Annabelle Ch. 02

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T minus 8 hours till I get to lay eyes on the beautiful creature I met last night. I can’t seem to manage to get her smile, her voice, or her scent out of my head. I have tried everything to get her out of my head. I’ve met new people before, had a numerous lovers whom were very beautiful themselves. But there is something different about her the way she captivated all my thoughts and consumed my very being.

I started my day with my usual run, two miles with my loyal companion Mud, a chocolate lab who has been by my side for 2 years now. Dogs are much more dependable than people. And if I want to run in silence he doesn’t mind. Letting the water run down my back enjoying my outdoor shower on a warm day is normally relaxing but I couldn’t help wishing it was her hands running the soapy rag over my body instead of my own hand. Thinking about holding her body next to mine, the mere thought of her had my body working in overdrive. There was no way I would survive the evening without begging her back to my cabin and having my way with her. To calm my nerves I worked myself into a satisfying orgasm that took little effort, I had been aching since I dropped her off last night. But took long enough the water was ice cold when I stepped out. Admiring my hard work to keep my toned physique in the mirror as died off. At 30 yrs old I still maintained my daily regimen of exercise. At five foot ten inches I was a consistent weight of 130 with firm muscles and hard lines. Somewhat of an androgynous look about me but still found attractive by both male and female, mainly female and that suited my liking just fine.

Mud and I washed the Tahoe because that’s what she would expect me to pick her up on and I am not willing to disappoint her in anyway no matter how big or little. I picked out my favorite ‘fit me just right’ jeans, my black button up with a white undershirt, and my trusty black boots. If she could resist me in this she is defiantly strait. Jennie called to say she would be bringing Brain and for me to contain my stares tonight if at all possible.

Finally time for me to arrive at her house. I pull in the drive trying to calm myself taking deep breaths and short strides up to the door. As she opens the door I can’t say a word. She is dressed in a black flowing skirt with a white top and ‘fuck me’ heels, bringing her eye level with me. She smiles noticing my apparent approval in her outfit.

“You keep staring we are going to be late” she giggled thru saying.

“Sorry, you look nice, are you ready?” I finally choked out. The ride to Jennie’s was one of comfortable silence. I swear I caught her looking at me several times, call it wishful thinking but it was there.

Jennie marmaris escort was being Jennie she had spent the whole ride to the bar with her face attached to Brian’s. Annabelle just rolled her eyes and giggled. I could love that giggle. When we get there the last available table is in the back. Annabelle is turning heads of everyone who she passes. The girl is hot I can’t fault the looks, she seems to be staying kind of close to me but I calm my imagination and chalk it up to her being in a new place and the only other person she knows is attached to Brian’s hip. I stopped by the bar to get us all a drink exchanging small talk with the workers and some of the patrons.

“Do you know everyone here?” Annabelle seems amused at my ability to speak in front of others, as I had not been able to form a sentence in front of her.

“Not everyone, just most. This is one of my favorite places, good food, good music, what’s not to love.”

The music is great it was almost good enough to distracted me from the beauty sitting next to me, I said almost. She is swaying and tapping her foot along to the beat, in time to the rhythm I might add.

“Would you like to dance ma’am?” The guy who has been staring at her all night finally got up the courage to ask. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, tall, kind of lanky, but not ugly.

“No thanks I’m just having fun with my friends tonight but thanks anyways.” Yes she turned him down, sorry buddy better luck next time.

“Oh so I guess my buddy was right about you being here with the dyke, see I told him you were too pretty for that but I guess not. How much is she paying you I will double it.” He slurred out and my face turned red with anger but I wanted to know how she was going to handle it before I stepped in.

She stood and as politely as I have ever seen told him that he couldn’t afford her and she didn’t appreciate him saying things like that about her new friend. Not what I had hoped but it would do for someone I had just met 24 hours ago. But when he grabbed her I lost it, I tried to stay out of it till he put his hands on her. I don’t know what came over me but I do know I was not ok with anyone touching her. I stood snatched his hands off her spinning him around to make contact with my fist breaking his nose in one swing. That got Jennie’s attention and we all decided it was time to leave. To my surprise Annabelle grabbed my hand and led me outside. Brian and Jennie decided they weren’t ready to call it a night and would take a cab home. When offered Annabelle stated that she had had enough excitement for one night and if I was going that way she would love a ride. I was happy to be of service, we rode for miles before a word marmaris escort bayan was spoke.

“Thanks for taking up for me back there, you didn’t have to.” she finally said all in one breath.

“It was no problem it was kind of my fault you were in that situation and I couldn’t just sit by and watch you get hassled.”

“It wasn’t your fault he was an idiot. Besides no one has ever done anything like that for me before. Look it’s still kind of early if you don’t have other plans would you like to come in and have a drink before you head home? You know as a small way to say thank you.”

“Thanks, I would love to.”

With that being said we exited my ride and headed for the door. Praying to who ever would listen that I didn’t screw this up. Inside was nothing as I thought it would be the walls were decorated with large black and white photos and the furniture leaning more toward the modern style. I thought surely it would have displayed some of her southern charm with a more country feel, but when I asked she simply stated she was trying to get away from all that. I left it at that not wanting to push too much I wasn’t sure how far in she wanted to let me into her past.

“Coffee, beer, or rum your choice?” she asked as I found my way to the sofa.

“I got a good little drive ahead of me so I will stick with the coffee, if that’s ok.” Not trusting myself to get too drunk in front of her yet, but more not wanting to get tossed out and have to drive in that condition. She flashed that gorgeous smile at me and went to start us a pot. Settling in to the other end of the sofa she sat our cups with some milk and sugar on the table and started to talk. About what I couldn’t tell you I was lost in the fact I was in her home alone with her and she was two feet from me.

“A conversation usually requires us both to talk.” She laughed while throwing her napkin at me to get my attention.

“I’m very sorry, please go ahead. I swear I’m not usually this much of a space case.”

“Okay you seem to be very preoccupied so how about we skip the talking and I can turn on the television and see if there is a horrible movie on, unless you would rather go ahead and head home?” She kind of trailed of her sentence almost as if she was asking me not to leave. Of course I didn’t want to leave but all I could think about was slowly undressing her and kissing every inch of skin as it was exposed. Making my way from top to bottom and back up again. She was truly clueless to the effect she has on me.

“No, no a horrible movie sounds great.”

“Great I will get us some popcorn and the remote is over on the table.”

Bringing back the popcorn and some soda she escort marmaris sat next to me so we could share the bowl. Half way into the movie she grabbed the blanket that was draped over sofa and wrapped it over both of us. I wasn’t cold but there was no way I wasn’t going to take the opportunity to have her close to me. Just as the credits start to roll I realize she has drifted off to sleep and her head has landed on my shoulder, not wanting to wake her I slid down to position myself more comfortably and her head slides on my chest as she snuggles in.

I felt her start to shuffle around six a.m. I couldn’t believe we slept on the sofa together all night with her in my arms.

“Oh Max I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you, but I guess you passed out too for us to be still lying here.” She seems to be taking the fact that she had just spent all night drooling on my chest with my arms wrapped around her as if I were holding on intending to never let her go pretty well.

“It’s quite alright, I have to run by the house to shower and check on Mud but would you like to get some breakfast with me.”

“I would love to, but I can’t I promised Jennie I would grab brunch with her since I bailed on her last night. However if you don’t have plans there is this thing going on at and art gallery next Friday night if you like to go with me.”

“Sure which place is that?” I said with a smirk on my face causing her brow to wrinkle with a slightly confused look.

“Blown Away on fourth street have you been there before, they have a lot of blown glass and some really nice exhibits of local photographers. What is so funny?”

I couldn’t contain my giggles as she was asking me to attend my own gallery.

“Nothing sounds great I would like to get there a little early before it all starts, how about I pick you up around six and that will give us time to look around before all the people get there.”

“I would love that but I don’t think they are opening the doors till eight.” Annabelle said still completely clueless.

“It will be fine I promise I can get us in.”

With that said I started putting on my boots and helping put up the stuff from the night before. As we were walking out of the kitchen she grabbed my hand and stopped me dead in my tracks.

“Max I wanted to thank you for staying last night. It has been kind of lonely since I moved here. And well that’s the best night sleep I have had in a long time.” She stood on her tip toes and kissed my cheek before walking me to the door, and I was on cloud nine.

“It was truly my pleasure.” Is all I could manage to say before I turned to go to my truck. I couldn’t have been happier at that moment I had pleased her and even thou we have not had sex yet, other than in my fantasies, I had made her happy. That was all I needed to fuel my hope and to start a plan of action. I will have Ms. Annabelle to call my own.

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