A Long Time Coming Ch. 02

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I woke up alone in the huge bed, in the huge bedroom. “Coffee’s ready”, Cal boomed from somewhere.

“Coming” was my response.

I looked around for my clothes, but they were not in evidence. I remembered then that we had not even brought my suitcase in from the car. A pale blue silky robe was laid out on the bed. I knew right away that Cal had left this for me. I put it on, thankful that he didn’t expect me to walk out naked. I belted the robe and walked into the living room.

Cal was carrying steaming mugs of coffee from the kitchen. He set them appropriately on the coffee table. The seating arrangement was directed by where he put the mugs. One in front of the large chair, the other near the end of sofa. He settled into the chair and said “Good morning, baby”.

“Good morning Cal”, I replied as I sat down.

He smiled at me. I felt awkward. I had never woken up in a strange man’s apartment before.

We both took a sip of coffee then Cal said, “Last night was wonderful”.

I stared down at the cup in my hands considering a response. He was right, last night WAS wonderful. I lifted my eyes to meet his.

“Are you embarrassed?” I nodded. “GOOD” he chuckled. “You know that turns me on”.

I couldn’t help but smile. He seemed to know just the right things to say. He always did.

Cal wore a bulky, black, bathrobe. He looked very relaxed and comfortable as he drank his coffee.

His voice gets deep and kinda whispery when he gives ‘direction’, and that’s how it was when started talking to me.

“Baby, look at me”. (I did, right into his eyes intently). “Pull one leg up next to you”

When I did that, my robe parted and my and my filling cock was on full display.

“Yesssssss” kurtköy sınırsız escort He hissed. His voice was deep and even as he continued speaking.

“It is thrilling for me to give you the feeling of a blushing virgin.

You have allowed me to debauch you, to violate you. You loved every minute. You are feeling embarrassed, humiliated, and ashamed. I know you are.

Today we’re going to work through that stuff. Life is too short to indulge in shame and guilt.”

Cal and I had been friends for over a year now. We met on a gay dating website. Our connection grew through email and phone calls. It started as a lark for me, a flirtation with alternative lifestyle. As we corresponded I experimented with expressing my fantasies. I suppose I was using him at first. A day ago I had jumped on a plane and traveled a thousand miles to meet him. I felt I owed him that. He had been so nice, so accommodating.

He continued with his monologue.

“We made love last night. You are still becoming who you truly are. Take your cock in your hand and listen to me. Stroke yourself gently. Masturbate in front of me. I find you so very attractive and innocent.”

My penis had grown impossibly hard, and my breath stuttered. Excitement and lust began to overcome my fear and feelings of humiliation.

Cal smiled at me, it was calming. He said,

“Everything we talked about is going to come true today. You are going to learn things about yourself, and about our connection. We have only begun our journey of love.”

He opened his robe. His fat cock was hard too.

“Come over here and suck me” he whispered.

I dropped to my knees between his legs. I reached out and maltepe otele gelen escort gently took his member in my hand. I stared at his organ. I wanted him. I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth. I kissed the head of his dick, then did it again. I did all the things a cocksucker does as he prepares to love a cock. Cal caressed my head with his hands and guided me. He moved me up and down on his shaft. Then he pulled me up to kiss him. I was panting with desire into this soft wet kissing. I wanted him. I wanted all of him. I was lost in desire. He broke our kiss and spun me around.

“Bend over” was all he said.

I put my hands on the coffee table and presented my ass to him. All of my trepidation was gone. Cal spread the globes of my ass and began tonguing my anus.

He pulled back just for a moment to say, “Look at us in the mirror”.

I did. I saw an iconic scene of homosexual love. It was lovely.

Cal stopped eating me and stood up. He pulled me upright too, and crossed his arms over my chest holding me tight against him. He nuzzled my neck. I felt his erection against the cheeks of my bottom. My head lolled back on his shoulder as he pinched my nipples and I cried out with surprise.

“Look at us” he said again.

With one arm still holding me close, he moved his other one to his cock and guided himself into me. I watched open mouthed as he took me. There was only pleasure as he pushed in. I had no thoughts of shame, only delight. This sweet man knew what I needed. He knew from our phone sex and explicit email that this was what I wanted and needed. I moved against him, loving him, fucking him, needing him. I moaned wantonly.

Cal moved slowly and kartal rus escort gracefully as we coupled. “Stroke your cock as you watch us” he murmured.

I did exactly as he suggested. The scene was breathtaking. I was full. Full of my man’s cock. Impaled upon him. He pushed in all the way, every bit of him making me feel glorious. Then I was comming, shooting my seed powerfully. I was beyond caring where it went.

Cal encouraged me. “Yesssss baby, cum for me. Cum as we fuck’

He roared. He grabbed my sensitive cock and I jerked and tightened. My ass clenched his cock as filled me his sperm. The friction of our union was suddenly lessened. The sticky sound of our lovemaking became sloppy and wet.

He pushed slowly back and his penis slid from my hole.

“Now, here is the important moment’ he said breathlessly. “Be here now… stay in the moment with me. Don’t allow the guilt or fear to creep in. Suck me again. Taste our lovemaking…NOW!”

The urgency of his directive allowed me no recourse. I dropped to my knees and took his dripping penis into my mouth. Cal pulled my head onto him deeper than ever before. My throat relaxed and I took him deeply. He pulled back and out of my mouth, then back again… two times… three…

Cal then dropped to his knees with me. Still holding my head we kissed. We kissed wetly and kissed again. Our juices covered our mouths.

Incredibly, our strong morning erections were still proud. Cal pushed me onto my back on the floor. He knee walked between my legs and rocked me back. His cock slid back inside my wetness with encountering no resistance. We resumed our soul kissing.

I was adrift in feeling.

“Stay here with me … stay in this moment.” Cal said between kisses. “This kind of thing doesn’t happen often. Now is the bonding. Work it with me. We have the power to transcend all the bullshit.

I was pinned by the weight of his body and his conviction. I was filled with his sex and his desire and his affection.

I had no idea what would happen next…

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