Allison Ch. 04

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Allison had felt separated from herself for the past while. After her amazing experience with Megan at Helen’s party, she had been left to her own thoughts. She had not known in the past of how much she would enjoy something like that, and the idea baffled her. How had she not known this about herself before, she wondered. She tried suppressing it in her mind, focusing mainly on work, and she found that her mind wasn’t as swamped anymore. Maybe she could continue to function normally. Maybe, she thought.


It was a Friday and I had been invited to a big party at an acquaintance’s house. I’ve never really been sure of how I get invited to these things – I’m really not that social. I get out, I talk to people, but it seems like every weekend I’m going out to a party of sorts. It has become a thing of humor for me and my friend Helen. I still haven’t told her about what happened at her house that night, months ago. How could I?

The house was nice when I pulled up and parked the car. Maybe this would be an entertaining party after all, although it seemed like nothing could even come close to that night with Megan. That had been the most incredible experience of my life. I shook that idea from my head as I knocked.

“Hey! You made it,” Stacey smiled, gesturing for me to enter. “Come on in Allie!”

“Thanks,” I smiled, stepping in timidly to take a look around. I tried to ignore that feeling in the pit of my stomach – that feeling when you just know something is about around you. Something sensational. I licked my lips and frowned, turning to look behind me with confusion.


‘You idiot,’ I smiled to myself, shaking my head again. ‘Too many lonely nights. You’re just wishing something would happen,’ I teased myself inwardly, looking out to the crowd of sociable adults ahead of me. Time to produce some small talk.

“Hi,” I smiled, stepping up to a young woman about my age. She looked sweet.

“Do you think he’s into me?” the woman asked sadly, pointing out to a man across the room. “It’s like he doesn’t even notice me …”

I shrugged, looking around. ‘I wish someone would notice me,’ I thought to myself, before responding. “I don’t know. Sorry.” Just as I was turning around, I nearly bumped into a man that had surely been standing behind me. I gasped with surprise.

“Hey sexy,” he smiled, holding the beer in his hand.

‘Wrong someone,’ I thought to myself, shaking my head. ‘Holy crap,’ I swallowed hard. He was at least 6’4″ and had a really strong build. Something about him really worried me. And this party wasn’t turning out so well after all. “Umm … actually no, thanks. I have to find a friend.”

As I turned to walk away, he put his hand on my shoulder. “Where ya headin’ to?”

I was surprised he would be so bold. I suppose I wasn’t used to such aggressive behaviour. Before I could say anything, I saw the most incredible figure appear from behind the man. It was Megan. All the breath had gone out of me. I wasn’t even paying attention to the man directly in front of me. It was like he disappeared. Everyone had.

“Go take a seat,” Megan said, before the man winced and walked the other way. I would assume she was hurting his shoulder when she rested her hand on it, but I was so captivated with her I didn’t pay much attention to that.

Once her eyes rested on me again, I could feel the throbbing between my legs instantly begin, as if no time had passed between us. As if I was still there in that bed with her. I couldn’t even say her name. I just stood there, dumbfounded.

“Allison,” she smiled, her expression warming. I loved that smile. “How interesting.”

“I … it’s a friend,” I started, trying to explain how I knew Stacey. I knew it must have sounded ludicrous, but I couldn’t speak properly for the life of me. Only she had ever made me feel this way. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak – I didn’t know how I remained standing.

“And we are?” Megan teased, moving in a bit closer to me.

It took me a moment to respond. I was too busy imagining the way she had controlled and taken me the day we met. She had such an enveloping power over me. “… More.”

“I’ve uh,” Megan started with a smirk, “I’ve had enough of this party already … I was thinking about heading over to my house and starting a little something of my own.” She whispered that last part, leaning in closer to me.

Oh, this woman really captured my thoughts. She just oozed sexuality, and everything about her made me want to just get down onto my knees in front of her, and beg her to take me again. I had never experienced anything so powerful as that with anyone before. I was so busy thinking, I forgot she wanted a response.

“Hmm … well I guess I’ll be heading off then,” she smirked, turning very slowly and walking with that sway of her hips that only set me further into a trance. After I snapped out of it, I walked over to her before she disappeared behind the wall.

“Wait,” I said quietly, stepping in front of fethiye escort her. “Please take me with you.”

“You would love that, wouldn’t you?” she whispered, stepping close enough to whisper into my ear. I closed my eyes at the proximity, opening them as I felt her hand graze over my thigh. My breath came out slowly, and I didn’t know what to do.

“It’s like you knew I would be here,” she smirked, looking down to my blouse, tie and pencil skirt, “How very ‘submissive secretary’ of you.”

I blushed after realizing she was right. I stood out at the somewhat casual party. I looked back up to her with confusion and lust, trying to disguise both but failing miserably. She knew exactly how to seduce me with her words, not that she even needed to.

“Let me touch you,” she whispered in that husky voice of hers, grazing her hand over my hip. I gasped quietly, putting my head down. I could never say no to this woman, and I wanted more. I wanted her to completely control me.

“I … thanks,” I whispered, looking up to her again. I couldn’t believe how ridiculous I sounded. I couldn’t seem to piece my sentences together. Last time she met me, I at least had some stability about me, but now that I knew the power she really had over me – my knees were jell-o.

“Don’t thank me yet,” she whispered, “I haven’t even fucked you from behind, like you like it.”

All of the breath was taken from my lungs again. How did she know exactly what to say to get me off?

“We’re going to my place,” she smiled, taking a hold of the bottom of my tie and leading me to the door.

“Going already?” Stacey pouted exaggeratedly.

Megan quickly let go of the tie and turned to her so Stacey wouldn’t notice what was going on between us. She knew how shy I was about our connection. “Yeah … sorry but uh, Allison’s really drunk and I promised that I would drive her home.” She brushed her hand against my cheek with a smile before looking back to Stacey. “Poor girl. She can barely even speak.”

I looked to Stacey, completely embarrassed. I was never one to get drunk, and it made me blush again.

“Aww, you didn’t seem drunk when you got here Allie,” she smiled, looking at the blush in my cheeks and probably thinking they were reddened from my drunken stupor. “Okay, well get home safe girls!”

Megan smirked after she turned for the door again and I followed close behind her. “She’s awfully gullable,” she murmured, stepping out of the house.

Once we got to her car, she took my wrist and pinned me against the side of it. She pressed her own body against mine only seconds after, capturing my lips with a forceful yet tender kiss. She let go of my wrist and moved both of her hands through my hair, keeping me right where she wanted me.

The kiss was sensual and contained so much heat I thought my knees were going to buckle. Just when I was about to beg her to let me get off my feet, she took her lips away and smiled at the look on my face.

“You’re so sexy … and you don’t even know it.”

I blushed yet again. It seemed like she could make me blush even with a smile. I really couldn’t control my reactions to her. “You’re sexy too,” I whispered back, bringing my hands up to rest on her wrists, still holding my head in place. “You do things to me … no one else ever has.”

“I want to touch you,” she smirked again, after a very touched expression at my statement. “Right here.”

“R-right here?” I asked with confusion, looking around quickly as she took her hands back.

“Oh yeah,” she smiled evilly, tucking her thumbs under the hem of my skirt to bring it slowly up my legs. “I need to feel how whet you are baby.”

That word she used for me … I was so touched. Baby. I immediately gave in to her commands. That nickname made my resolve even weaker, and I would have done anything she asked. I mean, I was embarrassed that we were in public, but I wanted that embrace. Feeling her hands on my naked skin … oh yes. Everything I had tried to deny these past few months about our connection slipped away and I couldn’t help but admit the truth to myself.

Slowly, I felt her fingers teasingly inch their way up to my panties. It felt so good – the anticipation. No one had ever taken their time to seduce me so unnecessarily. It drove me completely wild. Soon she was fingering with the material and my lip trembled as I tried to hold in my moan. I think she could tell, because she moved her fingers in at the side, finally making contact with the throbbing between my legs. I couldn’t hold it in this time. I moaned, trying to hide it in her hair, resting my head on her shoulder for comfort. I could get lost in the thickness of her short hair. As I took in the smell of her shampoo, I moaned again. My body needs her. It always has.

“Whose is this?” she whispered into my ear, her fingers caressing my sensitivity.

“Yours,” I answered instinctively, closing my eyes at the sensation. I belonged in this moment.

“Good,” she smiled, nudging my head back escort fethiye onto the roof of the car with her own head before devouring my neck. I began to moan, quickly feeling her fingers play with me. It felt so wonderful I didn’t even know what to do. I couldn’t wait until we got to her place and had some privacy, although the risk of being caught did heighten my arousal. My heart was racing like I couldn’t believe.

“Are you going to take me to your place?” I asked, my breathing completely uncoordinated.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” Megan whispered gently, but also with a commanding tone. She took another moment before entrancing me further. “Don’t you neeeed it?”

I quivered as she licked from my neck up to my ear. I did need it. I always need it. “Y-yes.”

“Well then,” she smirked, running her hands up my skirt and pulling my panties down – right in the middle of the road – next to her car. “Get in.”

I stepped out of them, watching her put them in her pocket and smile.

“I said … get in.”

I was speechless, finally capable of nodding, and then walking around to get in at the passenger side. I could feel Megan watching me as I obeyed her wishes.

“Spread your legs,” she said after closing her own door, quickly sliding the keys in the ignition.


“Don’t ‘but’ me,” Megan said in that deep tone of hers, giving me chills as she leant over to hold some of my hair in her fist. It was done softly, although her attitude was so firm it was like a knife straight through me. “Spread them.”

A rush of pleasure was flowing through me that I couldn’t even explain. I closed my eyes, squirmed against the seat and spread my legs so they touched the side of the door and the partition between the front seats. When I opened my eyes a moment later, I could tell she was pleased, and that fuelled my own desire. I let out my breath as she licked her lips, running her hand over my thigh with a smile.

“Stay like this,” she smirked, taking her hand away to start the car before bringing it back to me when she could. She looked so in control driving with that one strong hand. I was completely mezmorized by this woman. My mind began to race again, struggling with my very strong attraction to this woman. Woman. I had never thought of myself as a lesbian or anything, but this feeling … it overpowered all of my past feelings about men combined. I wondered to myself if in fact I was not ‘homosexual’ but ‘Megansexual’ with a smile to myself. What had gotten into me? I looked over to her as we drove, taking in all the energy she exuded so gracefully.

It was difficult to control myself on the way over to her place, but somehow I managed. All the way there, she was teasing me constantly … slipping her fingers between my legs, but only to feel how whet she was making me. There were a couple of times I really wanted to close my legs from the pure torture of feeling her play with me and getting no release, but I knew I had to obey her command. I wanted to.

At one point, her finger started to tease my opening and my legs tensed with the desire for her to fill me. Then she started to push her finger in me, and I lost my mind. I started begging, and saying incomprehensible bits of sentences, but from the look on her face, it was exactly what she had wanted to see. The satisfaction in her eyes only made my movements more desperate and inviting.

“I love that look on your face,” she smirked, trying to keep her eyes on the road while her fingers moved up and down my warm, wet sex. It felt like I knew her so well.

“I really want you inside me,” I whimpered, shifting my head from left to right as she slowly drove me insane.

“You’ll get that and much more,” she promised with a smile, “Once we get inside my place … once I can have you in my hands again.”

That had me breathing deeply until we reached her place. The ride there had me thinking I would surely lose it before the night was out. If this was only foreplay, what would I do when she really gave it to me?

“Keep your skirt down when you get out. I don’t want the neighbors to see your beautiful body,” she whispered hoarsely, her desire for me becoming very obvious. “Walk in front of me. I like to watch you.” We both sat in the car smiling at the anticipation, and I had to try for a graceful exit.

I took a deep breath in and out, closing my legs as she got out. Just as I reached for the door handle, it was pulled opened. I looked out with a smile at the gesture of her hand, inviting me to walk up to her house. I did as she asked, instinctively widening my eyes when I saw the front of the house. It suited her well. Not overly large, but the color was warm, and the house looked very sure of itself and inviting. It really had personality.

I walked up to the house, swallowing hard as I felt her eyes on me. I swayed my hips with a smile, knowing it would turn her on. I enjoyed her take-control quality, and the way she would look at me like I was hers to have. Like fethiye escort bayan I had always been hers on some level.

The door helped me to stand as I leaned against it. I so badly wanted to stick my ass out, inviting her to take me however she wanted, but I knew I had to be good – until we got inside at least. Inside, where the real fun began.

Once she opened the door, she held my arm and walked me inside, closing and locking the door behind her. The sound of that click brought about the most satisfying reaction within me. I knew from that moment that she would take me, use me, please me, fuck me. I knew it would all happen, and that I would enjoy every last second of it.

“I’m so drawn to you,” she said quietly, as if there were others who could hear. Her eyes narrowed and a slight smile played on her lips. Those trance-inducing lips. I nodded at her honest statement, feeling the same way myself. “I’ve never felt so …” her eyes searched mine for the words, but I could tell she found that difficult, “… So much a part of someone … as when I’m touching you.”

I gasped at the way she said that, but it was silent. I felt like I was desperately panting for air. She felt the same way I did! I felt hysterical with joy and the comfort of knowing that it wasn’t one-sided. That let me really slip into the submission I had been dying for since I last saw her. I wasn’t even paying any attention to the fact that I was in this woman’s house, very willing to do anything she pleased. I could barely figure the words to say, but somehow I found them at last. “I … it’s the same for me.” I felt tears forming in my eyes but I blinked them away. That was the last thing I wanted on this rare and very special occassion. “I feel so … complete … when you touch me. I can let go.” I gathered myself and looked back up into her eyes, but one tear escaped, and she quickly caught it with her hand. “Sorry,” I whispered.

“Don’t be sorry,” she whispered back, and I felt soothed by her warm smile. “But I think we have something to get on with, don’t we?”

Now the excitement was setting in all over again. “… Yes.”

She pulled on my hair, and my head tilted back instinctively, all the while looking up to her smiling eyes. “Yes what?”

“Y-yes Ma’am,” I gasped back, finding so much comfort in those loving hands. The pain was exhilirating.

She was my drug and this was my high. I closed my eyes, finally understanding the depth of that truth.

After letting go of my hair, she turned me around and led me down her hall with one arm held up behind my back. I felt so weak under her firm control, and I was loving every second of it. Once she stopped and turned me, I figured it would be her bedroom, and that it was. Regularly averagely decorated was my first thought. It wasn’t bright red with leather hanging all around, like I somehow expected it to look. I took everything in right away, from the color on her walls to the books on the nightstand. It was all so captivating, no matter how average it may have seemed. She had lived in here, touched all of these things. I was thrilled that she was showing me her room, and it must have been obvious.

“Don’t you dare cum yet,” she chuckled from behind me, pushing me forward after letting go of my wrist.

I smiled crookedly, looking back to her. I didn’t quite know what to say.

“This isn’t a free tour,” she smirked with that attitude I love. “Get on the bed. Head on the pillows. On your stomach.”

I got chills from the way she said that. “Yes Ma’am,” I answered, already crawling onto the enormous bed. That was one attribute that was irregular. I guess I only noticed when I got up there, feeling how much room there was around me. I felt so petite laying in the middle of it.

Just as I looked up to see where she was, I felt her part my legs and lay on top of me. “Keep your hands up here … or I’ll tie them there.” She placed my hands under the pillows, at the head of the bed. I shivered with that insinuation. She knew I would do as she pleased.

I felt so comforted by everything around me – the smell of fresh sheets, the feel of her downy pillows against my cheek, and the scent of Megan herself. I parted my lips as I felt her grind slowly into my ass, holding herself up with her arms. I loved the way she loved to use me like this, doing as she pleased. I moaned softly when I felt my skirt sliding up my thighs. She was slowly exposing me to her eyes again, and that was something I had wanted all evening. I started grinding back into her, moaning with excitement of what she would do to me.

“You need this so bad, don’t you?” she whispered huskily into my ear, her hot breath making me pant harder. “You just need me to take you … humiliate you …”

I trembled visibly at that one, I’m sure.

“Well you leave that to me. And keep your hands exactly there.”

When I felt her chest press against my back, I let out yet another moan. It felt amazing to have her so close to me, doing everything she had been waiting to do to me.

“Does that feel good?” she whispered again, her fingers having found their way up my thighs again. She was rubbing me over my panties and ooooh yes it felt good. I can’t even explain that feeling.

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