but wanted to explore her inside so I ripped a hole in her pantyhose right between her legs and stuck my cock in gently, ripping her open, a muted cry out of pain, then slowly moving back and forth, her pussy being so wet and smooth, I was ecstatic.

She started to moan and grown and pressed her little heels in pantyhose against my butt. I grabbed her breasts and fucked her harder and harder until we both came in a fantastic orgasm.

We kissed a long time afterwards, washed each other, and helped each other into our clothes.

After that, it was more the rule than the exception that both of us stayed late in the office. And I never checked what she was doing online…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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