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There was a distinct feeling of entering one world while leaving another when the heavy wooden doors of the cathedral closed behind her. The thick, stifling New Orleans heat could not penetrate this cool serenity as she deposited her offering with a gentle clinking of coins. Taking the taper in her hand… touching the tiny flame to a candle. Was there anything more comforting? The candle sparked to life to dance with a hundred others. The distinctive scent of cheap wax and incense filling her nostrils, heady, dizzying almost as her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the foyer. She could not remember the last time she had entered a church.

She glanced at down at her wrist, taking in the steady ticks of time and cleared her throat with a nervous cough. He had asked that she meet him here at exactly seven. Five minutes till and she stood, alone amidst the flickering candlelight, unsure of whether she should enter the cathedral itself, or wait. She felt ridiculous. The request had unnerved her at the time, and she had seriously considered ignoring it, but the simple white cotton sundress wasn’t expensive, and this was a paying job. Life wasn’t easy in the quarter, especially for a young woman like herself. Wanderlust and promised love had left her with no money, no resources, immersed in this nasty little city where a pretty girl was as much as part of the menu as any other simple pleasure in the Big Easy. Three minutes… She ventured a few steps towards the inner sanctum, her fingers curling around the massive brass handle. The door gave way, just enough to peer inside as her eyes softened , her lips parting in a silent circle of surprise.

The opulence of it made her feel dirty somehow, irreverent, as she stepped into the room to take a proper look. Pale blue eyes misted with admiration… the red velvet, the gold embellishments sparkling in the evening sun. The magic of twilight had brought the stained glass panels to life, and the faces of saints sneered down at her, as if to demand the reason for her presence. One unconscious step backwards and she felt her body meet with something solid, but very much alive. Her gasp brought a low chuckle from his lips as she whirled around, startled. As he clasped her hand in his, she barely heard the greeting, managing to smile at the pleasantries as she took an instinctive step back and exhaled slowly. “I’m glad to see you’re on time, Chere.” He paused for a moment to boldly take in her appearance with a critical eye, then nodded his approval. ” Bein…the dress is perfect. Lose the shoes. I think bare feet will make for a more poignant photograph.” He walked past her and set the black bag and tripod on the floor, kneeling to rummage through it as he continued to issue directives. She remained silent, somewhat taken aback, then assumed this was simply how it was done. She had never posed before, so she shrugged and slipped off her shoes, reminding herself that he was the professional. He attached a lens, not bothering to look up as that soft, gravelly voice echoed through the vastness of the empty room. “Take down your hair…and here…” A handkerchief floated through the air, flying at her face as he continued to rummage through fresh rolls of film. “Clean your face…I want simple, natural… moving…not the contrite tramp.”

The handkerchief clutched in white knuckles, she bit back her retort and brought it to her lips, moistening the edge with her tongue. She quickly realized that this was not going to be effective as she choked out a request for directions to the ladies room, barely able to contain her anger. He rose to his feet, an amused smile curling the edge of his mouth as he pointed nonchalantly to the basin in the corner. Her gasp made him laugh outright, the echoes of it making her cheeks flush scarlet as she shook her head. “I can’t! That’s the holy fount…it would be wrong!” He took a step forward, erasing the space between them with a simple stride and grinned.

“It’s water, Chere, we’re here to do a job, and I’d like to get started before we lose the light.” Her sigh seemed to amuse him even more. She relaxed her shoulders in a simple gesture of resignation as she walked towards the basin and dampened the edge of the cotton, bringing it to her face. Quickly, she managed to remove the last traces of color, revealing pale, flawless skin, slightly reddened with her efforts…and the knowledge that he was watching her every movement. She was vaguely aware that he had brought the camera up to eye level, peering at her through this black box that half hid his smile. His whisper echoed like a wave you can hear in a shell, almost a hiss. “Don’t move…right there…now dip your hands in the water. No, no Chere, don’t look at me…yes…that’s it… splash the water on your face. Doesn’t that feel wonderful?” The steady clicks brought a new flush to her cheeks as her gestures mirrored his every command…it was so wrong, so irreverent…but she was determined to pose like a professional. She had bragged to her friends about güvenilir bahis the job, the dreams she had of this session opening doors in her life, and that was enough to garner her obedience.

The water trickled in rivulets down her throat as she brought handfuls up, bathing her face in the sacred. Her dark hair unbound, cascading around her like a halo…the damp fabric clinging to her shoulders, just hinting at the pink skin beneath as the water collected in that cleft between her breasts. He murmured his approval, coaxing her, directing her, until she felt that almost hypnotic trance. The steady clicking, the whispers, she couldn’t help but feel strangely aroused as her skin erupted into little pinpricked shivers, betraying her excitement. The clicks stopped suddenly, the spell near broken as he motioned for her to come closer. She brushed her hair from her eyes, walking to where he stood and the momentary pause seemed an eternity before he spoke. “Beautiful, Chere…now I want you to come with me. No, no…the wet is good…just what I want for the next shot.” She followed his footsteps…arching a brow as the creaky confessional door was gently pushed aside. He gestured for her to enter, seeming to thoroughly enjoy her discomfort as he refused to move aside, making her breasts brush against him as she passed. The touches of pink high in her cheeks elicited a low chuckle as he reached out to place a hand on her shoulder. “Relax, Bebe. I know you’re uncomfortable but this will be a spectacular shot. You are so beautiful, Chere, just breathe…lose yourself in it. Don’t be afraid of enjoying it lovely, I am a professional, I assure you.” She felt her shoulders relax some, reassured by his laughter, and found herself smiling back, amused at her own reluctance. Her laugh tinkled through the chamber like bells, widening his smile as she nestled back into the bench of the confessional. She looked up into his eyes, unsure of how to pose and he found himself staring; the way her hair framed her sweet face, those blue eyes searching his, the way she trapped that full pink lip between her teeth when she was nervous. Beautiful. Charming. His eyes closed for just a moment, relishing the way his body was responding to this sexy slip of a girl.

The darkness of the confessional was only broken by the slightest beams of filtered light; thin, dust-laden rays that seemed to make her skin glow in his eyes. As she snuggled back into the furthest corner of the tiny, cramped space, his pulse began to quicken. She looked so small there, trapped almost, the fragility of pale smooth skin and the whiteness of her dress cut a startling oblique in the blackness. Her eyes were so wide, so trusting as she moved to fit his every directive. It aroused him, and he found himself curiously amused with himself. He had taken so many photographs. So many young, fresh faces eager to pose for him, and he was typically oblivious to their charms. This was his art. Why was this one so different? God it felt so good, that familiar swelling, that familiar ache. He lowered his voice to mask the growl in it, whispering his directives with a tone of command that made her pulse begin to race. “Goooood, Chere…now prop on leg up on the bench. Bein… perfect…yes, lean back….slide your skirt up for me.” Her eyes widened at this last and she sat bolt upright, a tinge of fear to her expression as her lips parted to protest. His whisper soothed her. She was still wary, but she leaned back once more. “Ahhh, do not be afraid of being sexy, Chere. You ARE sexy. We’re making art here gorgeous. I explained there would be some nudity and you agreed, remember?” Her silent nod and the color that sprung to her cheeks only served to fuel his desire. As she propped her leg up once more, sliding her skirt high…higher, exposing just a hint of the simple cotton panties beneath, he found himself struggling for control. The overwhelming desire to take her right then made him clench his jaw for a moment, reminding himself how this slow seductive game would result in what could easily be his most powerful work ever.

An audible, sharp inhalation of breath marked her surprise as he reached forward and slid the strap of her dress down over her shoulder to let it hang loose against her arm. His eyes narrowed a bit, the blaze in them unmistakable as he slid the loose fabric aside, baring one breast to the filtered light. The beams from the tiny chamber adjoined left a wonderful pattern of tiny cross shadows across her highlighted skin. Perfect…the image was going to be perfect. The artist in him took over and he noticed the hint of shame in her eyes. This was going to be a beautiful shot. His lips pursed in frustration as he noticed her nipple, still soft and smooth. That would never do for the concept he wanted. Her soft, shocked yelp made him croon gentle replies, soothing her as he wet his fingers with his tongue, and slowly teased her exposed nipple to life. As he rolled that sweet bit of tortured flesh between his fingers, hardening türkçe bahis it, pulling at it gently, her eyes widened then closed to slits. She was lost to it now. She knew that this was just the artist wanting his perfect image, but her arousal felt electric, like a direct line through the center of her being. The unmistakable musk scent of her sex made her face burn crimson. She knew he could smell it. Silence only heightened the sensations as he stepped back once more, and the stream of clicks began.

A captured moment in time, one after the other, as the shutter clicked over and over, and the river of whispers washed over her, taking her to the place he needed her to be. “Mmmmmmmmm perfect, Chere. Yes, lean back…a bit more…close your eyes angel. Sooo beautiful.” His voice had deepened, an edge of rawness to it that only added to her excitement. “Beautiful girl, you have the most wonderful skin… slide your skirt a bit higher. There….yes, that’s it love…I need to see. Are you excited, Chere?” Her eyes flew open as he asked, her lip caught between her teeth briefly before stammering her reply. “I…I don’t know. Yes it’s exciting.” Her sigh made his heart race, so enraptured by her struggle to be good in a place she felt she didn’t deserve to be. His voice was gentle, soothing, coaxing as he raised the camera once more. It was so much easier for her when she didn’t see his face. She knew it was for art, not his eyes alone. It became simpler to convince herself to relax when she didn’t feel the burn of his stare. “Lovely. It’s alright to be excited angel…you were made for this. Shhhhhh, it’s alright…I know it’s exciting for you. Yes, let your hand go there. Beautiful.” The steady stream of whispers taking on an urgency, carrying her with it as her fingers slipped inside the hem of her panties, unable to resist letting them test the wetness there…so slippery. Her eyes closed and her head rolled back as a soft moan escaped her lips. “Mmmmmmmmm, yes Bebe….it feels so good…doesn’t it? Yes that’s it love, slip a finger inside…perfect… ah, ahhhh, don’t go over the edge, darling. Hold onto it…keep it…not yet.” Her moans echoed through the confessional as he gently brought the camera down, taking her wrist in his hand. He laced his fingers through hers and just stared for a moment as she caught her breath. My god, so beautiful he thought as his eyes swept over her form. Perfectly disheveled, her dress askew, panties slid to the side and caught there by those sweet, swollen lips. He could see her nipples straining as her breasts rose and fell with her breathing… begging to be touched.

A slow, deep breath, and he helped her to her feet, steadying her as her eyes opened to meet his. Somewhere in the back of his mind he couldn’t resist a wicked urge to see how far she could be pushed. His grin brought a fresh flush to her cheeks. She was so embarrassed. This man was a professional and here she was, submitting to some base animal instinct…in a church no less! She assumed he was amused with her antics, not aroused, and quickly straightened the hem of her dress, sliding the material back up over her exposed breast. The guilty expression and her pursed lips thrilled him as he took another deep breath, determined to be casual and push her further. He left her there suddenly, changing rolls of film as he chattered, walking towards the front of the church. Her slow footsteps as she followed betrayed the confusion she felt. She stopped mid-step as he called out over his shoulder. ” Don’t fuss over your dress, Chere. For this shot, I need you to remove it completely. Leave your panties on…well come on! The light is perfect… let’s not waste it.” She finally had to protest, her voice cracking with unspent passion as she explained her reluctance. He turned, with an exasperated sigh and stalked towards her, down the aisle, taking her hand and leading her back towards the front. His voice was patient, but she could hear the tinge of agitation to it.

“Look, Bebe. I take erotic photographs of beautiful women. I understand your faith and respect it, but I did hire you for this job, and you have been paid part upfront. Now unless you want to return my money and call it a day, I need you to relax and trust me. This is going to be my strongest work ever, Chere…and you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I can easily find another girl.” His voice lowered a bit as he noticed her pained expression, reaching to brush a tendril from her forehead. “I’d rather have you.”

Her deep breath signaled her acquiescence as his hand freed both straps from her shoulders, one at a time, letting her dress slip from her body to pool at her feet. He took her hand as she stepped from it, her arms instinctively crossed over her breasts as the color rose in her cheeks. He chuckled to himself as he shook his head, gently grasping her wrists and set her arms at her sides. “I love that you blush, Chere. You do not have to be embarrassed. Your body is beautiful. Your face is beautiful. Are you ready güvenilir bahis siteleri now, Bebe?” An audible sigh and a nod, and he knew she was ready to continue. The directions came quickly, not like before. She found herself immersed in the commands, quickly shifting from pose to pose as the shutter clicked and his voice became more impassioned, excited…thrilled at the concepts racing through his mind. She knelt, breasts bared and tongue extended with a communion wafer placed just at the edge. She draped herself over the end of a bench, clinging to a hymnal as the shutter clicked away. Faster, changes, more changes. She struggled to keep up with his ideas as they both raced to capture the evening light. Finally he set the camera aside and took her hand, leading her to the stone altar at the front. She pulled back, trying to release her hand from his grasp as he laughed. “Still trying to fly, Chere? These are so powerful…so perfect. Only a little while longer dear and we’ll be done.” She closed her eyes for a moment, reminding herself of the money, the relief of not having to scrape out a living this month and took a deep, bracing breath. Her body was so pale, and the evidence of her excitement evident as she allowed herself to be led forward.

He had managed to calm himself long enough to get the shots he wanted. Now he knew for the more intense, shocking images he would have to break her reluctance, and the idea made his breath catch in his throat. He led her by the hand, the gentle, crooning whispers returning as he stopped in front of the enormous stone slab. Her knees were pressed to it, standing in front of it as he moved to the opposite side, holding out his hands for hers. As she slipped her hands into his, he smiled, pulling her arms forward, making her bend over the altar. Her protests died in her throat as he murmured encouragement, posing her perfectly. Her arms stretched forward, her body elongated, pulled taut over the stone. Prone. Beautiful. Her face tilted to the side, she could make out the statue of Mary in the background and squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. The eyes of the saints burned through her soul as she felt her nipples hardening against the coldness of the stone. Her guilt was quickly replaced by surprise as she felt his hand on the small of her back, his reassuring whispers making her muscles go lax as he slid her panties lower… until they rested between her knees. She was completely exposed to his eyes now and she couldn’t resist allowing a little moan to escape her lips. God, this felt like a lover’s touch…but he was a professional photographer and the frustration coursing through her body showed clearly in her expression. A bemused chuckle sent little shivers down her spine as she heard the clicking begin. As soon as it had begun, it stopped. She began to rise for her next pose when his hand pressed her down, centered on her back, holding her there. She knew he could feel the ragged edge to her breathing and opened her mouth to reply when his whispers began in earnest.

She felt his breath, hot against her ear, thick with passion as he directed her to stay still. “Ma Chere, I know you’re aroused and I know it’s misery.” She moaned aloud as his free fingers slid her panties down…. over her ankles… letting them drop soundlessly before gently coming to rest on her ass, making her eyes widen. “It’s exciting me too, love. You’re so beautiful. Let me please you Chere.” Her whimpers echoed around them as she felt his hands leave her back, parting her legs suddenly as he began to massage her inner thighs in slow, masterful strokes that left her gasping. As she tried to utter one final protest, she heard the distinctive sound of his belt being loosened…that seductive metallic hiss of a zipper being lowered. She knew she wanted this as much as he did. His hands began sliding over her skin, up, over her back and down her sides, caressing the body he had been desperate for all evening. As she felt him nestled between her legs, the hair on his thighs tickling hers, she knew that there was no turning back now. The delicious heat emanating from her body drew a moan from his lips as he continued to slide one hand over her silky skin, whispering to her, just as if the shoot had continued… directing her as his other hand caressed his own hardness. “Mmmmmmmmm love…your skin is so soft. Do you like the way I touch you? Yes, that’s it angel, arch your back for me. Ahhhh yes Chere, that’s it…mmmm is this what you want? ” She felt that electric shock course through her body as he teased her, just touching the tip to her most sensitive skin…torturing her…delighting in her moans as she writhed on the stone for him. Her hands gripped the edge of the altar so tightly he could see the whitening of her knuckles and smiled to himself. She wanted this as much as he did. He knew she did. When he leaned forward to place the sweetest, gentlest kiss on her back, she relaxed, mewling like a kitten at his soothing whispers. She was melting into the moment before his hands found her hips, startling her with the ferocity of it as he pressed that pulsing hardness against her, testing her, smiling as he found that last bit of reluctant tightness and drove himself inside in one smooth, solid stroke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Laney’s Deflowering Pt. 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


When Julie and Nadia got home, Tony could see the excited gleam in Julie’s eyes, yeah, she was primed for it. Nadia made herself scarce, heading to her room, she had been their daughter long enough to get out of the way when Mom and Dad were horny. They were pretty loud, and she’d have the buds in her ears, listening to her iPod while they got down to it.

In the bedroom, Julie shimmied out of her clothes, she stripped Tony down, took to her knees, and nursed at the head of his cock, before sliding her mouth down, until he was totally wrapped up in the heat of her wet mouth.

As her head bobbed back and forth, Tony had a vision of Laney on her knees, sucking his cock, his hot little niece in the classic subservient cocksucker position. He looked forward to taking care of that virginity, soon.

Julie released his dick and jumped on the bed, spreading her legs and urging him on.

“Cock, cock, need that cock to fuck me NOW,” Julie growled.

In just a few moments, she let out a loud moan as he drove in his prick, she was furnace hot, slick with juices, she wasn’t kidding when she said she was so horny she couldn’t see straight. He rode her hard, which inflamed her lust even more, Julie’s squeals, cries, and groans of pleasure filled the bedroom as Tony power fucked her pink hole.

As his hot little niece Laney had predicted, all he could see as he fucked his wife was the way he had fucked Laney, shearing through the tight virginity of her 18-year-old pussy, deflowering her incredibly sexy body. He could feel his balls start to churn.

Julie was a mass of writhing lust, mmmm, her husband was Tony the Tiger tonight, and she crested to three orgasms, shrieking and howling, and Tony roared as his dick reached the release point, and as he visualized the way Laney had looked as he flooded her tight, teen cunt, he blasted his hot, creamy payload, inundating Julie’s cervix with a thick, juicy rush of hot spunk.


The next day, Tony was coming in from a grocery run, when Julie met him at the door.

“Hey baby, how’d you like to go to a family barbeque next Saturday? My sister Jill just invited us over. She said it was Laney’s idea. I took the liberty of saying yes, I hope you don’t mind.”

Tony was happy to agree. Laney’s idea, mmm-hmm. Tony was willing to bet that sweet little Laney also had an idea to get together with him, a private corner where they could spend some time, and relieve her of her cock sucking virginity. Again, he had another vision of Laney, naked and on her knees in the classic subservient cocksucker position, ready to have his cock take her mouth virginity.

Thinking about it had brought a stiff erection, and Julie saw it, she never wanted to let a hard cock go unsatisfied. With Nadia out with her friends, they were soon naked in the center of the living room, sucking each other wildly. Just before the explosion, Julie pulled off, spread herself out, and grunted, “Now, fuck me now, finish off both our passions!”

Tony quickly did so, plunging in with the full length, letting out a loud growl as he bottomed out, his balls smacked her ass. He couldn’t resist it, and as she started to fuck Julie, his mind cued up his hot fuck with his sweet niece Laney. With that mental fodder, he really picked it up, powerfucking Julie’s cunt, driving into her with all he had.

Julie was taking everything he had, loving the power-packed plunges. A part of her mind was wondering, why Tony had gotten so excited just after she mentioned her sister Jill’s upcoming barbeque planes. She wondered if Tony was turned on by Jill, ever did any fantasizing about fucking her sister. No harm in that, to her, the thinking was not the same as doing. She did wonder, however, what it would be like to watch her husband fucking her sister. Jill was very doable, and her husband Trevor, always seemed to have a canlı bahis smile of sexual satisfaction. Even though she discounted the idea of Tony and her sister fucking, she couldn’t get the image out of her mind. It drove her arousal up, and she felt orgasm grab her and shake her with teeth-rattling force.

As they exploded, and Julie’s silky cunt rippled around Tony’s cock, bringing that hot rush of spunk to paint her snatch, she didn’t know it was not her sister who got Tony so wound up.


A few hours later, his smartphone let him know that Laney was still primed up.

She texted, “Good day my sweet Uncle. I heard that you and my sister and cousin were happy to accept our invitation to a family barbeque. I hope that you gave your wife a good, hard fuck last night. I gave myself a good hard fucking, my 8-inch dildo got the honors, it’s first fuck. I was not going to use it until my virginity was out of the way. Mmmm, the way I relived in my mind, our glorious fuck, while ramming my needy pussy made me explode!”

I texted back, “Oh yeah baby, flooding your tight little pussy with its first rush of cum, I kept thinking about that all the time I was fucking my wife!”

Her reply, “Mmmm, that makes me so wet! Saturday, I want to suck that big cock, and get my mouth virginity removed. We’ll find a way, a nice quiet corner, or even better, take a walk in the woods behind our house. Lots of big trees, perfect to suck the load right out of your balls! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Lots of love from your sweet Laney!”


On Saturday, Tony did his best to appear calm, when he saw Laney, he immediately visualized her on her knees, slurping all over his dick.

It only took a little time, before Laney gave him a look and it was a non-visual prompt. Jill and Julie were happily discussing their lives, and Nadia was in the patio hot tub with her Uncle Rob, enjoying the hot, bubbling water.

Tony mused, “Think I’ll take a walk before dinner.”

Jill said, ”Laney, why don’t you go with Uncle Tony, and show him the nice woods we have? Got the whole land parcel for a really low price, we like having some forest, like our own private nature reserve.”

Laney smiled and cooed, “Wait up Uncle Tony.”

She came towards him. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a white T-Shirt that said Property of Alcatraz, with a silkscreen of the prison just below the slogan. Tony could see the excited gleam in her eyes.

She slid her arm through the crook of his elbow and said. “Let’s go, Uncle!”

They followed the path that led into the woods, and she was leading the way. It only took a minute, before she stopped, and whispered, “Right here!”

She grinned, and she started to strip, saying, “This is the perfect spot. We can’t see the house, so they can’t see us. I staked this out, so we would have no missteps.”

Down to just her tight red thong panties, she reached behind a tree, leaning against a tree was a bag, she took out a blanket and shook it out. Laying it at his feet, she shimmied out of her panties and gave him a lust-filled smile.

“I want the whole treatment, being in the proper subservient cock sucking position, and naked for your visual pleasure.”

She picked up her panties, and cooed, “Would you like to sniff my panties, honey?”

Tony was spellbound, he nodded, and her red thong was under my nose, she purred, “Sniff it, smell how hot I am, Uncle.”

The scent of her hot spicy juices patterning the crotch of her panties drove Tony up like a rocket, she looked down, seeing his tent pitch, giving him another eager grin.

“Oh yeah, that’s for me!”

In a few moments, she was on her knees, Tony looked down, enjoying the sight of his sweet 18-year-old niece eager to suck him off. Her hand lightly gripped his cock, pulling down the foreskin, he saw her bahis siteleri head come forward, and when he felt her mouth slip over just the head of his cock, it brought a groan of pleasure from him as her hot wet tongue circled, tickling at the sensitive underside of his glans.

Laney looked up, meeting his eyes, then Tony felt her head move, hot wetly sucking lips sliding down his cock, until she swallowed him whole, he felt his balls bounce against her chin. He grunted, fuck that felt nice. She pulled back and drove forward again, for a first-time cocksuck, she was incredible. She knew how to suck cock very well, as she was deep throating him on every thrust. She put her hands around his ass cheeks, almost like she was holding him in position while she gave him the best blowjob he had ever had. Her tight, true cocksucker lips gripped him with a tight cling, her mouth a swirling hot vortex, tongue swirling around his prick on every plunge. Tony looked down at her blonde head bobbing back and forth, he could see his cock shaft, shiny wet, appear them disappear between the tight grip of her crimson lips.

My niece is sucking my cock, I’m going to flood her mouth with a loud of incestuous spunk, ran through Tony’s mind, and when he felt a hand around his balls, squeezing gently, that did it.

“Gonna cum baby, fuck FUCK!”

She sucked harder, and his cock went off, Laney felt her mouth filled with the first two spunk laden pulses, she swallowed quickly and continued to milk at his dick, this time, less forceful shots, mmmm, they settled all over her tongue, she loved the taste, and she nursed at his prick, wanting every delicious drop.

When she released him, she looked up, smiled, and he could see her throat muscles working as she swallowed every drop.

“Mmmm, that was so yummy! How did you like it Uncle, did you enjoy taking my mouth virginity? I sure did!”

“Laney, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had!”

Laney smiled and said, “I wanted it to be good. I’ve been practicing, giving blowjobs to my dildo. I didn’t want to fumble around and give you a bad blowjob, I wanted to know what to do. And I think I learned well!”

She stood up, and before she could reach for her clothes, Tony said, “Not just yet, baby.”

Taking to his knees, he gently nudged her legs a little wider apart, and said, “One good oral deserves another.”

“Oooh, my sweet Uncle, this will be my first time getting my pussy licked! Virginity I hadn’t even thought of!”

Tony was looking up at the sweet triangle, covered with a sparse, wispy bush of blonde, her crimson furrow was visible, the lips were slick and wet. Her scent wafted over him, that unmistakable scent of very aroused teen pussy, he was going to enjoy this.

Tony as an old pro at licking a hot pussy, he’d been hooked on carpet munching since his first time, when he’d licked Ellen, the 18-year-old neighbor’s daughter, when he was home from college. He started to kiss along the pink, slick lips, bringing mmmm’s of pleasure from Laney. Encouraged, his tongue came out, and he started delicate licks along the pink seam, tasting the juices that were bubbling up. Eager for the full-on taste of Laney in heat, he brought his fingers up, gently parting Laney’s lips, and slid his tongue inside as deep as possible, letting his tongue wriggle around the smooth tunnel of Laney’s fuck-hole.

“Mmmm, oh yes, feels so good, keep licking me Uncle Tony, it feels amazing.”

Tony felt a huge rush of fresh juices cover her tongue, he got a full-on taste of Laney’s musky sap. The spicy, musky taste made him hunger for more. Tony pushed his face up tight against Laney’s pussy, and ate her ravenously. He was eating the tight teen cunt he had fucked a week ago, that thought made his prick stiffen quickly, the lust gripping him was crimson red. Eager to make her first pussy licking bahis şirketleri the one to remember, he brought a finger up and speared it into Laney’s dripping pleasure well, searching for the right spot.

Laney was letting out moans of pleasure, god, the sensation of being licked, so concentrated on her pussy was so amazingly good. She purred as she felt a finger slip into her pussy, sliding around and around, it was HOLY FUCK, she felt her Uncle’s finger start rubbing at a spot, she’d heard talk of a G spot, but thought it was something of a myth. Feeling her uncle working over that point, she could feel the building up, god, the feeling was intensely delicious, and she felt her uncle swabbing at her clit at the same time, she was going to explode like a supernova. There was no way she could hold back the vocalizations that started to rise, and she grabbed her shirt and held it against her mouth to muffle her verbal expressions. The rush of orgasm grabbed her, she felt a huge, wrenching spasm fill her pussy, and a shot of her cum gushed out, right into Tony’s face. She screamed into her shirt, another spasm filled her, another rush of juices being expelled, and another scream, her body was pounding as spasms racked her tunnel, and Tony’s face was deluged with the rush of her girl cum.

Tony smiled, he knew from experience with other lovers that it had a big, brilliant, blissful impact on many women. Laney had just discovered it, she was a real squirter, and Tony felt a glow of pride. He had been the one to unlock her ability, and her girl cum covering his face felt like a badge of honor.

Laney looked, saw Tony’s cock had soared back up, and took to her hands and knees, cooing, “Take me, Uncle Tony, let my tight little pussy have its second fuck!”

In a few moments, Laney was moaning as Tony rammed his 8 inches into her. She liked the heady sense, her body, her feminine charms had brought Tony back up, she was eager to take care of that hard stiffness, another pussy stuffing charge of that 8 inches should do nicely.

“Mmmm, mmmm, just like that, ram my pussy, I wanna feel you squirt all over my tight little pussy, I want your hot cum to paint my womb!”

As lust-driven as possible, Tony was happy to do so, gripping her hips and driving in with fierce wet thrusts. The feel of shafting his sweet niece for the second time was just as heady as the first time, her teen tight cunt was gripping at him, making his spunk sizzle.

Laney was racing towards orgasm, she had not come down completely, and the feel of her loving Uncle’s prick taking her like she was his little live sex doll made her body tremble. She felt her Uncle’s hands gently parting her cheeks, then a spit slick finger…OH GOD, it was rubbing right along the tight rim of her virgin asshole. Oh yes, oh fuck, she felt the tingles starting up, she felt her ass cheeks tighten up, then the glorious tumbling sensation.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming!” she squealed, “Yes, oh fuck I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me, shoot it, squirt it, yes, yes, yes! YES!!”

Tony could feel his cock swelling with a massive urgency. As Laney’s tight, twitching asshole trembled under his fingertip, her tight snatch closed around his cock, pulsing with orgasmic spasms, he drove forward one last time. Laney’s grunt of pleasure rose as he wedged open her cervix, and his cock erupted. Their moans and growls of orgasmic pleasure melded as the silky walls of her tunnel pulsed around his shaft, bringing forth gouts of spunk to fill her pill-protected womb.

They lay sprawled for several minutes, both of them in that glorious afterglow.

Laney cooed, “Two down, and one to go.”

Eventually, they got up and made their way back. Laney took them through the side entrance, so Tony could hurry off to the bathroom, and wash his face down. Laney had really washed spayed a face washing load, and he removed the essence that she had deposited on his face.

At the grill, Laney kept giving him little glances, and secret sexy smiles. They both knew what was coming, and both of them looking forward to it very much.

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Moments of Distraction

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Elspeth swept her hands down over the sodden skirt of her beach dress and began to stroll towards the cabin; watched as Guy swam to keep pace with her slow, reflective progress; her course meandering in and out of the soft tumble of the surf; her gaze his way, but her lips not giving voice to what she now thought; of them sharing these few, precious, moments together while they had the opportunity to do so.

‘Are you sure you don’t want to swim?’ she heard him call out, the happy lightness in his voice impossible to ignore.

She really shouldn’t be doing this, but his attentiveness charmed her; she needed that most of all. Her son-in-law was only too aware of her troubled marriage; and he…he sought some solace for what was playing out in his. Her daughter, Melanie, made no secret of it and the drag on her social life of having borne a daughter. Being here on holiday, in Florida, had tempered Melanie’s behaviour towards him; a clever young man on a successful career path as a lawyer.

Guy stood waist deep in the surf and she took in the look of the man upon her; his teasing ways impossible to ignore and that she conceded to. He was seen to sweep back his tousled sandy brown hair. She saw the flex in his arm muscles; the tightening of his stomach as he had reached up.

Why am I now wanting to be with him, she wondered.

They were far enough away from the cabin for the others not to see them and what she felt compelled to do; her senses inflamed at the sight of him and what she knew he sought of her. He had been patient, but had let her know that he was here for her if she needed his company, or a comforting word..

‘Oh, why not…what have I got to lose?’ she said in recognition of what prevailed in her mind. She loved to hear him speak; crack a joke ; act the playful fool for his Jenny. She would see his boyish embarrassment on being caught out, whenever he met her look upon him. What she witnessed made her feel a part of him; the search for normality; the expression of affection; the strengthening of a bond.

‘I need canlı bahis şirketaleri you to take me out of whom I have become…’ she said, knowing no one would hear her.

Melanie and Jenny had long since returned to the cabin and she had time to be in Guy’s company. The others would be unable to see what was playing out between them; that the company of others would soon bring to an end; all that she could discover so impetuously and with Guy’s encouragement.

She dropped her dress, and beach bag, onto the sand and ran back into the sea; tumbled into the water and made her way to him; adjusted the fit of her halter-neck bikini and then her briefs. It flattered her fulsome figure; left nothing to Guy’s imagination of what she could bring to his gaze and touch.

‘Well what’s it to be…lovely Els?’

He asked it softly, on drawing her into his embrace; met the look of wonder in her soft green eyes. They stared out of an unlined almost perfectly oval face, her auburn hair slicked back and fastened in a ponytail. Turquoise ear studs glistened; a matching necklace of baubles hung down onto her cleavage.

He ached to know of her, and Elspeth knew it.

‘Only this…’ she confessed.

Elspeth rose, put her arms impetuously about his neck and met an improbable kiss; behaved brazenly as she felt compelled to respond; to be lifted into his arms and to wrap her legs around his waist; to then know of his kisses to her skin; the press of his lips to the swell of her breasts and their gentle, clamping touch to her nipples; touches that she had all but forgotten could bring such unbounded joy, and the prospect of so much more, from a man…the rush of longing that she knew would go unrequited. She trembled on feeling this brazen, unsolicited, act of homage being paid to her body; moved her hips and pressed against his questing touches, so brazenly pursued and that she wished to know of.

‘I’m lost, Guy…so utterly lost!’ She said it as she raised her face to the sky and languished in his embrace; felt his lips to her skin; canlı kaçak iddaa the rhythmic press of his fingers that sent shivers of longing coursing through her body; aroused the need to move to meet these claims; his hunger for her; Guy’s devotion. ‘I’m so lost in this…wat you’re doing to me!’

‘As I am now…Els. As I am, now…you wonder.’ He lusted after his mother-in-law; a woman who resolutely refused to give in to a debilitating condition; that of arthritis. She withstood its destructive effects with grace; took pride in her appearance and retained a captivating attractiveness in her slender, voluptuous, form. ‘Be close to me…let go of it all…take your mind off everything but us being here.’

They dipped down into the water; their claims upon each other unseen and purposeful.

‘I’m ashamed of what I’m doing, but…but I want you to touch me…just to touch me, please…like this…and…yes…like that…and yes again…yes, there!’

Els held him fiercely; felt his lips on her breasts, through her bikini top, and fingers slowly caress and slowly enter her; the waves making them rise and fall in time with their acts of sharing the moments available to them.

For now, in the soothing and warming waters of the ocean, she felt strangely wanton; would know of it differently; feel the rush of rejuvenation course through her body and she would live for the day and every moment that it offered; surrender to everything that Guy’s lips and fingers brought to her. It was destructive behaviour; disloyal and wanton, but she craved Guy’s homage and attention; yearned to know of loving acts that Ken rarely pursued with her.

Guy’s behaviour now revealed a harsher, sharper, reality to how life had become for her; only too real and different. She sought to pursue every moment of it that she could; embraced him, fiercely, as he began to touch her in ways that had her lose all sense of reason; to shudder in her pleasure and to bask in the love of a different, younger, man for her.

‘Let it all go, Els…let it all go…share canlı kaçak bahis it all with me. You’ve seen how Melanie is with me now and that having Jenny will not change…’

She looked down into his upturned face as he lifted her to make his claims easier to pursue. What he confessed to had entered her consciousness too; how Melanie often spoke of him. His work as a lawyer simply wasn’t enough; the birth of Jenny a hindrance to the life that she had sought to pursue.

But now…

‘I’m lost…lost,’ she gasped once more as she came’ felt the rush of her orgasm course through her body; her shivers making her settle on his fingers; to claps him around his neck and breathe on his skin,

‘Els…Els,’ he whispered as if consoling her for needing him to make her life seem real.

Elspeth felt his lips press against her throat as he gently kissed her skin; as Guy encouraged her to languish in his embrace until her shivers of avowal of all that she had known, and shared with him, slowly ebbed away.

‘I’ve known how it is for you…but just what am I to do? It’s madness that you’ve brought upon me…’

Guy met her startled look, as reality seemed to return, before he eased her from him and they made for the shore, their impetuous tryst at a sudden end. Elspeth’s conscience had prevailed.

He gathered up Elspeth’s clothes and they resumed their stroll through the surf and returned to the cabin; speaking casually and with some distance now to be seen between them.

‘Stay who you were moments ago, please?’ he asked in some bewilderment; believing that she had drawn into herself once more. He had seen it when the pain in her joints drained her of all energy.

‘A woman freed from her prison…her braces and the pain…if only for a few moments…’is that what you mean?’

‘Yes…please do that, for yourself as much as for me.’

She knew again the madness of where he had taken their relationship, or their dealings with each other; yet Elspeth wanted to believe in it; would seek to hold fast the memory of what had been shared with him; his kisses and touches to be seen as acts of homage that had been paid to her.

But the harsher reality of life would soon intrude and her memories, his actions and the considered words from Guy, would have to suffice.


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It’s Just a Checkup, Miss Connor

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-Miss Connor? -a sturdy male voice calls out my name.

-Ahem -I say in a cough- that’s me.

I look up from the magazine I have in my hands, up to the door, and I see a young guy. He’s about 30 and quite attractive.

As I walk into his office, I feel nervous. I haven’t had a visit for so long, I don’t know how to behave.

-Miss Connor, I see this is your first visit? -he asks, as he ruffles through some documents on his desk- I’m Dr Wallace, Simon Wallace.

-Nice to meet you, I’m Tilly. I’m not here for anything special, just the regular checkup.

-Good. -he replies in a low, affirmed tone. I have to admit his voice is very sexy.

As he looks through his papers, he licks the tip of his finger before flipping the page and I take a look at his hands: big, firm and strong.

He looks up and points at the exam table.

-Can you sit here? You don’t need to take anything off for now.

I do as he says, sit on the edge of the bed and rest my hands on my lap. I’m still nervous: I was expecting an old man, or an old woman, but definitely not a hot guy my age. He walks up to me as his gaze meets mine.

-How have you been feeling lately?

-Oh, just fine, really. -I reply in a shaky voice.

-I’m just going to check everything, okay, miss Connor? -as he asks that, he moves a hand up to my neck and feels around. I blush at his touch and feel my face turn red. He feels my arms and my abdomen. He moves his hand to my chest and I sense surprise on his face.

-Your heart’s beating really fast. Why is that? -at the moment he says that, I feel it pumping out of my chest. I ask myself: what is happening, why do I feel like this? And all of a sudden, I feel this same pressure and tightness somewhere other than my chest: down there. Fuck; he’s turning me on, this is so wrong.

-Well, I -the words stumble out of my mouth- I get nervous easily. Sorry.

-Oh Miss Connor, you don’t need to apologize. Do you mind taking your shirt off for me?

Again, I comply with pleasure. When my shirt is off, I notice my nipples are hardened, even through my bra. I hope he doesn’t notice.

He strokes my cheek and smiles.

-Your face feels very warm, are you sure there’s nothing going on with you?

-Yes, Dr Wallace, I… I think I’m doing ok. -at this point, I’m so horny, I can’t even speak correctly.

He puts his hand around my back and touches the clasp of my bra.

-May I? -he asks, signalling he wants to take it off.

-Yes, please do. -I’m güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri starting to shake, I can’t hide it anymore.

The bra comes off, and I feel his hand caressing my abdomen and travelling up to my breast. He cups it gently as he grabs onto my waist with his other hand. Suddenly he squeezes my breast and I let out a small moan.

-Hmm, Miss Connor… I would say you’re feeling quite well.

He continues by slightly spreading my legs and pushing me closer to the edge of the bed. He takes both of his hands, holds my face in between them and kisses my cheek softly. Then, he moves down to my neck and I melt at the touch of his tongue against my skin. In a split second I look down and see a bulge rising under his pants.

-I’m going to ask you to take your jeans off now, okay?

I put my feet on the floor to undo my buttons as I stare at him. He stands still and looks straight back at me. I wiggle my legs out of the jeans and throw them on the floor, left wearing only my lace panties.

-Better now, Dr Wallace? -I say shyly, with a light grin.

-Better. Much, much better. -he says, as he looks me up and down.- Sit again, please.

I get on the exam table again. He leans into me, puts his hand on the back of my neck, holding my head, and whispers:

-Lay down, Miss Connor. On your back.

I do as he says. Then, he puts one hand on my inner thigh and the warmth of his fingers catches me by surprise; I whimper. He squeezes.

Slowly, he raises his hand along my thigh up to my panties. He places his thumb exactly in the center of them and strokes gently. Again, I let out a moan, and when he notices, he smiles and repeats the motion. My body’s trying to move around and spread my legs, and I’m holding back.

As he looks me up and down again, he lifts his hand and slides it under my panties. He drives his middle finger right along the top of my slit and says:

-Hmm, what have we got here?

-What is it, Dr Wallace?

-It looks like you’ve gotten quite wet, Miss Connor.

-Oh, I -before I can say another word, he starts to slide two fingers up and down my wetness, which makes me moan.- I, uhm… Dr Wallace, you-you make me feel so good.

-Do I? That’s lovely to hear… Hmm.

As he moans slightly again, he slides a finger inside me and plays around. I raise my legs and pull my thighs closer, but his firm hand pushes them down again.

-Now, Miss Connor, you have to behave. Keep still, or I’ll have to stop.

-Don’t, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Dr Wallace, I beg you not to. -I whimper.

As he wiggles his finger in my pussy, he puts another one in and repeats the motion. With his other hand, he squeezes my breast and slightly twists my nipple. I moan again.

-It seems your nipples have hardened…

Then, he moves his hand from my breast to my face. He brushes my cheek and puts his thumb on my lips. Instinctively, I open my mouth and start to suck on it.

-Hmm, just like that, Miss Connor, you’re doing so well.

He continues with some fingers inside me, which is making me wetter by the second. He moves one up to my clit and makes small, gentle, circles. It causes me to suck harder on his thumb and moan again.

Slowly, he slides his fingers out of my panties and his thumb out of my mouth.

-Now, I want you to sit up again. -he says in a firm voice.

I comply. He then grabs me by my hips and pulls me closer to the edge of the exam table, leaving my groin only a few inches away from his. I notice again how hard his is.

-Look at what you’ve done, Miss Connor.

-Oh, Dr Wallace… -I say with a smirk- I knew exactly what I was doing.

I take my hand, lift his shirt a little and caress the skin on his lower abdomen. Then, I slide my fingers under his pants and boxers. His cock feels thick, and most of all, hard. I start to rub up and down on it while looking up at him. As he groans in pleasure, I lean forward. I fill his chest with small kisses and soft licks. He takes his hands, puts them on the back of my neck and head, his fingers between my hair, and raises my face up to his. As I keep stroking him, he kisses me deeply.

-Hmm… You know just what to do. -he says, and smiles.

Then, I take my hand out of his boxers and slide them down, revealing how hard his cock is. I stand up, and he takes a few steps back. I take my panties off, and when I’m about to throw them on the floor, he stops me. He takes them out of my hand, smells them, and moans in pleasure, before dropping them.

I turn around, lean on the exam table and bend over, leaving my ass facing his cock. I look back and give him a mean look.

-What will you do about this, Dr Wallace?

-Miss Connor… -he says, looking at my ass and biting his lip.

All of a sudden he slaps my buttocks and I gasp heavily. By the loud sound it made, I think it’s left my ass red. Then, I feel his two hands grabbing güvenilir bahis şirketleri onto my hips and the head of his cock teasing my pussy, which makes us both moan. He slides it all the way in, only to take it out again immediately. I moan in complaint and he laughs softly. He caresses my back and then puts his cock back in. The sensation of him filling me up overtakes me. He starts to thrust it in and out, at a slow pace but strongly. I grab onto the sheet of the exam table and my breath starts to get heavier. His grip on my skin tightens as both of our moans grow. Then, I feel him leaning over my back, while still inside me. He puts his fingers around my throat gently, without any pressure. But the sheer clutch of his hand on my neck makes me melt. I moan and he laughs again.

-Oh, you like that, Miss Connor? -he says playfully.

-Dr Wallace, I’m yours. Yours.

He slides out of me and turns me around, making me face him. He picks me up, holding me by my ass and thighs. Then, he slides me down on his hard cock again as I open up. He leaves my weight to rest on the exam table. He starts filling my face with wet kisses, and continues with the hard thrusts into me.

-Miss Connor, if we carry on like this, I’ll fill you up.

-Oh, please do. I want to feel it inside me. -I say, moaning.

He carries on, pushing his cock into me, as he holds me closely. I hear him breathe and groan into my ear, louder as every second passes. He cums, deep inside me. As I feel his hot load warming my insides, he kisses me again. He takes his cock out of me and gets his breath back.

I try to get off the table, but he stops me.

-Now, Miss Connor, do you really think we’ve finished? No, no. Get back on the table.

I sit again. He gets on his knees in front of me, on the floor, and leans into my pussy. He puts his tongue on the inside of my lips and licks around my soaking wet slit. I put my hand on his head to push him harder against me as I start moaning louder. He kisses my clit, licks it, sucks on it. And before I know it, I cum. I cum so hard that my thighs pull closer, pressing against his head, they shake, and I try to hold back my screams.

He stands up, licks his lips clean and leans in for a kiss.

-Well, Miss Connor, I think this concludes your visit. The checkup was good, I don’t seem to find any problems.

-Yes, Dr Wallace… -I try to say as I recover my breath.- Thank you.

He quickly gets dressed again and waits as I finish doing the same.

-You should come back soon, in case I missed anything, okay? -he says with a smile.

I nod. He opens the door for me and I step out of his office. I hear the door close, and stand there, flustered. I blink a few times and snap back into myself again, before walking out of the building and heading back home.

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Helping My Sister-in-Law Cope

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It was so unexpected that I wasn’t sure what to do.

My sister in law had stopped by and it was obvious she was upset. My wife was not home and it seemed she really wanted to talk. I was most willing to help and so we sat down in the living room and she opened up.

She had been had having some health issues and they were causing her a lot of trouble. Her husband seemed to be out of tune and she really needed some tender loving care.

I let my eyes roam over her bare legs under her skirt. She was quite upset, and she had let her legs settle open slightly, and I couldn’t help myself but to look. Her pretty pink panties were quite visible, but I don’t think she knew.

I raised my eyes to her face and nodded and smiled as she talked. She was talking a lot and crying some so she didn’t notice my wandering eyes. I couldn’t help it as her breasts heaved with her crying.

I had been laying around quite casual, some light blue shorts (quite short) and a tank top. Not much at all. As my eyes took in her body, I began to feel my cock grow more firm. Not what I needed in these shorts.

I got up and went over to give her a hug. She wasn’t much on hugging but today she seemed into it as she pressed her body to me.

I lightly caressed her upper arm letting my fingers graze just barely her bountiful breasts. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were substantial and firm.

Offering her a drink she accepted, and I arose to get it for her. Standing my firm cock pressed the front of my shorts in front of her eyes. I saw her eyes open wide as she got an up-close view. I let my fingers slide over her head caressing her hair as I walked away.

Returning canlı bahis with her drink I handed it to her and moved to sit in my chair.

She thanked me and took a deep drink.

My eyes watched as she drank then sank to look up her skirt. Her legs were quite spread, and it seemed her skirt had slid up higher (how had that happened?). Her panties were now clearly visible and I grew even more hard as I watched.

I glanced once more at her breasts and as I found her eyes again, I found her staring at my crotch.

There was nothing I could do but grow harder.

She thanked me for being willing to listen and put up with her.

Declaring it was my pleasure I smiled letting my eyes slide from her eyes, to her breasts and down to her legs. I watched astonished as her legs spread even more.

Without a word I stood and went to sit by her side. Turning her face towards me I let my finger tips slide over the outline of her face. With each caress my cock grew harder and longer, and bulged even more. Glancing down I noticed it had begun to peek out of my shorts.

She inhaled and sighed as my fingers continued to caress her face and hair. She lay back and rested her head on the back of the couch. I let my fingers trace down over her chin and down her neck. Her blouse was open but not showing anything. I noticed as she relaxed her legs spread open even more. So leaning down I took an up-close look at her panties. It was not a surprise to see a wet spot on her panties as her pussy began to leak.

Raising my eyes I found her staring at me as I was looking up her dress.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“Most bahis siteleri definitely,” I replied.

Smiling she lifted her hand to my bare leg and slid it up my thigh. My cock jumped as she neared my crotch. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

I took a chance and began to unbutton her blouse. She did not stop me and soon I opened it up to reveal a black lace bra. Her substantial breasts were mounded up out of the cups, so I let my fingers slip down and trace her bulging breasts.

By now I was rock hard and protruding from my shorts. I felt her hand slip around and grip my shaft. I couldn’t believe this, and I reached into her cup to caress her breast. She arched her back and pressed her tit to my hand. I felt her nipple grow hard under my caress. I pulled her blouse off then reached behind her to unhook her bra. Pulling it loose I let her pretty tits come into view.

I leaned down and began to suck her tits. As her nipples grew long and hard, I let my hand slide between her legs and up her skirt. My fingers found her wet panties and I pressed against her slit. She began to moan as I suckled at her tit and fingered her panty covered pussy.

With a quick motion she reached down and pulled her panties off. I pressed her skirt up out of the way.

I watched as she peeled my shorts off and took my cock into her mouth. I fingered her clit and her wet pussy watching her mouth slide up and down my long shaft.

There was nothing else to do but to slide my hard cock into her hot wet pussy. I pushed her back on the couch and raised her legs. Her pussy stood wet and pulsing ready to accept my rod. I pressed my mushroom head bahis şirketleri to her lips and pushed lightly. They unfolded and I watched the head of my cock slide inside her.

I eased in a little more and watched over half my cock enter her love box. She was tight and wet, and my moistened shaft slid in easily. I pressed in deeper with each thrust. Soon I felt my balls bang on her ass I was full cock deep into her twat.

Reaching down I began to finger her clit as I thrust rapidly in and out of her pussy. Soon I could tell she was ready to cum and so was I. I continued to finger her clit as I rammed it home.

As her orgasm broke over my cock, I felt my own cum rush up the length of my dick and explode deep into her pussy. Continuing to thrust I let her pussy milk my cum. We slowed down and my cock slowly slid from her wet pussy, cum dripping from my cock and her pussy.

Without a word I knelt and licked her clean of her cum and mine.

Then she too knelt and licked me clean. Watching her tongue slide up and down my shaft and balls was a total turn on. Though I wasn’t ready for round too I found great solace in sucking her breasts again.

Laughing, she pushed me away. “I need to get dressed,” she said.

Laughing I too stood and dressed, watching her put on her bra and blouse, then her panties and skirt. It was enough for my cock to stiffen a little.

Laughing she caressed my dick and told me later and turned to go.

Turning she gave me a big hug and said she was glad her sister wasn’t home and that she appreciated my listening to her and giving her advice.

I too laughed as I swept over her breasts and smiling told her anytime. She turned to walk away………..”Maybe you shouldn’t tell sis I was here!” she exclaimed.

I told her I thought that was best.

I heard the toilet upstairs flush….when had she come home?

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Manhandled at 19

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My neighbors Dad Tony was an out of work 46 year old Latino. He was a big man in thickness, 6 foot tall about 250 pounds. Solid strong man, hairy all over and he had boner for my ass. I guess it was the way I dressed when I came over to visit with Victor, his son. I had about 3 different tight shirts and 2 different shorts I’d wear. One pair of shorts my favorite, was tight fitting Levi pants cut super short, they went right up my ass. I had a bigger than usual ass for a guy. And the other were just cut off sweat pants, but still very short.

Tony would answer the door when I came over, and was soon flirting with me and making sounds like he liked what he saw. I thought he was harmless until that day he was waiting for me to wash up after fooling around with Victor. I always used the bathroom before I left back home next door to wash my face and gargle out my mouth, and sometimes wipe off any cum that didn’t make it in my mouth.

I walked in and froze at the sight of Tony standing there completely naked. My jaw dropped at the sight of his man cock. It was hanging so low and proud, and so hairy. His whole body was so hairy and I was instantly attracted to him after that. Tony grabbed me by the arm, pulled me in and closed the door. He started kissing me and grabbing my ass. He was so strong, I can tell he could’ve raped me right then and there. But he pushed me down from the top of my head and on to my knees I went.

Tony’s cock was 6 inches just hanging limp. He told me to suck it and I started giving him my best oral skills. To feel that huge cock grow in my mouth was making my cock hard. And soon he was rock hard and I was taking him down my throat. Tony was so impressed by my skills he didn’t take long to fill my mouth with his huge thick load. I swallowed it all down and kept him in my mouth until he was limp again.

He told me to come back tomorrow after Victor leaves to work. He grabbed my ass with his strong hands and told me he wants to fuck me. I agreed and quietly left back to my house. I could not be more nervous that next day. I still came over wearing my favorite shorts and shirt to give Victor his daily blowjob. Tony was waiting in the kitchen for me to leave. When he seen me he called me over to him, my heart started güvenilir bahis pounding as I approached him. Tony grabbed me rough by the back of my head and pulled me up against him. He had a handful of hair controlling my head, as he gave me a tongue filled kiss. His other hand grabbed a handful of my ass and squeezed it. He told me if I was ready to get fucked. I just shook my head yes and he let me go.

I started walking away and he called me one more time. I turned around and he had his rock hard cock out. He was waving it at me with a fist full and I walked back up to him. I was so amazed at the size of it, I hadn’t really seen it fully hard because it was down my throat. I dropped to my knees in front of his 9 inch hairy super thick man cock. I grabbed it and stroked it and licked it from bottom to top. Then I realized, my ass is in trouble! Tony told me he’ll be waiting in the garage for me.

I went back home and checked the time, 1:30 pm. Victor leaves around 3:10 pm so I had some time to clean up. I showered and gave my ass a good clean out. I also lubed my ass just in case he didn’t have any, and I brought a small bottle. I dressed simple, easy off cloths, and sandals. I did wear my cut off sweat pants for Tony. And by the time I was ready I heard Victor’s ride pull up. 3:08 pm, my heart started pounding and my hands shaking. I was so nervous, I never had a real man before. And he was very dominate, I knew I was in for a rough ride. But I wanted him, bad!

I waited until 3:20 before I walked outside and looked over toward his garage. I seen Tony sitting down in his chair watching TV and drinking a beer. He spotted me looking and waved me over. My legs felt weak walking over and my heart was beating so fast. I walked into his mancave and he closed the garage door. It was one of those older spring loaded doors that closed real loud and hard. It got real dark, only the TV light was on, and a neon clock that read 3:27. Tony turned on a lamp by his love seat and started to get naked. I knew his wife or Victor didn’t come home till after 7 pm, so I felt at ease about not getting caught.

Tony got totally naked and finished off the beer he was drinking. He walked over to the fridge and grabbed 2 more. They were cans of Tecate, türkçe bahis he handed me one and he took another big drink. I took a big drink myself and made a face. He laughed and walked up to me and told me to drink it all. Then he pounded down the one he just opened. So I did to, but it took me a few minutes. He threw away the empty cans and told me to come over by the love seat.

I walked over there and he told me to get naked, I did as he said. Tony grabbed me by my hair and kissed me again. We made out for a while and then he pushed me down to my knees. He shoved his cock into my mouth and started fucking my mouth. He was very rough, all I could do was open wide. He had both hands full of my hair as he fucked my face. I couldn’t pull away so I just let him. Tony stopped and pulled me with one handful of hair and I had to walk on my knees to the love seat. He kinda threw me by my hair and I landed up against the love seat chest first.

Tony roughly pushed me from behind till he had me face down on the seat cushions. I heard him lubing up his cock, by now the alcohol had kicked in and I spread my legs and lifted my ass up. Tony kneeled down behind me and started shoving his big cock into my ass. I lost my breath and tried to squirm away. Tony grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back, it hurt and he was not gentle. It stopped me from trying to move and he slammed his cock in my ass balls deep. I screamed, I never felt so helpless as he started pounding my ass.

Tony began to pound my ass, slow but brutal hip thrusting balls deep strokes. I was screaming out like a bitch with every stroke. He still had me by the hair as he continued to destroy my poor asshole. Then after about 10 minutes he finally let go of my hair and pulled his cock out. He sat down on the love seat and told me to ride him. As I climbed on him I seen a bunch of my hair all over my chest he pulled out of my head.

I was able to climb on him like nothing because he was so big. I never rode a real man before, just homemade dildos. It was not the same at all. As soon as I got him in me he thrusted and buried his cock into my ass. Tony grabbed me by the ass and started fucking me super hard. I leaned back and bounced with him. Tony was digging his fingers in my güvenilir bahis siteleri ass from where he was grabbing it. It hurt like hell and when I tried to move his hands he started fucking me harder and I had to hold on to his legs and keep my balance.

He kept fucking me, I wasn’t riding him, I was just trying to stay on. Finally he stood up with me and held me from under both legs. Tony began to fuck me by far his hardest now. I was crying for him to stop, but he just kept on. I blew my load all over in between us, and I heard him start to grunt. Then he gave a deep moan and started to dump his load in my ass. He didn’t stop his brutal pounding and his cum began to drip out of my ass. Tony was able to keep fucking me for another 5 minutes as I just held on hugging him and he finally dropped both of my legs. And a great big gob of his cum came out of my ass and started sliding down my thighs.

I could barely walk as he commanded me to bring him 2 more beers. I did as he asked and he told me to kneel in front of him as he sat in his love seat. He said we still have time its only 4:50pm. I already felt so exhausted and tore up. But he pulled my head down with a handful of hair and put my face in his cock and told me not to stop sucking till he was hard again. I did what he said and it took me a good 25 minutes to get him fully hard again.

Tony made me lay down on my stomach on the ground. Then he lubed up his cock and my ass and spread my legs wide. He buried his cock balls deep in my ass and gave me a brutal half hour long pounding. I cried for the first 10 minutes or so until I got hard again myself. Then I started to kinda enjoy it, but he got rough with me again. He was squeezing my ass and his fingers were deep in my flesh. He was even squeezing my sides up along my body. It hurt like hell! Then when he was ready to cum again he made me get on my knees and he blew his load in my mouth, and I came too.

He threw me back when he was done and I had to catch myself from falling back. He said I could go now. I got dressed as fast as I could and went through the backyard and jumped the fence into my backyard. I went straight to the shower, cleaned up and laid down and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning with bruises all over my ass and my sides. I could barely walk and didn’t see Victor until the next day.

I never let Tony fuck me again, but I did suck his cock in bathroom a few more times. I’ll never forget my first older man, I was 19 and he was 46.

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Going My Own Way Ch. 01

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Opportunity Knocks.

I had been married to Richard for nearly fifteen years. We were no longer getting along, not been for five months. We argued our arguments got worse

The reason for this change in our relationship was Richards mother passing away. I should say the implications of his mother passing away.

Matilda had died suddenly at just shy of sixty-five. Richards father had not been around for thirty-five years, leaving Matilda to bring him up from the age of five. They had lived in a substantial house set on ten acres of land in Suffolk near Orford. They had lived with Matilda’s parents, as his grandparents spoiled him.

We got wedded and set up home together in East London as we both worked there.

Richards mother continued to live with her parents and looked after them both till they passed away. Matilda was the sole beneficiary of their wealth. Including their house.

Richard decided we were going to move to Orford, into his mother’s home with her passing. I didn’t want to, so we argued. He insisted that we should.

We both worked in publishing, meeting through our work, our earnings allowed us to trade up apartments to a three-bed from a single-bed. As we were doing ok we bought an off-plan apartment in Ipswich as an investment. Both apartments were modern and needed no work on them. The house in Orford needed gutting, in my opinion.

We were good together, life comfortable, sex was good, I was happy living in London, with lots going on, even Ipswich was lively, unlike dead Orford. I referred to it as Gods waiting room. Considering Richards mother and two grandparents had died in Orford. I was insensitive. We had a blazing row.

Our Tennent in the apartment in Ipswich had vacated the property. We had decided to redecorate it and put it on the market. I hadn’t been to the apartment since just before the first time we let it. I had some leave to use up from work, so after another shouting match and thought, I threw some clothes, tools and odd things in my car, I left for Ipswich, telling Richard I had had enough, that I was going do up, then live in the apartment. We had another row.

The reality was far from simple our apartment located on the Waterfront in a good position was in a state. We had let the place partly furnished, partly furnished being a fridge freezer and a bed, which I didn’t fancy sleeping in or on.

I ordered a mattress and bedding online to fit the king-size frame we already had in the master bedroom. A couple of days after. I was making the bed and looking forward to sleep in it and not on the floor in a sleeping bag.

I had cleaned the bathroom, shower room and kitchen by now.

I listed paint and other materials that were needed, armed with a scribbled güvenilir bahis note. I took a trip to the local suppliers, which was within walking distance.

The guy who was serving me was pleasant and attentive. He was, I guessed, ten years my junior, thirty-ish. I noticed his deodorant, his muscular physique and his grooming being clean-shaven and clean. Whether it was having a non-confrontational conversation or the need to communicate with someone, I don’t know. We got into a bit of banter. We were flirty with each other.

He put all my purchases on a trolly and asked where I had parked. I smiled with embarrassment. “I walked here, err….., I need to go back and get my car.”

“Where do you live? I don’t mind dropping it off to you, a half an hour, the depot will be closed for the day,”

I gave him the address, explained to call the apartment on the door entry system.

Feeling emboldened, I smiled and said, “my name is Claire. What’s yours, my saviour?”

“Rod, if you want to wait, I can give you a lift back home, Claire.”

I nodded my agreement as he loaded the delivery van. He then rushed around the paint depot, tidying up and locking the front of the shop. We exited through the rear door after he set the building alarm.

In the van, for the two-minute journey to the apartment entrance. I notice the van was tidy, had a fragrant air freshener. I also viewed Rod. He looked as good as my earlier assessment mmm…, hunky. We unloaded the delivery on a flat trolly and took it up to the eighth floor to the apartment in the elevator.

He unfolded one of the dust sheets I had bought and stacked the tins of paint and other purchases on it. Thanking him, being more forward than I am usually, I kissed his cheek and pressed my body, to his firm body.

“Do you want a drink? I can offer tea, coffee, beer or white wine.” I asked as I moved to the open kitchen.

“Tea, please have you just moved in? you haven’t got any furniture.” Rod enquired.

I set the kettle off to boil, opened the balcony door and pointed things out to him, including the paint depot. I made the tea and, while it brewed, I asked if he would like to see the apartment as I took his hand and lead him to the bathroom, the guest bedroom, the en-suite shower room finishing with the master bedroom. I explained that I was going to do the place up to live in or sell.

“I had to buy a new bed. I’ll be getting the rest when I’ve completed decorating” I patted the bed next to me, indicating I wanted Rod to sit with me. He sat close. Yes, he smelt good.

“Well, Rod, are you married? In a relationship? Or available.” If I had embarrassed him, he didn’t show it.

“I’m single, not in a relationship and haven’t been for türkçe bahis twelve months or so. I live in Felixstowe in a small flat. I am also house trained”. He smiled.

“There are no seats, so I’ll get the tea and bring it through.” I wiggled my bum as I walked back to the kitchen. I hadn’t been as blatant as this since before getting married.

Rod had made himself comfortable had his shoes off had his when I returned, putting the cups on a cardboard-box, that I used as a bedside table.

Rod had removed his shoes and sat with his back to the headboard. “I hope you don’t mind,” indicating his legs with a wave of his hand.

“Not at all it’s this or the floor and a wall for a backrest.” I hopped onto the bed, sidled up to him, our thighs touched.

“I’m married, just separated hence the apartment, I work in London, I am reassessing that and lots of things. I have booked a month of holiday leave to decide what I’m doing.”

I passed him his cup of tea. I drank mine. I thought about the risk I was taking. We were sitting on my bed, inviting him to sit on my bed, sitting so close, legs touching, sitting so close. We finished the tea. I leaned across him to put my cup on the box. “You smell nice, Rod.”, I whispered a little breathlessly. I kissed him, pecks, then mouth to mouth tongue duelling kisses. He responded. It’s always a risk showing your feelings having just met. We both slid down the bed so that we were face to face kissing with me on top. His hands were squeezing my bum he pulled me to his body. I could feel his cock, hard against my taut body, turning me on. Not having sex for months fueled my libido. I straddled him, rising to throw my legs over his hips, grinding my cunt into his cock. I could feel my wetness. My panties soaked.

I wanted him badly, not remembering the last time I reacted like this to a man. Down, his taut body l slid, unzipping his trousers and snaking my hand in his fly and fished out his hard throbbing cock licked it from bottom to top several times. His aroma was earthy and wholesome. To get at more of him, particularly his balls. I undid his belt and waistband. He watched me with a broad smile on his face as I pulled his trousers and boxer shorts off in one swift movement. I held his cock in both hands and wanked him as I sucked, kissed and licked his ball bag. I love doing this, as it’s subservient to my lover. Rod seemed to be enjoying the teasing of his testes as I sucked and slobbered each in turn and wanked him. Keeping eye contact, he moaned a loud “ahhhh, that’s so good, Claire.”

Using one hand, I struggled to push my panties down, it being more awkward as they were damp. I finished their removal by kicking them from my legs. Concentrating on engulfing Rods thick six-inch güvenilir bahis siteleri cock in my mouth, I soon had utterings of oohs and ahhhs as I deep throated hard cock.

Feeling his body tensing, I eased up on my oral administration and licked the head. Getting turned on and concerned about my possible slutty behaviour and my body appealinging to him. Doubts with my age. I just leaned forward and kissed his lips forcefully. I whispered, “I hope I don’t disappoint.”

Not confident of baring my body, I straddled his hips once again and, by holding my skirt out of the way, making contact with a cock for the first time for months. My labia saddled his cock my juicy wet cunt lips nestled around his manhood. I rode his rock-like cudgel as he gripped my bum cheeks and pulled me to him. My seemingly oversensitive clit grazed the ridge of his cock crown. My mind took every sensation of every stroke in, pressing the overbearing nearing orgasm onward to the conclusion. Eyes squeezed tightly shut, gasping for air, I rode Rod, using him as a masturbation aid coming with ecstatic force driving me to continue and come again only with just a little less intensity.

Before I had recovered from my climax, Rod rolled me over aimed his wet cock at my cunt entrance. Sensing my need, coupled with the stimulation of my wet pussy riding his cock, no doubt his primaeval need.

He pushed his juice lubricated cock into my stimulated, wet cunt as I wrapped my legs around his torso opening myself more to him, fucking me hard and quickly for ten minutes or so. He kissed me repeatedly, fondled my still clothed tits, smiled between kisses, face to face, we fucked each other, both pursuing our needs.

I climaxed again, a mind-blowing explosion of sexual fulfilment for me. I felt hot come spurts inside me as Rods face contorted in a mixture of what to me seemed pleasure, pain and disappointment, which morphed into a broad grin. We had not spoken. There had been no need for words. In silence, interrupted only by laboured breathing we, just lay together savouring our feeling as Rods cock ‘wilted’ and plopped out of me as I leaked his sperm.

Rod eased his body down my body. I was still in a sexual stupor, spread on open-legged with our combined sexual excretions slowly dribbling from my pussy as he licked and sucked my inflamed labia, my hole, the source of his apparent need as he sucked the cocktail from my cunt until none remained. Rod was an accomplished lover. Not content with the pleasure he had given, he assaulted my now prominent engorged clitoris, probing it, sucking it and licking it till I was coming once again.

“Thank you, that was amazing,” I whispered as he held my face in his hands. We kissed fiercely. He passed the cocktail of our come into my mouth, a first for me I never had this before. It was a little kinky, forbidden, therefore stimulating to me. We both ran out of energy, still with arms wrapped around each other. We both drifted off to sleep.

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Daria on the Wheel

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My name is Daria Keen, I come from England and this is a true story of what happened to me in a lesbian sex club in Budapest, on a holiday in 2007. I hope you enjoy it.

Daria on the Wheel

I was in my underwear, blindfolded and strapped to the wheel. Waiting for the crowd to arrive.

The wheel was really a padded revolving table, waist height, purpose built, with a large wooden cross where a person’s hands and feet could be tied. The room was empty, slightly cold and smelled of incense, alcohol and pot, and I felt amazing.

The club used to have a draw every Friday night, to see who would be the ‘victim’ on the wheel the next week. It’s a clever idea, because if you’re picked, it gave you a week to think about it. It really builds the tension. All week after my name was drawn, I was a bundle of excited nerves, knowing it would soon be my turn on the wheel.

My girlfriend Shonan was with me that night my name was drawn, and she was almost as excited as me. She helped ‘prepare’ me for my turn on the wheel. This meant agreeing safe words with the concierge, agreeing my limits, getting blindfolded, and tied to the wheel with leather straps.

And there I was, spread out, like a human X, tethered by my wrists and ankles. I was already wet, as you can well imagine.

I was twenty seven then, five foot five, brunette and a little slimmer than I am now, I suppose was quite confident of my body. I haven’t got large breasts, but they’ve been described as shapely. I didn’t shave below completely back then, but I kept trim. I was fairly promiscuous, and wasn’t shy. What else can I say? I like sex.

On the wheel, I remember actually moaning out loud when I heard the door open and the girls walked in. I must have been in such a heightened state canlı bahis of arousal. I’m like that. I start thinking of things that may soon to happen to me and I become a pool of quivering jelly.

The music started, (some trance-type beat, but it wasn’t night-club loud). I couldn’t tell how many people walked through the door, but there were quite a few judging by the footsteps and chattering. I heard several compliments in English, but most of the talking I couldn’t understand. I assume the majority were Hungarian.

All the voices were female, I’m pleased to say. The voices grew louder as they got nearer to the wheel, and then they were all around me, on all sides.

They wasted no time in touching me. This was a particular fantasy of mine, to be touched by many mysterious hands. Hands of strangers. They brushed my legs, arms, belly, and someone ran their fingers through my hair. Shonan later told me this was her, which was sweet I thought.

My underwear was still on, and I felt some hands brush my breasts and pussy, but they weren’t yet too exploratory. I’d asked that they would cut away my underwear with scissors. Many years ago, the first time I saw a porno I saw a girl having her underwear cut away, and I’ve always liked that. After only a couple of minutes of them fondling me, I heard a snip and felt the air on my breasts, as they spread out over my chest. It was very thrilling, feeling so helpless and exposed in front of all those strangers. I felt my nipples harden, as hands started touching my bare boobs. Lightly pinching my nipples, sending thrills right through to my core.

I was very appreciative that everyone was quite gentle. I don’t like rough sex, and Shonan knew this. I was lucky she was there looking out for me, I felt quite bahis siteleri safe, though still deliciously naughty.

My panties were cut away next, (I was sure they would have seen the wetness seeping through), and then I was fully naked and helpless for the crowd to do whatever they wanted. It was heavenly!

Suddenly I felt something cold between my breasts, and on my belly. Then on each leg, and I soon realised they were oiling me up. Shonan later said she’d taken lots of oil with her, and I’ll be forever grateful to her, as I love being oiled up. Having so many hands rubbing and caressing me was sending me delirious. I could feel someone rubbing my clit, and I was worried I might cum too soon, (I usually cum once, and very intensely. I then usually need a short break before I’m able to continue).

I was pleased the room was a little cold, as now, with all the bodies in the room and my quickening pulse, I felt very warm indeed. I could hear myself moaning loudly, as hands were everywhere. It was quite a sensory overload, I’d felt nothing like it before.

After five minutes or so of this very sensual massage, (it might have been ten minutes, time is a strange concept when you’re on the wheel), I felt the straps round my ankle being undone. What was going to happen now?

I felt my legs lifted, and new, cooler straps put round my legs. What was going on? My legs felt like they were spread even wider.

Then, I heard a ratchet sound. Like a wheel and a chain was being wound up. Some people started cheering, and some clapping, as I felt my legs rising.

And rising…

I realised then that they’d put my legs in a spreader bar, and pretty soon they were up in the air with my bottom completely off the table. I felt the air all around bahis şirketleri my sopping wet pussy and in between the cheeks of my bottom. What a sight I must have looked, with my bum in the air, naked, all oiled up and exposed so vulgarly.

Hands were everywhere again, on my breasts, lightly pinching my nipples, there were fingers in my pussy, massaging my clit, and someone was raking their nails on the cheeks of my bottom, while someone else was rubbing my now exposed bumhole. I’d never been so pleasured in my life.

I heard a vibrator switched on, and soon my pussy was full. Someone was using it with short, quick strokes, which is how I like it. I felt mouths over my hard nipples, and there was someone lightly massaging my clit. All this was happening at the same time, and I knew I was about to be sent over the edge.

A finger entered my arsehole, and that felt deliciously naughty. My back passage is very sensitive. The finger was soon replaced by some kind of ribbed toy, which didn’t feel very thick, but was quite long, and whoever was dildoing my arse, was using long, slow strokes.

With my clit being expertly massaged, the quick short strokes of the vibrator in my cunt, the two mouths round my nipples and the ribbed anal toy stimulating my back passage, my orgasm came very quickly, and very intensely. It was a wave of pleasure like I’d never felt before, it spread over me like wildfire. I screamed and writhed in my harnesses and Shonan later told me that I arched my back so violently that she thought I’d do myself some damage. In the distance I could hear “whoos” and clapping from the crowd, who within a few minutes had gone into the bar area, leaving me panting and waiting to be set free.

As if the evening wasn’t perfect enough, when they did the draw for next Friday’s ‘victim’ on the Wheel, Shonan got picked. We hugged each other excitedly and decided we’d re-arrange our flights home. There was no way Shonan wanted to miss her turn on the wheel.

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Getting Back In Touch

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Authors note: My second effort, thanks for the positive feedback on the first. This one is different, focusing on a fairly indulgent fantasy I’ve had since my mid-20’s. Thanks again to the very talented 1moeannie for her editing assistance. As before, I welcome constructive feedback. Happy reading.

Getting Back In Touch

Mike was pleasantly surprised when Laura reached out to him. They had been in an intense relationship for 6 months, when she suddenly broke it off, telling him that she had found someone else. He told her he didn’t care; that she could have this new person AND him, to no avail. It had been three months since then, and while he was dating, he hadn’t found anyone like her yet. Her combination of beauty, wit and intelligence were a rare mix.

So when she messaged him out of the blue to ask him to meet for a drink, he enthusiastically agreed, asking what this was about. She asked him to be patient, all would be made clear soon enough. He prodded, teased, and cajoled, to no avail. He even tried calling, but she wouldn’t answer. After the third try, he decided he would just have to wait.

The four days until their meeting dragged by. He found himself thinking of Laura to the point of obsession. In 6 months, they had gone from straightforward dating to exploring BDSM to shared fantasies about adding other partners to their playtime. Just before she’d left him, she’d even shared with him her thoughts about the possibility of sharing a long-term polyamorous life together. The steady escalation, followed by the abrupt end to the relationship, had pierced him more deeply than he’d wanted to admit.

He got to the bar 10 minutes early and got a seat in the back, a booth for privacy. There were only a few people there, a few couples and what looked to be regulars. A few minutes after he sat down, the door opened, and a gorgeous brunette walked in. Her dark eyes scanned the room, eventually settling on him. To Mike’s surprise, she walked straight toward his booth and stood a few feet away, eyeing him expectantly. After a few uncomfortable moments, she looked him in the eyes and asked “Is your name Mike?”

Mike swallowed quickly and replied that he was.

“May I join you?” she asked. Before he could reply she said “Oh, and Laura isn’t coming, it’s just the two of us.”

Mike stared at the woman as she sat down across the booth from him. She was wearing a stylish black dress, low cut just enough to hint at the swell of her breasts while still being professional. She wore an understated choker around her delicate neck, set off by subtle diamond earrings.

She sat quietly, taking his measure. Mike felt like he was being…judged, somehow. After almost a minute of uncomfortable staring, he couldn’t take it anymore. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“Well, Mike, what’s going on is that I have a problem. A few problems, actually. And I’m hoping you can help me solve them.” There was a pause as their server took their drink orders.

Mike took a deep breath to settle himself. “Okay,” he said. “This is clearly about Laura; I know that much. Who are you, and how do you know her?”

The woman smiled. “Oh, Laura said you were a quick one. I’m Ana, and I’m the one Laura left you for.”

Seeing the shocked look on his face, she continued. “I met her more than a year ago, at the bookstore. She helped me find something I was looking for and we got to talking. I started visiting the store more and more, finding new reasons to talk to her. In my defense, I didn’t know you existed for the first few weeks. We talked mostly about books and movies, places we’d lived or visited, things like that. I got her to order me a few books of erotica and we started talking about what we liked to read in that genre. A few weeks in we went to lunch, I think she suspected that I was interested in more than just friendship by that point. She mentioned you, said she wanted to be upfront about things.”

She paused while Mike took this news in and their drinks arrived. She then continued. “Now, I’m going to tell you something that I don’t tell a lot of people, Mike. I’m rich. And not just a little bit. The kind of rich that a lot of people hate.”

Shaking her head, she held up a preemptive hand and said, “Before you get angry, I donate to multiple charities, I give away a LOT of money. Most of it anonymously. But money…it makes things easier, Mike. Laura told me all about you, what she liked, the parts of you she even loved…but I just listened and when she was done, I asked her how she’d feel about never working again; and traveling the world instead. What could she say, Mike? What would YOU have said?”

Mike sat in silence. He was surprised that, rather than being angry, he found himself feeling nothing but happiness for Laura. She’d worked in the bookstore since college, scraping by, surrounded by the things she loved most, trying to write the book she knew was inside her. From what little he’d learned in their six months together; it hadn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri been easy. But it seemed that she’d been happy. Before his mind could start racing, he took a calming breath and thought for a minute.

“Why are you here, then?” he asked. The look on Ana’s face let him know he had asked the right question.

“Like I said, Mike. I have a few problems,” She paused.

Mike could tell this wasn’t easy for her.

“The big one is that Laura still misses you. I had hoped that by giving her everything, she’d let you go. But…that isn’t happening. She brings you up all the time, unintentionally even. ‘Oh, Mike would love this wine’, or ‘Mike loves that show’. Small things, big things. She’s not getting over you.” Ana looked down at her lap for a moment, gathering her strength for what she was going to say next.

She looked up saying, “She wants to be with you. And…I want to make her happy. She knows how hard it would be for me to just let her… go to you. So, she proposed that the…three of us…” Ana paused, and Mike saw that there was a definite flush on her cheeks; and knew that this had to be making her uncomfortable. He knew how hard this must be. And in that moment, he could see why Laura wanted to be with her. Here was this beautiful woman, who clearly loved her, inviting him to share their bed, just to make her happy. The strength that it must have taken.

He reached over and put his hand over hers. “Ana” he said. “I’m honored. If you’re sure, it would be my pleasure. Just let me know where and when.”

The mixed look of relief, happiness, with a small tinge of sadness on Ana’s face made her appear even more beautiful to Mike. Right there, he decided that he’d do his best to make her as happy as he could. To make this amazing arrangement work.

She smiled and said “Thank you. Thank you for making this easy. Tomorrow night, my house. I’ll send a car.” She stood up, and Mike stood up with her.

He took her hand, kissed her gently on the cheek then said, “I can’t wait.”

“Until tomorrow, then,” he said. She gave him a quick wink, and walked out the way she came in.

The next night, Mike was waiting in his living room, ready to go. He had on his best suit, blue with a lighter blue shirt underneath, open at the collar. His shoes were shined and he was wearing his lucky underwear, a pair of green boxer briefs with shamrocks. There was a knock on the door, he opened it. Standing outside was an alluring woman with reddish brown hair tucked into a chauffeur’s cap. She had on a black suit with a white blouse. With a mischievous grin, she indicated the car and said “This way, sir. Your car awaits.”

Mike happily followed her down the steps, getting into the back of the limo as she held the door open. The drive to Ana’s house took over an hour. Along the way, the driver (Roseanna, as it turned out) made small talk with him about what he did for a living, how he knew Ana and Laura, and where he got his suit. She complimented him on the cut, told him he looked great, and that she could see why Ana had invited him over. The car had a bar in back, so Mike helped himself to a small whiskey to settle his nerves. Between Roseanna’s ego boosting conversation skills and the alcohol, Mike was feeling great about the night ahead when the car pulled up the long driveway that led to the house. Only, “house” was a completely inadequate way to describe the four-story mansion that awaited Mike as he stepped out of the car. He thanked Roseanna for the ride and headed up the wide steps to the front door. As he did, a pretty black woman in a maid’s uniform opened the door and greeted him.

“Welcome, Mr. Mike,” she said. “I’m Erica. Is there anything you need before I take you to see the ladies?”

Mike used the restroom to freshen up, then said he was ready to go. Erica smiled and told him to follow her. She led the way to an elevator, giving Mike a great view along the way. She was wearing thigh high stockings, with her tiny skirt barely covering her ass, her long legs striding the corridors in high heels. They got into the elevator together and Erica hit the button for the 4th floor. As they ascended, she made no effort to hide the way she examined Mike from head to toe. Rather than making Mike uncomfortable, he felt more than a little appreciated, even turned on. When the doors opened, she led Mike down the hallway to a massive pair of double doors.

Erica held one of the doors open and gave him a half curtsey, with her eyes to the floor. She rose, and as Mike walked into the bedroom she whispered “Have fun, Mike. Hope to see you again soon.” And closed the door behind him.

The bedroom was dark, lit only by candles. Laura was on the bed, wearing lacy white lingerie with matching stockings. Her smile lit up her face and Mike remembered everything that he’d ever loved about her. He made his way further into the room but paused when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. Ana was sitting in a chair to the side of the bed, mobilbahis dressed in a provocative black skirt with an understated cream blouse. As soon as he looked her way, she spread her legs, giving Mike a glimpse up her skirt. He saw her thighs, and he could tell that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“She’s missed you, Mike,” Ana said. “And I bet you’ve missed her.” She leaned back in her chair and spread her legs wider. “Why don’t you two show me how happy you are to see each other? For now, I just want to watch.” As she spoke, she slowly pulled her skirt above her knees and started gently fingering her pussy. Mike could see it was slick with her juices already.

“As you wish” he said, winking at her and quoting a line from one of his favorite movies.

He turned back to Laura and took off his suit. Once he was down to his boxer briefs, he smiled at her and she rose from the bed to come to him. They held each other close, gently kissing. It began slowly, then quickly became passionate, their tongues dancing together and soon it was as if no time had passed at all. Laura pressed her body against his and began stroking him through his briefs. Mike moaned, low in his throat, and cupped her ass, sliding his hand into her panties. He slid two fingers into her neatly shaven pussy from behind, finding her soaking wet. They kept making out, teasing each other for a long while, driving themselves and each other crazy with need.

Laura broke first. She went to her knees pulling Mike’s briefs down to his ankles. Mike’s cock was as hard as it had ever been. She didn’t hesitate, taking it deep down her throat. It had been a while; she had forgotten how large he was. She gagged at first, but then took him deeper. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Ana. It looked like she was transfixed, watching the two of them with an intensity that Laura could feel from five feet away. Her fingers were sawing in and out of her wet pussy, her breath came in shallow gasps.

Laura pulled her mouth off of Mike’s cock and said “Come here, baby. Come join us.” And then she took all of Mike’s cock down her throat again, staring into his eyes as she did so. Ana stood up and let her skirt fall to the floor. Her nipples strained against the thin fabric of her blouse for a moment until that, too, was off. Fully naked, she strode to Laura’s side and joined her on her knees. She gently took Laura’s face in her hands kissing her lips, slipping her tongue in and out of her mouth. Finally, Laura broke the kiss and held Mike’s cock towards her. Ana lightly ran her tongue over the head, then up and down the sides of his shaft, making it wet and slick with her saliva. After a few minutes of this teasing, Mike moaned, “please…” pushing his cock towards her. Laura took Ana’s hair in her hand, guiding her mouth over it in time with Mike’s thrusts.

“This is how he likes it,” she whispered, Ana widened her mouth, taking Mike’s hard cock even deeper into her throat. Laura slid behind her and started playing with Ana’s nipples, pulling and tugging them the way she knew she liked. Ana groaned approvingly, closing her eyes and sucking lovingly on Mike’s cock.

Mike was in heaven. Looking down at these two beautiful women, he felt a contentment unlike anything he’d ever experienced before. As Ana’s head bobbed up and down, he gently took her head in his hands pushing himself deeper down her throat. He sighed, fully relaxed, letting the moment take him. After a few moments of this, he reached down pulling Ana and Laura to their feet.

“Ana” he said. “Thank you. Thank you for all of this. I’m unbelievably happy right now.”

With that, he kissed her, as passionately as he’d kissed Laura minutes before. After a few minutes of that, he turned to Laura kissing her the same way. Then, he guided their faces together watching as Laura and Ana made out for a few long minutes. He loved how enthusiastic they were, he could feel how much they cared for each other.

Laura couldn’t believe her luck. She loved Ana, who had given her a life she could only have dreamed of. But she’d felt guilty for months over the way she’d left Mike. And she had missed him. More than she wanted to admit sometimes, and more than she allowed herself to share with Ana. Now, they were here together, all of them. She took both their hands and led them to the bed.

Ana hadn’t been this turned on in years. She’d reached out to Mike purely out of her love for Laura. She had what she thought were realistically low expectations for any relationship between the two of them. But here she was, her pussy soaking wet just at the thought of what was about to happen, because of what had already happened. She walked behind Laura and Mike, admiring both their asses.

“You two start,” she said, as they all climbed onto the bed. “I’d actually love to watch”.

Laura laid on her back as Mike began kissing her. His lips traced their way first from her lips, to her breasts, paying special attention to her nipples. He sucked them hard, circling bahis siteleri the tight nubs with his tongue. Soon, Laura was gasping and panting. That was his cue to kiss his way down her belly, slowly licking her thighs, teasing her for long moments. He glanced at Ana. She was fingering herself, using her thumb to stimulate her clit. Like Laura, her pussy was completely shaved and smooth.

“Do it, Mike,” she whispered. “Make her cum”.

Laura took Mike’s hair in her hand and moaned, “pleeeaaaase”. Mike couldn’t refuse either woman, never mind both. He rolled his tongue into Laura’s pussy, an achingly familiar lush taste that was delicious. He settled between her legs so he could take his time. His tongue lapped at her folds, making her even wetter. He grabbed her hips so he could hold her tightly against his face. Soon her gasps turned to soft moans, which quickly turned to louder moans. She used both hands to hold his head exactly where she wanted it, and in a few minutes she screamed “YES, YES, FUCK YES” as she came, once, twice, and then a third time, a rolling wave that sent liquid lightning throughout her entire body.

Ana gasped and came at the same time, incredibly turned on just by watching how Mike made Laura writhe with pleasure. She rolled over and kissed Laura, softly. “Did that feel good, baby?”

Laura could only sigh, a satisfied smile on her face.

Ana turned to Mike. “Ready for more?”

His grin was all she needed to see to know that he was only getting started. Turning back to Laura, she asked “Would you like Mike to fuck you, baby?”

Laura’s smile grew wider, and she nodded an enthusiastic yes. Mike pulled himself to his knees and slid up her body. They kissed for a short while, his stiff cock nudging against her pussy. She spread her legs wider, inviting him more deeply in, but he resisted, pulling his hips back letting the head of his cock just brush lightly against her pussy. Ana took his chin in her hand turning his face to hers, kissing him deeply. They kissed, passionately, while Laura grew more aggressive, wrapping her legs behind Mike’s ass pulling him into her.

He briefly resisted, then sighed as he slid inside, her familiar warmth reminding him of everything he’d missed. He gently broke the kiss with Ana, the better to focus on the task at hand. He placed his hands behind Laura’s knees, spreading her legs wider. She gasped as he thrust as deep as he could go. Mike gathered his legs under his hips and began to steadily pound her, driving the entire length of his cock into her pussy, before pulling it almost all the way out. Ana leaned over, kissing Laura, then held her breast out so Laura could suck on it while Mike fucked her. Mike pushed Laura’s legs up towards her head, getting even deeper than she had thought was possible. In just a few minutes she was gasping again, unable to keep her lips wrapped around Ana’s nipple. Ana responded by smothering Laura’s face between her cleavage. Laura’s cries were muffled as she came again, her pussy spasming around Mike’s throbbing cock. Mike paused for a moment before starting to fuck her again, grabbing her wrists in his hands, holding her down. Ana rolled onto her side and began fingering herself again as she watched Mike taking Laura. She admitted to herself that this was becoming much more arousing than she had originally thought it would be. The way Mike fucked Laura…she could tell he knew what he was doing. He knew what she liked. After a few more minutes of intense sex, Laura’s eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned as she came again. Mike held her down, fucking her straight through that orgasm, into a second, then a third. Finally, she had to push him away, gasping that her pussy was so sensitive she needed a break.

Mike pulled out and laid down beside her. Ana stretched over Laura’s body and took Mike’s cock in her mouth, hungrily swallowing it until all of it was down her throat. She then started slowly bobbing her head up and down, taking her time, tasting Laura’s cum.

“Yes” Mike moaned. “Just like that. So fucking good.”

Ana continued her sensuous blowjob for another five minutes, fondling Mike’s balls, alternating between sucking and licking his cock, driving him crazy with lust. Finally, Mike couldn’t take it anymore.

“Stop” he gasped. “Stop or I’ll cum”.

Ana immediately pulled her mouth off of his cock and gripped the base of his shaft tightly for a few moments. Mike smiled saying, “That’s better. I wasn’t ready for this to be over.”

“Oh yeah?” Ana asked with a grin. “Is there something else you wanted to do?”

With that she slid her body on top of Laura’s kissing her softly, while raising up onto her knees. Mike needed no further invitation. He rose up behind the two women. He gazed down at Ana’s beautiful, round ass and gripped her hips. Just like with Laura, he teased her, rubbing the head of his cock against her dripping wet pussy. She moaned, pressing her breasts tightly against Laura’s. Finally, Mike couldn’t take it anymore thrusting his cock deeply into Ana. She gasped as his balls slapped against her ass, then again as he pulled out and did it again. He tightened his grip on her hips getting serious about what he was doing. Laura rolled out from under Ana and embraced Mike, watching as he fucked the woman she loved.

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A Shadowed Bloodline Pt. 02

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There was a soft knock on my door. “Stella, it’s Naomi. Can we talk?” my cousin asked from the hallway.

At first I didn’t answer. I was trying to come to terms with what I’d just witnessed, trying to figure out what I should do next.

When she knocked again, I finally replied, “Come in.” My voice was clipped with no warmth at all.

Naomi stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. She kept her distance from where I sat on the bed, instead choosing a chair near the door.

I expected her to look ashamed, but she met my hard stare straight on. “I know you can’t understand the relationship Julian and I have,” she began.

“You’re damn right about that,” I said.

Naomi held up a hand. “I’m here to give you an explanation, not an excuse. Julian wanted to come talk to you, but I thought you should hear this from me.” She drew back, straightening her shoulders and appearing far older than her twenty-one years. “He didn’t want you to know about us, and he certainly didn’t want you to find out this way. When he came back to the house earlier, he said you were taking a long walk. Neither of us thought you would be back so soon, so I followed him to his room and…” For the first time, she blushed, a soft smile playing on her lips. “I couldn’t help myself. We were a little too distracted to notice it had started raining.”

“How long has this been going on?” I demanded.

“For a few months,” Naomi replied, her voice calm and steady. “Julian told me no a thousand times, Stella. He sent me away from his bed when I went to his room in the middle of the night. But I’m in love with him, and when he realized that, and I assured him that he wasn’t hurting me, that what we share isn’t wrong, he admitted his feelings for me as well.”

“He’s our grandfather!” I blurted out in sheer exasperation. I felt like I had stepped into an alternate reality. And in a way, Julian’s house was exactly that for me.

“Yes, but he’s so much more to me,” Naomi insisted. “Like I said before, I don’t expect you to understand. We will try to be more discreet in the future.”

I just stared at her in disbelief. My arousal at what I’d seen was quickly giving way to shame. I felt disgusted with myself, but I also wanted to lash out at them.

“Did he buy you that fancy sports car outside because you suck his cock?” I hissed.

Naomi leapt to her feet, all of her composure vanishing. I stood as well as she advanced on me. Jabbing a finger in my direction, she said through clenched teeth, “I will not let you come into this house and destroy what Julian and I have! And who are you to judge us? I saw your face while you stood in that hallway. You didn’t look so goddamn self-righteous then, Stella. You actually looked quite turned on.”

I recoiled from her. Was my physical response to what I’d seen that obvious? Apparently it was. But I could hardly admit that to myself, much less to Naomi. “Fuck you,” I said, the words a warning.

But my cousin kept pushing. A nasty grin bared her teeth. “Your mother sounds like a real cunt. Clearly you favor her.”

Without thinking, I slapped Naomi hard. She gasped and her eyes grew wide as she pressed a hand to her cheek. My eyes were wide, too. I’d never struck someone before, no matter how furious I was. I was always the one to turn my back and walk away from an argument.

Naomi lunged at me. Though she was smaller, she used all of her weight to slam into my body, taking me down with her onto the floor.

I struggled to push her off of me, both of us screaming and landing glancing blows on each other. I was vaguely aware of the bedroom door being thrown open, and then Julian lifted Naomi off of me like she was feather-light.

“What the hell is going on?” he shouted above our fighting.

I scrambled to my feet, breathing hard. “I’m getting the fuck out of this house. That’s what’s going on!” I shouted back at him.

“Good riddance, you bitch!” Naomi spat, then started at me again.

Julian stepped between us, blocking me from her view as he placed his hands on her shoulders. “Naomi, I need to talk to Stella. Please give us a minute. Please.”

“She’s trying to ruin everything!” Naomi screamed, and I could hear the tears in her voice.

Julian guided her toward the door, ignoring her protests. Just before she stepped out into the hall, he whispered something in her ear that seemed to calm her. I saw her reluctantly nod and then allow him to close the door to my room.

My grandfather turned to me, his eyes filled with alarm. I held up my hand. “We have nothing to talk about,” I said. “I’m leaving.”

Julian started toward me, but something in my face made him halt. “Stella, please don’t leave now. It’s pouring rain, and there might be flash flooding later this afternoon. It could be dangerous on the roads.”

I hadn’t even noticed the heavy rain falling once again outside. It struck the windowpanes with sharp taps. “I’ll take my chances,” I told him. “I’m not staying here güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri another minute.” I went to grab my suitcase and haul it on the bed so I could pack.

“Please.” The word was so full of anguish that I had to look at him. His eyes shone with unshed tears. “I’ve only just met you, and this is not how I wanted things to turn out. I just lost my son a few weeks ago. I can’t bear to lose you, too.”

I hesitated before throwing my nightshirt into the suitcase. “How could you two do this?” I asked, desperately wanting an answer that would help me understand.

I half-expected him to tell me what Naomi had, that she had seduced him until she wore down his resistance altogether. Instead he simply replied, “I love her more than life itself. I can’t explain it any other way.”

I released a sigh and dropped the shirt I held. My gaze drifted to the far window. The rain was coming down in sheets, and I knew my grandfather’s warning was reasonable. Driving in this rain would be as bad as driving in the dark. Probably worse.

Julian could sense me wavering. “Just stay till the morning,” he urged. “I promise Naomi and I will leave you in peace. I can bring your meals up here so you can stay in this room. I just want you to be safe.”

Before I could answer, a knock sounded on the door. Julian and I both looked at it expectantly, and he seemed poised to fend off Naomi if she barged back in the room.

“I’m sorry I called you a cunt,” she said from the hallway.

I knew it took a lot for her to apologize after what I’d said about her and Julian. “I’m sorry I slapped you,” I called back to her. The palm of my hand was still stinging.

The door opened, and Naomi stepped back inside gingerly. Her cheek was red from where I’d hit her. For a long moment she looked at the floor, as if working out what she wanted to tell me. Then she met my eyes.

“I don’t want you to leave,” she finally said. “I can understand why you want to, but I hope you’ll stay. I hope you’ll give me – give the three of us – another chance.” She moved closer to Julian, and he slipped an arm around her, planting a kiss on the top of her head.

I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. I was still trembling, from the fight and everything else. “I think it’s best if I leave tomorrow,” I said, making my tone as gentle as possible. “I don’t want to interfere with, um, with what’s going on here.” I gestured vaguely at both of them.

Julian gave me a pained look, and Naomi shook her head. “How could you interfere? You’re our family. You belong here, Stella.”

Again I looked out the window, considering my options. This was the only home I had now, I reminded myself.

And no matter how I tried to deceive myself, I couldn’t deny that I was drawn to both Julian and Naomi, to the home they offered me here.

I flashed a grin at my cousin, trying to lighten the mood. “Are you sure about this, Naomi? You might not like Julian dividing his attention between the two of us.”

Naomi grinned back. “Who knows? Maybe Julian will be the one doing the sharing. I’ve seen you checking me out, Stella.”

My mouth dropped open, and as my face burned, I forced out a feeble protest, the words stumbling upon my lips.

“Ah, Naomi,” Julian groaned helplessly. “I don’t think that’s going to convince her to stay.”

“I was just joking!” Naomi cried, holding up her hands. “Sorry, bad joke. Won’t happen again.” She grew serious, taking a step toward me. I didn’t resist when she clasped my hand in both of hers. “So will you stay? Please?”

I looked from her to my grandfather, feeling powerless to resist them. “I’ll stay,” I finally said.

Naomi threw her arms around me, and our fight seemed like something that had happened in the distant past. I hugged her back, breathing in the clean scent of her hair. It was strange to be held with such ardent affection. Yet I craved her touch.

When she slowly withdrew from me, I caressed her cheek, the one I’d struck. “I’m sorry,” I said again.

Naomi took my hand and brought it to her lips. “I’m sorry, too.”

My stare drifted over her shoulder to Julian. He regarded me and Naomi with an expression I couldn’t easily read. Then he said in a voice so low I had to strain to hear it, “I’m the luckiest man in the world, having both of you here with me.”


As the downpour continued into late afternoon, the three of us went to the study where I discovered a vast collection of books lining the shelves.

“Naomi is an avid reader,” Julian said as I studied the titles. “She’s constantly making a list of new books for me to buy for her.”

I glanced over my shoulder at my cousin. “What do you enjoy reading most?” I asked her.

“Oh, just about anything and everything. I always have my nose in a book.”

Naomi was stretched out on the couch, her feet in Julian’s lap. He massaged each of them, applying gentle pressure to her arches, and she moaned with pleasure. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri It wasn’t an overtly sexual act, nothing like I’d seen earlier, but the intimacy made me blush, and I turned back to the bookshelves.

Finally I settled on a novel that had recently received critical acclaim; it was one I’d been meaning to read. I sat in a comfortable chair across from the couch while Naomi read her own book. Julian slipped on his reading glasses and reviewed some papers I assumed had to do with his work.

Every so often, I found myself looking around in mild astonishment that I was here, safe and warm in a quiet house with family that actually cared about me. At one point I noticed Julian watching me, a soft smile on his lips. I returned the smile, wondering how it would feel to rest my feet in his lap, to feel him slide a hand up my calf as we both read.

Then I mentally shut those imaginings down. “I think I’ll take a hot shower,” I said, setting my book aside.

“Dinner will be ready before too long,” Naomi told me as she sat up. “Hope you like grilled salmon.”

“I do,” I said. “Thank you.”

Upstairs, I stripped in the bathroom and tossed my dirty clothes in the hamper. I hadn’t packed much to wear, and I made a mental note to find out when Naomi planned to do laundry next so I could wash my clothes with hers and Julian’s.

When the hot water fell upon my skin in the shower, chasing away the chill of the day, I moaned and closed my eyes, feeling my muscles relax. After lathering some rose-scented shampoo in my hair, I soaped down my skin. Between my thighs, my trimmed pubic hair was coated with my juices, a reminder of how wet I’d gotten watching Naomi and Julian.

My face burned as I cleansed my vulva with hot water. Despite the shame nagging at me, I felt the fierce urge to rub my clit. A moan of frustration escaped my lips when I grazed the tender peak, refusing myself the pleasure of stroking it.

I hurried through the rest of my shower and toweled off, ignoring the faint throbbing between my legs. In the bedroom, I avoided looking at my reflection as I dressed in a clean shirt and pair of jeans, but when I ran a comb through my wet hair, I couldn’t avoid the image looking back at me. My eyes held uncertainty, but the yearning in them was so clear that I had turn away.

I had a pleasant dinner with my grandfather and cousin downstairs. The way we easily chatted, it was unbelievable that we’d met only the night before.

After the meal, I excused myself and retreated to my room. Now more than ever, I needed time to decompress. Julian and Naomi seemed to understand. My grandfather kissed my hair and said, “Have a good night, Stella.”

I smiled up at him. “You, too.” Then I looked over at Naomi. “Good night, cousin.”

She gave me an impish grin. “Night. Remember, I’m right across the hall if you need anything.” Then she raised her eyebrows suggestively.

Julian grabbed a dishtowel and playfully snapped it at Naomi’s backside, making her squeal. “You are incorrigible,” he said through his laughter.

“Oh, another bad joke!” she groaned. “I’m sorry. I promise it won’t happen again.”

I couldn’t help but erupt into giggles, and I was still laughing as I made my way upstairs. I figured the two of them might need time alone as well.

In my room, I took a clean sleep shirt from my suitcase and changed into it, ready to turn off the light and slip beneath the covers. Even if I couldn’t fall asleep right away, I still wanted to sink into the quiet and let my body and mind relax.

I managed to do that for a couple of hours. Then a cramp rippled through my lower abdomen, making me gasp. My period was due any day, and the premenstrual cramps were far more severe than those I had when I was actually bleeding.

I tried to ignore the pain, desperately longing for sleep, but it grew worse until I was curled into a ball, arms wrapped around myself. I would need to go downstairs and find a pain reliever or else I would never get any rest that night.

I reluctantly climbed out of bed and walked to the door. Glancing down at my night shirt, I saw that it came to my upper thighs, so I didn’t bother putting on more clothes.

Stepping out into the hall, I saw that Naomi’s bedroom door was closed, and a strip of light shone beneath it. She was still awake then. I glanced down the hall and found my grandfather’s bedroom door wide open, the light off.

I moved through the shadows of the hallway and then descended the stairs, my socked feet making hardly any sound. When I reached the first floor, I noticed lamplight coming from the study.

I drifted past the doorway to the study, trying not to draw attention to myself, but Julian somehow heard me. “Stella?” he called, and I looked into the study. He was sitting on the couch, a glass of what appeared to be scotch in his hand.

“I just came down to get some medicine,” I explained, and before I’d finished speaking the words, güvenilir bahis şirketleri another cramp seized me. I winced and pressed a palm against my abdomen.

Julian set aside his glass and quickly stood. “What’s wrong, sweetheart? Are you okay?”

I forced myself to nod. “It’s cramps.”

Julian closed the distance between us, resting his hand against the small of my back. He led me into the kitchen, and I sank into a chair while he went to the cabinet and retrieved a bottle.

I couldn’t hold back a whimper as the pain worsened. My grandfather poured a glass of ice water for me, then shook two capsules from the bottle and placed them in my hand. “I’m sorry you’re hurting,” he said softly, taking a seat beside me.

I quickly gulped down the medicine, then folded my arms on the table and rested my head upon them. Julian rubbed my back, trying to comfort me. “Heidi had the same problem,” he revealed. “She swore by a way to ease the menstrual cramps, but I, well, I hesitate to tell you what it is.”

I raised my head and stared at him with pleading eyes. “Why would you hesitate to tell me? I’m in agony!”

Julian cleared his throat; he seemed to be choosing his words carefully. “Your grandmother always said that having an orgasm helped her cramps.”

I just stared at him. “Are you joking?” I finally managed to ask.

“I swear I’m not,” he said. “Heidi claimed it was something about the contractions from the orgasm that relieved the pain.”

I slowly sat up, still regarding him skeptically. “Thanks for the advice,” I said. “I think I’ll head back up to bed now.”

We both stood, but before I could leave the room, Julian placed a hand on my shoulder, and I looked at him expectantly.

He leaned toward me, bringing his lips close to my ear. “Give the medicine a little time to work,” he murmured, “and then if you’re still in pain, make yourself come, Stella.” I drew in a sharp breath, my eyes growing wide. Julian’s hand moved from my shoulder beneath my hair so he could gently rub the back of my neck. “It might help, and it certainly won’t hurt.”

Along with the cramps, I now had a fierce ache between my legs. After hurriedly telling my grandfather good night, I slipped away from him and up the stairs.

In my bed, I tossed and turned, trying and failing to sleep. The medicine made the cramps bearable, but they were still painful enough to keep me awake.

At some point in the night, I heard the familiar sound of Naomi’s door opening, followed by her footsteps down the hall. There was no whispered conversation this time; Julian must have welcomed her into his room.

I lay on my back, listening for any sounds, but the two of them were quiet.

I’d closed my eyes and was half-asleep, my abdomen still aching, when I heard a muffled moan from down the hall. Definitely Naomi. My eyes snapped open.

The moan was followed by a soft cry – Naomi again, and I knew Julian was pleasuring her this time.

Arousal uncoiled itself inside me, making my nipples harden as it worked its way down to settle between my thighs. I briefly imagined what Julian might be doing to Naomi in order to elicit those cries from her, and that made me let out a cry of my own.

I remembered Julian’s words: “Make yourself come, Stella.”

I could resist no longer. Sitting up, I pulled my night shirt over my head and tossed it aside. My skin was flushed as I threw back the covers and climbed out of bed. A wild need had gripped me, and I jerked my panties down, stepping out of them before I left my bedroom and padded on bare feet down the hall, completely naked.

Julian’s door was closed, the room dark, but from where I now stood, I could hear my grandfather and cousin much more clearly. Naomi released desperate cries, and through the door I heard her say, “Yes oh God yes, yes! Suck my clit, just like that!”

I also heard Julian’s guttural moan. I pictured his face between Naomi’s spread thighs, and I bit down hard on my lower lip to keep quiet. Leaning against the wall, I stood with my legs apart and slid a hand over my breasts, down my belly, then lower until my fingers found my swollen clit.

I coated my fingertips with my juice and used it to lubricate the sensitive bud, getting it slick. Despite the cramps still coursing through my insides, I was overcome with the need to orgasm.

I worked at my clit, my knees shaking. Already I was close, and by the sounds Naomi was now making, I knew she was nearing her climax as well. Julian moaned again, and I could tell he was still eating my cousin’s pussy.

My rubbing became more fervent, and my whole body quaked. My clit throbbed beneath my fingertips. I let my thoughts, my desires, drift where they wanted. I imagined being in that room, smelling Naomi’s arousal, kissing Julian so I could taste her on his lips, his tongue.

That was all it took to bring about my climax. I struggled to remain standing as the full-body orgasm gripped me, making my breath hitch in my chest. Even as the contractions made my pussy spasm, I kept rubbing my clit, drawing out my pleasure as long as possible.

And then I heard Naomi’s orgasm, a loud cry quickly silenced by the force of an exquisite spasm. She gasped and moaned, and I imagined her lying there spread wide, completely spent.

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