A Day Out to the Football

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“Ok Mate, see you at central at 2” I quickly entered into my phone and sent the message. It probably be later than 2, because I was never on time as I always missed the train or the train was late. More than likely the train would be late as it was a match day. Danny had got tickets for a Welsh international in the Millennium Stadium. When he had said he got international tickets I thought it was for the Rugby. Unfortunately it turned out to be football, a game I despise. Not only that it was a friendly, so I was going to watch a sport I cannot stand and it was going to be completely pointless. Ok I say I despise football, but I enjoy the world cup and I also support Cardiff City……….when they are winning. Yes, I’m a glory seeker and once they fuck up (again and again) in the play offs, I curse and swear like all good supporters, then I go back to despising the game again. Rugby on the other hand is my passion and a game at the stadium during the Six Nations or an Autumn International is electric and the Welsh supporters are the best in the world.

I cursed Danny when he said he had football tickets, but they were cheapish and we both agreed it would still be a good day for a few drinks and the atmosphere around the stadium would still be good.

The last time I saw Danny was over three years ago, so it was going to be good catching up with him. We have known each other since school, where he was a complete cunt. However, when we got to college, we became good friends especially over music and sports. And our incompetence at speaking to and getting girls.


“Sorry mate, the train is fucking late be there shortly”.

The train pulled into Cardiff Central at half past. The station was heaving with fans and shoppers. There were stewards in jackets diverting people to the back of the station. The good thing there was no one to ask me for a ticket nor when I left the station, the bad thing was I had to walk around to meet Danny. At the front of the station.

“You’re late you prick”

“Nice to see you too” I said shaking his hand. “Didn’t you get my text?”

“Yeh, but you are still a prick” he said laughing. “Luckily it is a late kick off so we have a few hours of serious drinking.

We decided we would go for a couple at the Prince of Wales. Now although this was a Wetherspoons in Cardiff, this didn’t stop them charging West End prices as it was a match day. The place was over crowded with people pushing and shoving to get a watered down Fosters. It looked like the Bouncers didn’t give a fuck either as the place was full with obvious underage kids drinking WKD or other crappy alcopops.

We eventually got served after 10 minutes waiting and we shouted at each other as that was the only way of hearing each other. The lager tasted like piss, but it would do. We attempted to get another one, but it was pointless, the bouncers had let even more people in.

“Come on lets go somewhere else” I suggested and we left. We attempted to get in a few other places, but it was worthless. Some places were even charging to get in.

“This is fucking shit” Danny said “we still have two hours until kick off and we can’t get in anywhere.

“Come on lets try Mill Lane” I suggested.

We walked down St Mary Street and across to Mill Lane. It was pretty much the same. I was about to suggest getting some cans from the Off Licence and drinking in the park, when I noticed that the Kings Cross was only half as busy as the other bars across the city.

“Come on Dan, lets try here”

We both knew that this was a gay pub, but why would that matter. We both had gay friends and Danny’s flat mate was gay. We walked in and we got served almost immediately by a cute girl. I smiled when she served me, which she completely ignored. It didnt even cross my mind that she wasnt gay.

As it was a nice day, we sat outside the pub. The stress of the Wetherspoons and the overcrowded city was forgotten and we both started having a good time. We had about 3 or 4 good quality beers there. I almost forgot about the game until Danny reminded me that kick off was in less than an hour. “We should leave in half an hour, what you reckon?” I sighed and agreed. Danny then noticed someone he recognised kurtköy sınırsız escort and called them over. He introduced me and we shook hands. I then explained that I would get some more drinks and went back into the pub.


The bar was fairly busy at this time and I decided that I would go to the bathroom first hoping that the bar would be quiet when I got back. The toilets were upstairs of the pub and I went into the Gents. It was a typical pub toilets – a couple of urinals and a few stalls. I stood by a urinal and started to have a piss. I then noticed a guy at the urinal next to mine and I happened to glance at his cock. I noticed he was uncut, which made me want to stare more. I continued to piss and then I he asked “You going to the game?”

I looked at him. He was about 5’9, black hair, brown eyes, stubble. He was a good looking guy. Which made my cock stir. He also looked around my age, which at the time was 28.

“Yeh, although we would probably lose”

He laughed and agreed. I also noticed that his eyes were staring directly at my cock now.

The last couple of years, I have found myself to be more curious than I ever was. Even when I was with my Ex girlfriend. When she would fuck me off or even if she hadn’t I would log on to gay chat rooms and speak with other curious men. On more than one occasion I would go on webcam and would watch them slowly (or fastly) masturbate until they cum. It would then be my turn. It would turn me on so much. I found it exciting. I never wanted to see their faces, just their hard cocks. I would only want them to be uncut, as I wanted them to be like me. If they were not I would log off and try find another guy. Other times without cameras I would describe how I would love to put my wet mouth over their hard pricks. I was never disgusted with myself and I knew it was only down to my curiosity. On the occasions when my internet connection was down, I would think about stroking a thick uncut cock and moving slowly down his body and fucking his cock with my mouth I would cum thinking about it.

I continue to piss and I could still see he was watching. He had stopped, but I noticed he had not put his cock away. He started to shake it…….slowly. It was like he wanted me to stare, which I did. My cock was starting to throb and I took my cock out again and started rubbing and I pulled back my foreskin. I snapped out of it and put my cock away. I really wanted to lean over and grab his cock, but I didnt want this to happen is a dingy toilet I looked at him and he smiled which I returned. We both went to the sink and we washed our hands and dried them. On leaving the bathroom he asked me my name, which I gave him and he told me his name was Aaron. I wanted to arrange to meet up with him, but on getting to the bottom of the stairs we said to each other to have a good day and he went outside and I went to the bar, which was now practically empty. When the same girl that had served me before asked what I wanted to drink, it was a few seconds before I responded, as I was still in a daze. I apologised and she served me. This time she smiled.

When I returned outside Danny and his friend were still chatting. I gave Danny his drink and just looked into my pint and sipped it. After about 5 minutes, I heard

“Allan, hey Allan hows it going?”

I looked around and it was Aaron. He was smiling at me and he extended his arm in order for me to shake his hand. I shook it.

“Um, I’m pretty good thanks” I said confusingly. “How things with you?”

“Good good” Arron responded. “You going to the game?

Again confused, I said “um yes, I am, lets hope its good.

Aaron laughed “Yeh lets hope” He turned to Danny and introduced himself and they shook hands. “How thing’s I’m Arron, we work together”

I looked between Danny and Arron and smiled nervously “Yeh, been one hell of a crappy week hasn’t it”

“Well its been good seeing you. You guys out after the game? He asked.

Danny looked at me and said “Probably not, got to be up early tomorrow, mate.”.I agreed.

Aaron smiled and said “well if you change your mind give me a text we will be around here till quite late. Take care guys “He went to return to maltepe otele gelen escort his table, when he turned back. “Oh bollocks, I’ve only got my work phone have you got that number Al?”

“Um no, I don’t think so” I could feel my cock throbbing in my jeans. I had no idea what he was doing or arranging to but my mind was racing on what was hoping wouuld happen.

“Well take my number and if you change your mind give me a text”

“Yeh, ok”. I took his number and entered it into my mobile.”

“Maybe see you later then guys. If not have a good night” he smiled and walked off.

“Come on drink up mate, we got to go” Danny said to me.

“Um, yeh, um” still thinking about what just happened and trying to gain my composure. I downed my pint and we walked towards the stadium.


Danny looked at the tickets and realised the gate we needed was on Westgate Street. We arrived and took our seats. The capacity was around three quarters which was good for a football game. We had good seats and we were in time for the national anthems and the game began. As predicted it was a fairly boring game especially the first half. In the first 15 minutes Wales were down 2 goals. Danny was swearing and shouting at the referee, I had other things on my mind and my cock was still throbbing.

At half time, Danny said he needed a piss and said he was also going to the bar. Once I had seen he was gone I took my phone out and wrote the message.

“Hey Aaron, its Alan. I don’t know what that was all about…………” and sent it. I didn’t have to wait long for a message back

“well I got ur number didn’t I LOL and it was the only way to get it without embarrasing you infront of yr mate LOL”

I usually hate the terms LOL, LMAO etc but I decided to let this side.

“Yeh you did and I’m glad I gave it to you. You still at the pub?”

“Yeh I am. Why u glad. Like what you saw LOL?”

“Fuck yeh I did……”

“LOL Txt me after the game if you want to see some more”

My cock was pushing against my jeans, and responded “Ok maybe I will” and sent the text. Before I could get a response Danny returned

“Fucking £3.50 a pint a fucking rip off”. I agreed and thanked him. I then felt a text come through

“Good, good. I would love to run my hands over that amazing cock of yours and for you to stroke me. It will be well worth your while if you CUM.

I looked at the text and gasped “oh fuck”. Danny looked up and stared at me concerned

“What is it mate? You ok?

Um, oh its ok, nothing that can’t be solved.

“Not that stupid bitch is it”

“Um, yeh it is”

“Forget about her, plenty of pussy around here to have”

“yeh mate I know” I laughed. Little did he know what might happpen later on this evening.


The second half began and the game got better. At full time the final score was 3-2 to Wales. The atmosphere was not bad, although we noticed a couple of drunken fights between fans.

“Welcome to Cardiff, eh?” Danny laughed. I laughed back.

Danny said to me that he had to get home, but we had time for one more drink. We ended up in the Wetherspoons which is opposite the stadium. We got there before most of the crowd and actually found some seats. We discussed the game and arranged to meet up again. I also felt my phone go off several time, which I decided to ignore. For now.

After two drink we walked towards the train station. As always on an event day the station had barriers up and they had stewards pointing people to the right platform. There were people queuing up like cattle. After about half an hour we got to the right platform and Danny’s train was in 5 minutes. Mine was supposed to be ten.

Danny and I said our goodbyes and he said I should come up to London soon. I agreed. Once his train was leaving the platform, I reached for my phone and I had two new messages.

One was from my ex asking if I was having a good time and the other was from Aaron asking if I was coming to meet him.

I looked at the train times. The next train was in 2 minutes after that it was going to be another hour and that was the last train. I would have to get a taxi home if it was kartal rus escort any later. I decided that I would meet him for half an hour have a drink then leave.

I texted Aaron “Yeh, why not. Where u?

I didn’t have to wait long for a response. “Im in Club X. You know it.”

“Yeh I know it, be there in 10 mins.


It was about half past nine by time I got the club. The queue wasn’t that long. The bouncer let me in and I paid to get in.

It was quite dark down there and the DJ was playing dance music. Good dance music. The first thing I noticed was two girls on the dance floor. One of the girls was dancing sexily to the music. She was wearing jeans and just a bra. She had sweat all over her face and her body. The other girl was a lot bigger who was also an amazing dancer. She was also wearing jeans, but she was wearing a shirt. That was too tight for her and her belly was showing. Fuck she was sexy.

I went to the bar and ordered a bottle of Corona. I stood there for about 5 minutes and watching the girls dance. They now had their hands all over each over.

“It’s fucking hot isn’t it?”

I turned around and it was Aaron.

“Fuck it is” I laughed.

“You have a good day?” Aaron asked

“Yeh it was a good game. Been a pretty good day all round. Who you with?

“Just me, they had to get home”. He noticed my drink was almost dry. “Fancy another?

I looked at my bottle and smiled “Yes please”.

Aaron ordered two more Coronas and we then moved towards a table at the rear of the club and we sat at a round table.

“So have you been here before?” Aaron asked

“Yeh, but not for years. I came with a few friends. How about you?

“I come here with friends some times with people from work. Couple of gay guys and some straight. Its a fantastic club not because it is a gay club either. The thing is I haven’t never done anything with a guy since I was 21 and all I did was wank a guy off in uni”

“Seriously?” I asked

“Yeh why”

“I just thought you were very open in that bathroom earlier on”

“Yeh, I know. It was because I like what I saw and I knew I had to have some”.

“Fuck, my cock has been throbbing all day. I haven’t ever concentrated on the game.

Aaron smiled and moved towards me and started rubbing my leg. I gasped as I could feel my cock start to throb again. He then moved his hand up towards my crotch and started rubbing his palm over the tops of my jeans.

“mmmm, that feels amazing. He move close to me and he undid my buttons on my jeans and he took my cock out of my boxers which was now completely hard at 6 inches. He grabbed it and squeezed the tip and then wrapped his hand around my cock base and he started rubbing me slowly.

“Fuck that is good.” He grabbed my balls with his other hand and my groaning got louder and louder. He looked around to see if it was all clear and he got my jeans around my ankles. I started rubbing his legs and moved his towards his cock. He grabbed my hand and said “Not yet”. He smiled and my cock was at full attention and he pulled back my foreskin and I noticed pre cum on the tip.

He smiled again and he disappeared under the table. I knew what was going to happen. I have been thinking about this for so long in my own bed on my own, but I felt so nervous.

Aaron looked up from me “Are you ok”

“Yeh I’m ok”

Aaron kissed the tip of my cock and then he put his lips around my cock. I could feel his tongue licking the tip. He then moved down my shaft and started to fuck my cock with his mouth. It felt amazing. I closed my eyes and listened to the dance music. I could feel the cum in my balls and I wasn’t going to last long. He grabbed my shaft with one of his hands and whilst sucking he pulled back my foreskin. I grabbed his head and pushed his head further onto my cock.

“I’m going to cum” I shouted. I don’t know whether he heard me or what, but he just started sucking harder and deeper, and his hand was rubbing my balls. I was going to explode. I cummed after cum into his mouth and he continued to suck until there was nothing left. I hadn’t come like that in a long while. After I has shot my load he made sure he was gentle, but he licked the tip to make sure he got every bit. After which he got up and sat back down around the table.

“Fuck that was amazing, who taught you how to do that”

Aaron just smiled and said years watching my ex girlfriends suck my cock.

I smiled back and said it’s my turn now.

………………to be continued.

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