All of my Gay Fuck Buddies at Once

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The Married Guy’s sex vacation had gone perfectly to plan. There was even some unplanned awesomeness which was when the Married Guy decided he’d like to try anal (receiving). Only complaint I could make is that his Viagra supply was a bit of a pain in my ass.

His trip was ending on Monday morning so I had planned an orgy as the grand finale of his trip for Sunday night.

The list of attendee’s was: The Married Guy (of course), the Slave Boy, the New Slave Boy, my Landlord and myself. It was a pretty diverse group of guys. The Slave Boys are skinny guys in their early twenties and are really hardcore horny young guys who are particularly dirty. The Landlord and The Married Guy are both in their fifties and only recently re exploring gay sex after experimenting as younger men. Then there was me, in the closet to most people but enjoy doing incredibly naughty gay things, particularly with straight acting guys. The ‘cover story’ for Sunday night was a boys football night, this would keep The Landlords wife away.

Everyone was due to arrive at 7pm. Being an orgy hosted by me (Aussie Speedo Guy), the dress code was speedos only, and an hour or so before hand I turned the heater on to keep the place warm, it is the middle of winter here in Australia.

The Married Guy and I were ready early. We showered, together, and I made sure his butt hole was sparkling clean. I even ate off it while we were in the shower. I wanted to shave his cock and balls but he thought that might be a little difficult to explain to his wife when he got home the next day. It wasn’t too much of a jungle but I am always completely shaved and the Slave Boys are too.

Seven o’clock finally came around and the first to arrive was The Landlord.

I let him in and he took off his shirt and dropped his shorts before taking two steps in to my unit. I introduced him to the Married Guy while I got us kayseri escort a round of drinks.

It was cute how both these men were standing in my kitchen, wearing only speedos, knowing full well that they were about to be partners in an orgy and they were just talking as if they were catching up over a beer at the pub. The Married Guy was wearing his AussieBum speedos that he was wearing when I first met him. The Landlord was wearing a pair of classic black lycra speedos and I was wearing my AussieBum Portsea speedos. I’ve had some of my hottest experiences wearing those AussieBum’s so I was kind of wearing them for good luck.

Standing around the kitchen in our speedos, the conversation had turned to real estate prices when there was a knock at the door. The cyclone that is the Slave Boys had arrived.

Leaving the two fifty year old men in the kitchen I went and opened the door for the Slave Boys.

They had stripped down before knocking on the door and as I share an internal staircase with a neighbour, I was lucky they hadn’t been seen. That would be difficult to explain. The difficulty is because they were both wearing jockstraps and nothing else. Two skinny, outwardly gay young guys wearing jockstraps on my doorstep. They would have been hard to explain. I got them in to my unit quick smart.

I was questioning the Slave Boys on why they had worn jockstraps when the invitation specifically said speedos but they brushed me off and headed straight to the kitchen to introduce themselves to the two older men.

As introductions, the Slave Boys both held out their hands to be shaken but instead of shaking hands like men, they held them out like ladies and the two older guys played along and kissed them. Everyone had a laugh and I was relieved that everyone was getting along.

By the time I had poured drinks for the Slave Boys kayseri escort bayan thing were already heating up. Each one had an older guys cock in their hands and the olders guys speedos were being stretched. Nobody cared about the drinks, the orgy had begun. I hadn’t expected things to start in the kitchen, so I went in to the lounge area and grabbed the condoms and lube I had prepared earlier and returned to the kitchen. The Slave Boys were on their knees with a fifty year old cock in their mouths. It was a sight to behold and I stood there rubbing my rock hard cock for a minute enjoying the view.

The Married Guy and The Landlord were about to get a surprise… the Slave Boys broke off their cock sucking and turned around and bent over my kitchen bench. This showed off their skinny little butts in all their glory and for the first time, the older guys got to see the surprise that the Slave Boys had for them. They both had butt plugs in and their jockstraps obviously didn’t hide them.

When they had walked in to my unit I had seen these but they hadn’t turned their backs to the older guys so they were surprised.

They younger guys made a comment that they were all lubed up and ready for the “Daddy’s”.

While the older men enjoyed the view of these tight twenty year old arseholes, I opened two condoms and rolled them on each of them. They were both grinning from ear to ear.

Then it was like Xmas morning… I told The Married Guy and The Landlord that they could unwrap their presents. The Slave Boys were bent over in front of them both wiggling their butts in anticipation of the fucking that they would soon get.

This was working out better than I had expected and everyone was having fun and laughing and obviously rock hard and horny as well.

The older guys slowly pulled out the butt plugs. The Slave Boys made escort kayseri lots of groaning noises. I took the sex toys from them and said “Gentleman, start your engines.” It would have been fun to say “Ready, set, go” but I didn’t get the chance, they just got to it.

With everyone being so horny the older guys were trying to take their time so the whole thing wouldn’t be over in two strokes. I thought about getting behind The Married Guy and The Landlord and fingering them but thought that would surely tip them over the edge. Instead, I sat up on the kitchen bench and positioned myself between the two Slave Boys who were getting a pounding from the two men who were more than twice their ages.

I pulled the front of my speedos, flopped out my rock hard cock and balls and the Slave Boys went to town.

It was The Landlord who approached orgasm first, his attempts at going slow were forgotten and he started pounding that twenty year old like there is no tomorrow. This was enough to set off The Married Guy who quickened his pace. Their increased tempo distracted the Slave Boys from my cock for a little bit but I was getting close as well.

While The Landlord started cumming first, The Married Guy started cumming before he had finished. Watching them in the throws of their orgasms set me off and my cock erupted like a volcano. The Slave Boys weren’t getting bucked around and neither had their lips on my cock when it exploded and my load of cum oozed down my cock like lava. It wasn’t a huge load as The Married Guy had been draining it pretty regularly over the last few days.

Wow, that was pretty darn hot.

While this orgy had been organized by me, the Slave Boys were taking control. They instructed us older guys to go clean up and they were going to put on a show. The three of us men went and had a quick shower, I have them a new pair of speedos and act two began with the three of us on the couch.

If you guys would like, I’m happy to share with you what we got up to over the next ninety minutes. Right now, I’ve gotta pack for the weekend. I’m headed down the Gold Coast for a threesome with a couple that I’ve had fun with before (a married, male/female couple).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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