A Mother’s Change? Ch. 03

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It was then Kathy found herself thinking about the one thing she just now realized she missed the most.

Standing up, she told Maria to grab a glass from the cupboard. As she held it under her mother’s breasts, Kathy expressed milk into the glass, almost half full. “Hmmm” she thought “that should do”.

Telling Maria to follow her, the two walk quickly up the stairs and enter Michael’s room. Michael was asleep on his back and shirtless. The two made their way silently into the room. Kathy handed the glass to Maria and told her to take a sip but scolded her to leave some for her brother!

She then softly stroked his bare chest while waking him.

As Michael opened his eyes, he was shocked to see his naked mother sitting on the bed! “This is disgusting” he screams as Kathy hands the glass to him and tells him to drink his milk. As Michael tries to resist, instinct kicks in and all those instructions from his mother to “drink his milk” took over. As the warm liquid rushes into his mouth, Kathy reaches for his cock and immediately, he grows thick and hard, bursting against his sweats. The feel of his hard cock, his mother’s hand and the wonderful milk she brought him brings Michael istanbul escort to a place he has never been and he is suddenly very hungry.

He jumps up off the bed and yanks his pants down, exposing his young but very hard, very thick and very large cock. Kathy is shocked, wondering what she has done but with the hint of a smile says “Well Michael seems you are much bigger than your father ever was” and takes his cock head into her mouth.

As Kathy sucks his shaft, Maria, feeling left out, takes a few deep gulps from her mother’s nipples then focuses on her brother, licking his nipples and making them erect and long.

The sensations running through his body only serve to deepen Michael’s hunger and pulling himself from his mother’s mouth, he pushes her down onto his bed and kneeling down, brings his cock to her lips rubbing the hard head against her swollen lips and clit.

He inches forward and suddenly, thrusts his entire shaft into his mother’s pussy and begins pumping her cunt faster and faster. Kathy reaches down and grabs Michael’s ass, pulling him deeper inside her. With one hand, Michael reaches over to finger avcılar escort his sister’s pussy only to manipulate her next to his mom and then alternates between fucking both of them.

Michael takes a look at both of them.

Kathy, his mother, with her round belly, swollen milk-filled tits and middle-aged curvy body.

Maria, his younger sister, with her flat tummy, small round tits and tight, firm body.

Both with their legs spread, waiting for their “man” to fuck them with his cock.

Michael looks down and it strikes him…the only similarity between the two is a bush of dark hair around each of their pussies.

Which is the last though he has before exploding, spraying his cum all over both of their bodies and watching as each licks the cum off of their own bodies.

Over the course of the day, the three alternate in every possible combination and sexual position, fucking and sucking themselves into complete oblivion, losing sight of everything. They explore every inch of their home, finding new places to fuck and continue…until the finally collapse on Kathy’s bed, spent at least for the moment.

As Kathy looks over at şirinevler escort her children, she is suddenly struck with one final desire and reaching over, touches Michael’s cock.

His cock immediately hardens and he looks up into Kathy’s eyes.

She straddles him, taking his cock deep into her pussy and grinds against him until she can feel him tense before finally exploding deep into her pussy. It’s as if she can feel each sperm enter her, seeking something which has long since been gone or has it?

Kathy feels a jolt inside her pelvis, like two giant collisions she can feel Michael’s sperm find its target and penetrating her, Kathy can almost feel the connection but finds herself dizzy and next, all goes black.

Kathy awakes to her children calling her name, one on each side. All three now aware of their escapades but so filled with Kathy’s milk that inhibition, shame and regret have been driven from their minds.

Kathy gets up, stumbles into the bathroom and looks into the mirror and notices the unmistakable bulge which could mean only one thing but how is that possible in only one night?

She looks back into the bedroom to see Maria straddling Michael, as Kathy had done only hours before and watches as he pumps his seed into her young body. As they continue to grind, both groaning with pleasure, she watches in amazement as her daughter’s belly begins to grow before her eyes and knows.

It is then that Kathy here’s a voice behind her.

“Do not be afraid you have been chosen”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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