A Midnight Visit

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Big Tits

Note: This story contains scenes of incest or incest content and ALL characters are 18 years or older.

This story was written for and is dedicated to my daddy…the man who knows me best, whose words make my hips wiggle, and who this baby girl was created for. For him I think and plan.


It was a crisp fall night and he stood watching as his baby girl snuggled into her soft blanket as the cool air streamed in through the window above her bed. Her plump warm thighs lay open, uncovered by the blanket giving her daddy a mouthwatering view of what he craved nightly. This was going to be the night…it was just the two of them in the house alone, and he was going to finally taste the sweetness of those thighs and relish what lies between them. He would have one month off from work…one entire undisturbed month to taste every sweet morsel of his baby girl’s body, his daughter, the product of his frothing seed…and he wasn’t going to waste one more minute of it.

He moved to the side of her bed and gently pulled the covers away from her naked sleeping body. He smiled again…such a good girl, such a sexy hot baby girl to sleep naked. Her breasts were easily a DD, and her erect nipples cast a shadow in the moonlight just aching to be licked, sucked, and nibbled. Her daddy groaned as he noticed the large dark-colored dildo snuggled between her plump pussy lips and the wetness that glistened around the stretched flushed lips, leaving a trail of cream on her inner thighs and down to cover her tight little rosebud ass which was just out of sight. His mouth started to water in anticipation of tasting that sweet juice that his baby girl produced so freely. He knew he had heard her moaning and mewing earlier but he wanted to make sure she was sleeping soundly before he began his attack on her senses. She needed to be relaxed and ready to take her first real live man’s cock…her daddy’s thick hard cock.

“Mmmmm.” he groaned imagining his throbbing cock pumping in and out of his baby girl’s cunt, getting frothy wet with her juices…their juices mixed in an age-old recipe for lust and love and procreation.

“She will be pregnant before the month is over.” he declared aloud. She shifted her position, pulling her knees up and out as if she were inviting her daddy to come inside and plant his seed deep between her sweet dew-covered petals.

The scent of her pussy juice wafted up to him and he inhaled deeply, taking in as much as he could of her, making his mouth water and his balls draw up a little tighter. “Will she love how her daddy tastes?” he wondered, as he gently kneeled down on the bed and placed his swollen mushroom head near her soft pink lips. His cock was almost touching her sweet lips, and then he ran his fingertips up the inside of her warm thigh, edging toward her pussy, sweetly stretched by the dildo that resembled his own throbbing cock in color.

“Was she thinking about her daddy’s cock when she creamed over the length of this toy?” That thought made him even harder if that was possible. His body was shaking with lust and need, ready to fully taste his little girl’s treasures. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in an effort to control kadıköy escort his raging libido.

His fingers continued up her tender thigh until he first came in contact with the juices that had come from his baby’s core. He wet his fingers with her juice and lifted them before his eyes. Her juices sparkled on his fingertips in the moonlight and he held his fingers under his nose to take in the intimate scent of her…his daughter’s cunt. He closed his eyes again and breathed her in, and then placed his fingers in his mouth, feeling the slickness of her cum on his tongue, reveling in her taste. At that moment his cock pulsed and released some of his own juice, dropping on her pretty pink lips. His eyes were trained in on the beautiful sight of his baby’s lips wet with his cream when she suddenly opened her mouth slightly and her little pink tongue began licking and spreading his pre-cum over her lips like it was the sweetest nectar she had ever tasted. He groaned and slowly placed his head against her lips and she began kissing and licking at it like it was a lollipop.

When her sweet little mouth opened and she tried to take her daddy’s cock inside, his cock started drooling its appreciation, wetting her lips and chin, and all of a sudden her small soft hand grabbed him by the base and she began sucking like a baby on a bottle. She was mewing and humming her pleasure on her daddy’s cock, creating the most erotic picture in her daddy’s mind. He was feeding his baby girl. He grabbed the toy still nestled deep in her pussy and oh-so-slowly pulled it out and pushed it back in. She groaned and started bucking her hips, wanting more…needing more. He began a steady rhythm with the toy, thrusting in and out, and he could hear and see how wet she was getting but he desperately wanted to be the one making that noise with his own cock. Her warm mouth and tongue was teasing his thick cock beyond what he thought he could take. If he didn’t stop her soon, he’d cum in her mouth and he wanted to blow his first load deep inside that sweet little cunt so he began to pull his cock from her greedy mouth.

She wined like a baby as his cock popped out of her mouth and she opened her eyes and said, “Please daddy…I want more! Please don’t stop!”

“Don’t worry baby, you’re not dreaming sweetie. Your daddy is going to give you everything you want…everything you need.” He was giddy with delight that his daughter was so ready to start her proper role as his lover, his plaything, his fuck toy.

His hand still on the toy, he slowly pulled it free from its sheath as he took its place between her open legs. “Daddy is going to make you feel so much better than this naughty toy, but we’ll keep it close by because I will want to use it later.” he winked.

“First let daddy feel how wet you are baby girl.” and with that he began running his swollen cock head up and down his daughter’s steamy slit, nudging her plump pussy lips apart as if he were making a groove in which to plant his seed. Oh yes…he was going to be planting a lot of seed in this garden.

“Ooooooooo…daddy!” she cooed as he teased her üsküdar escort swollen clit, mixing their juices together. She started bucking her hips against him, hoping his fat mushroom head would just pop inside her.

“Oh daddy…I don’t care if incest is wrong, I want you to fuck me! Please daddy, fuck me! I’ve been saving myself just for you. The only cock that’s been inside my cunny is my pretend daddy cock toy and I want you to… Oh daddy, YES!” she gasped. Her daddy’s bloated cock head had just popped inside her cunt-hole and popped back out and then he delivered several firm cock-slaps to her clit before he pushed his way back inside her tight velvety softness.

“Oh FUCK…baby!” he groaned as his cock tasted his daughter’s cunt for the first time. He slowly pushed inside his daughter’s cunt, taking a few moments to stop and relish in the tightness and heat of her creamy cunt while giving her time to adjust to his thickness until he was all the way in. His balls rested against her wetness and he just held himself there, flexing and throbbing deep inside his daughter’s cunt.

“Oh daddy!” she gasped. “You’re fucking me! Daddy your cock is so hot and it feels so full and tight!” she panted.

“Yes baby, daddy is fucking you!” He slid out and back in on the words “fucking you” to emphasize the point which made her gasp even more. “Such a sweet cunt you have for your daddy baby girl…so ripe and ready to take all of daddy’s cock and cum.”

“Oh yes daddy!” she panted. He sucked and nibbled on her nipples as his cock pumped out a slow rhythm that gained in speed and force with every thrust until he was pounding his baby girl’s cunt so hard his balls were making a wet slapping sound against her ass…a beautiful sound to his ears.

Suddenly she cried out, “DADDY!” and he felt his daughter’s first real cock orgasm. It was beyond anything he had ever felt before…her entire body quivered and shook while her pussy squeezed his cock so hard that he had to grip her ass and pull her tight to him just to stay deep inside her, and then he felt a warm (almost hot) gush a fluid covering his cock, dripping down his balls. His baby girl was a squirter! He’d made his daughter squirt on his cock!

“Oh daddy!” she cried as he continued to slam into her sweet cunt, his cunt now.

“That’s it baby, wet daddy’s cock like a good girl!” he encouraged her.

“Oh daddy! OOOOOO! What are you doing to me?! Ooooo fuck daddy, I’m gonna cum again!” her voice was getting higher and louder as her hips arched up to meet his thick cock and she squirted again. Cum shot out over her daddy’s cock and wet them both, leaving a puddle on the sheets but he still kept pounding into her.

She was becoming out of breath and started pleading with her daddy, “Daddy! Please! I can’t take anymore! You’re gonna make me explode! Please cum in me daddy! I need to feel your hot cum in me daddy!” she whimpered.

Hearing his daughter beg for his cum pushed him over the edge, and his balls tightened up and his seed began a fast and furious race up his shaft, seeking its new home in her unprotected womb. The hot spray of her daddy’s cum inside tuzla escort her cunt set off another screaming orgasm as they both became one for a moment in time. “Mmmmm! So tight! This is where all daddies need to shoot their cum…deep inside their daughter’s cunt!” he murmured in her ear.

“Mmmmm…yes daddy!” she sighed.

They lay together, cock in cunt, until they both caught their breath and suddenly they both noticed that daddy’s cock was still hungry…still rock hard. “Now baby girl, daddy wants to show you how good it feels to have a cock in your ass.”

And with that she gasped again but obediently said, “Yes daddy…you know best.”

Slowly daddy pulled his drenched cock out from its velvety home and positioned its head against her sweet rosebud ass-hole, nudging it to tease a response from her. He repositioned her legs high on his shoulders so he had a clear path and gently started applying pressure until his bloated creamy wet head popped just inside her heated backside. “OH!” she gasped, followed by a coo of lust.

He slowly slid deeper and deeper until once again his balls were pressed up tight against her wetness. “Oh fuck you’re tight baby girl!” he groaned and began a slow tantalizing thrust in and out of her last virgin hole. “Now you’re almost completely mine!” he panted, as he continued to plow her ass with slow determined strokes.

Once again she suddenly gushed a cuntfull of pussy juice on them both as she dug her nails into her daddy’s thighs. “Daaaaddyyyyyyy!” she barely got the word out in her scream of pleasure.

He kept pumping in and out despite her bucking and clenching. Her large breasts were bouncing with every thrust and her little hands kept going between teasing her nipples and grabbing his thighs and ass to steady herself “Baby you are so beautiful when you’re cumming!” he exclaimed.

“Th-th-thank you d-daddy!” she managed to sputter between breaths.

“Now I want you completely full!” he growled as he grabbed up the toy and began slapping her clit with it.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHH FUCK…Daddy!” she cried as he started pushing the toy’s head between her plump pink pussy lips and into her cunt-hole.

As soon as the toy was all the way in she began squirting again and her contractions were so strong that he had to use his pelvis to hold it in while he continued to pump and grind. This caused the toy to pump in and out in unison with her daddy’s cock. Orgasms washed over her like waves on a beach…one after another till all she could do was quiver, shake, moan, mew, and cum. Her daddy was so pleased that his baby girl was so responsive and that her tight little cunt and ass were so slutty. She was the perfect fuck toy for him…made just for his cock and he would plant his seed deep inside her every chance he got. His balls tightened once again when he thought about her pregnant with his child, and he blasted her bowels with his hot seed when he thought about drinking her milk while fucking her luscious body.

“Daddy’s little cum slut, that’s what you are. Daddy’s good girl who knows how to please her daddy’s cock.” he whispered in her ear.

“Mmmmm! Yes daddy…always.” she replied as they started to fall asleep in each other’s arms.

“Daddy’s gonna teach you so much baby girl, but sleep for now. Daddy’s cock is always hungry first thing in the morning. Good night baby girl.” he murmured grinding into her sweetly flushed flesh.

“Good night daddy.” she sighed and snuggled into her daddy’s arms. This month was going to be heaven.

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