Angel in Your Arms

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I woke with you inside my head and a lingering desire for your inside my body from the night before. Your words, caustic, inside of me bit my senses with a need that I had to fill. I recalled your order to always be smooth for you, to have soft lips and folds for your play. Calming this need drew me to the bathroom and to my razor.

In the shower I lathered my box of pleasure from the hair above my clit to my secret dark hole. You had me bent over the counter holding my cheeks wide to allow for you to do your handy work. With the shaving cream you covered me, everywhere wear I would become bare – smooth, like the little girl over your knee.

I felt the razor comfortably run over my skin removing all traces of puberty and womanhood. A clean fresh start for my day with you. You rinsed me and proceeded to test the tightness of this most divine space you love to occupy. Tight, gripping you remove your finger and have me sit on the counter. I spread my legs as you open my folds to shave off the errant hairs marmaris escort that cover this well you have made your own.

I lean back enjoying your attention and your touch. You wipe me clean to inspect your work nibbling for a moment on the clit you have tempted with this tease. I stand and kiss you.

“My shaven beauty, it is time for you to pleasure yourself and me.” I get into the tub feeling the warm water cascade over my skin, opening my lips to let it wash away the last of the cream.

Taking the massager in hand I feel it polish my pearl imagining your hand guiding it to that special spot. Nipples stand erect with this sensation and a tug to let them totter with sensation.

“You know what I want my precious one, my slut, my angel. I will feed you so deeply, opening you up to only me.” I take the toy, my favorite for the shower in hand and look at it with intriguing inspection. As the spray of water licks at my clit I see you before me with your girth and size immaculate in my hand – savoring marmaris escort bayan the first droplets of your desire on my tongue.

I get on my knees pushing the massager closer to my button, releasing my fate into your hands. The toy feels smooth in my hand. Clear acrylic with two ends for pleasure. One a rounded cone shape with a smooth tip and the other graduated, indented at each base, a valley for my sphincter to hold on to.

I take the piece and balance it with the smooth cone side up between my ankles. My vision changes with you behind me in bed ready to fill me up with your luscious member and a young woman in front of me licking with fervor at my clit. She is young, like a daughter to you.

As I lower myself, your hands guide my hips into this pose that so suits your desires. I close my eyes and love my passion, stirring so deep, as deep as you will be inside of me. She licks faster, drinking in this lust that you cause. I want to fuck her face holding her there, drowning her as you penetrate escort marmaris me with such enthusiasm.

“Take it you slut,” you yell to me as if I had a choice in this. How could I stop. How could I lift myself away from this ecstasy? “Oh fuck me you whore” you shout out and I know my place.

“That’s right sweetie, lick her cunt – lick her slut pussy” You whisper as if to me and all the world to hear.

Faster and deeper I press into you, taking more and feeling the passion rise. I can now see myself in your eyes – squatting onto this dildo playing with my pussy. You stand beside the tub encouraging me to release this lust.

“Cum for me baby, cum for me. My angel cum with your deepest desires. So beautiful you are, so naughty and delicious, so much my little slut.” It rushes over me, waves and waves of this demanding longing. I grip the faucet and scream out your name in a passion that you have found within my soul.

As I come to rest I release myself of the binds of this play and let the water rush over my body, feeling you holding me- the smell of you neck, your skin, you love. We rest under this waterfall – alone in nature, exploring our passions. “My angel in my arms” you murmur to me in ecstatic release.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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