A Favor for My Best Friend Ch. 05

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Chase started to moan as I lowered my mouth down his cock. His hands took ahold of my head and I tried not to gag as his cock began to choke me. I wanted to quiet him but my mouth was a little preoccupied. I hope the water covers up the noises, I thought.

I didn’t really know Chase, in fact all of ever seen of him before this were the few times he had been playing some online games with his dorm room open. We’d never so much as bad lunch and now here I was with his member down my throat. This is really getting out of hand, I thought. Noting that the rumors about Japanese penises weren’t always true.

This had all happened when I mistook Chase for my roommate, Stephen while he was wanking in the shower stall next to me. Stephen who I’d had a minor crush on for some time had just got done fucking me when he stormed out confused about having had sex with me a dude. The shittiest part of it all was that I actually truly felt a connection with Stephen beyond just sex, but I guess I would have to let it go.

I had been going at it for what felt like 15 minutes and Chase still wasn’t cumming. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong… I tried rotating between licking his balls, his shaft, and deep-throating. I tried using my hands while sucking and licking his tip but as much as he seemed to be enjoying the surprise BJ he didn’t seem to be anywhere near cumming.

Finally I gave up and turned around. “Fuck me” I told him.

“Gladly” came a voice from outside. It was our RA Joe, he pulled back the curtain to reveal his thick cock throbbing and hard. The rest of his rock hard body was covered by just a tank top. His muscles burst out of the sides. Joe was a body building champion with a steady girlfriend. I never took him as the type to take advantage of a situation like this. “I’ve been listening to you two for a minute. You know this is against the rules.”

I stammered not knowing what to say. “But I won’t tell anyone if you keep your mouth full.” Willingly I took his glistening cock in my mouth. The head was huge but quite spongy. His soft foreskin pressed up against my lips like a lovely kiss and I swirled kurtköy sınırsız escort my tongue around his cock head. Best dick ever. No one bothered to close the curtains this time.

Not missing a beat Chase penetrated my eager ass pulling my legs in as he moved deeper inside of me. Even though Stephen had just used me the bigger cock still hurt as he stretched me. I guess I had to be warmed up if Joe was going to take a turn. Being entered from both sides was almost more than I could take. I was being rammed from behind forcing me to choke on Joe’s gigantic dick. I couldn’t stop myself from squeezing with delight.

Finally Joe pulled me to my feet and Chase slipped out of my hole. “Let’s go to a real bed.” I nodded silently. Joe and Chase started to towel off and get dressed. When I reached for a towel Joe grabbed my hand.

“Uh-uh you’re going like this.” I knew I had no strength to stand up to him and beyond that I just implicitly complied. Ashamedly I scrambled out into the hallway fully naked with two lovers in tow. Water was dripping from my stiff cock and soft ass soaking the carpet below. I turned to scurry towards Joe’s room but he stopped me again. “Not my room, yours.”


“No butts baby.” He said slapping my ass and squeezing hard. If you’re worried about your roommate finding out what a cock slut you are its too late for that. You just better hurry so the rest of the hall isn’t fucking your ass. I bolted to my room and unlocked my door. To my relief, Stephen had not returned. I lay prostrate on my bed as my RA and hall mate dropped their pants. “I’d better get this over quickly.” I thought to myself, reminding myself to make a good job of it. I started to take Joe’s massive head in my mouth but he said no. “I want to use that rump of yours.” With ease he spinned me around. “But you’re so big how can I-ah!”

Words were gone from me as I felt him entering. All the fucking in the world couldn’t have prepared me for this. Thankfully he eased it in slowly. “Never felt a cock like that have you Franky?”

“No sir.” I whimpered. Chase was jacking off as I squirmed. maltepe otele gelen escort Finally he was in all the way and the pain subsided. He was definitely putting pressure on something deep inside of me. Then he started to fuck me. Slowly at first. Each thrust became easier and easier until my hole opened up to his massiveness.

Chase moved over and I started to stroke his cock. Now without the shower I could tell his dick hole was leaking precum. Well that’s a good sign. If I could have them both cum before Stephen got back this could all be behind me. Chase moved to my mouth and I opened up and tried to lick his cock head. The blowjob was certainly sloppy, it was too hard to focus with Joe fucking me more and more aggressively.

I suddenly noticed I was moaning. And loudly. Fuck I hope the other guys aren’t in their rooms. Chase started to play with my nipples and suddenly Joe grabbed my right breast from behind. “I should have known you were a bitch with these titties.” He laughed. “God your ass is good and tight. Stay right there I’m gonna cum right inside of you.”

“Ooh oh okay!” I said eager to have him finish. “I’m cumming too, faggot.” Added Chase. Finally the nightmare was over.

Just then Stephen opened the door. That must have been the icing on the cake because Chase and Joe began to unload spurt after spurt of steamy thick cum onto my face and inside my ass. “That’s a good bitch.” Moaned Joe.

“What the fuck is going on here Franky!?” Asked a shocked Stephen.

“I… I…” I looked shamefully at Stephen “I didn’t mean-“

“Your friend here is a cock whore Stephen, didn’t you know that? Why don’t you have a go with him.”

“Fuck off Joe.” Shouted Stephen. I hadn’t expected him to be so angry. He’s my friend get the fuck away from him.

“Oh I didn’t realize the slut had a boyfriend.” Mused Joe.

“I said fuck off! Franky is my… my friend and I don’t want you two using him like some cheap… get the fuck out!” For such a small dude he had a lot of might and I really respected him in that moment. I wiped the cum off my face into a kartal rus escort towel. I looked up at Stephen once the door had closed behind him.

“How… how could you?”

“Stephen, I-“

“No I get it, I’m just another cock to you. You know I was actually worried I had-I thought I was feeling-never mind.” He moved to go.

“Stephen wait!” I ran to the door and kissed him passionately, but he broke away.

“Fuck this Frank I’m over this.”

“I felt it too Stephen. When we were kissing before I felt something I’d never felt with other guys.”

“Oh yeah? And so you went and fucked a few down the hall?”

“It’s not like that… listen I caught Chase jacking off in the shower and-“

“I don’t want to hear this Franky.”

“I thought he was-well I was hoping he was you, and when he wasn’t I guess I just figured you were never going to talk to me and by the time Joe caught us I was powerless. It was all over. I’m really sorry Franky I never wanted to do any of that stuff… I never have. I was so thankful that you kicked them out I was worried they would have a second go at me.”

“You can say no Franky.”

“Against someone like Joe?”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do no matter how big the other guy is.” And he certainly had been big I thought to myself.

“Thanks Stephen that really… I guess I never-“

“Stood up for yourself? Yeah. I can see that.”

I looked away bashfully.

“Listen Franky” Stephen said, “I need you to promise me something. I need you to do me a favor, as a friend.”

Here we go again… I thought. “Sure Stephen, anything.”

“Stop doing shit just because other people want you to. Start doing the shit you want to do because you want to do it.”

“Uh…okay I suppose I can try that.”

“I would hate to think that you did those things for me… I really thought you really wanted to-“

I stopped him with a kiss. “I did, and I want to do this too.” We spent the next few hours in bed making out, watching tv and talking. He never once asked me to sexually gratify him and he never do much as mentioned what had happened before. By the end he suggested we started dating.

“But wouldn’t your parents-“

“Screw em Franky. I’m gonna take my own advice and try living my life for what I want to do for once.”

“Alright then!” I smiled, and nuzzled into his chest. “But you’ll have to meet my parents first.”

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