A Steamy Chat 01

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Guest_RickRobotz: hey honey beeeeee

Guest_RickRobotz: what’s wrong??

killerofdestiny: hey hunny

killerofdestiny: sry loadin

Guest_RickRobotz: no prob

killerofdestiny: iam done now

Guest_RickRobotz: missed you earlier

killerofdestiny: awww i miss u to

Guest_RickRobotz: Killer are you there

killerofdestiny: yea sry gettin tired lol

Guest_RickRobotz: awww

Guest_RickRobotz: come relax and sleep

killerofdestiny: oh i will lol

killerofdestiny: i like sittin here

Guest_RickRobotz: What’s on your mind

killerofdestiny: how sexy u look

Guest_RickRobotz: lol

Guest_RickRobotz: oh really

killerofdestiny: yes really

Guest_RickRobotz: did you read the other chat log when you got back

killerofdestiny: yes hotttttt

Guest_RickRobotz: lol

Guest_RickRobotz: were you surprised

killerofdestiny: a lil

Guest_RickRobotz: lol

Guest_RickRobotz: is that bad or good lol

killerofdestiny: goood

Guest_RickRobotz: lol

killerofdestiny: we r goin to fuck soon i feel it ehhehe

Guest_RickRobotz: oh really

killerofdestiny: yep

Guest_RickRobotz: want to come over to our place

killerofdestiny: idk am enjoyin it here

Guest_RickRobotz: you are being such a tease

killerofdestiny: heheheh yay

Guest_RickRobotz: are you getting back at me for all agrı escort the times I’ve done stuff like that lol

killerofdestiny: idk u tell me

Guest_RickRobotz: you are killing me

killerofdestiny: heheheh

Guest_RickRobotz: runs two fingers up your arm

Guest_RickRobotz: smiling*

killerofdestiny: heheheh kiss ur head

Guest_RickRobotz: *runs one of my fingers across your lips*

killerofdestiny: rub my hand on ur leg close to ur dick

Guest_RickRobotz: *raises an eyebrow* just what do you think you are doing

killerofdestiny: tryin to feel ur dick

Guest_RickRobotz: is that so

killerofdestiny: yea

Guest_RickRobotz: *runs a hand down one of your cheeks leans across the table and kisses your lips softly*

killerofdestiny: y dont u use them lips on my 8″

Guest_RickRobotz: hmmm I’ve been thinking about that for a while

killerofdestiny: * undoes my pants*here it is for u

Guest_RickRobotz: yummy * reaches forward pulls you out of your underwear and licks the tip of your cock*

killerofdestiny: i feel my dick start to jump a lil as u use ur tongue lick it

Guest_RickRobotz: * smies up at you then looks at your dick* why hello there * then sucks you into my mouth *

Guest_RickRobotz: * licks one side then another then takes you fully in moaning around you*

killerofdestiny: i start to moan escort ağrı to as i hold ur head as u go all the way down

Guest_RickRobotz: * I grab your ass bringing you closer*

Guest_RickRobotz: * slapping you ass once then smiling *

killerofdestiny: heheheh i moan more as i say rickkk

Guest_RickRobotz: * starts to slide my hand up then down your cock sucking the tip*

Guest_RickRobotz: yummy

killerofdestiny: oh yea as i feel my precum come out

Guest_RickRobotz: *begins squeezing down on you while I slide faster up and then down*

Guest_RickRobotz: * I lick you first one side then another *

killerofdestiny: mmmmmmm i start to moan louder rick dont stop that the spot

Guest_RickRobotz: mmhnmmm* I take you fully again in mny mouth*

Guest_RickRobotz: * moving my head back and forth*

Guest_RickRobotz: * I run my hands down your legs *

Guest_RickRobotz: * sucking harder and moving faster*

killerofdestiny: i look at u* get that hole ready for me

Guest_RickRobotz: Laughs then turns around slowly lowering my underwear then pulls it back up teasing*

Guest_RickRobotz: come get it

killerofdestiny: pull my chair out and hold my dick* sit on it and bounce on this dick

Guest_RickRobotz: *smiles and walks over *

Guest_RickRobotz: *I slowly lower my underwear again*

Guest_RickRobotz: *guiding you closer ağrı escort bayan to my hole*

killerofdestiny: i start to push my dick in makin sure that hole is mine

Guest_RickRobotz: mmnhhyeah * i groan with each thrust*

Guest_RickRobotz: * I push back at you *

killerofdestiny: i lean u over a lil and spread ur ass cheeks as i push in more

Guest_RickRobotz: * I yell for you to go deeper*

Guest_RickRobotz: * I pull your head forwards kissing you sideways*

killerofdestiny: i start to push harder and harder

Guest_RickRobotz: yeah oh yeah like that * I push back at you wanting more*

killerofdestiny: i start to pull ur hair as i push it in more

Guest_RickRobotz: ah yeah pull my hair fuck me harder*

killerofdestiny: i lean u on the back on the table

killerofdestiny: and hold on to ur hair as i fuck u harder

Guest_RickRobotz: * the table moves slightly but i move back at you moaning * yeah my ass is your ass ahhh fuck me killer

killerofdestiny: oh shit iam close

Guest_RickRobotz: mmmm you gonnna cum in my ass

killerofdestiny: oh yea

Guest_RickRobotz: really then fuckin cum in my ass killer

killerofdestiny: i fuck u harder as i feel the cum come closer and closer

Guest_RickRobotz: yeah I’m cumming ahh yeah so deep in my ass

killerofdestiny: oh shit i cum a lot

Guest_RickRobotz: *I look at my table then at you smiling *

Guest_RickRobotz: you know i will never be able to sit and interview people at this table lol

Guest_RickRobotz: If I sit here and try to interview them I will not be able to be serious

Guest_RickRobotz: that was fantastic!!!!!!

killerofdestiny: lol

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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