Addie’s Debt Pt. 04

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As Addie exited the elevator and made her way to her room, her heart was beating out of her chest. She was in for a night of new experiences, and was anxious to get it over with. Her own brother, Lucas, had arranged for one of her Tumblr followers to bring a friend along and film a threesome with her. Although Addie knew what was in store for her this time, she still had reservations about fucking complete strangers on film. It wasn’t new, uncharted territory for her, but this time there was a formality to it that made it seem more like a job than a surprised, unplanned encounter. She was torn between wanting to know ahead of time what would happen to her, and the very real arousal she experienced when she was thrust into a scene without her prior knowledge.

Lucas hadn’t provided too many details but, in keeping to Addie’s wishes, had booked a hotel room at a nice casino resort about an hour away. Lucas hinted that the “story line” for the threesome would play a part in why a casino would be involved. He also assured her that the two male fuck buddies were clean, with no criminal records, arrests, or any STDs.

Swiping her keycard, she took in the room and was pleasantly surprised. Lucas had come through and got her a pretty nice room for a day or two. He, of course, had his own room, which would also be the makeshift studio so that Addie’s own personal retreat would be free of porn and sexual encounters… well… at least none that Lucas had arranged for her.

After a long, hot shower, Addie dressed as directed. A nice, formal, strapless “little black dress”, black thong, black lace stockings, and heels. Addie also spritzed herself with a nice perfume. Luckily, she had a nice clutch purse that went pretty well with the outfit. She definitely looked the part as she headed to the casino floor to take advantage of the slots, as well as the complimentary, albeit watered down, drinks the casino throws at you just to keep you gambling. A few long island ice teas certainly did the trick as the slot machines happily ate up the $20 bill Addie put in. It was a good thing, as she noticed her phone vibrating as she got up to leave one such machine.

“They are here. Come to my room.”

Very formal, Addie thought, but nonetheless she did as she was instructed, and headed to his room. She wondered how many of the other hotel guests would be shocked if they knew porn was about to be filmed in a room which could, literally be, right next to them? How many knew a porn starlet was in their presence as she navigated the casino floor, the elevators, and finally the hallway leading to Lucas’ room.

Quickly entering Lucas’ suite, she saw her brother sitting on the bed. There were tripods and cameras set up already. He had been able to turn his room into a makeshift porn studio for her.

“Wow, so it is real… this is happening.” Addie said… half surprised that Lucas was making her do this, and half impressed at the care at which he had set up the room.

“Yep!” Lucas said, looking pleased with himself. “You look amazing by the way.”

“Thanks.” Addie said as she sat nervously on the bed. “So, tell me the details.”

“Oh… yeah right. So, you’re were lost in a bet… I mean… your ‘husband'” Lucas said making air-quotes which Addie found mildly amusing, “bet it all. And he put you up for an hour of wild sex thinking he had an unbeatable hand… which of course, he didn’t have. So the winners are using you for an hour in whatever way they want.”

“I see… it sounds rather cliche.”

“It is, but it’s what this guy’s imagination came up with. Remember you told me about the unrealistic porn movies? It will most likely be one of those.”

Addie adjusted her position on the bed and looked nervous as she waited for them to arrive.

“So… well where are they then and what did they say they wanted to do, exactly?”

“On their way… I got a text.” Lucas responded, showing her his phone. “You have to act like you don’t want to do this.”

“I don’t…” Addie interrupted.

“I know.” Lucas said, getting slightly annoyed at her. “So you won’t need to ‘act’ much then, will you?”

Addie looked away at his sternness.

“Basically, you’ll start on the outside of the hotel room door. Blindfolded. One of them will escort you in. They will play their part and remind you of why you are there. Then they feel you up… undress you… and you’ll suck their cocks. Then they fuck you and after they cum, you’ll suck their cocks clean. Then to end things, you’ll look at the camera and talk about about how much fun you’ve had, and how much you wish your ‘husband’ would lose bets more often.”

“Kill the air-quotes, Lucas.”

Lucas nodded and bit his tongue, holding back whatever comment he had.

“Look, just film an opening. Something welcoming your fans and telling them about is about to happen. Oh, and look happy…”

Addie stood and pretended, and with a very upbeat demeanor, put her hands on her hips.

“Hey guys! One of my lucky Tumblr followers won the chance to fuck yours-truly. Keep tekirdağ escort on following me and re-blogging my pics and you too could be where this lucky guy is tonight…” and blew a kiss to the lens, holding it for a few seconds, before going stone-face and heading to the bathroom.

She was stopped in her tracks though as a knock at the door startled them both. Lucas let in the Tumblr follower. A pretty handsome white twenty-something. It was clear he worked out and spent time outside, as Addie admired his tan.

There were some awkward introductions, and small talk before Lucas brought up the obvious elephant in the room.

“So, where is your buddy?”

The guy looked down, a little embarrassed. “He got caught…”

“Caught?! What do you mean… caught?” Addie said, surprised.

“He’s in this long term relationship, and I guess he was acting all suspicious. His girl got the truth out of him, so he’s not coming.”

“Oh… well… I guess we don’t…” Addie started.

“You could do it.” the guy said, interrupting her and staring at Lucas.

“Do… what exactly?” Lucas asked.

“Be the other guy. I mean you film her. I’m sure you two have fucked before… pardon my french.” he looked at Addie. “It won’t be exactly the same, but I get my threesome with you that way.”

“He’s got a point.” Lucas said, which elicited the biggest scowl Lucas had ever seen Addie form.

“Lucas… I’m not…” Addie started.

“That’s fine. Yeah, I’ll do that. The show must go on.” Lucas announced, again rather proudly.

Not giving her time to react or fight it, Lucas motioned Addie to stand. As he walked her to the door, he whispered in her ear. “Look… I know you’re pissed at me… but you need to act reluctant and, damn, you’re one reluctant looking woman right now.”

Addie did turn to acknowledge him. She faced ahead, and was biting her lip hard. He didn’t seem react as he put the blindfold over her face.

Turning to the lucky follower, “Alright bro, you stand outside the door with her. I’ll be filming on the inside. You knock. I open the door, and you walk her in looking all happy at what you’ve won…”

“Got it.” he said.

He led Addie outside. Addie stood there self-conscious. Out in the open. In a public hallway of the hotel. Blindfolded and about to film porn. Her heart rate picked up and on the inside, she was willing this guy to just knock and get started. He knocked, but Lucas didn’t open the door right away. Fucker.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, Addie heard the loud clicking of the lock and the door opening. She was quickly shuffled inside.

“Hey, bro. Wow… who the hell is this?!” Lucas said.

“Bro, I won her… some old dude bet almost everything he had on a poker hand, and lost. We got her for an hour, dude. Anything we want to do!” Addie could tell he had rehearsed that line so many times.

“No way! Well bring her in!” Lucas said. Addie felt a slight shove in her lower back and walked forward, hoping the two of them wouldn’t walk her into the furniture. “Damn, she is hot…” she heard one of them say. Addie was too nervous to work out who it was.

“I know, dude.” Lucas, was playing along and was letting the guy direct things. As he walked Addie to the back of the room, Lucas had to adjust his camera position and move one of the tripods out the way. Setting up a camera to point at the big picture window, Addie stood in-frame.

“Bend forward, sweetie…” the guy said. “Put your hands on the glass.” taking her clutch and throwing it on the bed.

Addie bent at the waist slightly and put out her hands. Once she made contact with the big pane of glass, she realized where she was. And feeling glass, it meant the curtains were wide open! She had been positioned by the big panel of glass looking out on the rest of the resort. Unless Lucas had changed things since she was walked to the hallway, it also meant the lights were on… and with it being dark outside it meant any prying eyes could see her! Even though she was twelve floors up, she felt exposed… even if she was still fully dressed… for now.

The two men started running their hands over Addie’s body, making crude comments about her figure, her assets, and what they were about to make her do. She felt their hands travel from her legs, over her ass, between her legs, and up her tummy. She gasped as hands cupped and squeezed her breasts, and sucked on their fingers when they put them in her mouth. When her long red hair was draped over one shoulder, she froze as she felt the zipper to her dress being undone. The zipper traveling south. The fabric loosening. The dress falling away from her body as it landed on her feet.

“Oh yeah…” the guy half-whispered. “She’s a trophy wife, that’s for sure…” pinching her nipples and cupping her breasts. “These are natural though… the man upstairs gifted you well.” he said, roughly squeezing them like pin cushions and slapping the tender meat.

Lucas was participating, but still playing cameraman at tekirdağ escort bayan the same time. He was loving the shots he was filming of his sister being felt up, stripped, and then groped. He knelt behind her and pointed the camera right on her ass. “Check out her ass, dude…”

“Oh yeah…” the guy said, slapping it a few times, and then parted her cheeks roughly for the camera, holding them open for a good closeup. “I bet that’s nice and tight. Bet you don’t let your husband in there too often, do you sweetie?” Lucas gasped as the thin thong did nothing to cover up the darker ring of her asshole. Addie gasped and nervously sighed “No…” Her nipples were hard as nubs as she was being manhandled and put on display like this. She inhaled sharply again as the cold air of the air conditioner blasted her body with an icy chill, dancing around her nipples as well as traveling between her legs and up to her exposed asshole, as he pulled her thong to the side and roughly spread her cheeks as hard as he could for the camera.

The guy wet his finger and put it down the front of Addie’s panties.

“Wow, she is a slut… she’s wet, dude.” Turning his attention to her, “You like this, slut?”

A breathless ‘Yes’ was all she could muster as Lucas filmed the guys fingers going to work on her pussy, seeing the fabric of her thong move as his fingers danced along her lips. The bulge in his slacks grew bigger by the second.

“Well, don’t worry, sweetie. We’re going to show you some action tonight…” as he peeled her thong off of her body, tapping her calves to step out of them.

“Get down on your knees, sweetie…”

Addie complied, and turned with their motions so that her ass was barely touching the glass of the window. Lucas and the guy each took off their shirts, and then stood next to each other in front of her face. A hand on the back of her head gave Addie her cue, as she looked up where she thought the camera should be, as she ran her hands over their respective bulges. Even though she couldn’t see them, she tried to do her best ‘porn star’ impression as she panted and licked her lips, but stopped when she realized how fake that must look.

“Mmmm… you’re both bigger than my husband… I can just feel how big your cocks are…”

Addie took her time revealing each cock. Slowly unbuttoning their pants, she unzipped them and slowly shimmied their pants down their legs, letting their hardening cocks spring out of their underwear and point at her face. She knew Lucas’ cock all too well, and was pleasantly surprised to feel her Tumblr follower had a decent package too. It wasn’t as thick or long as Lucas, but it would certainly do the trick.

Addie took a cock in each hand, and started jerking them both slowly. Alternating her attentions between them, she would continue jerking one cock as she licked and sucked the other. She much preferred Lucas’ cock… not only was she used to seeing and touching it, she felt ‘safe’ with his cock but nonetheless treated them both the same. Equal amounts of time sucking, deep-throating, gagging, slobbering, and jerking them with the head resting on her tongue. The guys both moaned when she pressed their cocks together and licked them both at the same time, before letting their cocks drape over her face as she sucked and licked their balls.

The guys lifted Addie to her feet and had her bend slightly at the waist as they pressed her up against the big picture window… face first. She turned her face to the side and gasped as she felt the glass cold against her cheek, breasts, and forearms. This icy force-field doing nothing to hide her body, as her nakedness was pressed against it. As her follower’s feet motioned her legs apart, she felt hands roughly spread her ass and a rummaging hand awkwardly position a cock at the entrance to her pussy. Addie’s long hair was pulled back as the cock pushed it’s way into her; her slick essences letting it slide relatively easily up to the hilt.

“Fuuuuuck, dude. She is tight…” he said as he sighed, feeling her pussy squeeze his cock.

He began fucking her, slowly at first but then speeding up as both cock and pussy became lubed sufficiently. As Lucas held the camera still, focusing on her pussy, her follower slapped her ass as he thrust in and out of her. Pulling his cock almost all the way out, he slammed it home a few times, eliciting grunts of pleasure from Addie. Addie’s breath was steaming up the glass. Lucas, also still trying to play his part, took this time to grope his sister’s breasts and used his finger to find and tease her clit as she was fucked against the window.

“Okay take her to the bed, bro…” Lucas directed.

With her hair still in his hand, her follower walked her to the bed, and positioned Addie on her knees on the edge. Lucas lay back on the pillows and had Addie suck his cock, while her follower entered her from behind again and continued fucking her pussy. Addie looked so cute as her body rocked back and forth from his thrusting, as she sucked on Lucas’ cock, and also escort tekirdağ took the time to bathe his balls in her saliva too. Her blindfolded face had beads of sweat on her brow, and even though Addie was furious with Lucas for being in the movie with her, her actions now told a different story; she loved the attention. Every now and then she would look back.

“Yeah… oh yeah… fuck me good… ruin my pussy for my husband…”

This always seemed to spur on her follower as he would pick up the pace when she spoke, and usually accompanied a good hard slap to her ass or a rough tug of her hair as he degraded her. Holding her hips, he thrust into her hard, making her gasp, before getting back into a normal rhythm again. Addie could definitely act the part, and just like all the times before, was getting ‘into it’ and liking the attention.

Next up, Addie sat on her follower’s lap as he sat on the edge of the bed. She rode him cowgirl with her arms over his shoulders. Lucas used this opportunity to set up a still camera pointing right at them, as he knew a double penetration scene would have to be included… and what better way to capture it… seeing as Lucas would have his cock buried in Addie too.

“Do you have lube?” the guy asked. Addie’s heart picked up and started beating faster. ‘Oh god… anal…’ she thought. Addie was sad in a way… she wanted her and Lucas’ first time to be special and with them alone… but if anyone was going in her ass, she would prefer Lucas. She knew how sweet and tender he could be. Or so she hoped.

Addie fell forward as her guy lay back, and she felt open and exposed. Lucas spread some lube against her ass, and she gasped when she felt his finger working some lube inside of her. As she felt the bed move, she braced herself. Lucas was positioning himself above them and she soon felt his mushroom head of his gorgeous cock resting against her back door.

“Beg for it…” Lucas said.

This caught Addie off guard, but realized he was playing his part for the movie. Or was he?

“Please, Sir… fuck me in the ass. Put your cock in my ass and fuck it hard.”

As she felt Lucas push, she pushed her ass out, trying to loosen herself up. He was being gentle and slow with her, but she had never had a cock his size in there… well at least not a real one. Auntie Meghan’s strap-on was a whole different story. Her anal opening ached as the head popped past, and slid inside of her. Everyone moaned as Lucas’ cock disappeared into her ass. He stayed still while she exhaled, trying to get used to her ass being stretched like that. After a silent count to ten, he began a good fuck rhythm; each withdrawal and subsequent thrust in, lubing her insides a little more.

“Yeah… how does that feel, slut? Taking two cocks at once?” the guy said.

Addie panted, still realistically adjusting to her first double penetration. She had honestly never done it.

“Oh god. I feel full… this is my first time with two cocks.”

The guy picked up his pace again, egging Lucas on.

“Oh fuck, dude… you hear that? Go on, dude. Fuck her ass good! Use this slut… we’re her first DP!”

Lucas held onto Addie’s left hip and right shoulder as he picked up his pace, but felt strange referring to Addie as a slut so he preferred just letting his moaning, grunting, and sighing do the talking. Lucas noted how tight Addie truly was back there. He didn’t want to hurt her, and stroked her hair to let her know he cared. But, he also needed to perform for the camera, and so picked up his pace and started thrusting into her, alternating the thrusts that her follower had established… like an engine block’s pistons. He soon found his rhythm, and was breathing heavily into her ear as he used her tight ass to milk his own cock. He slipped into a trance-like state as his balls slapped against her with each thrust.

“Dude… I can’t hold out much longer…” their follower admitted to Lucas. “She feels so good, dude…”

“I’m right here!” Addie protested.

“Oh… yeah… right.”

“How do you want to cum?” Lucas asked.

“Let’s both cum inside her…”

Lucas nodded, and looked back to make sure the camera was still rolling, giving Addie a kiss on the back of her head.

Addie felt both guys speed up. Their labored breathing and faster pace a clear indication they were going to fill her with cum. Addie tried to reach down and finger her own clit to cum with them, but realized it may be too late. Her fingers found a mass of slime… she had been leaking over her follower this entire time. Addie moaned as she felt the lubricating substance and tried to catch up.. teasing her clit…pinching it and circling it with her slimy fingers as she felt her guys almost at the point of no return.

Just as she found her rhythm and felt her own orgasm build, her follower thrust his cock deep inside of her, and moaned loudly. She felt his cock pulse as he emptied his load inside of her. Lucas wasn’t far behind, and his moaning left Addie frustrated and horny… “Fuuuckkk…” she said out loud; as their pace slowed down, leaving her unable to finish. “Please… keep fucking me…” she begged, but to no avail. ‘Just like a normal porn girl…’ she thought to herself, as she lay there, pinned between two softening cocks that had just enjoyed a good cum. A cum she helped them achieve.

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