Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 15

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Double Penetration

Alene and Angie only knew each other from their short coffee breaks but now thanks to Paula’s control over them they had lots of ground to cover.

“So, how do you want to start?” Angie asked.

“Well, under these circumstances I think I can afford being rude,” Alene went on with a calm voice, “can you use your pillows?”

“Ummm, you mean my tits?” Angie asked. Slowly she took her shirt off, it was clearly visible that her bra was going through hell with holding her tits. They were without a doubt the biggest Alene ever saw. With all the power her spells gave, her Alene was still human, and no human can ignore breasts like Angie’s. As she went to her bra Alene was getting harder than diamond, and Angie couldn’t help but notice.

“Like what you see?” Alene nodded yes as the bra fell to the floor and the huge boobs stood on their own, a true wonder of nature. Angie’s areolas, as big as diner plates, looked perfectly natural on her boobs.

It was clear that Alene was turned on, her cock almost bursting from its skin. “You can touch them if you want,” Angie half offered half implored. She was getting turned on as well. Alene reached and grabbed a handful of Angie’s left breast, not covering even a quarter of the total space. She felt the soft but firm flash, this foreplay was making her precum heavily.

“Let’s get this going.” Alene suggested as she went to sit on the sofa, her cock was now a mess of precum. Angie got on her knees in front of Alene and wrapped her huge breasts around Alene’s hot monster. It was sheer magic, they were the perfect fit, wrapping around her with some room to spare, covering enough length but leaving the head clear so Angie could suck it.

Angie started moving up and down, “you want me to give you a blowjob?” She asked coyly as Alene was moaning and grunting her way to the edge. “yyyyessss, pp… p… plea… please,” Alene whimpered in pleasure, her cock bouncing and pulsing with delight.

Angie placed her lips on Alene’s cock and started playing. Licking from side to side, up and down, sucking and releasing, all the while moving her massive breasts around Alene’s cock, squeezing them as hard as she could.

After a while Alene could go no more, the edge was there and Angie, with one big movement of her Breasts, pushed Alene balıkesir escort over it.

At first her balls exploded in size and Angie could feel them hitting her leg, but she went on, thinking it was just Alene that moved and hit her a bit. Next her cum slit almost busted open. “GOD,” Alene yelled at the top of her lungs, “I’m Cumming!!” it was such a loud yell that even Paula heard it and walked quietly to the balcony to watch.

Angie instinct was to let the cock out of her mouth and squeeze on it as hard as she possibly could with her tits.

Alene was going wild, her cock started bucking hard, blasting with such force that Angie’s breasts shook with each pulse, but no cum was blasting out. Alene started screaming in Pain as her orgasm was getting stronger and stronger but no cum appeared. Angie on her part was having a small orgasm of her own from her breasts shaking so hard. She didn’t notice Alene’s balls growing, but after about a minute she came down from it and realized what happened.

As Alene was Coming, Angie’s breasts were squeezing her cum tube, effectively blocking it. As soon as she realized, she released Alene’s cock from between her boobs.

What happened next amazed the girls. Alene’s cock gave a few squeezes as her cum-tube exploded so wide, Angie could push a whole hand in. Then with one massive pulse Alene did the impossible again. Her cock launched a single stream of cum to the air. for a few seconds Alene’s cum was the highest thing in Bristol, maybe even in the UK. It was thicker than Angie’s leg, almost ripping her cock as it left her, it looked almost unnatural, even majestic.

But like all things in life, what comes up most come down. The stream went gracefully over the edge of the balcony. For a second the girls relaxed, but the crashing sound they heard sent all three to the edge.

Far below, on the street, one very unlucky car was parked in the wrong parking spot on the wrong day. Alene’s cum blast was so strong, so heavy, it literally smashed the car’s roof in, blowing out the windows and painting the whole thing white. The girls arrived at the ledge just as the car alarm went off.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” was all Angie could mutter in her shock. Paula was absolutely impressed. Alene’s balıkesir escort bayan balls were definitely beyond anything she ever saw.

The silence hung in the air, Alene couldn’t believe she just came so hard, but she was still so turned on. She wanted to come like this again. She literally jumped Angie, pushing her to the floor. She placed her monster between her breasts again, pointing it at Paula’s office.

“Let’s go again!” Alene demanded, her cock as hard as a rock, “I want to blast again,” Angie on her side was happy to comply, holding her massive tits around Alene as she started humping. Up and down, up and down, from time to time Angie used her mouth to suck and after a good five minutes, Alene was at it again.

“Yesssss! Squeeze harder!” she was bucking and pulsing just like before, sending Angie to her own orgasm.

Paula was, in honest, a bit board. She wanted Alene to finish her business with Angie so she could fuck her, but after two orgasms Alene showed no sign of stopping at all. Her growing balls told Paula she had so much more.

Paula decided to act. A rage waking up inside her, as Alene’s balls grew to the size of beach balls. She walked up behind Alene, to her ever-growing balls, “Don’t let go yet,” Alene said to Angie in a painful voice. Paula took her right leg a bit back and forcefully kicked Alene’s ball sack.

What happened next was not what Paula expected. First Alene’s scrotum grew to almost double in size, pushing Paula back a bit. Next, she started yelling and crying in pain as her cock exploded from the base up to tip, so big and hard Angie’s breasts couldn’t wrap around it any more. Then Alene’s cum tube grow to accommodate what came next.

The blast was the biggest any of the girls ever saw, breaking the window on its way to flood Paula’s office, it just kept going, hitting the wall and pouring down to the floor, flooding Paula’s office knee high while the end of the massive blast was still inside Alene’s balls. Paula acted to save her drowning office, she opened the windows that didn’t break and let the cum ocean leave her office onto the balcony, it was so hot…

As Alene came down, she saw what she did, the cum was ankle high and the poor draining hole on the balcony floor was working escort balıkesir overtime, she was still rock hard, she needed more!

She lowered herself down to Angie’s ear and whispered, “I’m going to use some magic to help me fuck you, you are safe, I won’t harm you.” As scared as she was from Alene’s display of power Angie took a big breath and relaxed, clearly the girl knew what she was doing.

“Angie suus multa superstes erit mihi pussy,” Alene whispered and went to work. Placing her oversized monster at Angie’s entrance, she saw the spell was working, Angie was so wet she made a puddle of her own in Alene’s ocean of cum.

Slowly but with confident Alene started pushing into Angie. To everyone’s surprise the huge fuck-pole faced no resistant, it slipped in as if it was only a few inches long but to Angie the feeling was heavenly.

When Alene’s cock was half way in her, Angie was clearly no longer there. Her orgasms so close to each other she couldn’t tell when one ended and the next began. Angie was in her orgasm heaven as Alene went farther and farther into her love tunnel, coming closer and closer to the edge of blowing.

Paula just stood there and waited, she wouldn’t admit it for her image’s sake, but Alene’s display of sexual divinity was pushing her buttons. She wanted to be there in Angie’s place, fucked so hard she couldn’t comprehend the world around her. But she had to keep her body safe. This sexual experience will probably ruin Angie for any other man or woman. Paula couldn’t risk doing this to herself.

Her thoughts broke as Alene yelled, “ohhhhh good, here I CUM,” rising to her knees instinctively. Alene cock was so hard it went with her, lifting Angie with her massive breasts off the floor. Held in midair by the monster that was about to do the impossible again.

First her Balls exploded to their biggest yet. Next, as big as it was her cock grow again, its outline clearly visible on Angie’s body. Paula could swear she can hear Alene’s body pumping the cum out as Angie’s belly exploded to a full pregnant look, but Alene was clearly not close to finishing. She pumped and pumped, dumping so much cum into Angie that it started shooting out, spraying Alene, covering her in cum to and flooding the balcony just above Paula’s knees.

After who knows how long Alene was done. Her limp cock left Angie, letting the still orgasming girl rest on the sofa.

Slowly she turned to Paula, keeping her cock down, she looked her straight in the eyes, “I did as you asked, I am ready for you.”

In her mind she thought to herself, ‘It’s payback time.’

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