A Victorian Sex Fantasy Pt. 06

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Big Dicks

Author’s Foreword: This is the sixth part of much longer story, if you haven’t read the previous parts, the story will make much more sense if you go back and start from the beginning. The first part is mostly background so its probably a bit boring but its not very long, the sex gets started in the second part.

This story is in the form of a memoir written later in life by a man looking back on his sexual adventures. As such he has the advantage of being able to use knowledge acquired over time to describe things that at the time he probably didn’t have words for.

Warning, this part and future parts will be filled with explicit incestuous activity between participants who were initially reluctant but are now fully willing, all over 18 years of age. If fictional incest offends you, please don’t read this story. It is my intention to try and make this story romantic, I like romance in my sexual stories, where people care about each other rather than people who just use others to get off. I have set this story in a historical setting rather than the present for a couple of reasons: 1) I like historical novels; 2) It makes it more believable that people in their late teens and early twenties would be sexually innocent and that even older women who have been married and had children could be unaware of the rich variety that sex has to offer willing participants.

I will be interested in hearing from readers what you think about the story. Constructive criticism is fine but please no feedback about how terrible incest stories are, if it offends you, please don’t read this story. I do want to say this: this story deals with two very taboo subjects, initially participants forced into sexual activity but not someone forcing themselves on other people, and incest. Neither of these things are okay in real life, when they do occur they cause immense pain and suffering. So do not take this fantasy as something that would work in real life.

I want to thank dezurtdawg for the inspiration for this story. I found his story ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’, very hot, but from my personal prejudices, I didn’t totally like the fact the view point character initiated the forced sexual contact with his family and shared his family with his friends (they then had to share theirs in return). I decided I would try to come up with a story where the ‘hero’ is truly forced into sexual activity with his family but doesn’t have to share them with any other males.

Chapter Seven: Beth and Cathy, Beth and Mom

‘Abigail, I want you to go back to your chair until it time for your turn again, can you do that?’

‘Yes’ Gail, rather reluctant I think to stop kissing Cathy, straightened up and moving over to her chair, and sat down.

The woman now approached Beth and Cathy. ‘Are both you willing to be good and do whatever I ask if I let you free?’

Beth and Cathy looked at each other and then both said ‘Yes’. The woman then unstrapped both of them, they both move around a bit in their chairs, having been restrained since all this had started. ‘Stand up and walk around a bit to get loosened up.’ Both obeyed, they made a bee-line to our mother.

‘Are you all right Mamma? Are you going to lick our pussies like you did Gail’s? Are we going to get to to lick Daniel’s cum from your pussy like Gail did? Is Daniel going to put his cock in us?’ They peppered her with questions, not really allowing her time to answer.

Mamma held up her hand to stop them and tried to answer their questions as best she could remember. ‘I’m fine girls. If you want your naughty mommy to lick your pussies until you cum, I would love to do that. As far as the rest goes, I don’t know if all of that will be possible tonight, but if you still want too later I’m sure we’ll get all of your desires satisfied eventually.’

The woman cleared her throat ‘All right girls, it want you to move to the center of the sakarya escort chairs and face each other.’ they took their places as asked, looking each other in the eyes, wondering what was going to be next. Hoping that it would be something exciting.

‘Now, I want you to kiss each other on the mouth. Use what your mother and sister have taught you so far.’

Still fully clothed at this point, they moved closer to each other and tilting their heads pressed their open mouths together. The woman allowed them several minutes to explore the experience of kissing one of their sisters with a lovers kiss, before asking them to stop. ‘Now, I want you to undress each other, remove everything except your stockings and garters.’

Beth grabbed Cathy and turned her so her back was to her and attacked the buttons and hooks on her back. Quickly becoming frustrated at how much time it was taking she asked the woman, ‘Can we use the scissors like you did?’

I think the woman was amused but she retrieved the scissors from the bed where she had placed them and handed them to Beth. Beth attacked Cathy’s garments and soon had her down to her chemise, corset, and drawers and then they were quickly stripped off leaving Cathy nude except for her stockings and garters, her garters were blue and seemed to have yellow flowers on them. Beth quickly kissed Cathy on the mouth and then handed her the scissors and Cathy went to work removing Beth’s garments. Faster than I would have believed possible, Beth was also naked except for her stockings and garters, her garters were burgundy colored with what looked like bunches of green grapes. Cathy tossed the scissors aside, and then the two of them embraced, pressing their naked breasts together, kissing each other passionately on the lips, their hands caressing over each other’s naked backs.

Beth and Cathy’s bodies were very similar to Gail’s. Relatively wide shoulders, narrow waists and broad hips and trim legs. Bodies that weren’t bony but not fleshy either. High firm breasts, not large but not small. Beth’s were the most like mothers, having the same puffy areola that gave them a pair shape, her nipples weren’t as large as our mother’s. Blonde lightly haired pubic mounds with fairly closed slits although Beth’s did show a hit of inner lips, similar to the much more visible ones of our mother. They looked absolutely delicious.

‘Stop now. Cathy, I want you to go over and sit on your brothers lap facing away from him. You are not to try and get his cock in your pussy and you will not turn around. Daniel, you may kiss any part of her you can reach without her turning around and you may play with her breasts all you want but you may not touch her pussy. Go and get settled.’

Cathy almost ran to me and she quickly sat on my knees with her back to me. I loved the feel of her solid fleshy buttocks on my thighs, then she slid back so my cock was trapped between us and her back was against my chest. I put my arms around her waist but I didn’t molest her breasts yet. I wanted to see what was coming next. I also had permission to kiss Cathy, but I wasn’t sure what good that was supposed to do when I couldn’t kiss her lips like this, but I though it couldn’t hurt to try so I leaned in and licked her on the side of her neck and then kissed her in the same place. She gasped and moaned slightly and I learned that kisses didn’t have to be on the lips or the pussy or the nipple to be effective.

Once Cathy was settle and our attention was returned to our sister Beth, the woman lead Beth over to where our mother was sitting. Our mother rose to her feet as they approached and opened her arms to her daughter. Beth almost flew the last couple of steps and pressed her naked body against our mother’s, wrapping her arms around our mother’s neck and pressing her lips to our mother’s, kissing her passionately.

‘Are you going to lick my pussy and make me cum Mamma?’

‘Is that what escort sakarya you’d like?’

Ohhh, yes! Please.’

Our mother kissed her again passionately on the mouth and then ‘I would love to, my darling, but first may I touch your beautiful breasts and suck your pretty nipples?’

‘Oh, yes Mamma, I think I would love that.’

Our mother sat back down in the chair behind her and then reached out and drew Beth to her. ‘Sit on my knees darling, facing me.’

Beth quickly obeyed and Cathy and I watched intently as Mamma and Beth leaned toward each other and kissed passionately. Then Mamma pushed Beth gently back and brought her hands around in front of Beth and cupped her breasts which she then gently squeezed before starting to caress them all over. For now she seemed to be avoiding Beth’s nipples.

I thought it was time to give Cathy a taste of what Beth was experiencing so I brought my hands up and cupped her breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze, while at the same time kissing the side of her neck as I had done before. She moaned and her hands came up and she put them over mine. I was afraid maybe she wanted me to take my hands off her breasts but she just squeezed my hands against her breasts ‘Don’t stop, I want to feel you feeling me.’ I wasn’t sure why, but if that’s what she wanted, I has happy to oblige. I loved the feel of the firm flesh of Cathy’s breasts and was looking forward to when I would be able to suck on her nipples.

I was keeping an eye on what was happening across the way. Mamma now leaned down and began pressing kisses to the flesh of Beth’s breasts. For the moment, she still seemed to be avoiding Beth’s nipples. Beth seemed to be enjoying the attention anyway. But finally she burst out ‘Please Mamma, touch my nipples, suck my nipples! You’re driving me crazy!’.

Our mother took pity on Beth and shifted her mouth from kissing and licking the upper slope of her right breast to taking her right nipple into her mouth. At the same time, our mother’s right hand took Beth’s left nipple between her thumb and forefinger and began gently squeezing and rolling it. ‘Ohhh mommy! Ohhh that feels wonderful, don’t stop!’

Our mother didn’t. After a few minutes she changed which nipple she was sucking and which she was playing with with her fingers but she continued her assault on Beth’s nipples. I was doing my best to give Cathy the same treatment but of course I had been prohibited from sucking on her breasts. I glanced at Gail and saw that she was playing with one of her nipples with one hand and rubbing the outside of her pussy with the other. I think she may have come while I was watching, I saw her shudder and then stop playing with herself.

‘Rebecca… Rebecca! Its time for Bethany to get on the bed and for you to use your mouth to make her come for the first time.’

Mamma stopped sucking on Beth nipple and took her fingers from the other, rather reluctantly I thought but she then pushed Beth to her feet and stood up. She leaned in a gave Beth a quick hard kiss on the mouth and then turned her in the direction of the bed. ‘On the bed, my darling, you saw how you should be.’

Beth quickly put her buttocks on the edge of the bed and leaned back. She didn’t lay back flat, she stayed up on her elbows so she was looking down her body at herself and where her mother would soon be. Our mother turned her chair around to face the bed and sat down, scooting forward and placing her hands on her daughter’s spread thighs. She looked up at her daughter’s face ‘Are you ready darling?’

Ohhh, yes. Please, I want it so much.’

Mamma then leaned down and kissed Beth’s pussy, then her fingers spread Beth’s slit open and her tongue slid up her daughter’s glistening flesh. ‘mmmm, you taste so good darling.’ and then she repeated the tongue lick. I don’t know if she came in contact with Beth’s clit or if Beth was just so excited that that wasn’t required, but she sakarya escort bayan gave a small scream and collapsed back flat onto the bed. Beth had had her first orgasm.

‘Ohh! That was quick.’ Mother seemed disappointed that it was over so quickly and started to get up. The woman put an hand on her shoulder ‘Much too quick, it’s all right to continue and make her come again.’

Mamma sank back into the seat and kissed Beth’s pussy again, then utilizing a lesson from Gail, she licked the crease where Beth’s thighs met her hips. That brought Beth alert and she did it again ‘Mommy, stop, that tickles.’ Not wanting to torture her daughter, Mamma returned her attentions to Beth’s pussy, again using her fingers to spread her open and begin teasing her intimate flesh with her tongue and lips. It looked like she pushed her tongue into Beth’s virgin vagina as far as she could and then took her daughter’s pussy lips on one side into her mouth and sucked on them, then repeated that on the other side before going back to licking up and down. Soon Beth was thrusting up her hips into her mother’s face and begging ‘Ohhh, please Mommy, make me cum.’

Our mother then went to the top of Beth’s slit and took her clit into her mouth and tickled it with her tongue. That did it, Beth gave another scream and came. She really came, Liquid shot from her pussy into our mother’s face, drenching her. Apparently we had another squirter in the family.

Mamma looked started, then laughed ‘That was interesting!’ and got up from the chair and went around to the side of the bed, looking down at her daughter’s face. Beth had a big smile on her face and her eyes were closed. She seemed to be awake as she was humming quietly to herself enjoying the afterglow of what Mamma had done to her. Mamma leaned down and kissed Beth on the mouth, at the same time tweaking one of Beth’s nipples, bringing Beth back to herself for the second time. She dreamily opened her eyes, then they got really big as she took in her mother’s face. ‘Mamma! What happened to you?’

‘You did my darling. You shoot girl cum all over my face.’ Beth started to look horrified but Mamma quickly put her at ease ‘I loved it darling, you and it tastes wonderful. I can’t wait to do it again. Next time I’ll be ready for it and catch most of it in my mouth. Here, take a taste.’ and she leaned down and presented her wet check to her daughter who obediently licked up some of the juice. ‘mmmm, it is nice, just like yours was when Gail gave me a taste.’

Cathy was squirming in my lap, excited from my hands playing with her breasts and kissing her next and ears while we watched our mother love Beth for the first time. She now jumped up and rushed to Mamma and Beth. ‘Is it my turn now? Please? I want to know what it feels like to cum like that!’

Mamma glanced at the woman to see what she directed. The woman put an arm out and stopped Cathy and then pushed her toward her chair. ‘Sit down, you’ll get your turn, but it’s going to be Abigail’s time now to give her brother her most precious gift, her maidenhead. But first, Rebecca and Abigail, I think you need to clean yourselves up a bit, your faces could use a bit of a wash. I saw a pitcher of water and cloths over on the vanity over there’ and she pointed to a corner of the room.

Abigail and Mamma looked at each other and then blushed, they both showed traces of all the fluids they had been drenched in and their hair needed a little tiding up. They swiftly walked over to the vanity, sat down on the bench in front of it and looked at their faces. ‘Oh my!’ my mother exclaimed and then said ‘Let me clean you up dear, then you can do me.’ and she got a cloth and wet it from the pitcher and set about cleaning Abigail’s face ‘I’m not sure we can do much about your hair until there is time to take it down and wash it’ she pickup up a brush and brushed some stray wisps of hair back and then tucked them into the hair crowning Gail’s head. Gail picked up a clean cloth, wet it and cleaned her mother’s face and then tried to neaten up her mother’s hair as her mother had done for her. ‘There, I think that’s the best we can do for now.’ ‘Thank you dear’ Thank you mommy’ and she leaned toward our mother and kissed her passionately on the lips.

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