A Family Affair Ch. 02

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While Rebecca was learning about the family fun from her father, 19 year old Alex had slipped into his parent’s room and smiled. His mother was lying on her back on the bed playing with her pussy. She was running her fingers up and down over her pussy lips then letting them slide inside and flicking them repeatedly against her clit. “I was wondering if you had fallen asleep.” Michelle smiled looking at her son.

Alex shook his head as he slipped out of his boxers and made his way to the bed. “Nope, was just waiting for dad to head to Rebecca’s room before I came in here.”

Michelle chuckled as he climbed onto the bed and covered her body with his. She wrapped her arms around her son’s neck and pulled his lips to hers. The kiss was gentle at first then deeper, as she opened her lips and admitted his probing tongue. “Mmmmmm,” Michelle moaned sucking on his tongue as she pressed her body against his. “Make mommy feel good little boy.” She purred as he broke the kiss and started nibbling at her neck with his teeth.

Alex bit down on her neck, making Michelle shiver with desire then he licked at the spot with his tongue. “Oh baby, that’s it touch mommy.” She purred wrapping her arms tightly around him and grounding her body against his.

Alex ground his cock against her stomach as he nibbled at her neck. “Can I mark you mommy?” He asked huskily feeling his cock throbbing with need.

“Oh yes baby boy, mark mommy.” She sighed breathlessly as he started sucking at her neck. “Show the world I belong to my baby boy.” She rubbed her hands up and down over his back and cupped his ass cheeks pulling him tighter against her.

Alex squeezed and loosened his ass cheeks, then started slowly humping with his hips as his cock drove back and forth against her stomach. Michelle purred as she felt his precum slither out of his cock and onto her stomach. “Oh yes baby boy, that’s it, love mommy.”

When Alex pulled his lips away from her neck, there was a bright cherry mark from where his lips had been. He kissed the spot then slowly started kissing his way down her body. He kissed her collarbone, and then moved further down until his face was even with her breasts. He left open mouth kisses on her breasts making her moan and press up against him. “Play with mommy’s breasts baby. I love when you suck on them like you did when you were a baby.”

Alex licked all over the tender flesh of her breasts, and then nuzzled her nipple with his lips. Michelle sighed softly and purred. “Eat mommy’s nipple baby, suck on it and make mommy feel good.”

Alex took her nipple between his lips and suckled softly at it. Michelle purred and ran her fingers through his hair. “That’s it baby that feels so good.”

Alex sucked at her nipple like a baby, running his tongue over it and biting gently on the small nub. Michelle gasped as she felt his teeth, then purred and continued running her fingers through his hair.

He grabbed her other tit in his hand and started massaging it with his fingers. He took her nipple between two fingers and pulled on it making her whimper with need.

“Oh yes baby, suck on mommy’s tit, that feels so good.” She lifted her body towards him pressing her tit further into his mouth. Alex opened his mouth and took more of her tit into his mouth, sucking greedily at it and making snarling noises in his throat.

“Ugh, oh yeah.” Michelle whimpered throwing her head back and sighing deeply. “God that feels so good.”

Alex bit gently at her tit while he mauled the other one with his hand. He pulled at her nipple until it was standing hard and proud. He released her tit from her mouth and started kissing his way down her stomach. He drove his tongue into her belly button and heard her giggle. “That tickles.” She protested weakly.

He dipped his tongue into her belly button again then left open mouth kisses all over her stomach as he worked his way down her body until he reached his goal. He pushed her legs further apart and settled between them as he looked down at her pussy. Michelle took shallow breaths as she looked down at him through half closed eyes. “Eat me baby,” She purred softly. “Eat mommy’s hot cunt.”

Alex looked up at her with passion filled eyes then lowered his head. He spread her pussy lips open and leaning forward took a long taste. Michelle shivered as she felt his tongue touch her.

He held her pussy lips open as he feasted on her cunt. He nibbled at her pussy lips then ran his tongue all over inside her. Michelle whimpered and lifted her hips against him. “Eat me baby, please eat mommy.” She begged.

Alex saw her clit peeking out of its hood and smiled. He leaned his head down and brushed his tongue lightly over the small nub. Michelle shivered and grasped his head holding him tight against her. He flicked his tongue over her clit again, this time a bit harder and heard her whimper with desire. “That’s it lover, lick that hot clit.”

He flicked his tongue over her clit a few more times and felt her shiver with need. “Ugh, eat me.” She begged softly pulling bakırköy escort his head closer to her hot snatch. He shook off her fingers and slipped three fingers inside her making her whimper as he slowly sawed them in and out. “Oh god, yes that’s it baby, eat that hot pussy, finger me, and make me cum.”

Alex liked torturing her, he loved to drive her to the edge then not let her go over. He would push her to the edge, then pull back and let her body relax until she was begging him to make her cum. When he did make her cum, it was harder than it would have been otherwise and he loved drinking up her luscious juices. Driving his tongue deep inside her and drinking up all the nectar she had waiting for him.

He flicked his tongue over her clit a few times, and then teased it with just the tip of his tongue as he slowly sawed his fingers inside her. Michelle whimpered and started humping against his face. “Make me cum baby, mommy is so hot.”

Alex was hot too. His cock was leaking precum all over the mattress and he knew he needed to get inside her and soon or he was going to make a mess all over the bed. He usually liked drawing this out but he was so hot after watching his sister earlier that he knew teasing time was over. He locked his lips on his mother’s clit and sucked hard at it as he drilled his fingers fast and deep inside her.

“Ugh, that’s it baby, eat my hot cunt. Oh fuck I am so hot.” Michelle humped her body violently against his face as she fought for release. When he bit down on her clit she screamed in pleasure as she felt her orgasm start to rush over her. “Yes oh yes, eat me I’m cummminnnnngggg….” She screamed slamming her pussy tight against his face.

Alex pulled his fingers out of her and quickly replaced them with his tongue. He drove his tongue deep inside her drinking up all the nectar she had waiting for him. Michelle shivered and held tight to his head as she felt her orgasm rising once more. “Ugh, eat me, tongue me, make me cum again.” She begged slamming her pussy tight against his mouth.

Michelle humped her body wildly against his mouth as Alex’s tongue flew inside her. He drank up all the juices she had spewing out of her wet hole, and then dug around looking for more. When she suddenly coated his face with her juices, he drank them up greedily as she came once again.

Alex knew play time was over; his cock was throbbing so hard he felt like it was going to split in two. He quickly moved up over her and drove his cock deep inside her waiting well. “Oh my yes.” Michelle purred feeling him filling her with his hot meat. “Fuck mommy, your cock feels so good.”

Alex started plowing into her with fast, hard strokes, bottoming out every time he slammed into her. Michelle purred and matched his strokes with strokes of her own. Her hips were flying against his pounding cock as she felt her orgasm rising fast. “Ugh, oh fuck yes, fuck me, make me cum on that huge meat.”

“Oh god mom, your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock.” Alex sighed leaning down and taking her nipple between his lips again. He sucked hard at her nipple as he plowed deep and fast inside her making the bed squeak with the power of his thrusts.

Michelle wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her ankle into his ass, pulling him deeper inside her. “Fuck, yes your cock feels so good. I feel like an over wound watch, fuck me, I’m so close.”

Alex fucked her harder, making sure his cock hit all over her inner pussy walls. He started moving in circles inside her and heard her whimper with need. “Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” She squealed as she went flying over the edge. “Oh god, yesssssssssssssss…”

“That’s it mom, cum all over my cock.” Alex growled biting at her nipple with his teeth. Michelle squealed as pain and pleasure coursed through her body. “That’s it baby, bite that nipple, rip it off with your teeth.”

Alex’s body was wound so tight, he was sure he was going to explode any minute. “Oh god mom, I don’t think I can hold back much longer, your pussy is milking me.” He gasped spearing her even faster than before until his movements were a blur.

The bed squeaked and protested the furious movements but the couple rocking back and forth ignored it. Both were lost in a land of lust, each reaching for that glorious peak. “Give it to me baby, give me all that hot cum.” Michelle whimpered slamming her pussy tight against his thrusting cock. She tightened her pussy muscles around him and heard him cry out. “Oh fuck mom, here it comes.” He growled as he bottomed out inside her and let go.

Michelle screamed as his cum splashed all over her insides. “That’s it lover, coat my pussy with all that hot juice.” Her body stiffened as she came yet again and her pussy tightened so much on his cock he felt like his cock was locked in a vice.

“Fuck mom, your gonna tear my cock in half.” He growled loving the tightness surrounding him. He felt her pussy loosen around him and slowly pulled out of her. He collapsed on his back beside her beşiktaş escort and pulled her into his arms, kissing her sweaty forehead. “That was fantastic mom.” He said with a smile.

Michelle threw her arm across his stomach and rested her head on his chest. She had a feeling her husband would be sleeping in their daughters room tonight and she wasn’t ready to let her son leave yet. She held him close as she slipped into dream land.

The next few days were paradise in Rebecca’s opinion. The morning after she first found out about the family fun, she woke to her father slowly tonguing her hot pussy. She had moaned and pressed up against him. He ate her out until she had cum so many times she couldn’t move, then he had given her what she really wanted, his long cock. He had ridden her hard and fast, until they were both panting and whimpering reaching out for the glorious release they both wanted. When he filled her with his seed, she had smiled and kissed him softly. “I think I like this daddy.” She purred as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her on top of him.

Ron had chuckled and kissed her hard. “I thought you might sweetheart.

Over the next couple of days, Rebecca couldn’t seem to go anywhere without her father right there. He had taken her on the kitchen table, as she walked into the kitchen to get a glass of juice. He even took her in the bathroom with her leaning against the counter after she had gotten out of the shower. When she asked him about it, he had just grinned and said he couldn’t seem to get enough of her hot body.

Our story continues a few days later. Ron and Michelle were both at work and Rebecca was lying out by the pool getting some sun. She was sunbathing nude and had just rolled over onto her stomach, to let the sun hit her back when a shadow covered the sun. She opened her eyes and looked at her brother. He was standing besides her wearing nothing but a pair of swim trunks. “You’re blocking the sun Alex.” She admonished softly.

Alex dropped to his knees beside her and smiled. “Sorry sis, but you look so hot laying there getting sun.” He ran his hands up over her back and started massaging the muscles. Rebecca sighed in pleasure as he rubbed her back. When his hands slipped down over her ass, she smiled and wiggled her ass as he rubbed and massaged the tender flesh.

“Mmmmmm…. That feels good.” Rebecca sighed as he moved his hands back up over her back and massaged the muscles again.

“You haven’t felt nothing yet sis.” Alex said under his breath as he looked at her ass winking at him. He massaged her back for another minute then lowered his hands back down to her ass cheeks. He massaged her ass cheeks for a minute or two then lowered his hand even further down between her slightly spread legs. He found her slit and slid 2 fingers inside her and started slowly sawing them in and out.

“Oooohhhhh,” Rebecca purred feeling him fill her with his fingers. She spread her legs a bit wider giving him better access to her body. She lifted her ass a bit off the chair she was laying on and closed her eyes as pleasure coarsed through her body.

Alex worked his fingers inside her slowly at first then faster as he brought his other hand down and started playing with her clit which was peeking out of its hood. He pulled onn the small nub and heard Rebecca whine with need. “Oh Alex, oh yes.” She purred pushing back with her hips as she pulled his fingers deeper inside her.

Alex fingered her for another minute then pulled his hands away. Rebecca opened her eyes and looked at him over her shoulder. “Why did you stop? That felt good?”

He smiled at her as he swatted her lightly on the ass. “Roll over onto your back sis?”

She smiled at him and did as he asked. He reached up and started massaging her tits with his hands. Digging hard into the tender flesh. Rebecca moaned and closed her eyes as she felt his fingers moving over her. “Oh yeah, play with my tits.” She purred.

Alex scooted closer to her then leaned over and took one of her nipples into his mouth sucking greedily at it. Rebecca moaned and put her hand on the back of his head holding him tight against her as she felt his tongue wrap around her nipple. “Oh yeah Alex, that feels so good.”

He sucked on her nipple as he let his hands drift over her body. When his hand slipped between her legs once again, Rebecca let her legs fall open and put her feet on the ground on either side of the chair giving him complete access to her body. Alex rubbed the muscles in her legs softly at first then harder as he continued to suck on her tender nipple. When he grazed the tender flesh with his teeth, Rebecca jumped and moaned hotly.

He let his hand drift back between her spread legs and rubbed his finger up and down over her pussy lips. Rebecca sighed with pleasure, then reached down and spread her pussy lips open. “Touch me Alex,” She purred softly.

Alex let his finger drift over her pussy, and then he found what he was looking for and rubbed his beylikdüzü escort finger against her clit lightly. He sucked harder at her nipple as he teased her clit with his fingers. “Ugh, oh Alex, oh yes.” Rebecca moaned torn between holding her pussy lips open and holding his head against her breast. She held her pussy lips with one hand and used the other to pull his head closer to her breast.

Alex wrapped his tongue around her nipple once more and felt it harden in his mouth. When it was nice and hard he pulled back and moved over to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment. Rebecca sighed in pleasure and lifted her body against his. “Oh Alex, oh yes, touch me.” She whined softly as he continued to tease her clit with his finger tip. He pulled his mouth off her nipple and looked into her passion filled eyes. “What do you want sis?” He asked huskily.

She looked at him softly and smiled. “I want you to touch me. I want you to make me cum. I want you to fuck me and I want to suck on your hard cock.” She reached her hand down between his legs and grasped his cock through his shorts. Alex gasped as pleasure coursed through his body. Rebecca rubbed her hand back and forth over him a few times and watched his eyes heat up with passion. Alex leaned his head down and captured her lips with his. He kissed her softly at first then deepened the kiss as he slipped three fingers into her well. Rebecca moaned against his mouth and lifted her hips against his hand. When his tongue probed at her lips, she opened them slowly and moaned hotter when his tongue swooped into her mouth. She still held his cock in her hand through his shorts and reached her hand up towards the top. She pulled at his shorts until she could get her hand inside them and reached down until she could grasp his cock once more. She stroked him the best she could with his shorts still on while she kissed him back deeply.

“Take your shorts off.” She ordered against his lips.

He pulled his lips from hers and his hand from between her legs. He stood up and stared down at her as he slid his shorts down his hips and over his legs. When he was able to step out of them, he kicked them to the side then knelt beside her once more. Rebecca reached down and grasped his cock once more, slowly stroking it as he let his hand drift back down between her spread legs. “Oh yeah, stroke my cock sis, it feels so good.” Alex sighed slipping his hand between her legs again and sliding three fingers inside her slowly sawing them in and out.

“So do your fingers little brother. Finger me, finger my hot pussy, make me cum on your hand.” She squeezed his cock then continued stroking it slowly as his hand worked slowly between her spread legs.

Alex captured her lips with his once more, kissing her deep as he fingered her faster, driving his fingers hard and fast into her hot slit, as he brought his thumb up and pressed it against her clit. Rebecca whimpered against his mouth and pushed her tongue into his mouth, as she dueled with his. She sucked on his tongue as she stroked his cock faster, making sure to squeeze it occasionally and heard him moan against her mouth. “Oh fuck sis, your hand feels so good.” He purred pulling his mouth from hers.

She pulled harder on his cock then pulled him closer to her. “I want your cock in my mouth Alex,” She growled pulling him closer to her.

He pulled his hand from between her legs and took her hand off his cock. He stood up and held his hand out to her. “Come here sis, come lay down on the ground, I’m afraid we’re going to break that chair.”

Rebecca smiled and pulled herself up off the chair. She grabbed her towel and moving over by the pool, she laid the towel down on the ground then lay down on her back once more reaching up for her brother. “Come here little brother, give me that hot cock.” She growled softly.

Alex moved so he was straddling her face and his cock was hanging down inches from her mouth. Rebecca spread her legs wide open, letting one foot dangle over the side of the pool as she reached up and grasped his cock in her hand. She stroked him a couple of times then pulled him down and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock sucking hard on it. “Ugh, oh god sis yes, suck that cock.” Alex moaned closing his eyes as he felt her tongue whipping over the head of his meat.

Rebecca sucked at the head a few more times then let his cock slide further into her mouth. She sucked greedily at the fuck stick in her mouth as her hand moved up and cupped his balls, pulling and twisting them. “Eat me Alex; eat my pussy while I suck on your cock.” Rebecca purred pulling his cock out of her mouth long enough to talk then taking it back in again, this time deeper then before. When she felt him pressing at the opening to her throat, she relaxed her muscles and let him slide down. When she felt his balls pressing against her nose, she moaned hotly and massaged him with her throat muscles.

“Oh my fucking god.” Alex gasped feeling his cock down her throat. He never knew anybody who could take all of him but his sister had his entire cock driven in her hot mouth. He started flexing his hips and slowly face fucking her as he leaned his arms down and spread her pussy lips open. He fucked her face for another minute, enjoying the way her tongue whipped over him then he lowered his head and took a long taste of her hot pussy.

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