A Weird One Ch. 05

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As I drove to the Village Inn I asked, “Would baby’s cocksucker care to tell him just how things fell that enabled him to become a happy motherfucker?”

“When I caught you jacking off with my panties while sniffing the crotch of another pair I was horrified that you had become some kind of a freak. When you tossed my affair with Albert at me I thought “Oh my God! He’ll tell his dad” as I ran from the room. It wasn’t until I calmed down that I realized you would say anything to your father if I didn’t.

It took me a while to realize that it must have been me that you were fantasizing about as you jacked off and the idea of you thinking of me while you beat off turned me on. I started thinking of you thinking of me and for some reason that I do not understand I started leaving my dirty panties on your pillow for you to use. The more cum soaked ones I picked up off the floor the more I wondered what it would be like to fuck my baby. I finally worked myself up enough to go for it.”

“You were taking a hell of a chance.”

“No I wasn’t. I knew incest didn’t bother you so I felt safe in doing it.”

“Why did you think incest wouldn’t bother me?”

“Tom told me.”

“Tom? Tom told you that I didn’t mind incest?”

“He told me that you knew about him and Mary and it didn’t bother you at all.”

“How in God’s name did you and Tom end up talking about that?”

“He told me one day after we got done fucking.”

“You and Tom?” You and my best friend?”

“I didn’t fuck your best friend. I fucked Mary’s son just like I fucked her husband.”

I just stared out the window as I drove and everything rattled around in my head and then all of a sudden I started laughing. I was laughing so hard that I had to pull over and stop.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop? Why are you laughing?”

I finally got myself under control and said, “I’m laughing at the absurdity of it all. Mary told me the reason she had Tom recruit me was so she could throw it in your face that she corrupted your son because of you fucking her husband and all the time your were fucking her son. That’s just too fucking funny.”

“Yes, I guess it is.”

“Do I get an explanation?”

“Of what?”

“When you told me that you were fucking Mary’s son and not my best friend you made it sound like there was a purpose behind it.”

“There was.”

“Come on; give.”

“It goes all the way back to college. Mary and I were pretty much best friends from the eighth grade on. I told you about pulling trains in college? Well Mary was lying on the mattress next to me. In our junior year I met a guy and we fell into a relationship and I thought he just might be the guy I’d spend my life with.

“When my grandmother died I had to go back to Chicago for the funeral. I came back a day earlier than expected and found Mary and Ellis fucking. Mary claimed he had gotten her drunk and then had taken advantage of her and since she was my best friend and I could trust her I believed her. I mean surely she wouldn’t screw over her best friend right? I kicked Ellis out of my life and Mary and I stayed friends.

“I met your dad, fell in love and we got married. Six months later Mary and Albert got married. Everything was fine until I found out that your father was fucking his secretary. I loved him and I wasn’t going to lose him over a piece of recreational pussy, but I did promise myself that when the occasion presented itself I was going to get even.

“One evening when Mary and I were out for drinks she got a little blotto on me. It just so happened that Ellis was at the bar with a woman who we both knew wasn’t his wife. Mary was so out of it she didn’t know what she was saying when she said:

“I knew that asshole was no good. I don’t know why I ever seduced him.”

“You bitch! I thought. I believed you when you said he got you drunk.” A week later your father was out of town and I was out having dinner and Albert came in, saw me and asked if he could join me. We had a few drinks and he made some suggestive remarks and I decided to get some payback on your father and Mary. I let Albert think he was seducing me and then I carried on a six month affair with him. He really was a piece of shit, but I didn’t care. I was getting back at Mary for what she’d done with Ellis and getting even with your father for doing his secretary.

“I never knew that Mary knew until you threw it at me. I knew from Tom that Mary was fucking you so I knew that the information had to have come from her.”

“Okay; that’s why Albert, but how did Tom come into the picture?”

“He was in the habit of just walking into the house when he came over to see you and one day after I took a shower I walked naked down to the kitchen. Tom came in and saw me and I saw his pants tent up. I’d just recently found out that your father was fucking Marge and I was already planning on getting even so when I saw Tom’s hard on I said to myself “Why not. Two birds with one stone. One more getting even with Mary for Ellis and getting back at your dad for Marge.” I walked siirt escort over to him, rubbed his bulge and said:

“Is that for me?”

“That started it and it lasted right up until he left for West Point.”

“I never knew he was such a stud. You, his mom and Gail and all at the same time.”

“Oh listen to Mr. Super Stud here. Mary, Gail, Natasha and Pauline or any combination of three of them at the same time.”

I pulled away from the curb and headed for the restaurant.

“What are you thinking” she asked.

“Good thoughts or bad thoughts depending on your point of view.”

“Explain please.”

“How to get you and Mary together again on a mattress pulling trains. I already know that when Tom comes home I’m going to get him to help me double team you.”

“And if I don’t want to do those things?”

“You have no say in the matter. You are my slut now and I decide what you will do. Right now you need to get over here and suck my cock until we get to the restaurant.”

She sat there and looked at me with an unreadable expression on her face and then she moved over to me, unzipped me and did what I told her to do.

Over our French toast and bacon I said, “I’m thinking of getting an apartment. It might make things easier for us.”

“It won’t. It will be one more thing that can go wrong. People will start to wonder why your mother is always visiting you. An occasional visit sure, but not days and days of them. You and I being at home raises no eyebrows because you are living at home. Better you should stay at home.”

“If I have an apartment I can see you more. If I stay at home I’ll only see you when dad goes out of town or on a Saturday morning when he goes into work.”

“You are only going to see me when your father is out of town or at work on the weekends anyway so it makes more sense for you to remain at home. Besides, if you are at home and something comes up that keeps your father at work late or something like that we can get in a quickie and we couldn’t do that if you get an apartment.”

“True, but I can never make a gangbang happen at home and I could do it if I had an apartment. I just need to figure out how to get you to talk Mary into it.”

“That won’t happen. For one thing Mary isn’t in that mindset any more and besides that she is in a relationship she wants to make work. However what is most important is the fact that I have no intention of doing one and I have no intention of letting you and Tom do me at the same time.”

“I’m not ask…”

“Shut the fuck up! Stop with the macho domineering crap right now! You are getting what I am letting you have — what I am giving you — and don’t you forget it! We do it when I want to and when I can and you get to take it or leave it. Do you understand me?”

“Yes ma’am. Sorry. I thought from the way you were behaving with the little girl voice and the mommy stuff that you wanted me to take charge. And you did tell me how much you liked it when you pulled trains and I thought you were trying to tell me something that you obviously were not. I am clear on things.”

“Good. Now feed me and then take me back home and fuck me.”

“I’ll feed you, but I’ll have to take a pass on the second part.”


“I have a date with Pauline.”

“You would pass me up for Pauline?”

“I’m just being practical. Pauline will be available most nights until January second, but you won’t be available till next Saturday and even then it is only a maybe depending on what dad does.”

On the way home from the restaurant mom said, “When I had drinks with Mary she did throw what she was doing with you in my face and then I told her why I had done what I did with Albert. We are back on track to becoming friends again. I did not let her know about Tom and I don’t want you to ever let her know about it either. Also, I do not want you letting Tom know that you know about what he and I did unless he brings it up first. Okay? Can you do that for me?”


“On what?”

“On whether baby’s cocksucker is still baby’s cocksucker after today.”

“Then I think we have a deal.”

When I got her home she asked, “Can I at least warm you up for Pauline?”

“I don’t trust myself to stop if you get me started. I need to have enough left in me to do her some good or she may dump me for some one else and I need to keep her around at least until Gail comes back from visiting Tom.”

“Gail? What does she have to do with things?”

“I would have thought that Tom would have filled you in during your bedroom talks.”

“He didn’t tell me anything about Gail other than you were doing her along with Mary.”

I explained the deal Tom had worked out concerning Gail before he left.

“That’s another reason that I’m thinking apartment. Motel rooms put a hell of a dent in my wallet.”

“You already know I’m against the apartment idea. Let me think on it for a bit. Maybe I can come up with something.”


Pauline and I had dinner escort siirt at Gregio’s and then we went to the new teen club. Because there was no revenue from alcohol sales there was a fifteen dollar per person cover charge, but as far as I was concerned it was worth it.

The live band was great and Pauline and I had a marvelous time. The only dark spot was that about an hour after we got there Natasha showed up with some guy I’d never seen before. Every time Pauline and I were on the floor Natasha would somehow maneuver her date to where they were close to us. Twice I glanced her way and she smiled at me and mouthed a “Dance with me? Please?” which I ignored.

On the way to the Starlight Pauline said, “You may be over Natasha, but she sure isn’t over you. She didn’t take her eyes off of you the entire time she was there. She wants you sweetie.”

“She had me Pauline and she threw me away. What she did wasn’t something that just happened or was a stupid one time mistake. What she did was thought out and planned ahead of time and then done with someone she knew I could not stand. Natasha is gone! I don’t give a rat’s ass about what she wants. Now will you please stop thinking of her and spend your time thinking on how you plan to explain my poor dead body to the police when you get done with it?”

I was still alive when she finished with me, but only just barely.

The snow had melted enough that I went for my run on Sunday. I headed for Paint Brush Park, but on the way I thought better of it. Natasha was home from school so she might go to the park to run and she might even do it hoping that I’d be there. I decided to run in the neighborhood and I made a u-turn and went back home.

After my run I showered and then wondered what to do with the rest of the day. Pauline had family things to do and wouldn’t be home early enough to make going out with her that evening reasonable. I came out of the shower and found mom naked on my bed and on her hands and knees.

“Hurry baby. He’s gone to Lowe’s and we have time for a quick one. It has to be my ass baby. He never goes there so he’ll never know. Hurry baby; fuck my ass.”

I fucked her, she washed my cock, sucked it hard and I fucked her ass a second time. When we were finished she said:

“Another reason for you to not get an apartment. This would have been a lost opportunity if you weren’t living here.”

I had to agree with her on that, but I had also been doing some serious thinking on the apartment idea. True, I would have missed this opportunity if I lived in an apartment, but how often were opportunities like this going to occur?

The other side was the money side. Using my past activities with Gail as a guide I could conceivably use the Starlight three times a week (figuring her parents being gone every weekend) and at $58.76 a visit the Starlight would cost me a minimum of $176.28 a week or $705.12 a month. Throw in an occasional weekend day, say two a month, and I was looking at $822.64 a month and I could get an apartment for $700 a month. But what if Gail wasn’t around for some reason or other? Like maybe she would decide to move back east to be close to Tom?

I was sitting there running the numbers in my head when mom came into the room and asked me if all my dirty clothes were in the hamper and all of a sudden it hit me. I’d be doing my own laundry, cooking all my meals, cleaning the place, shopping for groceries and who knew what else. I was getting enough from the trust fund and from my job that I could easily afford the Starlight and just like that — that quick — the decision was made to stay at home.

Dad came home and asked me to give him a hand in the garage and that filled in the rest of my day.


Monday was spent in the office working on inventory control and I was assigned to work with the third member of the “Terrible Trio.” I knew Shelly would tease me, but because she was a married woman I didn’t expect her to push it as hard as Tina and Gloria had.

My batting average as far as figuring out the girls in the office was concerned was 0 for 3. I was wrong again!

We hadn’t been there fifteen minutes when Shelly asked me to help her get something from the old files in the basement. There was a room in the basement that was full of file cabinets the held stuff that was saved for ten years. When we got to the room I asked Shelly:

“What do you need?”

“I need to know why you are violating the company Policy and Procedures Manual.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The CP&P was designed and put in place to insure in part that all employees are treated equally.”


“You aren’t doing it.”

“Not doing what?”

“Treating all employees equally.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You offered to show Tina yours and you did show Gloria yours so why haven’t you treated me the same?”

By that point in my relationship with the three girls I’d gotten a little backbone so I didn’t get red faced and run for the john. I’d siirt escort bayan learned not to bluff, but to call them so I said:

“It is because you haven’t done what Tina and Gloria did. They both showed me theirs before I offered to show them mine so I am not doing anything that is against the CP&P by not showing you mine. Besides, I’m not management. I’m just another employee and nowhere in the CP&P does it say one worker bee has to treat the other worker bees equally.”

“So what you are saying is that I have got to go first?”

I just smiled at her. Given the way the conversation had been going I was not surprised when she took off her sweater and then took off her bra. She cupped her tits in her hands and said:

“Like them? Are they as good as Gloria’s?”

“Visually they are every bit as good, but I did a taste test on hers.”

“No taste test for you until you do your part.”

I unzipped and took out my hard on and Shelly looked at it and said, “Gloria didn’t lie. She said you had a nice one.”

She went to her knees in front of me and took me in her mouth. She licked and sucked for a bit and then she stood up and said, “Your turn.”

I reached for her tits and she pushed my hands away.

“Oh no you don’t. Equality, remember? I tasted yours and now you have to taste mine.”

She walked over to a table that was used when sorting files. She pulled up her skirt, took off her thong and sat on the table. She spread her legs and said:

“Now it is your turn.” She paused and then said, “If you are man enough.”

This was the point where I was expected to run away with her laughter following me, but I smiled at her, walked over to her and said:

“Man enough? Man enough to make you wish you had me around every day.”

I went after it like a starving man tearing into a full course dinner and it wasn’t long until her fingers were in my hair and she was moaning. It took a while but I stayed after it until I got her off. I stood up and said:

“Now you owe me one.”

“One what?”

“I got you off so now you owe me an orgasm.”

“I can’t do that.”

“You can’t do that? What happened to all that equality you have been spouting off about” I asked as I put my cock away and zipped up.

“I’m a married woman and it wouldn’t be right.”

“You had no problem getting it so I guess the married woman thing is just a cop out” I said and I left the room and went back upstairs. Five minutes later Shelly came up and for the rest of the day she kept her distance, but every time she looked my way I smirked at her.


Pauline and I went out to dinner and then to a movie after which, out of habit, we stopped at Harry’s. Natasha was there with a couple of girls I didn’t know. To prove Pauline wrong I sat with my back to Natasha. We hadn’t been there three minutes before Pauline said:

“She hasn’t taken her eyes off you since we sat down.”

“So? You want to invite her along when we go to the motel?”

“Of course not.”

“Then why are you bringing her up? I’ve already told you that I have no interest.”

“She is the same as you and me Bobby. She’s just a kid. She made a mistake. We all do. She fucked up. We all do that too. She obviously misses you and wants you back in her life. Maybe she’s learned her lesson.”

“I’ll tell you the same thing I told my mom when she suggested I give Natasha another chance. If I take her back I’m afraid that the lesson she will have learned is that I took her back once so I’ll probably do it again the next time she does it. Not gonna happen. Right now I more interested in seeing to it that you will miss me when you leave me on Friday.”

“Are you sure that it isn’t going to be the other way around?”

“Of course I’ll miss you, but what is is. You are Gary’s and only on loan to me and I know it. I wish it wasn’t so, but it is. I’ll just have to get busy and find a lady of my own although that isn’t going to happen until you leave. Now then, how about we take advantage of the time we do have left.”

Out of the corner of my eye saw the scowl on Natasha’s face as Pauline and I left.

Pauline was her usual active self at the Starlight and even though I had some left I had to get her home because her parents were still treating her like a sixteen year old and had given her a curfew. They had let her know they expected her home by one and since she was staying in their home she felt that she should comply.

“It will be different tomorrow night sweetie. I’m not going home until you absolutely can not get it up any more and if they are unhappy about it that’s just tough shit. What are they going to do? Kick me out? I’m leaving on Friday anyway.”


Wednesday at work I was again paired with Shelly. Five minutes after I got there I took a piece of cardboard and a Magic Marker and made a sign and hung it on my desk. It was just one word –Equality!!! Every time Shelly had to talk to me or bring me something or even if I caught her looking my way I would give her “The Smirk” and she would quickly look away.

Around two Stella asked me to go down to the dead files and get the June 2002 file on Amalgamated Products. I had the file in hand when Shelly came down the stairs. She snatched the file out of my hand and said:

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