A Week of June: Wednesday

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I woke up Wednesday morning drenched in sweat. Another day without air conditioning. I had dreamed of a vacation June, Alice, and I had taken to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. June had been around twelve, and Alice and I were very near to getting divorced. June had started puberty recently, and the combination of her new hormonal changes and her parents’ rocky marriage had made her more than usually sulky. One night, Alice and I had had a screaming argument where I had accused her of being a bitch who only used sex to manipulate. All of a sudden I had caught sight of a tearstained, pale face in the door, and all of the anger had drained out of me, replaced by a huge feeling of guilt towards my poor daughter. Alice had demanded the next morning that I move out.

In my dream, the argument was raging once again, but this time, June stepped in with an anger to match my own. She stepped up and slapped her mother twice across the face.

“This is for not realizing what a great man you had, bitch!”

When I woke up, I had a better understanding for June’s behavior towards me. Perhaps she felt guilty about her mother’s behavior, and was attempting to make up for it. But there was more going on that I couldn’t explain. There was a personal attraction she was making clear to me, and also a need somehow to prove something to herself. My own feelings towards her were growing in ways that alarmed me. I had allowed myself to do things with her that no father should ever do with his child. That she had invited me to do so, had indeed initiated all of our interactions, made my own actions no less problematic. I am very rarely ashamed of my sexuality, and I didn’t want to feel that way now. At the same time, I was having as much fun as I had ever had in a sexual relationship. That it was my own daughter made it no less fascinating.

The apartment was like an oven. Simply moving around caused me to break into a sweat. All I wanted to do was lie in bed, and try to keep still. I peeled off my sweat-soaked boxers to try to cool off as much as possible, and then laid back down, dozing lightly.

Some time later, I awoke to a light knock on my door.

“Hey, Dad? Can I come in?”

“Hang on, sweetie.” I rearranged the sheet so that it covered me, then told June to come on in. She was, like me, sweating from the extreme humidity. She was wearing the same outfit from yesterday morning; her little cropped T-shirt, in its wet state, molded gently to the curves of her breasts. She plopped down on the end of my bed, the jolt causing her firm tits to jog up and down once.

“God, I think it might actually be cooler in here,” she gasped, as she wiped her forehead with the back of one wrist. She was in profile to me, and I watched as her breast moved with her arm. Her nipple poked through. Good lord, I thought, this girl is constantly aroused!

“Do you mind if I lie down in here with you? I’m too wiped out from the heat to get up and do anything anyway.” I nodded my assent, as watched as she scooted up the bed to arrange herself alongside me. She leaned on her elbow, turned towards me; amazingly, her breasts didn’t fall towards the bed, but rather stood up, denying the pull of gravity. Belatedly, I looked up at her face, to see her eyes twinkling.

“Aren’t you hot under that sheet, Dad?” Her eyes raked over my body, half-covered with the linen, pausing with significance at my groin. My cock twitched in response to her brazen behavior.

“Well, I guess I am, but I’m not wearing anything under here, see.”

“Don’t let that stop you. It’s too hot for covering up. In any case, I don’t think you have anything I haven’t seen before.”

“I think that’s my line, kiddo. You might as well not be wearing that shirt.”

“You’re right. Why am I wearing this shirt?” And with that, she sat up in bed, and slowly pulled the shirt up and over her head. Instantly erect, I drank in the sight of her perfect globes. I’ve always loved the lines of a woman’s chest, the way the curve of the armpit melds with the downswing of the breast, the symmetry, the circles within circles of nipple on areola on breast. But my daughter’s chest was beyond doubt the finest I had ever laid eyes on.

Then she laid back down. She was all roundness and softness. Another line I love is the one from rib cage, down to waist, and then back up to hip when a woman lies on her side. She challenged me with her eyes. How could I refuse?

“Well, if you’re OK with it, I’ve never had a problem with nudity,” I said, and twitched the sheet off of me. For the first time, I was naked with my daughter. The cooler air out from under the sheet was a godsend, and I let out a sigh of relief. But June’s eyes were locked on my genitals. The freedom to show my erection to her was in itself a breath of cool air across my mind. I put my hands behind my head to invite her inspection. The thrum of my heartbeat was visible in the rhythmic pulsing of the shaft off of my stomach. My testicles hung down between my thighs, the heat causing them to pull away from my body.

“I’ve never seen a shaved one before,” she said, looking a little like a deer caught in the samsun escort headlights.

“I guess I did have something you haven’t seen before,” I teased. She looked at me seriously for a second, before leaning forward to look a little closer. Her hair fell around her head, obscuring her face from me. Leaning a little closer, she put her head down on my stomach, looking down at my distended cock.

“I’ve been wanting to see it for some time now,” she whispered, almost to herself. The weight of her head on me felt so right, so natural, and I loved the silkiness of her skin against mine. I could sense the warmth of her breath as each exhalation bathed the head of my penis. After a few moments of silence, she went on:

“I needed to know that – I needed to know so many things. Whether what happened between you and Mom was because of me. Whether you loved me. Whether I was attractive. To you. To anyone. As more than just a pretty face, cause I know I’ve got that, and the body that goes with it.”

She took a deep breath. I stayed silent, needing to know where she was going with this. She put her hand on my knee, softly touching it, stroking it.

“God. I needed to get back at Mom. For what she did to you. For what she’s done to me. Over so many years, such humiliation…”

I felt the hot wetness of tears scald my belly by her face. Her hand continued to caress my leg, moving in larger motions, now on the thigh. My heart expanded, a lump in my throat. I wanted to stroke the gorgeous hair spread on my torso, but held back for a moment longer.

“I always remembered you as a force for freedom in our house, for love, and acceptance. For tolerance. You know? Someone who could accept me for who I am. But you were torn away from me when I needed that assurance the most.”

Now a tear ran down my cheek.

“I -” I managed to croak out.

“Wait a second, Daddy. I’m not done.” Her hand had moved up my thigh, now perilously close to my scrotum. The warmth of her skin passed through me like an electric shock with each motion.

“I’ve treasured every word from you, I’ve fantasized about you. Possessing you in a way that Mom never could.” With that statement, she suddenly grasped the shaft of my cock, her hand now cool against the overheated skin of my organ. A jolt of pleasure caused me to involuntarily lift my hips.

“I don’t mean to be a tease. I know I want to continue to explore our relationship, our new relationship that we’re forging right now. But I’m scared, too.” She suddenly sat up, her hand still gripping me, and looked at me. Her cheeks were wet with tears.

“Are we doing something stupid? Are we doing something that will ruin us, destroy our love? Wait, don’t answer. I need to figure out these questions for myself.” Her grasp, light, kept me at a continual state of arousal, but she didn’t move her hand. Her eyes searched my face.

“You may have realized by now that I don’t back down from something I’ve started. You can take that as a commitment. But I also am not looking for a fuckbuddy. I need something more – well, more permanent, I guess. I need you to understand that. And to think about it.” She laid back down beside me, her hand releasing my cock.

“Besides, I think you need a shave,” she said, her eyes twinkling once again. My mind was in a roil, trying to take in all the implications of what she had said, confused by my intense arousal, and somewhat miffed at the sudden lack of stimulation. She stood up, her tits bouncing, and smiled down at me.

“Get dressed: we’re going shopping. We have an appointment at 11:00.”


I managed somehow to stuff myself into a pair of cargo pants, although it was touch and go for a few seconds there. A short-sleeved button-down shirt and my sandals completed my outfit. June had put on a tight black miniskirt and a spaghetti-strap camisole top in light blue. She had her hair back in a ponytail.

“Where are we going, June?”

“You’ll see,” was the enigmatic reply.

A cab took us crosstown, to the upscale shopping on the east side. June led the way to an unassuming door between two flashy boutiques. The sign above the door said simply “Hidden Fashions.” I looked at June with an eyebrow cocked.

“Come on! They’re expecting us.”

We went up the narrow staircase to the second floor. The front part of the store was simply a room with a desk, four large armchairs, and a table with the usual magazines you see at the dentist’s office. The name of the store was displayed in tasteful wood and chrome letters behind the desk. There was no one at the desk when we entered. June rang a bell sitting on the desk’s surface. In a moment, a lady in her 50s came through a side door. She was dressed in the height of elegant fashion, a well tailored cream skirt suit. Her white hair was short in a salon perfect hairdo.

“Ah. Ms Carlson, welcome back. Mr Carlson, I presume. I am Ellen Villiers, the owner of Hidden Fashions. Welcome.” She sat down at the desk and opened a large leather appointment book. She paged through and made a businesslike mark.

“Please have a seat. We’ll escort samsun be with you momentarily.” She stood up and went back through the side door. June sat down and picked up a magazine with nonchalance. I, still unclear about the purpose of our visit, sat down as well. After a few minutes, Ms Darviers returned.

“Please follow me.” She held the door for us, and we passed through. She led the way down a well-lit hallway appointed with a plush dark red carpet. Both sides of the hall had doors every twenty feet or so. Outside each door was a mahogany side table with a bowl of flowers. She stopped at the last door on the right, and opened the door for us, gesturing us in.

Inside was a spacious room with large frosted windows opposite the door. There were three armchairs and two chaise longues, all upholstered luxuriously in velvet. The floor was carpeted like the hall, and there was a chandelier in the middle of the room. The furniture was all arranged facing the right of the room, where there was another door, with two large mirrors on either side of it.

Sitting in one armchair was a stunning young woman. Her long brown hair shone in the light from the chandelier, throwing off red highlights. She had deep blue eyes, with long eyelashes, and delicate eyebrows. Her eyes always seemed to be half-lidded, with a sultry come-hither look. Her lips were full, kissable, in a glossy red lipstick. She was wearing a dressing gown of satin, the same color as her eyes, almost indigo. She had her long legs gracefully crossed, the gown showing a long expanse of skin. Her feet were in strappy sandals with stiletto heels.

The whole atmosphere was hedonistic, decadent. I wondered for an instant if June had led me to a high-class bordello here in the middle of New York City.

“Ms Carlson, Mr Carlson. This is Helen. She will model our merchandise for you. These are our guidelines for the show. You may touch any fabric at any time, but you may not touch any skin directly without express consent from Helen. She will show any item we have, and will pose in any position you wish. Anything else that you wish to do in this room independent of Helen, you may feel free to do; we are the very soul of discretion. Finally, if at any point Helen feels threatened or uncomfortable with what is going on, she is free to call off the show. Although I do not expect any difficulties, you should know that Helen is trained in self-defense, and that she can communicate a distress signal to us at any time. I will now leave you in her care. Come see me at the end, and we can settle any business that we may have.”

And with that, Ms Villiers left the room, leaving us with the exquisite Helen, who rose from her seat and extended her hand to us. Her nails were the same red as her lips; her delicate hand felt fragile in mine.

“Welcome,” she said in a melodious voice, “may I get you a drink to begin with?” June asked for a gin & tonic. My mind was still trying to wrap itself around the situation.

“Mr Carlson?” I looked at this stunning woman, and realized with a start that I had been staring at her for a number of seconds.

“Uh… I’ll have the same please.”

“Certainly.” She walked to the side of the room. I followed her with my eyes, taking in the motion of her body under the satin gown, wondering what she was wearing under it. She opened a concealed bar, and began to fix our drinks.

“Please, sit down. Make yourself comfortable. We are under no time constraints here.” She returned with our drinks. I sat down on one of the chaise longues. June sat next to me. Helen sat opposite us, and engaged us in small talk. The alcohol and her conversation succeeded in relaxing the atmosphere, and I found myself enjoying Helen’s company.

“Shall we get started?” Helen stood up, and walked towards the door in the side wall. She turned before entering it.

“I’ll start with the basic collection, and you can let me know if you wish to see anything in particular as we go along.” She went through the door, closing it behind her.

“How did you hear about this place,” I asked June, turning towards her.

“My friend Taylor told me about it. She lives in the city.” She had that mischievous look again, her lips quirked in a smile.

“Is she the one you were seeing yesterday?”

“Mm-hm. You’ll have to meet her. Maybe Friday night.”

The door opened, and Helen walked out. She was wearing a red silk chemise with lace panels over her breasts. The sides were open above the hip, showing that she was wearing a g-string in the same material underneath. She sashayed towards us, balancing on the 4″ heels of her sandals. There was something sort of familiar about her form, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Ooh… that’s beautiful,” murmured June, leaning forward. Helen came to within a foot of us, then slowly twirled around. She was gorgeous, her slender curves accentuated by the flow of the silk. I recalled Ms Villiers’ instructions, and decided to avail myself of the opportunity. I reached out, and ran my finger over the silk, down from her back all the way to where it ended, below samsun escort bayan her ass. The smooth fabric whispered over her skin, and I felt the yielding flesh of her sweet rear underneath it. I was erect already, hard in an instant from the erotic sights and feels of Helen.

“June, you’ve got to feel this,” I said, stroking the chemise across the pert ass offered to me. Helen smiled indulgently, but her nipples were erect under the lace. June put her hand next to mine, caressing the silk and the cleft of Helen’s ass under it.

“Mmm. I see what you mean. Very nice quality.” I reached up my hand and cupped the breast nearest to me, ostensibly to feel the lace. The warm weight of the tit occupied the volume of my hand precisely, the hard nipple pressing into my palm.

“Could you bend forwards, please, Helen?” With a gleam in her eye, she complied, the back of the chemise rising up. I liked the sight of her, leaning away from us, her long legs and the bottom of her ass presented to our eyes. I gently flipped the chemise out of the way, and drank in the sight of the cheeks of her ass, the creamy complexion unmarred in any way, the cleft occupied by the thin strip of g-string. Even more, now, I felt that same sense of déjà vu as I looked at her butt.

“Thank you, Helen,” said June, “I think we’ll see the next item now.”

“She looks familiar somehow,” I remarked, as Helen left the room. “But I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen her before.”

“Really,” said June. “Maybe you’ll figure it out the more you see of her.”

I looked at her, taking in her smile. I was about to question further when Helen reentered the room. Now she was wearing a thong teddy in sheer black. The front was all lace, down into the space between her legs. The sides were cut high, well above the hips. In back, the material gathered into a thin strip that dove between her ass cheeks. We had her pose for us, pushing her breasts out, grasping her ankles. Helen took all instructions without complaint, and clearly enjoyed the attention. June’s breath was coming a little faster now, and my hard cock felt uncomfortable in the confines of my pants.

The next outfit was a sheer babydoll in white with matching lacy panties. I could see Helen’s breasts clearly now for the first time. The lines of them, like the curves of her ass, were very familiar, and the thought nagged at me like an itch you can’t quite reach. June and I reached up and caressed her breasts through the sheer material. June lightly grasped Helen’s nipple and pulled on it, eliciting a sexy gasp from the girl. A becoming flush was beginning to spread over her face and chest, but she maintained her pose and professionality. I allowed my fingers to wander down Helen’s front, over her abdomen and towards her mons.

“Could you spread your legs slightly, please?” I requested, and Helen complied. My hand continued its exploration of her taut body, delving between her legs over the heated contents. Keeping my fingers off of skin, I caressed back and forth once. June had both nipples now, and was manipulating them gently.

With a shared glance of complicity, we removed our hands simultaneously and requested the next item. As we sat down, I noted that June’s nipples were also erect. Her breathing was more rapid, and the motion caused her breasts to lift and fall, pushing out against the thin cotton of her top. Suddenly, it all clicked. Ms Villiers had said “welcome back” to June. The familiarity of Helen’s body. Helen was June’s body double! They must have measured June precisely to find someone this similar.

June must have sensed my understanding. She winked at me.

“If we do this right,” she smiled, “you should find out what it would be like to fuck me.”

My brain exploded. I had never felt so hard in my life.

June spread her legs, putting her right leg over my left.

“Touch me,” she invited. I wasted no time, letting my hand caress her inner thigh, that smooth golden skin.

Helen came back in, this time wearing a complicated piece of lingerie more notable for its lack of material. Both of her breasts were entirely exposed, surrounded by thin strings of orange mesh which formed two inch-wide straps down around her navel, where they joined to cover her mons. In back there were only four strings, two which crossed by her shoulderblades to provide the upper support, one directly across her back from boob to boob, and one at her waist to form the g-string. She walked sexily towards us, with her fingers over her nipples. When she got to her spot next to us, she lowered her hands to her sides, showing us her tits completely nude. My eyes flicked from Helen’s chest to June’s. How perfect was this body double?

I continued to caress June’s silky thigh, my hand creeping higher and higher. With my other hand, I reached out to Helen and ran my finger softly down the strips of orange in the front of her teddy. My hand on June’s leg pushed her miniskirt up, and she gently raised her hips to assist me. My finger on Helen’s front approached her mons, and I let it slide down, once more, between her legs. At the same time, my other hand reached its goal between my daughter’s thighs. She was wide open, wet with desire. I slid my finger from the top down at the same time on each of them. Both pushed their hips against my finger; the one on Helen pushing the mesh slightly between her lips, the one on June sliding into the depths.

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