A Summer with Aunt Fiona Ch. 02

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Abella Anderson

Fiona felt that it was finally time to address what had happened one week earlier. With all of her training, she should have been able to compartmentalize things. But her mind kept returning to the feeling of Alan’s cock in her hand, erupting in cum as she held the enema nozzle in his ass. The gush of semen had been so warm. The thought of that warmth returned to her when their hands brushed as he helped her do the dishes, and again when he handed her a hammer as they did repairs. She had to keep her eyes from wandering down his body. What would it be like to have him stop right here, lower his pants, and examine him?

She was in denial, at first, over her erotic interest in repeating what had happened. She justified her feelings as a concern for Alan’s health. New research, she found, suggested that prostate stimulation coupled with ejaculation was very beneficial for men’s health, especially young men. Alan’s prostate had felt a little swollen, something she couldn’t just overlook.

The thought of what had happened also stuck with Alan. At first he was upset. It was humiliating to cum like that and in front of his own aunt. But that embarrassment soon transformed into arousal. Alan would stroke his cock in his room, thinking of what had happened. He found himself sneaking into aunt Fiona’s room find her enema equipment. At first he would just look at it. He almost worked up the nerve to use it one day when she wasn’t home. He was so curious to repeat the experience, even if just by himself. But before Alan could take matters into his own hands, Fiona offered to do it herself.

Fiona waited until they were both relaxing on a Sunday afternoon to approach Alan about a new plan of treatment.

“Alan, I wanted to address something. Now there’s nothing to be ashamed about, even though it may be uncomfortable to discuss.”

Alan looked up at Fiona with a look of confusion. He had an idea of what she was going to say, but he was still afraid to hear it. Even if this was what he secretly wanted, it was hard to admit, even to himself.

“I wanted to ask about both your digestive and sexual health. Maybe we should start with the easier topic: have you been regular?”

“Uh, yeah. Yeah pretty much.”

“Pretty much?”

“You know, basically every day.”

“Hm. And sexually? Are you sexually active?”

Alan blushed.

“Aunt Fiona, I know you’re a nurse and all, but is this really your business? I don’t have an STD or anything.”

“I ask because when I was checking you last week, your prostate felt a little swollen. That’s unusual in a man of your age. If you aren’t ejaculating regularly, you raise your risk of certain forms of cancer. Now I don’t know if you’re sneaking off during the week to kiss one of the local girls or masturbating. Both are perfectly normal, but it’s my responsibility this summer to make sure you’re healthy. Understand?”

Alan flushed when he heard his aunt take this tone. She was usually so sweet, but he realized that there was no negotiating. She was in charge.

“Ok, save me the lecture. Yeah, I jerk off sometimes. Is that what you want to hear?”

If Alan was to be entirely honest, he would admit that he jerked off thinking about his aunt, imagining her stripping out of her scrubs and wrapping her warm mouth around his hard cock. She must have good technique after all those years. Sometimes he imagined her taking her patients in her mouth too. He shook off the thought, it was getting him excited.

Fiona was dismayed that things were getting heated. Alan was understandably embarrassed and defensive. She tried to channel her bedside manner while remaining in control.

“Alan, I’m sorry if this is all intrusive. Let me rephrase: it seems like what I did last week provided you a lot of relief. I am going to do another ‘exam,’ very quickly, to determine whether it would be useful to continue that treatment. I recognize that this may be embarrassing, but it’s important that you let me do this. Do you understand?”


“Your mother doesn’t have to hear about this Alan. I’d just like your summer to be as comfortable and healthy as possible.”

Alan’s first instinct was to protest, to insist that his aunt leave him alone. But he also realized that they could replay what had happened last week. What exact treatment was it that his aunt was offering him? His cock was hard. Nobody would have to know. Why was he protesting?

“Ok, yeah, fine.”

Fiona smiled. He wanted this, and both of them knew it.

“In that case, why don’t you finish your juice, and I’ll set things up then call you tekirdağ escort from your bedroom. How does that sound? No solid foods for now, just in case.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Alan’s performance fooled neither of them.

Fiona stood up, patted Alan on the shoulder, then went to work preparing. Alan wondered what it was that he’d just submitted to. He could feel his palms grow damp as he waited. Ten minutes later, he heard his aunt’s call. He noticed that his cock, already hard in anticipation, was visibly pressing against his sweat pants. Even though there was no real need to hide things, he rearranged his junk to make it less obvious as he walked back to his room.

He found Fiona looking cheerful and sitting on his bed. She was wearing the same tight-fitting scrubs that she had worn the week before. Her blond hair was up in a clip. A box of latex gloves and a tube of lubricant sat on his bedside table. A disposable pad was on the center of the bed next to Fiona.

“Don’t mind the pad. I just thought that it might be useful, given how things went last week. Could you please lay down on it and pull down your pants for me? I’d like to check your rectum and prostate again.”

She could see the bulge in Alan’s pants and noticed that he didn’t even pretend to make a fuss as he lay down on the bed and complied. Yes, it did seem that he wanted the treatment she had to offer. She quickly snapped on a pair of gloves, lubricated a finger, then reached down to spread Alan’s buttocks.

“This will feel a bit cool.”

Fiona placed her finger into her nephew’s waiting rectum. She took her time, swirling the lubricated fingertip on his sensitive hole. She had promised to be quick, but Alan’s hard cock was a sign that he wouldn’t be protesting if she lingered. After a minute of lightly rubbing his rosebud, she pressed down and entered him. Alan could tell that his aunt was moving more slowly now. She knew the reaction this would get, and it took all of his self-control to control his breathing as she penetrated him.

He wasn’t as backed up this time, she noted as she pressed deeper. She reached his prostate, ran her finger along it a few times, and noticed how Alan again wiggled his hips. This wasn’t a sign of discomfort. His prostate remained slightly enlarged. Fiona took her time rubbing it before removing her finger and disposing of her gloves.

“There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that you do seem to be more regular. The bad news is that your prostate remains slightly enlarged. I’d like to go ahead and give you an enema, then massage your prostate. The enema will make the prostate massage a little more comfortable. Because you’re not backed up, the enema shouldn’t be so bad, ok?”

Alan nodded. He felt relieved that he could give himself over to this and didn’t need to say more. The enema last time had been uncomfortable mainly because he’d had to hide his response. Now, presumably, he could simply let it happen. Already his aunt’s vigorous fingering of his asshole had caused his cock to begin to leak. He felt it press against the softness of the pad below.

“It will only take a moment to fill the enema bag. Why don’t you sit up on your knees with your bottom in the air. It seemed like the bed caused a little friction last time.”

Fiona smiled to herself. She hadn’t been entirely sure whether she should suggest such this “treatment,” but Alan’s quiet submissiveness assured her that she had made the right decision. He did as she said, and she glanced to see that his cock was already hard. When she returned with the bag full of warm water a minute later, his cock remained firm. Would he make it through the whole bag this time? She pulled on a new pair of gloves.

“You know the drill now sweetie, I’m just going to insert the nozzle, then I’ll let the water flow in. Tell me to stop if you feel any cramping.”

Alan gave a quiet “ok.” He felt the nozzle make its way in to his already lubricated hole. His cock strained, both at the sensation of the insertion and the knowledge that his aunt could see his hard cock protruding out from underneath him. She clicked the tube on and saw his body wince at the surge of warm water.

“How’s that temperature. I know I always prefer them warm like this.”

“Mhmm,” was all Alan could say. Then it struck him that she had just alluded to her own enjoyment of enemas. As with everything else so far this summer, he thought it better not to ask, to simply take what was given. What had been uncomfortable before now felt relaxing. He let the pressure in his abdomen escort tekirdağ grow as the water filled him.

“Aunt Fiona? It’s cramping a bit. Could you, um, give me that massage?”

“Of course sweetie, all you have to do is ask.”

She reached underneath him and began rubbing his stomach in small circles. His abdomen was tight. Was he flexing? She let her hand wander down further, thinking, as she had many times during the week, of how much cum had erupted from him when she had touched him there last. She avoided his hard cock, which hung down beneath him. The massage seemed to work. Alan relaxed a little. Soon enough, the bag was empty. There would be no ejaculatory accident this time, Fiona thought. That was good; she would be able to get it all out later. She removed the nozzle.

“Just a few minutes to really let that water do its work. They’re not so bad once you get used to them, huh.”

Alan nodded. It had grown a little easier, though the pressure to expel was already growing. Was he getting used to enemas? Would this become a part of his routine?

Five minutes passed. Fiona patted Alan on his butt and excused him to go to the bathroom. Alan stood up and watched a thread of pre-cum drip from his cock onto the pad below. Fiona smiled, though Alan did not look up at her to catch the expression. He felt his cock bob up and down as he shuffled down the hall to the bathroom and relieved himself. The intensity of the situation made him want to grip his hard cock, but he kept his hand to himself, knowing that his aunt would be touching him there in a moment.

Fiona waited patiently while her nephew finished his business. She wondered whether what they were doing was wrong, but it only seemed so by those who had a limited understanding of what it meant to care for someone. She was giving this young man a valuable lesson in pleasure.

After Alan was finished expelling, he cleaned himself as best he could, let out a deep breath, and walked back to the bedroom. He found that Fiona had repositioned the disposable pad onto her lap. She stretched a new pair of gloves onto her hands. Alan could feel his cock, which had deflated to a partial erection, grow again and could see that Fiona was staring at his arousal.

“I thought that your massage might feel more comfortable if your bottom was raised a little. Why don’t you lie down over my lap for me so that we can get started?”

Alan thought of objecting, but he was learning that it was best to trust Fiona with these sorts of things. Surely this couldn’t be how she handled her patients at the hospital? He felt his cheeks flush red, then did as she said, lying down over her legs and folding his arms under his head at the head of the bed.

He heard the pop of lubricant.

“I’m going to go nice and slow, even slower than before. It’s supposed to feel good, so don’t worry about any noises that you might make. That lets me know that I’m touching the right place.”

Alan nodded. His cock felt slightly crushed under him. Fiona could feel her nephew’s hardness pressing against her legs. A part of her wondered what it would be like to take him between her thighs while in this position. Perhaps in the future if such a therapy was necessary.

She pressed the pad of her finger against Alan’s sphincter and made small circles. After a minute, she felt Alan begin to relax and added more pressure. When she felt Alan’s breathing slow, she pressed the tip of her finger into him.

“That’s it, open up for me.”

Alan pressed down to let his aunt in. Her movements were more sensual than they had been in the past. There was still something detached with how trained her movements were, but this was clearly more a standard procedure. Her finger entered him easily, rested inside of him, then began to rotate, applying pressure around the sides of his asshole. Alan groaned at the invasive sensation.

“That enema did a good job of cleaning you out. You’re going to feel some pressure as I press on your prostate.”

Alan whimpered as he felt his aunt find the right spot deep inside of him. First there was a mild pressure, then it grew more steady. It felt as if fluid was being pushed up from the very core of his penis. He shifted a little, the sensation was almost uncomfortable in its intensity. In response to his moving, he felt his aunt’s hand reach underneath him and wrap lightly around his hard cock.

“That’s it sweetie. This might make you feel like you need to pee. You’re not going to, that’s just the semen and prostatic fluid coming out. That’s what we want tekirdağ escort bayan to get out of you. Let it out for me.”

Her tone was more breathy now. She began to move her hand back and forth over the sensitive, engorged head of Alan’s cock as she pressed down on his prostate. Alan wanted more stimulation. He began to hump Fiona’s lubricated, gloved hand. He kept his eyes closed tight. Though he wanted his aunt to touch him again, this was more than he’d imagined: bent over her lap, fucking her fist as she fingered him. Alan moaned thinking about what was happening. He had to remind himself that he could be vocal.

“Good boy Alan, I’m glad that feels good. We need to get all that built up semen out of you.”

Fiona could feel Alan’s orgasm building. It had taken even less time than she had anticipated. She pleasured him a moment longer, then stopped pressing inside of him and paused her stroking.

“Why don’t you relax for a moment sweetie. There’s no need to rush.”

Alan obeyed her and let his body go limp. Slowly, she resumed touching him. He felt even more sensitive this time and started to move his hips to her movements with greater speed.

“Very good, just let yourself go, let’s get it all out.”

Fiona pressed harder as she felt Alan’s sphincter begin to clamp down on her finger. She tightened her grip and let her thumb press hard on the underside of his cock. Her strokes became long milking motions. Alan felt cum welling up to the head of his cock, getting closer and closer, he let out a loud, low groan and passed the point of no return. Fiona kept her rhythm steady as Alan again emptied himself into her hand and onto the absorbent pad spread over her lap.

“That’s it Alan, let it out, let it out for me.”

She was surprised by how hot she had become encouraging him. There was no need for her to hold back either. Eventually, the orgasmic shudders that shook Alan’s body subsided. Fiona eased her finger out of him, but let her hand linger on his cock until she could feel it begin to go soft. She treasured the feeling of his warm cum dribbling through her fingers. Eventually, she removed her hand and stripped off her gloves.

“Why don’t we clean you up. Can you sit up a bit for me?”

Alan propped himself up on his hands and knees. He was reluctant to move at first. The orgasm had snapped him out of the trance he had fallen into. He was reminded of where he was. But there was no reason to be embarrassed, this was clearly what they both wanted. He started when he felt Fiona wipe down his cock with a cool wipe, then repeat the process with his lube-slick asshole.

“Excellent Alan, I hope that you’re feeling better. I know this is intimate, but I think that you’ll come to enjoy this treatment. I know that I already am.”

Fiona gave Alan a flirtatious pat on the ass.

“Don’t worry about this mess, leave it to me to tidy.”

Alan looked up at Fiona and saw that she was flushed with excitement too. She beamed down at him with a mix of arousal and care. He nodded. There was nothing more that he needed to do. He meekly gathered his clothes and walked into the kitchen.

When Alan had left the room, Fiona looked down at the evidence of what had just happened. She was about to strip off her glove, covered with lube and cum, when she let herself instead indulge in another idea. She unfastened the front of her scrub pants and let her hand reach down to her now wet pussy. A small moan escaped her lips as she felt the different fluids mixing. In only a few moments she was squeezing her thighs together tight against her fingers as her swollen clit spasmed. A quick, intense orgasm rolled through her body. She could feel that she was flush. There was only a moment to catch her breath before she got down to cleaning the room. This was still just for his health, she tried to tell herself. And so what if she met her own needs while seeing to his. Maybe she would need to see to his health quite often.

When the two of them saw one another that evening over dinner, they both did their best to act normally, though they new that the nature of their relationship had now changed.

Fiona cleared her throat.

“When you return to your room, you might notice some changes. I placed some supplies in there so that we can continue to monitor your health more easily.”

Alan nodded, so these exams would continue? His heart fluttered.

“Thank you aunt Fiona.”

His aloof and resistant demeanor had changed. He was learning to trust her. She smiled and put her hand on his.

After dinner, Alan returned to his room. He saw that on one low cabinet sat a box of latex gloves and a tube of lubricant. Inside the cabinet were an extra box of gloves, unscented wipes, and a stack of the disposable pads. There was also a box of unopened condoms. He had trouble sleeping that night, wondering what sort of treatments Fiona had in store.

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