A Sticky Bet

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Rich: Okay, I lost and I will take my punishment

Sue: Oh you will…

Your wife does not enjoy does she?

Rich: No…

And so it had begun, in fact it had begun weeks before, we had been goading each other with bizarre bets and dares, stupid things involving glue and mess. I had promised that some day I would carry this out, and so Sue had suggested a bet, finish it once and for all. If I won he would have to do something nasty of my design, if I lost I was under her command to do something. Little did I know that she was an evil genius.

I watched in horror as the messages appeared with the requirements for my punishment. Knowing that I had to do it, but knowing that this could mean deep trouble.

* * *

It was two days later, I had got everything together and was as ready as I would ever be to carry this out. I was in our garden shed, it was an old, high roofed area previously filled with garden tools. I had cleared these out in order to give me space. There was a board on the floor which I had covered in a thick layer of industrial glue, I was standing with my feet bare, wearing a ball gag and with my hands cuffed behind my back with a pair of police handcuffs. I had played with self-bondage before and was pretty sure that I could grab a hanging key and undo them, it was difficult but not impossible. My key was attached to a piece of string held out of reach by the key being frozen in a block of ice. I would be trapped for about an hour. Of course this would be no risk. No risk of course without the other strings, I had been commanded to rig up three other strings also held up with ice, they were linked to three hanging buckets above my head. It was luck of the draw, if I pulled the right string first time I would have the key and could escape, but to pull the wrong string…

I could put it off no longer. I stepped on to the board, the glue squished between my toes, this was my last chance to escape before I started, I had a couple of minutes before the glue set solid.

* * *

The glue had set quicker than I had thought it would, I was on the brink of walking away when I found that my feet were trapped, it was too late now to get out I would need to have the key to get my hands free and reach in front of me to the bottle of solvent which would release the glue. So I just had to wait.

Time ran slowly as I stood trying to work myself free, I could feel the dripping of water down my back. It felt like an age before I felt a string drop with its small weight on the adana escort bayan end to make sure it would drop by my hands. I had thought that I would know which string was which, but I realised now that there was no way to know. I gulped and pulled the string. There was a second when nothing happened before there was a sudden thump… I looked up foolishly as the bucket above my head tipped. I swore as the thick liquid started to pour hitting the top of my head and running down my face. I felt the sticky honey run over my body, down my t-shirt and cycling shorts. I had emptied jars and jars of honey into the bucket until it was almost overflowing and now I regretted my decision. The honey seemed to run for hours, I was totally coated, looking down I could see myself glistening in the sunshine spilling in from the windows. I sighed and hoped the next string would be the key.

* * *

Of course when I did grab the next string sometime later I was confident, but typically wrong. I pulled the string and released the bucket of flour. The cloud of white powder engulfed me sticking to the honey. I had been excited about the possible wam combination but now all I could think was how hard this was going to be to remove. I shook my head sending clouds of flour across the shed. Finally the last string fell, I grabbed the key and put it into the handcuffs, now I could get free. I tried turning the key but it would not move, I panicked and tried again, it was the wrong key. This was impossible. There was a beep and the laptop in front of me flashed up a message.

Sue: Oh you look good

Sue had wanted to make sure I had paid off on the bet and so had made sure she could watch on a webcam.

Sue: What’s wrong?

Key not fitting?

My blood ran cold. I had been set up, but how.

Sue: Shame as Tracy will be home soon, in fact I just IM’ed her

Oh no, suddenly it became clear, if Sue had been chatting with me she could so easily have been chatting with my wife, she was one of our oldest friends but would she have told her about this. The PC beeped.

Sue: I just told her to come home now and check the shed.

I grunted, the only noise I could make.

Sue: What was that?

Did you say, have I told her about the other bucket?

There was a fourth bucket, now sitting on the top of the shed door aimed to tip on whoever walked in. Sue had told me to put it there in case I became unable to free myself, it adana escort was a treat to wind up whoever might have rescued me. It was filled with about a gallon of cold, lumpy gravy. I shook my head.

Sue: Oh dear…

Someone’s in trouble…

* * *

And I was. I tried to get free but the glue was too solid and the cuffs would not shift. I just had to wait until my wife, who hated wam, would walk in. Tracy had hated even playing with a little chocolate sauce it had repulsed her. It was stupid of me, when I was drunk, to tell Sue that I enjoyed getting messy. She had listened carefully and some days later she had popped up on my messenger window. We had been chatting for sometime, she was up for being messy and so… Well, that was how I managed to get stuck here.

I heard a sound, it was the back door opening. I tried to make a noise.

“Rich is that you?” My wife pushed open the shed door, she was in her best business suit with a crisp white blouse and grey jacket with a knee length skirt. She let out a short shriek as the bucket tipped and covered her with it’s load of gravy before landing on her head.

I gulped. This was bad.

She slowly pulled the bucket off her head. Her blond hair was coated her blouse and jacket ruined and she did not look happy. “What the hell…” She wiped her eyes and stared at me. There I was, covered in honey and flour, hands cuffed behind my back. I could not answer her. She turned on her head and headed out.

Sue: Poor boy!

Sorry BRB – the phone is ringing…

* * *

It was almost dark when the laptop beeped again.

Sue: Sorry, I was on the phone. Guess who to?

Oh I could guess. What the hell had she been telling my wife. I didn’t have long to guess, as she pushed the door open and walked inside.

“Right tell me why you have done this?”

I grunted.

“Oh!” Tracy reached up and unbuckled the ball gag.

“Tracy… I am so sorry…”

She reached up and put a finger on my lips. “I have been talking to Sue.” She paused. “She told me that she put you up to this. I will deal with her later. But as for you.” She walked around me. “This is very clever. But you are hardly messy”

I gulped as I watched my wife collect pots of paint and other containers from around the shed.

“You see, when you tried to mess me up I hated it, but you still went ahead.” She snarled. “Well, lets mess you up!” It started with the leftover escort adana paint from our living room, I had bought the wrong colour so there was a full five litre can which she opened and slowly poured over my head. I was covered in the cold gloopy cream paint.


I gasped as I saw Sue at the door.

“Sue!” Tracy seemed surprised. She was dressed in her workout wear, tight lycra shorts and a crop top.

“I thought I would pop in.” She smiled. “He does look very messy.”

“It is only the start Sue.” She smiled. “Now you were very naughty doing this, but I appreciate you helping my husband.” Tracy stepped towards her. “You have them I guess?” Sue held out a pair of cuffs. “Good girl. Now turn around.” My wife roughly cuffed Sue’s hands behind her back, she had made sure that one arm was linked through mine. “Right, now you both need to be messy.”

She smiled as she pulled out another bucket, this time filled with red gloss. “Oh Tracy please.” Sue’s pleading was in vain as Tracy tipped the can of gloss paint over her head. Her perfect hairdo soon vanished and became a red shiny helmet. “Oh… That is horrid.”

“But I am sure you are enjoying it…” Tracy glanced at Sue’s erect nipples. “Or is it colder in here than I thought?” She laughed.

We were both subjected to a flood of paint until we were both brightly coloured and sticky. Tracy pulled open Sue’s shorts and tipped in a bottle of runny glue before rubbing it in well through her shorts. Sue shuddered. “Oh Tracy you bitch…”

Then I saw the last two barrels. I gasped. I had bought these to repair our flat roof but had not bothered to start the work. I read the label again, liquid roofing tar. “No… That is too much…”

“Richard, shut up!” Tracy smiled. “You know I am really enjoying this. For your information, I don’t like to be messed up. But as for destroying someone else…” There was an evil glint in her eyes… “Well this is the most fun I have ever had!” She grabbed the first barrel and lifted it, I shut my eyes as the heavy liquid hit me. The stink of tar hung in the air as the thick gloop coated my head and body. When the barrel was empty Tracy threw it down.

“Come on Tracy…” Sue goaded my wife. She has a death wish! “Do your worst!”

I watched as Tracy lifted the barrel. Sue shuddered and bucked as the tar hit her. “I think she is enjoying that…” Tracy laughed as Sue slumped heavily against me.

“I am so sorry…” I pleaded.

Tracy stepped in front of me. “Oh don’t be… I know you have needs. They may be strange, but I enjoyed it.” She stepped away. “In fact, I think, as it is the weekend tomorrow that I have a lot more exploring of this new game to be done…” She winked. “See you in the morning.”

“What?” I watched as she stepped out of the shed locking the door behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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