Alicia’s visit

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“C’mon, Mandy,” Jack said as he tried to convince his wife.

“I don’t know, Jack. I don’t know that I’m comfortable with it,” Mandy replied.

“Did you see the way she looked at you last week? She’d do it in a heart beat.” Jack said calmly.

“I don’t know. What do I get out of it?” Mandy asked.

Jack laughed. “I know you well enough to know that you’ve wanted to do this since you met her. And now that I have an excuse, you’re just trying not to look too eager. But you’ll do it.”

Mandy was a beautiful petite brunette with a slender figure. Her breasts were large in comparison to her body – about a 34 B, almost a C cup. She didn’t have much upstairs, though, and was easily convinced to do just about anything for her husband, Jack.

But this was new ground, Jack thought, and he knew that this venture needed some careful planning and negotiating. But once he convinced Mandy, the rest would be easier.

Jack’s target of interest was Mandy’s friend, Alicia. Alicia was a big, beautiful black woman they met one night at a dinner party. Alicia’s most striking feature was her absolutely humongous chest – Jack could barely venture to guess what size bra could possibly reign in those ebony beauties. Alicia also had significant `back’ – a huge ass – but a tiny waist. She was about 5′ 10” so she looked huge compared to his 5′ 4″ wife, which made Jack wonder what they’d look like `together.’ He thought about it constantly, and finally approached his wife with the idea of getting them together. Jack often caught his wife staring at Alicia’s chest, and could tell that she was just as curious. It just took some convincing to get her to admit it.

“Well, fine, we can invite her over, but I don’t think it’s going to work,” Mandy said, blushing at the thought.

“Great, call her today, and set it up for tonight or as soon as possible.”

Mandy called Alicia and they spoke for several minutes. Mandy came back and gave her husband the news. “Well, she’ll be here at 8:00 . . .”

“Cool – we need to get something to drink – what does she like?” Jack asked.

“She loves gin and tonic, and we have some downstairs,” Mandy said.

“OK, let’s get ready,” Jack said. He went upstairs and got put his digital camera in the charger. His heart was beating rapidly as he thought more about his approach.


It seemed like 8:00 would never arrive, but the door bell rang right on time and Alicia walked in, kissed Mandy on the cheek, and did the same to Jack. Jack could feel her gigantic left breast rub up against his chest as she leaned in, and it got him rock hard.

Alicia was wearing a low-cut dress, and he could see her dark cleavage and a bright, white bra holding her huge cans in place. Mandy saw Jack looking down Alicia’s shirt, and nervously fidgeted at the door. Was she jealous? Jack thought so.

“Thanks so much for coming, Alicia. What can I get you to drink?” Jack asked.

“Thanks for having me over – gin and tonic for me,” Alicia said with a smile. Jack went to the kitchen and came back out with two drinks in hand – one for Mandy and one for Alicia. Both were heavy on the gin, light on the tonic. Jack noticed that Alicia’s nipples were erect as she talked to Mandy.

“Here you go, ladies,” Jack said, handing over the booze. Alicia guzzled hers down and walked toward the family room. They all sat down, and started talking. Jack refilled her drink several times as they talked. The laughter and talking increased at the same rate that the gin bottle decreased. Jack knew that it was almost time for him to make his move.

“You know, Alicia, Mandy and I were talking the other day, and we kind of placed a bet, and only you can tell us who’s right,” Jack said as fethiye escort Alicia refilled her own drink at the bar – this time she ignored the tonic and went straight up.

“Now what the hell could that be, Mandy?” Alicia said. Mandy looked at Jack a little puzzled and then at Alicia.

“Why don’t you ask her Jack?” Mandy said, slurring her words.

“Well, Alicia, Mandy was wondering the other day about how big that bra of yours must be!” Jack said, looking at Alicia for a response.

Alicia turned around, surprised. “And what did you guess?”

“Hell, who knows, much bigger Mandy,” Jack said.

“No shit, Jack. Her nipples alone are probably bigger than my tits!” Mandy said from the couch. She grabbed her own breast and laughed.

With that, Alicia laughed and came back over to the couch. “Well, who’s gonna check?” Alicia asked. “I think maybe we should let Mandy check it out since she’s been staring at them all night!”

Jack smiled to himself. Could this work out any better? Probably not. Now to get them upstairs.

“All right, let’s go upstairs and figure this out,” Jack said as he stood and walked toward the stairs. Mandy got up and started to slip back down so Alicia grabbed onto her and walked her upstairs. They all stepped into the bed room, and Jack took the digital cam off the charger.

“OK, here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to take some pictures of the two of you checking each other out. Just follow my instructions, OK?”

“Fine by me,” Mandy said, looking at Alicia’s chest. Alicia nodded in agreement.

“OK, Mandy, I want you and Alicia to pose together, just stand there with your arms around each other’s shoulders and take a normal picture.”

They did, and Jack took the photo. “Great, now Mandy, look down at Alicia’s boobs,” he said. Mandy gazed down toward Alicia’s gigantic chest and he could see her rub her legs together.

“Good, now Mandy, take a peek down Alicia’s dress – check em out,” Jack said. Mandy grabbed Alicia’s neck line and pulled it out, then stared down into her dark cleavage.

“Oh my God, Jack – this is incredible.”

“You just wait, honey,” Alicia told Mandy. Her nipples were obviously hard as rocks now, Jack noted.

“OK, great, now Alicia, grab Mandy’s boob and then look down her shirt,” Jack said. “Nice, now Alicia, I think you should get Mandy naked first, and then let her work on you. Work slowly so I can get some good shots.”

Alicia grabbed Mandy’s left boob and squeezed it through her purple tank top and rubbed it around as Jack clicked away. She then grabbed the right tit, and then started to work them both together. Mandy closed her eyes and gave in to any ounce of hesitation she might have had at the earlier.

Alicia then grabbed the bottom of Mandy’s tank top and lifted it up slowly over Mandy’s head. Mandy held her arms up in the air to help. Jack got in close for some bra shots, and backed up again to get the whole incredible scene – a big, busty, black goddess undressing his wife in their bedroom. Alicia threw the tank top on the floor and stepped back to catch the view.

“Honey, that’s a tight little package – look at those perfect little titties. Sometime I wish mine were that . . . compact,” Alicia said gazing at Mandy’s small but adequate cleavage. “Now let’s get you out of that bra!”

Alicia walked around Mandy’s back and unsnapped her black bra, letting it fall to the sides. Mandy’s tits made their appearance – nice, compact b-cup tits with fairly large areola’s topped with cute little pink nipples that were perfectly round and sticking out about a quarter of an inch.

“Oh, I always wondered what they looked like,” Alicia said as she leaned over and grabbed one escort fethiye of Mandy’s nipples in her mouth. Jack’s boner got ten times harder seeing his wife’s pale white tit against Alicia’s dark red lips and black face. He couldn’t hold out too much longer, but kept snapping away. He looked and had taken 20 pics already with 200 left on the camera. Perfect, he thought.

“Mmmm, ohhhh” Mandy threw her head back and reacted to the sucking, placing her hand on the back of Alicia’s head and pulling her in closer to her heaving chest. Alicia kept sucking, switching off between the two succulent nipples.

“OK, Alicia, get Mandy’s jeans off so she can start on you,” Jack said as Alicia unbuttoned Mandy’s jeans and slid them off over her hips and down her legs, showing Mandy’s black thong. Jack circled them as he took a few shots from in front and behind, including a great cleavage shot of Alicia as she bent down to take Mandy’s pants off of her feet. Jack’s other money shot was a close up of Alicia’s black hand squeezing Mandy’s white ass cheek.

“Great, now Alicia, stand up straight and let Mandy lift your dress up over your head,” Jack said, camera at the ready. “Slowly, please.”

Mandy did as her husband asked, and grabbed the bottom of Alicia’s dress, pulling it up slowly. Alicia’s chunky thighs revealed themselves, then her gigantic ass – not fat, just huge and black as sin. The contrast of Mandy’s hand lifting the dark blue dress over her black ass cheeks was a perfect shot.

“Good, now try to get that thing over those mams, Mandy,” Jack suggested. Mandy lifted the dress to reveal the hardest working bra on the east coast, a white monster holding in two huge mounds of flesh. Mandy continued lifting the dress up over her head, staring at Alicia’s tits the whole time. Alicia helped get the dress over her head as she was quite a bit taller than Mandy.

“Holy shit!” Mandy and Jack exclaimed together. Alicia laughed, and posed for the camera.

“Now what’s your guess, Jack, on the size of this thing,” Mandy asked. “I’m gonna say 54 J.”

“Hell, I have no idea. It’s got to be custom made. Let’s say . . . 52 HH.” It really didn’t matter, but they were drunk and it made for good chatter.

“Well Jack’s got it on the nose,” Alicia said, as she reached back and unhooked her bra letting it slip slightly forward. It didn’t drop, but stayed pretty much in place. “Custom made, and it says 52 HH!”

“Don’t question my knowledge of tits, Mandy,” Jack bragged. “I don’t know much, but tits I know. Help your friend get that damn bra off.”

Mandy walked over and pulled the bra off of her tits. They spilled out and fell down to about Alicia’s belly button. There they hung, giant firm black orbs, sagging under the enormous weight, and her areolas and nipples looked like a 45 rpm record with a sausage sticking through the hole. Jack took about 20 pictures of the release, and Mandy immediately fell to her knees and started sucking those huge nips. Alicia laughed, and stroked Mandy’s hair as she enjoyed the view.

Mandy pulled Alicia’s panties down to the floor as she sucked, and revealed a big hairy bush and behind it a giant ass. Jack circled the two, catching everything from every angle, including a money shot of Mandy’s white hands squeezing Alicia’s big black ass cheeks

“OK, Alicia, bend over, and let those tits sway,” Jack suggested. Alicia bent over with her palms on the bed, and her tits just swayed back and forth. Mandy got behind Alicia, rubbing her own tits on Alicia’s ass. Jack took some beautiful shots of Mandy’s white skinny body in between Alicia’s huge butt cheeks and again, the contrast of light and dark made Jack extreMandyy hot. He thought if Mandy wasn’t careful, she might fethiye escort bayan disappear in the huge crack. Mandy then got back on her knees and started to put her fingers into Alicia’s cunt. Slowly, first a finger, then two, then three, then finally worked her entire fist into the gaping, wet gash. Alicia was getting close to orgasm, her tits swaying back and forth as Mandy pumped her fist into Alicia’s cunt, hitting her in the face and stomach. Alicia grabbed one of them and sucked her own nipple. As she got more excited, she started to bit it, soft at first, then a little harder. Jack was up close to catch the action.

“Oh, shit, Mandy, keep going, come on honey, ram it in there,” Alicia screamed as Mandy worked her fist in up to her wrist. Jack had taken a hundred pictures plus some video clips of the lesbian assault, and the hypnotic swinging tits. Mandy was fingering her own cunt with her free hand as she plunged into Alicia with the other. She started to get pretty excited too, especially when Alicia said that she was cumming.

“OK, now Mandy lay on your back and let Alicia get on her knees and start eating you out,” Jack was barking orders like a drill sergeant, but he knew what he wanted and knew that this was probably his only chance to get it.

Mandy got on her back and opened her legs. Alicia buried her face in Mandy’s cunt, using her tongue to delve deeper and deeper into the hole. Mandy moaned loudly, pushing Alicia’s head deeper into her crotch, grinding her hips. She used her other hand to rub her own little nipples. Jack got down on his knees for some awesome closeups. Alicia and Mandy were acting like he wasn’t there. Mandy had a long, loud orgasm, arched her back, and then collapsed flat to the floor.

Alicia then got up and straddled Mandy over her stomach, bent over, and smacked Mandy in the face with her tits. Mandy held her tongue out and licked her nipples every time they passed. Alicia laughed as she shook her Mandyons harder and harder. Jack then sat down next to the two and grabbed Alicia’s breasts, kneading them together, squeezing them, pinching the nipples, and sucking on them. He took several more close up pictures of Alicia’s black flesh on Mandy’s pale white skin, and then handed the camera to Mandy.

“One more shot we need, Mandy,” Jack said as he pulled his pecker out of his pants. He stroked the giant cock until it was rock hard, and stuck it next to Alicia’s face. She smiled, and posed with the dick, and then stuck it into her mouth, swallowing almost all ten inches. Mandy snapped away as Alicia slurped her husband’s unit.

“Oh, no, you’re setting the bar pretty high, Alicia – I can’t get it in that far!” Mandy laughed, and Alicia smiled as she continued to suck.

“OK, here it goes, get ready Mandy,” Jack said, his nuts started to pump. He pulled out of Alicia’s mouth and aimed his cock at her face. He pumped about 12 full shots of jizz on her cheeks, lips, and onto her tits. Mandy caught every pump with the quick action shutter on the camera, and then handed it back to Jack as she started rubbing the cum into Alicia’s skin and licking it off her face. Alicia also rubbed the remaining cum into her chest, and licked her lips as Mandy took care of the rest of her face and Jack took the final few pics. All three collapsed on the floor.

“Well, mystery solved, Mandy,” Jack said, smiling at his bride and grabbing Alicia’s right tit and giving it a hard shake.

“Indeed, Jack. Good guess,” Mandy replied, still rubbing Alicia’s left boob. Alicia just smiled. Jack got up and put the camera back in its cradle, pressing the button to download all 220 pictures. He looked at the two girls laying on the floor.

“Mind if I keep this as a souvenir, Alicia?” Jack asked as he picked up the huge bra, but Mandy and Alicia were sound asleep on the floor, Mandy’s head resting on Alicia’s chest.

“Don’t mind if I do then,” Jack said to himself as he turned back to the computer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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