A House of Five Ch. 01

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All characters are 18 years old.

Matt stepped out of the shower and dried off with a towel. He put on a pair of boxers and dried his short hair a second time.

“Are you done yet?” his sister knocked hard at the door.

He hung the towel up and unlocked the door. Christina was waiting impatiently. There she stood. His three yer older sister. All she was wearing was a thong and with a towel in her hand.

“About time!” she said, ” Others might need to use the showers too you know.”

As he lived in a house with four women, the sight of topples girls was nothing new. But he never got tired of those flawless breasts. A full c-cup that always had happy nipples.

“My turn.” she said and pushed him aside.

He went out as she went in and closed the door. Tired after a long day he went into the living room and dropped down on the couch. There had to be some movie to watch. Their mother was working late as usual. One of the twins was spending the night at a friends house, and the other was in her room. He pulled a blanket over himself and used the remote to skip through the channel until he found a cheesy 90`s movie he had not seen in a long time.

A few minutes later he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Nani came into the living room and joined him in front of the TV. The twins were nine-teen, two years younger than him. Not identical twins, but shared the slim tight bodies and blond hair. Although they did not share the same father as him and Christina they had grown up in the same house. Their mother always complained about her own bad judgment of men. She was a magnet to jerks, she used to say. They had all left never to be seen again.

Nani wore a skimpy outfit. Thin spandex shorts and a loose top that stopped right under her boobs.

“Aren’t mom home yet?” she asked.

“No, she is working late again.”

Their tunceli escort mother worked at a strip club downtown. In her youth she had been a dancer herself, but for many years now she had been in charge of recruiting and personnel management. Nani just let out a sigh and put her feet up on the table. Slim and tanned legs, her toenails painted red.

Christina was finished in the bathroom, and they could hear her went upstairs to get dressed.

“It is cold” said Nani, “Share the blanket bro.”

“It is not big enough.” Matt said, “You will have to come over here.”

He lifted the blanket. Nani crawled over and sat down between his legs and leaned her back against his bear chest. She pulled the blanket up to her chin and sank down. He loved her smell, and the touch of her soft skin. His hands instantly crept around her and felt her bare stomach. One finger playing with her bellybutton.

“Stop it!” she giggled, “It tickles.”

“Oh yeah? Don’t tell me you don’t like it.” He said, continuing to rub her belly.

Slowly his hands went up under her loose top caressing her teen tits. They were not as big as Christina`s, but still firm and pointy.

“Mmmm…” she said, “But we will miss the movie.”

He did not respond. His fingers played with her nipples. They had become hard and playful. He rolled them gently between his thumb and index finger. Her breath had started to become heavy.

They could hear Christina coming down the stairs again. She came in to the living room and sat down by the dinner table. She opened her laptop and turned it on.

“What are you watching?” she asked.

“Just some old action movie.” Matt answered.

“Any good?”

Nani`s top had slid up over her breasts now, and they would be completely exposed if not for the blanket. She was breathing even heavier now as she tunceli escort bayan felt a warmth spread from her chest all the way down to her clit. She closed her eyes and enjoyed he sensation. She could feel Matt was getting hard against her back.

“Hey! I am talking to you.” said Christina.

“Oh, not very.” he replied.

The sister between his legs was moving slightly and her hands were grabbing his legs. His right hand slowly went down between her thighs. Two fingers slowly starting to rub the outside of her thin shorts. She let out a low moan.

“I wish mom would find another place to work rather than that club.” Christina said,

“She is always staying out so late.”

“Oh? I thought you were going to start working there too?” said Matt, not losing focus on the job he was doing.

“Ha, very funny.” Christina said, focusing on the laptop screen.

Matt could feel his sister getting wet through the shorts. With one hand on her breast and one on her clit he had made Nani warm and moist. She pushed a few inches forward and her left arm went behind her back. Her hand looking for the hard thing that was poking her in the back. Matt quickly let his cock out of his boxers to help her. The feeling of her soft fingers wrapping around his hard shaft turned him on even more. Slowly she started to massage his dick in a sensitive rhythm. His fingers had returned to the front but down into her shorts this time. Her shaved pussy felt so soft against his fingers.

Although they pretended to watch a movie, none of them could focus on anything other than their own lust. She felt his cock getting harder as she continued to stroke. What worried her more was that she was getting closer and closer to an orgasm herself. She did not know if she could hold back much more. But with her sister only a few feet away she had escort tunceli to.

“Slow down.” Nani whispered,” Too much…”

He stopped for a few seconds, pulled his hand out and licked his fingers. Then he put them back between his sisters thighs. Another low moan came from Nani. She put her head back against his shoulder. He brushed her blond hair to the side, took a quick glans in Christina`s direction, then slowly started to lick Nani`s earlobe. Nani`s foot was sticking out from beneath the blanket. Matt saw her toes curl up as she tried to hold the orgasm back.

Nani`s body was vibrating under the blanket. He could feel that he was getting close himself. Her hot feminine body against his was turning him on to extreme levels. He was ripped away from his thoughts as Christina closed her laptop together with a snap.

“That`s it.” she said, “I am going to bed. Good night.”

She rose from the table and picked up the computer. Both of her siblings looked at her.

“Good night.”

As she went up the stair she smiled to herself. They might think a blanket might fool her, but she wasn’t born yesterday. She knew they were fooling around under there. But she did not care.

With her sister out of the room Nani let her breath out.

“Make me cum bro!” she whispered, and she turned her head and kissed him.

Less than a minute later she was shaking as the orgasm washed over her. When she had calmed down a little she turned around and looked at her brothers throbbing boner.

“Suck it.” he said.

“But mom might be here any minute.” she said, looking towards the window.

“I am very close.” he said, “Be quick.”

She wasted no time and bent down to take his cock in her mouth. With her tongue circling around the head, her lips began moving up and down the shaft. He would not last long. He shot most of his load into his sisters mouth and some on her face.

“He! So much!” she said after she had swallowed away most of it.

She pulled her top off and wiped her face.

“I better take a quick shower.”

He leaned back with his half hard cock resting on his stomach.

“I love you Nani.”

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