A Tennessee Education Pt. 02

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Disaster strikes Sharon and Bobby leading to drastic changes

This is the second of a seven part story of a Bobby Lewis, an educational consultant, who happens to find himself in a unique relationship with both is co-worker and a school secretary. The story is of course fantasy and is one in which female dominance/femdom is advocated. If female dominance/male submission or man subjugated to slavery is not your cup of tea you will not want to read further. If it is, I hope you enjoy the read. Before you read Part 2, please read Part 1 as each part builds on the one previous.


A Tennessee Education

Part 2: Changes

As Sharon Ashby left the parking lot she called Jonathan to let her know she needed to cancel plans for this evening. He was going to come to her place for dinner and then watch a movie but with her feeling as she did, she knew she’d be less than ideal company. His phone rang several times and then went to voicemail. She was about to leave a message when she decided to stop by to see him instead. First Federal was almost on her way home. Instead of taking the Parkway exit she got off at Walnut and headed over to Market. Parking across the street from the bank she got herself situated, brushed her hair and looked in the visor mirror. Just as she was about to get out she saw Jonathan exit the bank with a dark-haired woman hanging on his arm. She looked once more, not believing what she saw. It was him and by the look of the way she had her arm wrapped inside his, they obviously knew one another. She watched them turn left out of the front door and walk arm in arm on a beautiful September afternoon. Tears filled Sharon’s eyes as the magnitude of what she was taking it began to settle.

“That bastard!” She whispered. “Oh My Jonathan, what have you done?”

Her mind was in a whirl of feelings, thoughts, emotions and turmoil. She suddenly felt sick to her stomach. Opening the car door she leaned out and vomited caring not that others might be watching. Spitting whatever leftovers still clung to the thick mucus still in her mouth she closed the door, wiped her face with a tissue and pulled out of the parking spot she had claimed a moment earlier. She drove slowly anticipating that Jonathan and the woman would turn into the parking garage just ahead. They did. Sharon pulled over to the curb and waited. Soon she saw the familiar Infinity sedan pull out and head north. She followed. In another ten minutes she realized he was heading home. She let them pull ahead out of sight while she took an indirect route to his place.

Arriving some ten minutes after they had Sharon parked around the corner from his condo she walked to the back entrance using her key to enter through the walk out basement door. Silently she ascended the carpeted stairs. Once on the main level she saw what she feared and suspected. Clothing was scattered on the living room floor, on the stairs, and she imagined, in the upstairs master’s bedroom.

“Oh Jonathan,” she thought, tears once more streaming down her cheeks. “Why?”

Deciding to confront the situation immediately she headed up. The door was mostly closed but opened enough that she could see in. He was lying on top and fucking her hard. She watched his ass pumping like a jackhammer and listened to her crying in ecstasy as he brought her closer to an orgasm.

“You fucking whore!” he shouted. “This is what bitches like you deserve.”

“Oh yesss!” she cried out, “Fuck me like you mean it.”

“I’m going to, you bitch. You don’t deserve a cock like mine but you’re going to get it and get it good.”

He grunted and she could see that the two of them had been going at this for a while. Sweat glistened across his back and it was obvious he was having the time of his life. But the whole scene seemed surreal. She had never, ever heard him swear during the entire three years they had dated. Even after he had proposed he hadn’t, even once, pressured her to have sex. “So why this? Why all the profanity? Why the double life?” She couldn’t make sense of it and in the process lost any gumption to walk into their lovemaking and face him. Instead she stood amazed as a new emotion that she had never felt toward Jonathan brewed. Hate. She felt unbridled hate for disrespecting her. “God,” she fumed, “it wasn’t disrespect it was outright betrayal.”

Sharon stepped back when he pulled her roughly to her feet almost throwing her against the wall. He pinned both arms overhead and thrust is cock inside her roughly. She could see it all. She watched feeling emotionally disconnected from her physical presence. His erection was full although his cock was surprisingly diminutive in size although quite thick. Jonathan and the woman locked gazes as the cadence of his pounding gradually quickened. She groaned. He groaned and then she came in a rush screaming and begging for more. He pulled out, apparently not wanting to come and watched her shake in ecstasy.

“I’m that good,” he said confidently. “I can make you come any time I want.”

“Make adıyaman escort me come again big boy. Make me come in the bathroom.”

“You are a fucking whore?” He said picking her off her feet and whisking her into the adjacent room.

“Bend over like the dog you are and let me drill that cunt of yours one final time.”

And so he did.

Sharon dejectedly walked down the stairs and out the front door. She didn’t care. Her mind was numb. The tears flowed and once she was partway down the sidewalk so did the sobbing. Minutes later she found herself at her car not even remembering how she got there. It was over. They were over. What she witnessed was exactly the same thing her twin sister Debbie had experienced years ago. She was Sharon’s twin although not her identical. Mom always said they were the prettiest of the children but Sharon knew Debbie was the most beautiful. She had it all. She was the high school homecoming queen, the county fair queen and one of the final runner-ups in the Oklahoma beauty pageant. Unfortunately Debbie had discovered her husband of less than a year arranged for two of his buddies to get into their house and rape his wife while he watched through the mostly closed door. The two guys fucked her repeatedly and kept their faces hidden under ski masks. Several weeks later her husband made a passing comment which she picked up on. She couldn’t believe he had set up the entire event. Within a month she had her marriage annulled but the episode had devastated her sister and sent her into a deep depression for months. Only intensive counseling and therapy brought her slowly back to health. That was almost ten years ago but Sharon knew permanent damage had been done. Since that event, Debbie had rarely dated and only in the last year had she acted once more like the spunky sister she loved so dearly. “And now me! And now me? Why God? Why?”

She had no answers and for the longest time sat with both hands on the steering wheel and her head slumped forward, resting on her hands. The noise of a car in the quiet neighborhood made her look. It was a cab and it slowed as it passed her and stopped after turning the corner. Sharon got out and started walking. A moment later the cute dark-haired woman bounded out the front door and walked hurriedly to the cab. Sharon sprinted to the opposite back door and opened it just as the cab started to move. The driver put on the brakes when he heard the other door open. The woman beside her was taken aback.

“Get out of here,” the girl said.

“Drive,” Sharon yelled to the cabbie.

He didn’t so she pulled a $20 from her purse and tossed it over the front seat. “I said drive.”

The car slowly drove off.

“Do you know who I am?” Sharon asked.

“No clue. And I have no idea why you are in my cab.”

“How long have you been seeing Jonathan?”

“So you know him?”

“Yes. I know him. How long have you two been together?” she asked once more.

“We aren’t a thing. We just meet up every now and then whenever he calls.”

“Just to fuck?” Sharon couldn’t believe the word had left her mouth but she also had never felt such hatred for the man she had given everything to.

“What business of what we do is yours?” the woman said firmly.

“I know what you were doing in there. I saw you. I watched him do you on the bed, against the wall and then in the bathroom.”

“What are you lady some kind of Peeking Tom?”

“No,” she snapped, “I’m his fiancée.”

The woman lost all of the wind in her sails when Sharon conveyed her relationship with Jonathan. She reached out and touched Sharon’s hand. “Ma’am, I had no idea. Really, I didn’t. He pays me to have sex and endure whatever kinky fantasies he has. He seems like a nice guy but we have no relationship. He means nothing to me. My relationship with him is nothing more than a business partnership.”

Sharon burst into tears. “Oh my god, he’s paying you to have sex? Oh god. What’s become of him?” She balled. The sobbing continued for a long time. The woman said nothing but embraced the pitiful bride to be.

When she was able to compose herself she asked again, “How long has he been paying you?”

“For at least a year, Ma’am. He calls me, usually on a Tuesday. Mostly we go to a hotel but sometimes he takes me to his place. I don’t know why he changes our meeting place but then again, it really doesn’t matter to me.”

“So you are with him every week?” She asked aghast he had lived this sham of a life for so long and so often. She began realizing he believed he could have this woman on the side and not have her interfere with their relationship! She wondered just how many times he had held and kissed her and imagined it was this woman in his arms rather than she. The thought of this felt repugnant.

“Yes, about once a week,” she reiterated.

“Always for sex?”

“Mostly. A few times he took me to dinner but we always ended up in bed eventually.”

Sharon remised, “He probably adıyaman escort bayan did that on days when I was out of town.”

“I wouldn’t know.”

She cried some more, this time curling up in the seat with her face pressed between her knees. The woman stroked her hair and when the cries grew more hysterical the lady asked, “Are you OK Ma’am? Are you OK?”

Sharon nodded and looked up.

“Driver,” she said through sobs, “please take me to my car. It’s around the corner from where you got her.”

“Yes Ma’am,” the old man whispered, “Whatever you want.” He had been obviously a part of the entire conversation and felt sympathetic for a situation that was all too common these days.

The three companions sat in silence for the remainder of the drive to Jonathan’s. When they arrived, Sharon pointed to where her car was and the cabbie pulled up alongside.

“Thank you for talking,” Sharon said.

“I’m really sorry for what happened. Please believe me that I never knew he was involved with another woman. He told me I was the only one he ever saw.”

“I don’t’ blame you. I feel sorry for you. Sorry that you do this for a job, but I don’t blame you. I blame him, that bastard.”

She turned away and exited, tossing the cabbie another $20 before closing the door.

At 3:15 that afternoon Bobby ran his school badge over the scanner, clocked out and hurried to his car. He hadn’t a minute to spare. The drive home would take him a good hour, maybe more given the time of day and then it would take him a another two hours to get to the stadium. He had to hurry so seeing Ms. K would have to wait until tomorrow.

He threw his briefcase into the seat next to him, cranked the radio, fired up the car and buckled his seatbelt while pulling out of the parking spot. It was the sickening sound of metal on metal that suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

“Oh shit!” He exclaimed.

Pulling his car forward a few feet he slammed it into park and jumped out. The late model Lexus he drove had barely a scratch on its bumper but the older Chevy he had hit hadn’t faired so well. The front quarter panel was pushed in and the headlight was crushed. He checked the sticker hanging from the rearview mirror. The car belonged to as student.

“Dam kid shouldn’t be parking in the faculty lot anyway,” he rationalized.

Hopping back into his car he turned the wheel hard and headed home. He had left no paint on the damaged vehicle and none was on his. No one would know and besides, the car he had bumped wasn’t worth much anyway. The tires were bald and the paint peeling in several places. When he had looked inside, the interior didn’t look much better. Bobby rationalized, “When the kid, whoever he was, got to his car and saw the damage, he’d chalk this one up to a life lesson of not parking in the wrong lot.”

After negotiating only mild city traffic he made his way onto the interstate and phoned Brad who said he’d be at his place within the hour. He next called Jasmine and let her know he would be out of town for the evening. She begged him to change plans, letting him know that if he did she’d make his night one he’d not soon forget.

“Jasmine. I can’t. Do you know how lucky I am to get tickets for the game?”

He smiled listening to her remark.

“We can go out tomorrow. I promise. And no, you can’t sleep with me tonight.”

He hung up the phone, put two hands on the wheel, accelerated to 75 mph. A minute later his phone chimed. Checking the text it was a naked pick of Jasmine. “Dam she looked delicious,” he thought.” She sure knew how to tempt a guy in all the right ways.” He drove the rest of the way with the music cranked but opened his phone several times to drool over the pic she sent.

Brad was already at his place when he pulled into the driveway. When he got in he was surprised to see Willie and JT in the back looking at something on their cell and laughing hysterically.

“Hey,” Bobby said, “I didn’t know we had a party in here.”

“Lewis, how you doing?” JT asked.

Brad pulled out of the drive and headed out of town. The guys had been friends for years and all attended Randolf Central back in the day. JT and Willie never made it through twelfth grade and Bobby was the only one that ever went on to college. But regardless of their educational differences they were the best of friends. JT and Bobby were the only ones yet to marry with Brad being the elder statesmen having been married for the better part of 18 years.

“Brad tells me you got yourself a got girl finally,” JT said.

“She’s alright,” he answered noncommittally.

“Oh shit she’s only OK, she’s Judy’s friend. I don’t know if they still hang together but when Jude was in school I remember the two of them together.”

“Holy fuck Lewis, how did you land that little bitch?”

“Paid for part of her bill the other day at Walmart and then she asked me out.”

“I can’t put a face on her,” Willie said. “You escort adıyaman got a picture?”

“Sure do.” Bobby pulled up the photo she had just sent him on the way home and handed the phone to the guys to drool over.

“Look at the tits on that chic!” Willie howled. “Dam she is fine looking.”

“How does she fuck?” JT asked.

“Don’t know. I’m going to take my time and get to know this one.”

“Get to know her. Boy you lost your mind? Stick you dick inside that wet hole; that’s how you get to know her. What the hell are you waiting for? I’d of gotten me some meat the first time I went out with her.”

“Maybe that’s why she didn’t ask you out, and besides you already got yourself a wife.”

“The old lady don’t look noth’in like that though.”

“Got any more pics from the little girl Lewis?” JT asked.

“Nope, she just sent that one today.”

“Get her to send you another one. I want to see her pussy.”

Naw, can’t do that.”

“C’mon. Just see what she says.”

Bobby shook his head and took the phone back. He decided to send a text to Jasmine and did so after the conversation turned to the upcoming ballgame. His cell vibrated and when he checked the photo his eyes widened. She was lying with her legs apart and both hands spreading her pussy wide open letting him see the moist opening of her cunt. Without a word he handed the phone to JT and a moment later the car erupted in laughter, gasps and hoots as the boys passed the pic around.

The guys laughed frenetically as they talked about how perfect her body was and JT decided that they needed to do a gangbang so they could all enjoy what Bobby seemed so reluctant to try.

“I’m sure she’s a good lay,” Bobby said. “I just don’t know why she picked me over some younger stud.”

“Bobby, you got coin boy. She’s looking for marriage material,” Willie said.

“Yep, won’t be long before those boobs start to sag and the ass gets three times as big. Better get her sooner than later Lewis,” Brad said patting his friend on the shoulder and shooting him a grin.

At 2am Brad and he parted ways. The game was a real nail biter but the Titan’s had pulled it out in OT, 24-21, winning on a 57-yard field goal that kissed the right upright before slipping between the posts for the victory. The ride home was relaxing with Brad behind the wheel. Bobby had a blast hanging with three of his best friends. They laughed, joked and took the liberty to open a bottle in the car – actually 24 bottles – as the three passengers finished off a case of beer during the two hour ride home. JT and Willie got out on the north side of town after which Brad took the last of the drunk’s home. Bobby thanked his friend and with a pounding headache and his world now moving in slow motion he waved goodbye. Shutting the car door he stumbled down the steps and into his basement apartment, stripped down to his underwear, took a long piss and climbed between the sheets. The bed was warm and the naked woman that wrapped her arms around him even warmer. She sighed invitingly when their bodies touched.

“What are you…?!”

“She put her hand over his mouth and then climbed on top of him plunging her tongue into his mouth while he slid his hands over her hips and ass. She knew she had him. She could feel his arousal almost immediately and pressed her sex against his cock just to let him know she approved of his erection.

“Shhh,” she said after their kiss finally broke. “I told you I wanted to sleep with you.”

Bobby started to object but she French kissed him once more. Satisfied that he would let her have her way she pulled the covers off and spun around. Straddling his face with her knees she grabbed onto his cock with both hands and sunk her mouth down onto the vertical shaft that protruded heavenward. Kneeling over his face she intentionally positioned herself so he could see her pussy in the dim light of the moon that barely illuminated the room. Hearing him moan she licked and sucked his cock a while longer. Satisfied she tore open the condom from its foil wrapper and slid it over him.

“Now fuck me,” she whispered into his ear.

“He assumed a position on top and put his 39 year old cock into a woman for the first time in a very long time. His mind was in an alcoholic fog but there was enough of his consciousness intact to know that he was screwing one hell of a beautiful woman. As he pounded down she heaved her chest up, letting her heavy breasts push into his pecs. He wrapped one arm under the small of her back and pulled her tight as plunged his cock inside her again and again.

“Oh Bobby,” she moaned, “Oh Bobby! How does it feel? How do I feel?”

Grunting he answered, “You feel wonderful.”

“Tell me what you like?”

Bobby groaned. “Everything; your body is perfect.”

She pulled his lips to hers and kissed him passionately. “It felt so good to put her tongue inside him while she got fucked,” she thought.

It took no time at all. Soon he tensed and came. When he did, Jasmine smiled.

“I love to make a man come,” she cooed. “Did it feel good?”

“Oh baby. It felt incredible.”

“Good. That’s what I wanted. Maybe we can do this again tomorrow.”

Bobby grunted something that told her he wanted to and stumbled into the bathroom. When he returned the bed was empty.

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