A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 37

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A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 37

By Leslie Jones

[This story features significant disciplining and involves bodily functions. If you find this bothers you, please read no further. All characters are over 18. My thanks to Susan Greenway for her kind permission to use one of her characters.]

SFC Linda and SFC Denise both contacted Eleanor to ask her to mention to GEN Annette, Eleanor’s wife, that they both believe that 1LT Kate is a comer in the Service. Eleanor was always reluctant to interfere in Service matters with her wife, the Service’s Chief of Staff. But she still was fond of the sergeants and did as they asked.

Annette smiled when Eleanor brought up 1LT Kate. She grinned when Eleanor told her that the two sergeants had put in a good word for her.

“They had better hope that Kate puts in a good word for them,” Annette snapped and then resumed her good mood. “Denise is a superb officer,” she commented, “and I did give Linda another chance and so far, she has performed well. I will ask LTC Rachel for a report on Kate, as she did give her an outstanding rating in the direct commission selection process. And Rachel is no pushover.”

“Would it be improper for me to invite Kate to join us for dinner?” Eleanor asked. “I enjoy meeting ambitious and clever young women, darling.”

Annette thought for a moment and answered, “Yes, it’s all right, my dear. We shouldn’t have the sergeants, though, because I have to clamp down on fraternization with noncoms like that. You can have them here when I’m not here. It’s not a knock on them; it just is against the rules.”

Eleanor decided she would never fully understand the ethos and rules of the Correctional Service any more than she ever grasped how the justice system, with which she had had unhappy experience, functioned.

But she went ahead and mailed an invitation to 1LT Kate to join Annette and her for dinner in a week’s time. She sent the invite to Kate at the Service’s Bachelor Officers’ Quarters in the capital. In the meantime, Annette sent a message to LTC Rachel asking for an immediate report from her assessing the prospects of 1LT Kate.

LTC Rachel responded the next day, as was her wont. Annette knew her to be a highly motivated and efficient administrator of her unit, which had a demanding function to perform and which it excelled at. Her assessment was measured. She began by expressing her view that Kate had showed herself to be remarkably mature for her age and clearly could exercise good judgment.

Then she set forth the criteria for awarding direct commissions which were quite restrictive and formidable. She praised not only Kate’s superb physical condition but her prescience at the age of 20 which surprised LTC Rachel. Her report concluded by citing the highly favorable performance reviews submitted to her after the selection process by the two veteran senior noncoms, Wendy and Belinda. Lastly, the usually reserved Rachel suggested that she was considering offering Kate as her first assigned posting in the Service a new opening for a junior commissioned officer in Rachel’s own retraining unit.

“I recognize that placing her in the position of effectively serving as my first deputy will challenge her,” LTC Rachel concluded, “as she will be supervising the two veterans: the First Sergeant and Master Sergeant I previously mentioned as well as my cadre of trainers including SFCs Denise and Linda and SSG Barbara. However, I think she will rise to the complex personnel situation which would clearly be at stake among what I believe to be a superb unit. I would like to take advantage of her demonstrated qualities of leadership.”

Kate realized that accepting Eleanor’s invitation would likely mean she would be meeting GEN Annette on a personal basis. The prospect did faze her but also stood out to her as an opportunity to become acquainted with the Service’s leader and in turn to impress Annette. She accepted and received a speedy acknowledgment from Eleanor, who specified that she hoped Kate would feel comfortable visiting for dinner in civilian dress, as the occasion was not a Service-related function.

1SG Wendy made it her business to be aware of everything that might have any impact on her position as well as that of LTC Rachel’s unit. She picked up word that Kate had been invited for dinner by Eleanor, whom 1SG Wendy knew from Eleanor’s relationship with SFCs Denise and Linda.

She served as LTC Rachel’s eyes and ears in the Service, where she had well-established friendships with senior noncoms in many sections. She arrived for her regular early morning briefing of the unit commander armed with this knowledge. Rachel had indicated to her that GEN Annette had asked for a special immediate report on 1LT Kate.

Wendy informed Rachel that Kate had been invited to dine at Annette’s home by Eleanor. She explained to Rachel who Eleanor was and her important creative position at Goose Cookers, as well as her personal history, karaman escort her relationship with Linda and Denise, her relatively recent second marriage to Annette, and her status too as head of Goose Cookers’ capital office.

“Wend,” Rachel began, “I understand that 1LT Kate is enmeshed in a network of relationships that appear quite complicated for someone who is both young and new to the Service. I suspect you agree with me that she strikes me as having a bright future in that she is personable, quite clever, and seems to enjoy being assigned challenging tasks.”

“Ma’am,” 1SG Wendy responded, “it sounds to me that you are considering her for the new junior commissioned slot. I tend to be skeptical of any officers who are ‘well-connected’ but both MSG Belinda and I were quite impressed with Kate as an officer candidate and now as a junior commissioned officer. I hope you see fit to bring her on, even though I understand I will be effectively be put in the situation of being supervised by a 20-year-old. Since I’ve been here longer than most commissioned officers, that’s really not such a big deal for me.”

“I also understand where you are coming from, Wendy,” Rachel replied. “We both recognize Kate’s quality. Should she lose her sense of where she is, I will not hesitate to bring her to her senses. You will always be my closest aide, dear Wendy. And I also think you will be the perfect one to bring her along, enable her to understand how this place really works. You’ll have the satisfaction of working with someone with real potential, not just the retreads we do often turn into princesses, well, potential princesses anyway.” She chuckled.

“I do appreciate your confidence, Ma’am,” Wendy answered, pleased with the show of support she was receiving from the notoriously demanding LTC Rachel. “I will strive to maintain that support–oh, forget that! you know I will get this job done and I will like doing it, too–and so I do want to assure you that I have no difficulty accepting her as a commissioned officer who will by that position alone be charged with overseeing my functioning. I do hope that your confidence will allow us both to serve you to the utmost and that Kate will be a benefit to our unit.”

“That’s good,” Rachel observed. “I’m recommending her assignment to us as we have discussed. I think GEN Annette will give her to us, assuming Kate doesn’t eat her peas with a knife when she dines with Annette and refrains from farting. Rachel smiled as Wendy absorbed what was, for Rachel, an unaccustomed light and slightly off-color touch.

* * *

Eleanor made special arrangements for this dinner. She set herself enough time to first shop and then prepare, so she wouldn’t be scurrying around at the last minute. This would not be official so she couldn’t call on Annette’s legion of support staff, either. Finally, she let herself get ready, and dressed more carefully than normal. She also suggested what Annette might decide to wear. Annette was a large woman who could dress exceptionally well when she took the time.

To round out the party, Eleanor decided that it would be good to invite her boss, Goose Cookers’ executive v.p., Janet. This was the rare opportunity that Eleanor could use to pay Janet back for her support, since Janet knew Annette very well and would appreciate the chance to see her on a social occasion. Kate might also be impressed and gain from getting to know Janet as well as the obvious usefulness to her of building a rapport with Annette.

Kate was pleased that Eleanor had emphasized that no uniform or even fancy dress was expected, despite the presence of the Chief of Staff. She picked out a summery dress that flattered her lovely slim figure and shapely legs. Eleanor herself chose a soft sweater and nice tailored skirt. And Annette, who was somewhat older than everyone else, dressed tastefully without trying to compete on the fashion front. Janet, also closer to Annette in age, had exquisite fashion sense.

Somehow the conversation turned to experiences each of the younger women had in their roles as “responsible women” with authority in their households or families. Eleanor had hosted the two sergeants in her apartment as well as her sister and now-former husband: she was formally in charge there still, and Kate, as the others were slightly surprised to learn, had been designated as the “responsible woman” by her stepmom, and thus controlled her father, brother, older sister, and even her stepmom. Annette had worked her way up to many years as a Senior Correctional Officer, so she was totally at ease with this milieu, and now directed a legion of women who were engaged in the corrections profession.

They began exchanging information about how they had exercised their authority in their households. Kate told them about her withholding approval of her sister’s and brother’s college return forms until they satisfied her concerns. The others indicated karaman escort bayan their respect for her when she added that in order to take this step, she had to formally reject their requests and require them to obtain a new form from their school authorities, which was both time-consuming and embarrassing to them.

“You instantly acquire a new kind of respect when you check the ‘disapproved’ box and sign or initial it,” Kate explained. “I could see that my brother and sister reacted the way they would when a teacher had entered a failing grade on their report cards. I reminded them that they had to show me that they had done the work to merit my approving their return.”

Annette interposed a different approach. She elaborated on her belief that good leadership means mastering the ability to lead your subordinates to want to accomplish the goals you have set out for them, usually after consulting all those affected.

“While you won’t always be able to take the time to do that, or that there will be times when you must take the needed decision or step based on your own best judgment, which is why you have been placed in a leadership position in your organization or in your household,” she continued.

“I agree with Kate that the first time you exercise your authority to deny someone a privilege they have come to expect, even when you have a good reason for doing this, which I do hope you do have, they will instantly recognize that you are in charge for real. In fact, until you do this,” she emphasized, “they will not always be convinced that you are in charge.”

Annette had let Eleanor know that after they all had dined together, she wanted to be able to talk to Kate and had initially planned to do that one on one. Then she changed her mind and decided that Eleanor and Janet would be good to have involved in the talk. Eleanor then poured them each a small snifter of cognac.

“I hope you won’t mind if I deal with just a bit of business,” Annette said to Eleanor and Janet, who nodded their acquiescence. Annette then told Kate that she had heard very good reports about her performance in the candidate selection process. “I’ve been asked to approve your designation as the new deputy to LTC Rachel in the retraining unit,” she said plainly. “I want you to be the first to know that I have indeed approved the request. I know you are aware that this is a very prestigious assignment. That unit had earned a great deal of respect in the Service because the cadre has succeeded in reforming the behavior of the unhappily large number of officers who have misbehaved most seriously in the Service.”

“Consequently,” she went on, “there will undoubtedly be resentment that I have approved you.” She looked at Kate directly and told her she had decided, as she put it, “to take a chance on you. You don’t have any experience in this service, but I feel you have what it takes to assume command, and in this case, to provide effective support to LTC Rachel, who is one of my best leaders. I won’t speak for Eleanor except that she seemed to agree with me, and you may not be aware that so do LTC Rachel’s senior noncoms. You have a great future in this Service and I’m giving you a chance to work with the best to develop your own skills in corrections to build on your obvious leadership potential.”

Janet spoke up and suggested to Annette that Janet had taken a similar chance on something young and untested when she hired Eleanor.

“And look how that has turned out!” she exulted, knowing Eleanor would never have described her employment and success that way.

“I do appreciate your showing confidence in me like this,” Kate responded to all three. “Yes, I’m new and I’m young, but I was excited by the superlative abilities of those in the unit to which you are sending me.”

“How did you feel, Kate, when during the selection process, you were humiliated by depriving you of your clothing, and you were spanked and caned?” Annette asked her.

“I’d be less than truthful were I not to say that I resented it,” Kate answered. “But I was determined not to let it break me, and I was strengthened by the show of support that some of the cadre gave me. People like MSG Belinda explained to me how this program was designed to give me the confidence to take on any obstacle or challenge.”

“I want you to succeed in this post,” Annette declared. “You will face many challenges, of that I can assure you, Kate. Perhaps the hardest will be your being required on occasion to exercise your authority in the unit. You may need to discipline some of those who selected and trained you because now you will be their superior. Listen to LTC Rachel. She has been in the Service almost as long as I have been and like me, she has served more than one chief.”

Then Annette broached her surprise suggestion of the evening.

“Kate, we’re going to take you into our confidence,” she began, winking at both Janet and escort karaman Eleanor. “Janet is a woman who is preeminent in her field, but she has visited me for a long time when she has felt in need of discipline. Despite the incredible respect with which she is viewed by the top echelons of the Republic, my friend here now and then feels she should be taken down a peg. I’m going to give her a caning and I believe my dear wife Eleanor would appreciate a spanking from you.”

“We’re actually all switches, Kate,” Eleanor chimed in, “and we know you have as strong as a dominant side as any of us, perhaps even more so. Janet is away from her family much of the time, and I’m adjusting to my still new situation here in the capital. As you know, I have been located for several years in your hometown, where Goose Cookers is headquartered.”

“Janet, I assume you are on with this,” Annette said confidently, and Janet nodded affirmatively with a smile. She stood and unzipped her stylish skirt. She stepped over to stand in front of the imposing Annette. Bending over the end of the couch, Janet exposed her charming Goose Cooker panties. Annette placed her hands on the waistband and slowly lowered them to expose Janet’s pale backside. Then Janet pushed her bottom out as Annette picked up her duty cane and gave it a swish through the air.

Then she lay it on Janet’s bared bottom, drew it back expertly, and fired three fast strokes at the middle of Janet’s bottom. Janet let out a low moan as the others watched the red lines appear on her white bottom. Annette gave her some time to recover before giving her three obviously more serious strokes toward the base of her bottom. Eleanor knew that these hurt as she had felt the kiss of Annette’s cane. Then Annette helped Janet to stand and took her in her arms, hugged her, and gave her a nice kiss.

Kate rose, realizing that Eleanor had been sincere in inviting her to discipline the woman who was only a little older than she was and had already lived an amazing life. So quietly, but with firmness in her voice, Kate told Eleanor to raise her skirt and keep it above her waist. Eleanor complied with the order and faced Kate. Kate then slipped Eleanor’s charming Goose Cooker undies down below her bottom. Then Kate sat down on a strong armless chair and beckoned Eleanor with her little finger. Eleanor placed herself across Kate’s lap and the 20-year-old began spanking her. Kate spanked slowly but firmly and effectively as Eleanor was already moaning as Kate relentlessly increased the power of her spanks.

Finally, when she heard Eleanor begin to cry out and her bottom looked well done, Kate ceased the fusillade and softly advised Eleanor she could get up. Eleanor grasped her sore bottom cheeks and slow stood and pulled up her undies.

Eleanor took Kate aside and gave her a hug. She told her in a whisper how happy she had been to meet her after she had been told by her friends, the two sergeants, how much they had been impressed by her. “You’ve earned their respect,” Eleanor said, “which is a real accomplishment. I count them as among my best friends because we have helped each other. And you definitely can give a power spanking.”

“By the way, Kate,” Eleanor added in a quiet aside only to the young woman, “you should know that I met the sergeants after they had had my ex-husband as a retrainee at the Re-Education Camp where they both were assigned as cadre. I had sent him there after he had seriously challenged me, but later, I have to admit I regretted it. The good thing that came out of it was that I first learned about and then was privileged to meet Denise and Linda.”

* * *

Kate returned to her officers’ quarters and received a message from LTC Rachel. It was formal, which was to be expected:

“Please be advised that your appointment as Deputy Chief of the Staff Retraining Unit has been approved. I look forward to your starting your work here at the beginning of the week. Let me send you a warm welcome to our unit. There will be much more to discuss upon your arrival.

“LTC Rachel, Chief, Staff Retraining Unit.”

Kate took advantage of having the weekend in front of her without work obligations to connect with SFC Linda and 1SG Wendy. Linda had heard through the grapevine about the impending designation of Kate as Deputy to LTC Rachel. She was both amazed and impressed.

“I’ll tell it to you straight,” she admitted to Kate. “You’re going to be one of my bosses, sweetie. We won’t be able to be as close in some ways but in others, we will be working together more closely than we would if you were in some other position in the Service. I’m very happy for you and I’m also pleased that I played a part in bringing you on here. I could tell from the way you picked up on your stepmom’s giving you the chance to run the family that you had what it takes.”

“Thanks, Linda,” Kate said with a deep smile. “I’m really happy to have been picked to be in the leadership of this unit. I hope you’ll remember that we’ll always be close even if I can’t hang with you the way I would want to. And I will promise to stay close even if I have to assign you to do things you wouldn’t want to do or even to discipline you. I hope we can keep trusting each other.”

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