Adventures in Cum Science

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“Hey Will, we’re getting coffee for everyone, you want one?”

Will looked up from his phone to see his classmate Ashley, a willowy blonde with long legs and big lips. She was wearing an oversized button down shirt over her leggings, which was a shame because it hid her firm round ass. Will wondered if she had a boyfriend.

“Coffee? Will? Do you want one?” She asked again. Will snapped back into reality and nodded.

“Sure, can I get a latte with almond milk?” He replied.

“No problem, Priya is picking them up for everyone. It’s our treat!” She smiled before turning her face back to her phone to put in his order.

Will was a graduate student at the UCLA School of Medicine. He had managed to arrive on time for Bio-ethics 520. It was a small lab of eight students and the professor all gathered around a large conference table.

Priya arrived just as class began, carrying trays of coffee. She was east-asian, cute and curvy with deep brown almond eyes and a wide heart shaped ass. Will couldn’t help but stare at her plump breasts filling out her sweater as she handed him his coffee. Priya sat next to Ashley and the two friends shared a look and a giggle. It was Friday, they probably had fun plans for the weekend.

Will sipped his coffee as the professor began his lecture on the history of drug trials. He strolled around the room as he spoke. Will was diligently taking notes, but found his mind wandering back to his classmates. He imagined Ashley slowly unbuttoning her shirt to reveal her pale petite tits. He thought about Priya’s ass and imagined what it would feel like pressed against him. He wondered if Ashley’s pubes matched her blond hair, and what her pussy tasted like.

Will realized with a shock that his dick was fully erect. He froze, then shifted in his seat to conceal the bulge in his pants. Being healthy and twenty five this was not the first time Will had gotten an erection in public. He took a breath, tried to relax and focus on taking notes. He knew his boner would get distracted and deflate in time.

It didn’t.

For the rest of the class Will’s dick stayed rock hard, pressed against the inside his khakis. It was an erection like he had never experienced. He could feel his pulse throbbing in his dick. Class was wrapping up and Will started to panic. He pretended to be engrossed in his phone as the other students trickled out, but soon new students started to arrive for the next class.

In what Will hoped to be an incredibly natural looking move, he stood up and shifted his notebook so that he was holding it in front of his crotch with his backpack over one shoulder. His dick throbbed as the fabric of his underwear rubbed against it. Was he about to cum in his pants? He could feel the heat in his cheeks as he staggered to the door, he just had to make it to his car and then he could get home and relive the pressure. Even thinking about jacking off make his dick throb.

“Hey Will, how’s it going?” Ashley was standing right outside the classroom door! She was looking at him expectantly, and she was blocking his escape.

“Fine! Everything is super. Gotta go!” Will stammered and turned to leave only to walk right into Priya and and her plump round tits. “Ooof! Excuse me.” He stammered.

“Will… are you feeling okay?” Priya asked. Will stood there dumbstruck. They were both starting at him. Priya glanced down at the notebook covering his crotch. How did she know?

“It’s okay Will. We know what’s going on.” Ashley said and she turned and unlocked the door in the hallway behind her. Ashley taught a few undergraduate classes and had access to the tiny TA’s office. It was little more than a closet with two desks inside but Ashley entered and beckoned Will to follow. “We know what’s going on. We can explain.” Will stood there like a deer in the headlights until Priya pushed him inside and closed the door behind him.

“Let me guess.” Ashley asked. “You have an erection and it won’t go away?”

“Yes” Will said. He let the books drop and heard Priya gasp when she saw the massive tent in his pants.

“Oh my god Ashley I told you this was a bad idea!” Priya blurted out. “We are going to get expelled! This is totally fucked!”

“Calm down girl, this is going to be fine.” Ashley turned to Will, she pursed her plump lips and tossed her shoulders back. “Will we are so sorry, this is totally our fault. We are going to make this right but we need you to keep it a secret. Can you promise not to tell anyone?”

Will had found himself trapped between two hot young women and an uncontainable boner. He nodded and Ashley continued.

“We were trying to pull a prank on professor creepy-pants back there. Did you know he invited both of us up to his vacation house? Yeah, he’s gross. But see Priya is working with professor Phan in the urology department. They have been doing clinical trials on a new erectile drug, like a super-viagra, and the trials are apparently like… bonkers.”

“Guys are just blasting in their pants when they take this thing.” Priya remarked.

“Yeah so our escort plan was to put it in the professor’s coffee.” Ashley explained. “And see what happened, and if he suspected anything and wanted to make a big deal out of it, well… let’s just say we have some dirt on him that he doesn’t want coming out.”

Priya nodded. “Obviously we gave you the drug in your coffee by mistake. We’re really sorry.”

“But seriously who drinks almond milk anyway?” Ashley asked.

“Thank you… for the explanation” Will said. “But what am I supposed to do about this?”

“Oh well the effect goes away if you… you know.” Priya made the universal gesture for jacking off. “Release the pressure.”

“I am familiar with the procedure.” Will remarked. Ashley stifled a giggle. “I was going home to do that, which means I’ll miss the afternoon lecture, or I could jack off in my car like a pervert.” Ashley was turning pink trying not to laugh.

“Or you could just jack off right here.” Priya said, matter of factly. “No one is going to be in here for another hour. No one would know.”

Will looked around the tiny TA office, with its two shared desks and crappy office chairs. It wasn’t the most erotic location, but these two hot grad students made it more appealing.

“Okay Will.” Ashley said. “Since we got you into this mess. How about we take care of it?”

“What do you mean?” Will’s mouth went dry.

“I mean.” Ashley’s cheeks blushed bright pink but her blue eyes held Will’s gaze. “How about I give you a hand job?”

“Okay.” Said Will, completely dumbstruck.

“Okay. Well why don’t you sit up on the desk and… you know, take it out.” She rolled up her sleeves.

Will leaned his butt against the desk, he unbuckled his belt and slid down his zipper. He paused, unable to believe one of the hottest girls on campus was about to jack him off.

“Come on Will.” Ashley coo’d. Let’s see what you’ve got in there.” Will pulled down his boxers and his throbbing cock sprung forward. Priya gasped slightly. Will knew he had a decent sized dick, but today it seemed longer and somehow thicker.

Ashley took a small bottle from her purse and squirted a dollop of lotion into her hand.

“Gee Ash, this isn’t your first office handy is it?” Priya smirked.

“Shut up please, I’m working.” Ashley wrapped her hand around Will cock and started slowly stroking it. At first the lotion was cold, but it warmed as she worked her hand over his cock, slowly moving it up and down the length of his dick, all the way over the head and back down again to the base. Will leaned back and sighed, it felt amazing having his cock stroked by this tall hot blond. As Ashley saw the effect it was having on Will she began to increase the pace of her strokes.

Ashley was trying to play it cool but she had been turned on by this situation from the beginning. Now that she had Will’s dick in her hand her pussy kept getting warmer and wetter. She loved feeling every twitch of his cock, how much power she had in her hands to pleasure Will’s body. She wondered how his cock would feel inside her, and what it would taste like.

“Tell me when you are about to cum okay?” Ashley moved a box of tissues nearby. She stoked his stomach and thighs with her left hand and sped up her right, jacking Will off with short quick strokes. Her face got closer to his cock, her mouth opened slightly. She could taste the scent of him in the air.

Will’s breath quickened. He could feel his balls tighten. He desperately needed to cum, but the awkwardness of having two girls staring at his dick, waiting for it to happen, was getting to his head.

“Wait stop. I’m sorry.” He gasped. Ashley stopped moving her hand but kept it wrapped around him. “This is just too weird. I’m sorry.”

“Maybe some visual stimulation will help.” Said Ashley. “Priya show him your boobs.”

“What?” Priya gasped?

“Yours are better and you know it.” Ashley replied. “Come on, show Will your big titties so he can cum for us.”

Priya looked put out for a moment, but then she slowly peeled her sweater up over her head. He round brown breasts were spilling over the top of her bra. She reached back around to unhook it but first looked Will right in the eyes.

“Do you want to see my tits Will?” She purred.

“Yes please.” He nodded. Ashley had resumed stroking his cock.

Priya let her bra fall away and Will stared at her gorgeous caramel breasts. Will’s cock throbbed in Ashley’s hands. Priya gave them a little wiggle, then moved closer to give him a better look.

“Can I touch them?” Will asked?

“Sure.” Priya took his hand and guided it to her left breast. Will cupped it and then gave it a gentle squeeze. Priya gasped as a small shiver of pleasure traveled down her spine.

“How do they feel Will? Do Priya’s big titties make you want to cum for us?” Ashley was back to vigorously jacking Wills cock with one hand and cupping his balls with the other. Her pussy was throbbing and she wanted to touch herself, but her hands were more than busy working Will’s huge shaft.

Priya eskort closed her eyes and let Will’s warm hands explore her breasts. He was gentle. Her nipples stiffened as his rubbed his palm over them. She felt her pussy getting warm and wet. She climbed up onto the desk and knelt on her knees. Then she lowered her right breast into Will’s open mouth.

“Suck on my nipples Will.” She breathed, and he gladly complied wrapping his lips around her right nipple. Priya whimpered. Will ran his tongue around her nipple, feeling it stiffen even more. He breathed in the scent of her breasts and neck as his kissed and licked her soft warm skin.

Will could feel his orgasm building. Ashley was stroking his cock with both hands now, her face only a few inches away from the tip of his dick. He tried to say something but Priya pushed her nipple into his mouth and moaned with pleasure. Will began to grunt urgently, hoping Ashley would understand, but it was beyond his control now. His ass clenched and he bucked his pelvis into the air.

Will’s cock jerked and ejected a massive stream of warm cum. His spunk struck Ashley across the face and mouth. “Ahhh!” She yelped, and pointed Will’s dick at her chest while she grabbed for the tissues. Another thick spurt immediately hit her neck. She didn’t expect Will to cum so quickly and she certainly hand’t been expecting such a large load to erupt from his dick.

The salty flavor of Will’s spunk coated her tongue. She finally got a wad of tissues over the tip of his dick but another massive burst of cum soaked through and coated her hands. The next burst flowed out from between her fingers and dribbled down her arms. She had never seen a guy shoot a load this large.

Ashley was a mess. Her hands were completely coated with jizz. There was cum on her face, in her hair, and oozing down her neck between her breasts.

“Holy shit Will. You could have warned me that you shoot buckets dude.” Ashley pulled the rest of the tissues out of the box and started wiping her face and neck.

Will was panting, trying to catch his breath “I’ve never cum that much before.” He looked down at all his semen covering Ashley’s face and hands. “I think whatever you put in my coffee did that to me.”

“This is a disaster!” Ashely whined. “I look like a total cum rag!”

“You look like a porn star.” Priya giggled and Ashley scowled. “Okay Ash why don’t you stay here and I’ll get some towels and clean you up. I might have an extra shirt in my car. At least Will can make it to the next class.”

“Yeah I guess although…” Will had stopped cumming, but he didn’t sense the familiar release of pressure that comes after an orgasm. His dick was still standing straight up. “I don’t know. It feels like it’s not going away.”

“Well, let’s give it a minute.” Priya said. She threw her sweater back on and snuck out the door. Ashley took off her shirt. She wasn’t even wearing a bra! Will stared at her pert little tits, her pink nipples turned up to the ceiling. She used her shirt to wipe away the excess jizz on her face and neck.

“Well I hope you had a good time Will.” Ashley said.

“Yeah it felt really, really good.” He replied.

“I do take pride in my work.” She smiled, then looked down at his penis, which remained erect despite his recent orgasm. “Hmmm, I think we might have a problem here.”

Priya returned with a wet towel and and a spare lab coat. She was also concerned with Will’s continuing erection. “Does it feel any different?” She asked?

“It feels the same as before, well, my balls feel a little lighter, but it still feels like it’s not going away.” Will said.

“That means the drug is still in your system.” Priya stated. “We’ve seen this happen sometimes during the safety trials. We just need to keep making Will cum until it’s all expelled. Will do you feel like you could go again?” She asked.

“Yeah. Definitely.” Said Will.

Priya and Ashley looked at each other.

“Your turn girl.” Ashly stated.

“Okay.” Priya sighed. She pulled off her sweater again and her voluptuous breasts dropped back into view. Then she unzipped her pants and pulled them down off her legs. Only a pair of pink panties was hiding her wide juicy ass. “Might as well get naked if Will’s going to make a big mess again.”

“I think Will should have to get naked too.” Said Ashley, who was now only wearing black leggings.

“Sounds fair.” Said Will. He kicked off his shoes and let his pants fall off his legs. Next he pulled off his shirt, revealing a well muscled torso, strong arms and a solid six back.

“Dam Will you were hiding a hot bod under there.” Ashley trilled as she ran her hands over his six pack abs.

“Uh well, yeah I uh. Thank you.” Will smiled and sat back up on the desk. This day had taken some twists and turns, but sitting here with two hot naked classmates taking turns working his cock made him think he needed to show up to class on time more often.

Priya pulled over a chair and sat between Will’s muscular thighs. Looking up at his big stiff cock rising in front of his firm eskort bayan chest had her pussy was aching for attention. She ran her hand lightly over his cock, feeling it twinge at her touch. She leaned in close, wrapped her hand around the shaft and pointed his cock right at her soft succulent lips.

“I’m not much of a hand job girl really.” She said, and popped his cock right into her mouth. Will moaned. Priya’s mouth was warm and wet and she swirled her tongue around the tip of his dick. Her hand started to pump Will’s shaft as she bobbed her head up and down, sliding her plump lips up and down his cock.

Ashley leaned over and kissed Will on the lips. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and bit his lower lip. Will kissed her back, then kissed her neck and worked his way down to her nipples. He sucked each one, feeling Ashley shiver with pleasure at his kiss. Ashley looked down and watched Priya worked Will’s dick with her hands and moth.

Priya had always enjoyed sucking cock. She liked the feel of a hard dick in her mouth, the taste of a man’s body, and the control she could exert with just a wave of her tongue or shift of pace. She loved seeing how deep she could take a cock into her mouth and throat. As she pumped Will’s cock into her mouth she felt her own needs building.

Priya slid a hand into her panties and gently pressed on her clit, she couldn’t help but moan around Will’s dick. As she steadily worked Will’s cock with her mouth and one hand, she massaged her pussy with the other. Every press of her hand sent waves of pleasure rippling through her body.

Will started kneading Ashley’s ass through her leggings. She took his hand and moved it to her stomach, then pushed it down inside her leggings to find her sopping wet pussy. Ashley quivered as Will’s index finger penetrated her, then drew slow circles inside her as she ground her clit against his palm.

Priya had buried a hand inside her panties and was furiously rubbing herself. Her eyes were closed and her face was flushed around Will’s cock but she kept pumping him into her mouth as she masturbated herself. She was moaning rhythmically with every wet slurp of his thick hot cock. She held her breath and opened her throat just enough to push Will’s cock an inch inside her throat. She opened here eyes and stared up to see Will’s face consumed with pleasure.

Seeing Priya’s lips reach for the base of his shaft, her almond eyes staring boldly at him, pushed Will over the edge. He felt his balls tighten and he yelped as he released a massive jet of cum deep into Priya’s throat. She squealed, her eyes registered the shock of receiving his hot load and she pulled her mouth off of Will’s dick just in time for another spurt of cum to spatter across her face. The aftershocks of Will’s second orgasm continued as he ejaculated all over her body.

“Holy shit Will, now that’s the biggest load I’ve ever seen!” Ashley stared as a third, then forth jet of cum launched from Will’s cock all over Priya’s lush round tits. It dripped from her tits and ran down her stomach and between her thighs. Wills breathing slowed and spots swam in his vision.

All three of them waited to see if Will’s cock would deflate. Ashley’s pussy was aching for release and she considered asking one of her new fuck buddies to help finish her off. Priya was also feeling the need to climax, but she was more concerned with the effects of the drug that she had snuck into Will’s coffee.

After a few moments of waiting, Ashley realized to her delight that Will’s erection wasn’t going anywhere. “Will. Your cock is still rock hard, isn’t it” She asked.

“Holy shit…” He panted. “Yeah I guess I’m still going strong, even after that.”

“Good, because I need you to fuck me right now” Ashley pulled down her leggings and sat on the desk. She opened her legs and Will could see the faintest blond fuzz covering her pink little pussy. It looks too inviting to not have a taste.

Will knelt and kissed Ashley on her inner thigh, working his way down towards her pussy, which glistened invitingly. The smell of her ready cunt invited him in as he kissed her labia, then sent his tongue between her folds and up to find her clit. Ashley moaned as Will worked his tongue around her clit, first in slow circles then in quick firm laps.

Ashley opened her eyes and saw Priya watching Will eat her out. Her brown skin was still covered in Will’s cum and flush from her own lust. Ashley reached out and grabbed Priya’s hand and brought it to her breast. Priya massaged her petit tit and circled her hard nipple.

“I said I needed you to fuck me Will.” Ashley gasped. “Put your dick inside me.”

Will was happy to comply. He stood and Ashley took hold of his throbbing cock and guided him to her. Will felt the warm lips of her pussy part and envelop his cock as he slowly pushed himself inside of her.

Priya kept playing with Ashley’s tits as Will started pumping himself in and out of Ashley’s pussy. He moved slowly at first, then building in speed and force until the desk started rocking. Ashley spread her thighs as wide as she could, wrapped her arms around Will’s neck and lifted herself up to kiss him on the lips. She plunging her tongue into his mouth as he plunged himself into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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