A Second Chance for Katie

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We’re supposed to be refined and gentler simply because of our femininity alone; our gender just seems to define us as being so opposite our male counterparts too. We’re not supposed to indulge in the lascivious desires that seem to plague them either, but we do. Do they think that we are immune from the same temptations that they struggle with daily? Do they not realize that behind our seemingly docile exterior, our mind is imagining all those carnal fantasies that they think about all the time?

Well, we do, and a lot more than they’d ever imagine too. We just don’t have a barometer between our legs that signals to everyone exactly what we’re thinking about…like they do. Nature made us stealthier in that regard, we can appear to be so ladylike too, even as our panties are soaking wet from imagining all the nasty things we really want to be doing. I think men would be shocked at just how often that happens to us, and even more shocked about who our fantasies are really about.


The sight of the young girl rubbing baby oil all over the chiseled muscular body is just like a scene out of an erotic movie. Haven’t we all had this dream before? Our fingers slowly gliding up and down a young boy’s torso all the while as we’re thinking about how long we wait before our fingers wrap around the gorgeous organ just inches away from our grasp. That’s the dilemma I’ve been living with for so long now, and my resistance is clearly succumbing to the unrelenting temptations that I struggle with daily.

This isn’t a dream or a movie either, it’s happening right in front of me, and I’m just a spectator watching the actors play out their roles in front of me. How many times I’ve dreamt about this, and woke up with my vagina on fire is beyond memory now. This is real, and the actors aren’t tortious illusions either, they’re a live, and so am I.

“OH, I didn’t hear you come in,” Sasha says as her fingers continue oiling Jack without any hesitation in front of me.

My God, he’s almost naked; just the loin cloth that I bought for him as a gag keeps him from being totally nude. The sight of it hiding the obvious erection only makes the scene in front of me all the more erotic. If I didn’t know I was actually awake, I’d swear this was some sort of wet dream come true. Every woman’s secret desire fulfilled, or in my case…a mother’s desire finally becoming a reality.

I knew when I bought it that it wasn’t appropriate for me to give him, but the image before me now kept racing through my mind head as I was holding it in the VIP store. Brad Pitt wore one just like it in the movie Troy, and the thought of seeing Jack almost naked like that was consuming me. Every time I thought about it, that terrible ache would start between my legs; I figured if I just hinted a little, he might let me see him in it. Not something most mothers would do I’m sure, but obviously, I’m not like most mothers.

Since he started lifting weights last year, his body has literally transformed itself in front of me, the wiry young boy becoming a hunk that’s standing in front of me now. The ribbed abs and sculptured arms are acting just like an aphrodisiac for me, I can’t explain why, but it just turns me on so much. The sight of Sasha’s nipples sticking out of her shirt only confirms that she too has fallen under his spell, my only fear being that she’s already surrendered her body to him, a thought that my vagina finds very appealing as well.

She’s so bold too; standing in front of me wearing just that short little T-shirt that barely reaches her thighs, seemingly oblivious to the image she’s presenting to me. She’s teasing me, they both are, and I’m completely captivated by the show they’re putting on for me. I’m as drawn to them as much as they are driven to perform for me; the three of us are clearly in the grip of some unseen force that’s rendered us helpless to resist the urges being presented to us. If this were a video, I’d rent it without hesitation, but professing full ignorance of its content if ever discovered.

“I just thought I’d oil him like they do for the competitions,” she says so innocently.

Somehow, I don’t think most sisters would be oiling their nearly naked brother’s like she’s doing, although, I’d doubt most boys would be able to refuse Sasha’s advances, brother or not. I suppose she feels she has to say something though, keeping it erotic and innocent at the same time, certainly does make it more interesting.

They’re both playing their roles so well, the fact they’re so young makes it all the more believable too. They could easily pass for one of the couples in the movies Jack has on his computer, the more innocent the look, the more erotic the sex is once they start fucking. I used to crave watching the typical hardcore videos until discovering his collection of forbidden pleasures. How anyone can resist those gorgeous post pubescent bodies as they copulate without any hint of shame or guilt is beyond me. They’re considered old enough to go to war, so the act of making love in front of a istanbul escort camera certainly should be considered more like art, than pornography.

I guess that’s why Jack’s collection overwhelmed my senses so much; all the young girls seemed so genuine, as opposed to the jaded big boobed, drug addicted actresses that are so typical in porn today. To actually watch as they transformed themselves from the ponytailed girl next door into a sensuous young model with their legs spread wide open was absolutely breathtaking. Of course, the true magic was watching as they slid their young mouths and pussy’s up and down their equally alluring young lover’s gorgeous member.

In every scene I saw myself, their body was my body, narrow hips and an A cup bra was more the norm than not. The big dick’s that slid in and out of their pussy’s, mouths and ass holes always left me wishing that it was me in those scenes, although, the thought of anal sex frightens me to death. And yet, all the girls effortlessly slid their little asses down the entire length without any apparent discomfort either.

If only Hustler and Club had employed girls like that me back when I was discovering who I was, the fantasies I wrote in my head might have been more about me, than some big breasted girl in a magazine. The fact I was so close to being liberated, if not for the fact of being born over twenty years too soon to actually discover how attractive I really am, just makes me realize I have to do something. But what, that’s the dilemma I’m facing now, and yet, the situation in front of me now can’t just be a random coincidence, can it?

I was such a good girl when I was Sasha’s age; I volunteered and went to church, truly a plain Jane little titmouse. That was the secret that I kept hidden away from everyone, all they saw was a bland little girl with vivacious appetite for reading. What they could never imagine though, was that plain little Katie’s panties were always soaking wet because of all the nasty things she really wanted to be doing.

No one would ever have suspected all the thoughts that went through my head as I leafed through my brother’s collection of magazines, and not hotrod magazines either. Unless you call pictures of guys with big dicks, hotrod’s, girls weren’t supposed to look at dirty pictures, but I was as captivated by them, and the stories that I would make up when I would finger myself looking at them.

The girls were doing all the things I lacked the courage to do, fucking and sucking all those gorgeous dicks with my own flat-chested skinny body, and soon that became the story I played over and over in my head as I got myself off every night. I think that’s also when I fell in love with the thought of finding a muscular young lover who one day would free me from myself.

Hustler and Club’s models became my friends too; I viewed the sex they performed as merely teaching tools for me, hopefully, to be used later. No one knew of my new passion, although, I suspected Tommy’s leaving some of the pages literally sticky for me to find, wasn’t an accident, which it turned out it wasn’t. While I was afflicted with that dreaded introverted disease back then, Tommy was free to fuel my fantasies whenever I needed to get myself off.

“Just a little more oil,” Sasha says as her hands slide up and down his thighs.

She has no shame, and she’s so beyond where I was at her age, but, ironically, to the rest of the world, she presents the nearly same image I did back then. Maybe, it has to skip a generation, the inhibitions I felt back then are clearly absent from her and Jack. Kids today just seem more relaxed about sex, not that they’re promiscuous either, but right and wrong just aren’t as defined as it used to be.

How she can kneel in front of me with his dick just inches from her face is incredible. She’s doing something I’ve dreamed of for years now; all those times I would check in on him before going to bed were just an excuse to look at what’s right in front of me now. That enormous bulge in the sheets was calling me to free myself from all my chains which I so desperately was trying to do too.

Every mother has discovered her son with an erection; walking in on him sleeping or even jerking off is not that uncommon. We don’t talk about it, but it doesn’t mean we don’t think about it. The first time I saw Jack’s erection in the sheets, all I could think of were the models in the magazines I used to look at, he was as big as all those dick’s I used to fantasize about too. It was unmistakable, he was huge, and I was becoming possessed by the thought of peeling the sheets back and do all the nasty things I’ve dreamed of for so long now.

I found myself just standing there for God only knows how long, that bulge in the sheets just seemed to have the power to paralyze me, whether it was seconds or minutes I don’t know, but it clearly was taking complete hold over me. Where it was going to lead, I had no idea, or really avcılar escort cared either. I was as close to being freed of all my phobias as I could ever remember, and yet, scared to death too.

It soon became apparent that Jack was waiting for the door to open every night, he was as much a prisoner of what was going on, as I was. I guess the thought of his mother standing over his bed just inches away from his erect penis, was as much a turn on for him as it was for me. I’m sure I’m not the only mother who’s been tempted by her son’s erection; it’s just not something that we as women like to talk about.

I knew Sasha would find out, they’re twins and extremely close too; nothing is kept hidden for long between them, a fact that secretly I was hoping for too. She could always somehow decipher exactly what I was thinking about, and without me having to go through the numbingly painful process of putting it into words. She’s so much like me too, but just free of most of the baggage I carry.

Both of them are teasing me beyond all my wildest dreams now, the sight of Jack slowly lifting the T-shirt above her head, nearly has me in a panic. The sight of my daughter standing naked in front of me has me trembling, what I would have given to be able to do this for Tommy so many years ago shoots through my head as I my eyes feast on her youthful body.

Just the sight of her long thin legs attached to her almost childlike hips makes her look just like the girls I’ve seen in the websites Jack subscribes too. They all look like Sasha too, their nearly flat chested bodies and tight little ass’s just adds to the illusion of them being almost angelic in nature. There seemingly innocent ponytailed girl next door look just makes the sex scenes that come afterwards all the more seductive. I defy anyone to say that what I’m looking at now is more the essence of beauty, rather than merely soulless carnal desires of pervert’s, although; the sight of her hairless pussy clearly is having an effect on me.

“Time to get sticky,” is all she says as she hands me her shirt.

This can’t be real; Katie the boring librarian is actually standing in front of her own children as they perform an amorous play for her. All the forbidden books from history that were banned for just describing what’s in front of me now, are vindicated along with all the authors who had the courage to defy popular teachings. Incestuous desires and behaviors have always been with us, and the proof is standing right in front of me.

“Jack likes it when I spread wide open for him,” she says so matter-of-factly.

What healthy teenage boy wouldn’t that, whether it’s the girl next door or even a sister, the chance to actually catch a glimpse of a girl’s pussy just can’t be ignored. The fact Sasha has been spreading those long beautiful legs for Jack makes me think there’s more to this story than simply showing her pussy to him. The thought of what both of them have been up to clearly has my vagina in a state of near frenzy too.

Just looking at her makes me think of myself when I was her age, I was tall and thin too, being flat-chested back then was considered not even being attractive, it just seemed like only girls with cleavage were thought of as desirous, not anymore though. Her small boobs make her look just like an athlete, or even an actress in the sex videos I so love to watch. It’s like she’s posing for me too, just like she’s reading my mind, which of course she is.

The sight of Jack lifting her up like a ballerina just takes my breath away; his powerful arms effortlessly lift her above his head. The sight of my daughter with her legs spread wide open nearly buckles my knees; I’ll never again be able to look at a ballerina and not imagine what I’m looking at right now. Her pussy has me literally in a trance; I never thought the sight of another woman’s vagina would impact me this much.

Even her little ass seems to be gaping for me to inspect, and to be this vulnerable in front of another woman is incredible. No shame or guilt at all either, the fact I’m her mother doesn’t have any impact on her either, opening herself completely for me to see almost means nothing to her, except making me even more excited.

“Do you know how many people never suspect just who I really am,” she says as Jack gracefully drops her to her feet.

My heart feels like it’s about to explode as she unties the string of the loin cloth, the realization that I’m finally going to see for myself that beautiful organ that has tempted me for so long has me lightheaded. Mother’s aren’t supposed to be standing where I am right now, but I just can’t help myself. Even if I wanted to walk away, my body would mutiny against me.

“Can you believe how big he is,” she says taunting me with her little girl voice.

It’s unbelievable, it’s even bigger than I thought it would be too, even the boys in the videos aren’t as big as Jack is. The thought of it slowly disappearing into Sasha’s pussy fills my head as şirinevler escort my eyes take in every inch of it. Would he bottom out inside her? Could her little slit open wide enough to take it inside her? The fluids dripping down my legs make me realize that I’m not just thinking about Sasha’s pussy being stretched either.

“You wouldn’t believe how much it stretches me,” she says as she oils both her hands and starts to slide them up and down the length of his cock.

Reading my mind again, she knows me so well too. She knows all my secret desires too, don’t ask me how, but she does. The realization that she’s already been filled by Jack finally hits me, why am I not surprised. She’s always walked around the house in that short T-shirt, I knew she was teasing him, but fucking him is an exciting surprise that I had never considered possible.

“She easily takes the whole thing too,” Jack says as his hips get in sync with her hands stroking him.

He’s actually fucking her hands now, the long strokes right up to the head of his cock, and then back down to his balls is something I’ve never even considered. Can it real be considered sex? Or simply a very imaginative new way of masturbating, I have to admit that their creativity greatly impresses me. I have to wonder how many mother’s would stoke their son’s like this if it was seen merely a tool to help their son’s relieve all that teenage stress, I’d bet there’d be a lot less angry boys if it ever became popular.

“We do it just like in the videos,” she says as she kneels closer to his cock.

Why one penis is bigger than another is certainly is a mystery most women would love to solve. Looking at Sasha’s forearm’s working that gorgeous serpent just reinforces why we fantasize about being ravaged by them. The thought of having something that big slowly inching itself all the way inside us, is both the fear and the wish we all dream about.

“I’m getting close,” Jack moans as his cock continues to use the surrogate pussy that his sister’s hands have become now.

Just the thought of actually having something that big inside me is easily translated to scale as I measure just how deep it would go inside me. The fact Sasha has no doubt had it countless times as well, just makes the throbbing between my legs unbearable now. To think that her little pussy has actually taken the entire length is almost unthinkable.

“Show her how much you can cum,” she says as she shows no mercy towards her brother’s cock.

It’s obvious the chemistry they both have, they’re so comfortable with each other too, just like lovers who know each other’s bodies so well. The fact that they are only nineteen suggests that they’ve been at this for a while too. All those nights when I thought they were doing their homework together in her room, tells me that little pussy was the real reason they studied so much together.

“We always left my door unlocked, you could have caught us so many times,” she says seemingly reading my mind at will now.

Did I suspect what they were up too? I had too, no one can be that naive, not even me. I knew they were skinny-dipping together, that fact alone should have alerted me to what they were really doing, and truthfully, it excited me. They were doing what I never had the courage to do, and not embarrassed about it either.

“The last few weeks we didn’t even shut the door,” Jack moans as he’s thrusting just like a man does before he cums.

“You could have watched this big dick sliding in and out of me so many times,” she says zeroing in on my weakness of hearing her talking dirty.

“She’s so insatiable too, we’d fuck for hours hoping you’d catch us,” he says as he’s readying himself to ejaculate.

I’ve never watched a guy get jerked off before, at least not like this, and the sight of it happening in front of me is electrifying. He’s so at ease too, the thought of having me standing here clearly is turning him on, I wonder how many other boys would love to be standing in front of their mother’s with her hands wrapped around their dicks’, I doubt there would be many that would turn it down either.

“Squirt it all over me, let her see for herself what she’s been missing,” Sasha says like a lover who is decades ahead of the ponytailed teenager that is kneeling in front of me now.

It’s hard to believe I have two kids and I’m so ignorant about sex, being widowed for twelve years helps, but I was married to a man who had as many hang-ups about sex as I did. I read in a self-help book how we often find people who are exactly like we are, as much as I loved Don, I wished he could have jerked off in front of me like his son is doing now.

“You want it in your mouth,” he asks, obviously close to cumming now.

“Not this time, let her see you paste my face and tits,” she replies so confidently.

“You’ve done this many times,” I hear the words coming out of my mouth ask her.

God forgive me, but I need to see this story unfold in front of me now. All the years I’ve prayed to be rescued from this prison of my own making, and always with no response, until now. Maybe, this is the answer I’ve been waiting for, whether I’m rationalizing it for my conscience or for God, but the truth is that I feel myself being unshackled for the first time in my life. If it takes my own children’s lust for each other to do it, then so be it.

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