Switch-On: Raucous Sibling Rivalry

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Disclaimer –

This is a work of fiction and nothing more. Enjoy the fantasy, but keep it away from reality. Also, all characters in my stories are 18 years of age or older! The term ‘teen’ can refer to somebody who is 18 or 19 as well.

–commercial begins–

Do you struggle with bad habits like smoking, drinking, or gambling? Does your spouse tell you he wants to clean, but constantly forgets? Do your kids constantly back-talk or struggle with their grades? Tired of throwing away hard earned money on tuition, just to have your son or daughter fail their classes? Then we have a solution for you!


Apply this medical device between the shoulder blades and -presto!- behaviors can instantly change. Encourage a more positive you. Promote a better marriage. And keep those sons and daughters respectful and studying. After just one week you’ll see new, permanent changes in yourself and the ones you love. Turn off the negativity and lack of motivation and Switch-On! Today!

Mom stands over her son at the table and asked with a concerned look on her face, “Hey son, how are your grades?”

The son looks up and smiles, “All A’s thanks to you, mom! And Switch-On!” He gives her a big thumbs up and she hugs him proudly.

Call 1-800-555-SWITCH or go to Switch On Devices. You’ll be so glad you did!

–commercial ends–

Switch-On hit the market with a blast from a major corporation, Vabaja, Inc. Critics complained it could be abused. Lawmakers struggled with defining and regulating the devices. Professors debated the ethical nature of tampering with a human being’s free will. And while the talking heads and lawyers and politicians flapped their gums, the Switch-On devices flew off the shelves by the tens of thousands in a matter of weeks. Some people clearly had nefarious purposes to owning one of the devices, but even the benign expectations of innocent buyers were corrupted by their basic desire to control their environment and everyone in it.


Siblings’ Raucous Rivalry

Keith’s voice was booming down the hall for the third time that morning, “Alicia, hurry up! I’ve got to take a piss!” It followed a series a hammer blows to the closed bathroom door.

Peggy rolled her eyes as she dried herself off in the master bath. The power went out last night and everyone was running late. Divorced and forty-three, Peggy was worried about getting to work on time and the last thing she needed to hear was her son and daughter fighting again. Keith had moved back home after being gone for two years and it was rough waters the whole time. Twenty-three and headstrong, the brunette young man blew through all his savings for school and was forced to come back home and find a job. Peggy had the cash to throw away on his education, but why blow it when he wasn’t going to take it seriously. The divorced mom stopped just shy of making him get his own place. She figured that living at home would be a humiliating experience enough to encourage him to get back on his own two feet. Instead, Keith spent his days working out in the garage and his nights in territorial fights with his younger sister.

Alicia was just graduating High School and an antagonizer for sure. After Keith moved out she had taken his bedroom (the larger one), but when her brother returned she found him demanding the old room back. Instead Keith was forced to stay in the pink bedroom his little sister used to sleep in. Alicia teased him incessantly over it to the point where he finally went and painted the room dark blue. It was a rare moment of labor from Keith.

Peggy threw her robe on and stomped into the hallway. “Keith! Stop pounding on that goddamn door right now!” She pointed at the master bath off her bedroom. “I’m done in there for now. You can go to the bathroom in there.”

As Keith huffed past her, Alicia poked her head out of the bathroom and sang out, “Yeah, big brother, go tinkle tinkle in mommy’s bedroom…”

“Screw you, bitch!” Keith yelled back.

Peggy put her hands up on her wet hair and closed her eyes… “Yep, I can’t wait to get back to work.”

It was Peggy’s lunch break and surfing on the internet took her to a website advertising Switch-On. She read over the advertisement and wondered if her children could be influenced enough to get along each other. “That’ll take more than a modern breakthrough,” she mused, “it will take a miracle.” Still the thought was planted and it wasn’t until two weeks later she placed an order for two identical models. There were several designs the company offered and the fine print was near impossible to read on her smart phone. Peggy figured they would all work pretty much the same anyway and clicked PURCHASE NOW. The purchase came with a remote viewer as well, which would be good to have just to keep an eye on the house when she wasn’t home. With all the business trips she took, it would be great to have a clandestine way of making sure Alicia wasn’t bringing home any boys.

Of course, installing them canlı bahis on Keith and Alicia voluntarily would be out of the question. She had to put them on when the kids were sleeping. Peggy knew this would be poorly received by both her kids, but she figured she could convince them both they weren’t wearing the devices, and all it would take would be a month and then she could remove them. Besides, it was for their own good. Peggy justified that she could get her son motivated, her daughter concentrating on classes again, and above all keep the two of them from fighting all the time. What mother wouldn’t want those things for their family?

It was 2am and the house was as quiet as could be. Peggy snuck into Alicia’s bedroom first and found her daughter splayed out on the bed, the covers kicked off and her mouth wide open. The mother pulled the blanket up and over her girl and remembered the days when she was actually a sweet kid. Alicia rolled over on her side away from her mom, unconciously giving her back to her mom. Peggy reached carefully under her daughter’s pajamas and pushed the Switch-On device into her skin. Alicia tensed for a moment, and then went slack. At first Peggy was concerned she killed her daughter, but then saw that she was breathing comfortably.

Next it was Keith’s turn. Creeping into the messy room, Peggy found her son sleeping bare chested on his stomach. It was a snap to get the device onto him. Now with both kids hooked up, she tiptoed out of his room and back to her bed. Climbing under the covers, Peggy looked over the Switch-On readouts on her laptop and saw both signals coming online.



She looked about the control console and tried to familiarize herself with the commands. Some made perfect sense like the Command screen, One Time commands and Perpetual commands. Others were odd, like the Stealth mode. Peggy clicked that one for each device.



A little question mark box was next to the radial button and when she pressed it, a box popped open explaining the command. “Prevents the wearer from acknowledging or discovering the Switch-On device.”

That was strange the mother thought, but it was convenient. There was plenty of other commands to explore, but Peggy had to get some sleep. There would be time tomorrow. She could easily do all the programming from work. She was about to turn off the laptop when a red signal flashed in the corner of both readouts. It simply read STIMULATED.

Peggy stepped out of bed and went down the hall to peak in on Alicia to make sure she was okay. While her daughter seemed asleep, it was clear she was doing something personal. The covers were off the bed again and the teenage girl was humping her pillow, her eyes closed, a soft moan escaping from her. Peggy cringed and closed the door. She looked in Keith’s room and found her son had flipped over on his back, his parts sticking straight up in the air forming a tent in his shorts. Mortified, Peggy went back to her room and scoured the website for an explanation. She found it on the FAQ.

“The SX-420 Model Switch-On device can have a number of side effects when initially installed. To eliminate pain from the installation, the Switch-On uses the body’s natural endorphin production to block pain receptors. This endorphin increase can make the wearer euphoric and sexually aroused. These are common conditions that will not persist past the first two hours.”

As embarrassing as that was, Peggy decided it was still for the best. She went on to read how removing the devices before one week was over could cause nerve damage, so it was too late to turn back now. Come morning time, the kids would be ready for a new day.

The office was quiet with two of her partners out visiting clients. It was 4pm and Peggy minimized her work screen. She loaded the remote viewer and watched Alicia sitting in the living room with a bag of chips watching television. Peggy decided to call her daughter and check up on her.

“Hey honey,” she began, “How was school?”

“Great, mom,” Alicia answered distractedly.

“What are you doing?”


Homework, huh? Peggy opened up the command screen for Alicia and typed in a subconscious message. YOU WANT TO TELL YOUR MOTHER THE TRUTH.

There was a long pause and then Alicia corrected herself, “Actually I am watching TV. But I am going to start my homework as soon as I am done with this show. It’s only got 18 minutes left.”

Peggy smiled, “That’ll be fine. Thanks for being truthful with me. See you late tonight, okay?”

The two said their goodbyes and Peggy watched her daughter hang up the phone and go back to minding the television. The teenager was oblivious to the tiny camera on the mantle aimed right at the sofa. Sure enough, nineteen minutes later Alicia grabbed bahis siteleri her book bag and emptied the contents all over the table. She picked up a text book and started reading when Keith came home.

His attitude was foul from the get go – Peggy could see it from the camera shot. “Move,” he snapped as he pushed the bag of chips over and grabbed the remote control from the table. Peggy couldn’t see what was on the television but heard crowd noises and figured it had to be a baseball game.

“What the fuck is your problem, Keith? I was watching that!” Alicia whined.

“No, you were reading. You can’t do two things at once,” Keith retorted.

“Yes I can!”

“Well, now you can do your homework and something else, cuz I ain’t getting off the TV.”

“You are such a loser,” Alicia rolled her eyes.

Peggy’s angst was building all the way at the office. The two of them were terrible to each other! It was time to put the Switch-Ons into play. Peggy brought up the control panels and set all the commands to ‘PERPETUAL’ and ‘SUBCONSCIOUS’. Next she sent them both messages…







Within a minute the two siblings stopped fighting and sat uncomfortably next to each other. They were quiet and giving each other sideways glances.



“Hey sis,” Keith shrugged, “I’m sorry. I love you so much and if you want I can help you with your homework.”

Alicia, right on cue, leaned over and hugged her brother, “I love you too! I don’t want us to fight ever again. Okay?”


“You got it!” Keith scooted next to her and started going over the math book with his little sister. He couldn’t understand why they were fighting so much. After all, she was the most important person in his life. Even after dating Becky Nunez for six months he didn’t feel the kind of love he did right now. It was strange, but it wasn’t until this moment he realized how important his sister was to him.

Peggy was so happy! The fighting would end, and the house would be peaceful for once. She minimized the view screen and turned the sound down in response to a phone call coming in. It was a client from a case she had been working on and wrapping it up would take some time.

Back at home, Alicia found herself distracted. Keith was leaning over and explaining the statistics question out of her text book, but she couldn’t concentrate. It was so confusing, but the teenager couldn’t help but feel warm inside with her brother so close. Sure they had been fighting like cats and dogs, but now they were so open with each other. Their tone was different, their respect level was different. It was like Keith was a new man; a new man that she liked. She really loved her brother, more than she thought she could love another person. Above all she wanted to be with him…

Alicia put her hand on his knee and pushed against him playfully, “You are so good to me. Thanks so much!”

Keith landed his hand on hers and squeezed it back, “You’re welcome. That’s what I’m here for.”

Her fingers danced slowly with his, and the two began stroking each other’s palms seductively. Alicia looked up at her brother, “Is math all you are here for?”

It was 5:30 in the afternoon and Peggy finished logging her client minutes and closed the folder. After shutting down the attorney brief builder software, she realized that the remote viewer program and Switch-On command windows were up. Both buttons in the corners were lit up in red brightly “STIMULATED”. She maximized the screen and yelped in horror at what she saw.

Keith was on top of Alicia’s naked frame as the two siblings lay on the sofa. He was pulling off his shirt and saying something to his sister. Peggy upped the volume and heard the tail end of his comments.

“…can’t think of a better way for two people to show how much they love each other.” Keith was bare chested now, his cock out and erect and poised right over his sister’s channel.

“I’m so nervous, but I want you. I want to be with you, Keith. Please, make love to me.” Alicia’s perky tits were covered by her hands, as if she were still shy about herself.

“No!” Peggy screamed at the screen. “Stop!” She couldn’t believe this was happening. Had the Switch-On device made them do this? Had it been her commands that set this in motion? Peggy frantically typed “STOP” into both control screens and waited.



“What the fuck? It’s got bahis şirketleri to work!” Peggy spoke aloud.

Her secretary knocked on the door and poked her head into Peggy’s office. In a startle she quickly muted the video monitor, but not before Lakeesha heard the sexual sounds emanating from the speakers. “Uhmm, are you okay Peggy?” the young woman asked uncomfortably.

Peggy straightened her face out as much as she could, “Uhh, yes, Keesh. Go on home. I’m just having some technical problems with my computer.”

Lakeesha’s eyes got wide and she gave an embarrassed wave goodbye as she locked the office door from the inside and pulled it shut.

“Great, now my secretary thinks I am looking at porn…” Peggy mumbled. It was a problem, but the least of her worries right now. She turned the volume back up to hear her daughter groaning as Keith rubbed his manhood along the folds of her vagina. They hadn’t had intercourse – yet! There was still time to stop this madness. She needed to convince them what they were doing was wrong, so Peggy tried sending a duplicate set of messages to her son and daughter again.




Was it the act of sending two messages at once that was causing all the problems? She wasn’t sure, since it worked sometimes and sometimes it didn’t. Peggy had to try something though. Keith and Alicia were locked in a tongue swirling French kiss that made them look like long lost lovers. Her daughter’s legs were up in the air, spread invitingly to accept her brother’s forbidden tool. Peggy sent one command and waited to see if it took hold.


Keith let the head of his swollen cock slide slowly into his sister’s pussy. It was so hot, so tight, so… bad. “Alicia, I can’t believe how bad we’re being. This is incest…” his voice trailed off.

Peggy took the next step and quickly typed out the next command.


“I know,” Alicia moaned, her hands pulling on her brother’s hips, yanking him towards her waiting hole. “It’s so wrong… I love it!”

The older brother felt his whole shaft sink into his sibling and the wave of naughty pleasure was incredible. The act was so conflicted for him. It felt right and wrong at the same time. Sex with his own sister? Alicia was experiencing the same contrary excitement of doing something she knew was wrong but loved it anyway. Her big brother’s cock was filling her up, pumping in and out of her with an increased measure that lit her body aflame with lust.

“Ughhh!” Peggy groaned in frustration. The comments backfired and somehow fetishized their incestuous act. It was done. Even if she managed to stop them, Peggy would forever know that she caused her kids to have sex with each other. Could they be made to forget it? Yes, maybe. But first she had to stop it.


Alicia was experiencing something so incrediblly sexy, so delectably wrong, that her teenage body was overwhelmed with sexual excitement. Suddenly, however, she had a tremendous urge to stop. Was it guilt over her taboo act? Was it fear at moving so quickly? Whatever it was and wherever the sensation came from, Alicia broke the kiss with Keith and pushed on his shoulders.

“Keith, we have to stop this…” she panted. “We need to stop…”



“No, we can’t stop now,” Keith insisted, his lust in full control. “It feels too fucking good…”

“Keith, stop! It’s wrong!”

Keith grabbed her wrists and pinned her forcefully down, “Oh, I know… It’s so wrong. So bad… So dirty… And it feels so good, little sis! I love making love to you!” The older brother was much more powerful than his younger sibling and thrust harder into his sister’s cunt. She was thrashing about and saying ‘no’ but he couldn’t get over the need to be with his sister.

Peggy tried again…


Keith looked down at his sister with frustration. She told him that she loved him, she brought him to arousal, she opened her legs and begged for him to do this. Alicia was fucking tease. Maybe he didn’t love her after all, but he did want to be with her.

“This isn’t making love, Keith! I’m your sister!” Alicia cried.

“You’re right. You are my sister. And this isn’t making love. This is ‘fucking’, and it’s what teases like you really like.” With that he pulled back on his sister’s hair and shoved his man stick forcefully into Alicia’s hole. She was so wet and tight. Keith was beyond stopping.

Peggy watched helplessly as she tried again to get Keith to end his sexual attack. What was already a bad situation was now worse as her son was raping her daughter. Keith was powerfully banging his sister in a crazed act of depravity, unable or unwilling to cease his actions.

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Sweet Sister in Law Ch. 06

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This story includes messy sex with my sister in law, and cuckolding and mild voluntary humiliation of her husband. If that’s not your thing, there are other stories for you to enjoy, so I’d skip this one.

I had forgotten how cold the winters are in Cincinnati and arrived at my brother’s house in mid-January already chilled just from the trip. Karin was, as usual, happy to see me, and gave me “the look” shortly after I entered their kitchen. I played the straight man, but all I could think about was what panties my brother’s wife was wearing, and how long it would take to get them down to her ankles.

George was seated at the counter, so I had no luck getting alone time with her, and it just built the anticipation. I had gone a couple of weeks without release, holding my lust for my sweet sister in law.

All night, it seems like every time I reached for a quick feel, or tried to get close enough to steal a kiss, my brother or one of the kids showed up. It was frustrating, but kind of exciting as well. But by the end of dinner, I was ready to have my cock inside her in a big way. We had a couple of drinks, and I made George’s extra strong, hoping to wear him out, but we all just ended up getting pretty drunk.

When George finally headed for bed, I grabbed Karin from behind, holding her against me by her breasts, my erection buried between her cheeks, smelling her hair. She slowly ground her firm cheeks against me, but then my niece, Holly, came jogging down the stairs and almost caught us. Finally, frustrated and hard, I headed to the guest room, hoping to get to sleep before the urge got me to waste an orgasm alone.

A few minutes later, I heard Holly and Karin come up the stairs, and Holly say good night. Her door shut, and my mind was flooded with visions of my niece undressing on the other side of my wall; wriggling out of her shorts, peeling her panties off… More and more Holly was starring in my fantasies.

A few minutes later, Karin tentatively opened my door. I feigned sleep, messing with her, but she came over to the bed and leaned over to sneak a kiss. Smelling the rum on her breath, feeling her hair fall on me, I grasped her behind her head and whispered that I had something for her. She took a hold of my cock, “I can see that you do, and I have just the place to put it.”

But now we heard a door open, and she jumped up from the bed. Grabbing a blanket, she turned to see George at the my door. “What are you doing, Karin?” he asked.

“Just getting a blanket for Mikey, she replied. I forgot to give him an extra, and you know how cold this room gets.”

He stumbled back to their room, and we heard him in the bathroom. Karin gave me a quick kiss, and told me, “tomorrow I’ll fuck you if I have to do it at the dinner table.” She headed towards the door, then turned, “now you be a good boy, no masturbating, or mommy will be mad. I want a big pussy full of you tomorrow!”

I laughed and waved my cock at her as she crossed the hall to their bedroom.

But a couple of hours later I woke and was astounded at how cold the room was, had to be below freezing. I stumbled over to the closet, looking for another blanket, but was unable to find one. Out to the hall, I looked in another closet. I heard the toilet flush, and George came out of his bathroom just then. “What’s up bro?”

I explained the situation, and Karin came to the door as well. They checked out the guest room and were shocked at the temperature. “I don’t think a blanket’s going to do it,” George admitted. Maybe you should sleep in Holly’s bed, and she can sleep with us.”

I was thinking I’d rather sleep in Holly’s bed, and she could sleep with me, and a glance at Karin showed me that she knew exactly what I was thinking. She smiled and shook her head.

“George, you know Holly will keep us awake all night,” Karin said. I smiled at her, the meaning clear, “or she could keep her uncle awake instead.”

“Yeah, I guess. Maybe he could sleep on the couch.”

“We have a huge king-sized bed,” she said, sounding exasperated. Turning to me, “just come sleep with us for god’s sake.”

I saw George doing the math. She told him, “don’t worry, I’ll sleep between you two, you don’t have to worry about him throwing a leg over you and making you feel gay.” Turning to me, “You know how paranoid he is about the gay thing.”

“Fine,” he grumbled, and headed back to the warmth of his bed. I looked at Karin with a questioning look, she smiled and pulled out the waistband of her pajamas, flashing her panties at me for a second. “Careful now,” she told me. “Don’t know if you can last a whole night next to this.” Bringing her lips to my ear, she murmured, “he leaves early, I’m going to wake you up with my tongue tomorrow.”

So we crawled into the bed, and George was already asleep on the far side of the mattress. I followed Karin under the covers and gave her ass a quick squeeze. She gave me a warning look, and rolled over on her side, pulling the blankets up high. “Goodnight Mikey.”

I canlı bahis lay down, and pulled the blankets close, feeling the warmth where she must have been sleeping. I inhaled deeply, getting a little of her scent from the sheets. “Mmm.” And now I really started to harden.

Hearing me, Karin turned and smiled at me, then fumbled around a little under the covers and presented a finger, wet and slick. I moved closer and she held it under my nose. Her eyebrows arched, expecting a response, and when I smelled that musky pussy, she got it. I grabbed her finger and sucked it into my mouth, then tongued it to show her what I had for her.

Again, she turned away, and I fell back on the pillow. It wasn’t long before George was snoring, and after a few minutes, Karin was breathing slowly as well. But I was having no luck falling asleep, I was hard as a rock, and too turned on.

Twenty minutes went by, and finally I lost common sense and control. I slowly inched towards the middle of the bed, where my lover lay inches from her husband. I reached out and stroked her thigh, the heat coming off it almost as tempting as the memory of her pussy. I became bolder and bolder, now caressing her ass, then pulled my body within touching distance. She didn’t stir until I molded myself to her back and reached around to find her heavy breasts. I buried my nose in her hair, loving the smell of her. Blood surged into my cock, and it poked her leg. I maneuvered it up between her cheeks and found the perfect fit.

Slowly she came awake, and suddenly turned her head in alarm. The movement woke her husband at the same time, and he groggily asked what was going on. “Mikey is touching me in his sleep,” she whispered.

“Huh?” he responded, lifting his head to look over towards us. “What’s that? Well, wake him up!” He reached to shake me, but she grabbed his arm.

I just stayed motionless, pretending to be asleep. “Karin, what the hell?” he asked.

Then she took me totally by surprise. “Your brother’s just trying to warm up, he’s cold as ice from that broken heat in the guest room. Don’t worry about it, he’s, like, sleepwalking. Don’t wake him up, that’s supposed to be dangerous, right?” She took hold of my hand, and moved it off her breast, then pulled the covers back over herself.

Still drunk and half asleep he accepted the ridiculous explanation and laid back down, but now on his back keeping an eye on us.

I surreptitiously slid the hand down now, lightly caressing her tummy over her soft flannel pajamas, then slipped my hand under the tops to touch her warm skin. My cock pulsed in appreciation of her soft cheeks encasing it, making her moan quietly.

Again, George was alerted, “Karin?”

“Nothing, honey. He’s just…” just then I slid my hand down the front of her bottoms, lightly over her panties, and curled my fingertips up against her silk covered bush. George sat up and looked at her, lying there with her eyes closed and mouth open. “Mmmmm,” she hummed contentedly. “Oh, George, he put his hand down my pants.”

“He WHAT?”

“Sshh, it’s ok, he’s sound asleep.. Oh, my god.”

“What?” he asked more quietly, studying her face.

“He’s touching me, down there, through my panties.” Her voice had a hitch to it, and I felt the wetness begin to moisten her underwear. She looked at him now and giggled softly, the alcohol slurring her speech. “Remember you used to try to finger me without waking me up?” Again she lurched a little as I bumped my fingertip over her clit. “Ohhhh, yeah” she sighed. “Mmmm, I’m really getting wet now.”

George said nothing, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but Karin had an idea.

She began to move her hips in a small circling motion, I pressed a little harder against the fabric, and she hummed quietly. “Remember on our honeymoon, when I got a little too drunk at that luau? Remember that guy from Cuba tried to get us drunk so that he could get me alone?”

George stammered a reply, Karin continued. “You wanted me to go with him, didn’t you?”

“Well, just.. not really… I didn’t really want ..” he stammered.

“No?” she fixed him with a direct gaze. “You didn’t want me to? You told me to kiss him, just for fun. You pulled my panties off under the table and gave them to him. Then you left us alone for way too long. And when you came back, you wanted him to come have a nightcap with us. George, you gave him our room key the next morning when I was in the shower!”

“I was drunk,” he pleaded.

“Truth serum, like you’ve always said. Alcohol is truth serum. And that’s not the only time. Don’t think I didn’t notice all the times you poured me strong drinks when men were making moves on me. Remember at my school party when Joan’s husband felt me up? I brushed it off, but you couldn’t wait until we get home it made you so horny. You fucked me in their closet.”

Now I slid my hand back up, then tickled Karin’s tummy just above the border of her panties. She stopped talking, holding her breath in anticipation, bahis siteleri and I very slowly slid my fingers down inside the silky scrap, feeling that lovely thick pile of hair, and pressed my fingertips against it to find her slit. The heat guided me, and the wetness showed me that I was at her opening. Karin mewled as I found the spot, “Oh my god, his finger is going inside me, George!” Except for a quiet hum, she was silent for a minute while I stroked her opening, deeper with each pass. She oozed excitement into her panties and jerked with stimulation as I touched her pulsing clit.

“You obviously want another man to have me,” she continued. I never let it happen, did I? And it’s not as if I wasn’t drunk and horny. It was always just foreplay to me, but if it’s something you want, than maybe…”

She waited, giving him a chance to defend himself, to defend their monogamy. My brother was silent.

“Then maybe we’ll ALL enjoy this.” Karin said decisively. Turning away, she pulled down the covers, revealing my hand now nestled inside her pjs, beneath her panties, the motion hinting at my one finger stroking the slit, digging into her furrow through her dark hair.

He stared silently, intently at the violation, but said.. nothing. That told us everything. She, turned back, stared at him, even as her hips undulated against my hand. She took his chin in her hand and turned him to face her. “George, I’ve seen your account. I know what you read, and I know what a cuckold is. I want you to watch closely, because you are going to be cuckolded by your brother. Now. In your own bed. Watch carefully, because I’m going to fuck him. I’m going to suck his cock and fuck him. And he’s going to cum inside me. He’s going to cum inside your wife’s pussy.” He groaned involuntarily. She reached for his cock now and, finding him erect, laughed softly. “I thought so. My god, you haven’t been this hard in years.”

Squeezing her husband’s cock while she rose to meet my finger, she ordered him to confess. “Say it,” she demanded.

“What?” he replied meekly.

“Say it, or I won’t let you watch.”

George dropped his eyes, “Ok, you can sleep with him.”

“George, I’m not sleeping with anybody, I’m going to fuck him. Say it.”

Now he looked up, his voice trembled. “Go ahead and fuck him, fuck my brother.”

“You want me to, don’t you,” she sang in that girlish voice that turned me on so much. Again she squeezed his erection. He groaned, his breathing quickened.

“You know I do, I just want you to come so hard, baby. That’s what I really want.”

“Oh I’m going to cum all right. I’m going to come so hard I might wake the neighbors. And you want him to cum too. Cum in me, fill my pussy up with his sperm, don’t you?”

He turned away, ashamed but too excited to lie.

“You want his cum dripping out of my cunt, a big white mess. You want me to walk around all day tomorrow with it just oozing out between my lips, into my pussy hair, soaking my panties. Walking around at school, all the teachers getting a little whiff of my slutty mess. Maybe Father Murray will get a hard-on from the smell. Maybe I’ll sit on his lap and leave a big wet mess on his pants,” she continued, still in her sexy little-girl tease.

My cock pulsed at this nasty side of my sweet little sister in law. She was really getting into this. I had no idea that this humiliation was in her repertoire of turn-ons.

Karin smiled, “If it will make you happy.” She leaned into him, whispering in his ear, “Oh, and I know what a creampie is, honey. I read those stories too. Maybe I’ll let you have a nice messy dessert tonight.” That made him gasp, but there was no denial. Not enough for her. “Mmm, won’t that be yummy, George? A nice warm gooey creampie?” She looked at him for a long second, he was breathing hard but didn’t reply.

“Mikey,” she whispered. I didn’t respond. She rolled from her left side to her right, now face to face with me. She kissed me, holding my face with both hands, kissed me deeply and slowly. I reached around and held her to me. “Wakey wakey, brother in law,” she sang. “Time to fuck little sister.”

She left my mouth, rose to her hands and knees, and began to slide down my body, kissing my neck, my chest, down to my navel. Her soft breasts in her cotton pajama top dragged all the way down, causing my cock to jerk with desire for her lush body. Her hand found my hardness, and she squeezed, then used both hands to pull my briefs down over my hips. My cock sprang free, weeks of pent-up desire on full display. Eyes fixed on her husband, she removed the briefs, and nestled between my legs, on her knees with her ass high in the air.

She gave me one long lick, from the base to the tip, and then began to tease the engorged head with her tongue. Swirling it around and around, then teasing the slit with just the tip of it. Holding it tightly, squeezing the shaft, she began to form her beautiful lips around me. Just wide enough to force me into her mouth, it felt like bahis şirketleri I was entering a virgin hole. But of course, I’d violated this hole many times before.

My sweet sister in law began to hum around my cock as she took me deeper with each bob of her head. Her thick blonde locks obscured the view, but she swept them behind her ear so that her husband could watch his wife give me what he hadn’t had in years. Karin began to reach the back of her throat and, gagging a little, worked me into it. Her eyes squeezed shut with the effort, and I was rewarded with her lips reaching my balls. She ground her face into my crotch for a long minute, her swallowing stroking the head, then pulled her head up with a sloppy pop. Thick gooey drool hung from her swollen lower lip as she panted and filled her lungs, then she smiled at her husband, and leaned over to give him a quick kiss.

I could tell he had major mixed emotions, but lust wins and he kissed her back, holding her head and kissing her deeply.

She turned away and began to fuck me with her beautiful face.

My brother reached behind her and slid his hand down her pajama pants, which were soaking wet now, and caressed her from behind. Then he pulled them down below her sweet ass, and as she lifted each knee, past her calves and off her feet. Her ass clad now only in a pair of pink boy short panties. Panties that I’d bought for her, he’d probably never seen.

She pulled off of my cock and ordered, “Now my panties.” He obeyed, pulling down the lacy scrap, and his wife’s naked ass shone in the moonlight.

His fingers began to play between her legs, but she turned to me and giggled, “I think I’m wet enough for you now.”

Now we were naked from the waist down, and Karin pulled off her pajama tops. She wore no bra, and her soft breasts were released to hang down as she crawled back up my body. Her nipples were huge, hanging from the creamy orbs, and brushed across my slick cock. She spread her knees to straddle me and continued up towards my head. Now her wet pubic hair dragged up my chest. Lifting her knees over my shoulders, she sat high on my chest, presenting the most swollen, dripping, aroused pussy I’d ever seen. I reached out with my tongue, and teased the very edge of her labia, watching her jerk in response. Lightly I teased around her gash, tasting the gamey drippings of her arousal, until she couldn’t take the teasing and slid onto my face.

Her pussy spread around my mouth, and she began to slip it up and back as I worked my tongue as deep inside her as I could reach. Her lips were so engorged with blood that they sealed around my cheeks, and she began to increase her stroke, now bumping her clit against my nose. With each contact her thighs would shudder, and I realized that her domination of her husband, and her physical domination of me had brought her to a high level of excitement. I reached around and palmed her firm round globes, my fingers tickling towards the crack of her ass. She began to grind her clit against me in short jerky strokes, then suddenly reached a tremendous climax, throwing her head back and panting as her crotch spasmed across my lower face. I ran my finger deeper into her crack, tickling the rough skin around her little brown starfish, and that made her shudder.

Suddenly a warm current of fluid began to leak from her, dribbling down over my chin and around my neck. She whispered urgently, “oh, Mikey, suck mommy’s pussy baby. Oh my god, that’s it, here I come. Oh I’m coming baby, I’m coming again!” A long groan emanated from her, uncontrolled and animalistic. Her juice was mild and salty, ejaculation from deep within her like I’d never felt. She held her breath, and shuddered once more, then worked her hips back down my torso and collapsed on me.

The room was filled with the scent of her, and her body slipped against mine with the lubrication she’d excreted. Her face fell into the crook of my neck and she licked and kissed me softly. Now aware of my hard-on trapped against her tummy, she began to slowly slip her body back and forth across mine. Her breasts and my cock all enjoying the wet friction of being trapped in her movement.

She lifted just enough to look into my eyes, and I felt her fingers grasp my cock. Her nipples against my chest, her pussy on my stomach, she began to slide further down. I felt the coarseness of her mat tickle the head of my cock, and she began to manipulate it, parting the hair between her legs, and opening up her soaking pussy.

Now she began to vocalize everything, obviously for her husband’s benefit, or maybe for his torture, but the effect on me was also amazing. “Ooooh, baby, look how hard your cock is, you really need mommy don’t you. You really need to put it in my wet pussy, I know how to make you feel sooo good.”

With a slow shift of her ass, she brought me inside her lips, just an inch, and sat there. None of us moved, or spoke, all of my consciousness was concentrated on the tip of my cock, resting against the entrance to my sister in law’s vagina. Her hand left me then, and I realized that the show wasn’t just for us, she wanted her husband to see the penetration. Wanted him to see his wife giving away what was promised only to him.

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Lez Be Friends

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Reading a story on the Web somewhere recently about a bloke who had a lesbian friend with whom he used to have mutual masturbation sessions – and eventually anal (but never vaginal!) intercourse – prompted me to submit this story of the time I had a lesbian flatmate.

I was in my early 20s, and had finally got an apartment of my own – away from my previous flatmates who had the unfortunate habit of drinking their rent money instead of paying it to the landlord! This left me stuck with the entire rent, which for a 3-bedroom apartment nearly broke me.

My new apartment had two bedrooms, so I immediately advertised for a flatmate – male or female, I didn’t particularly care, as long as they paid their share!

I took on the first applicant – mainly because she was a petite, very attractive brunette female. Her name was Margaret (“call me Meg”) and she had a steady job as a nurse, so she would be able to pay her way with the rent. When I asked her if she had a steady boyfriend who might be spending nights with her, she said simply “No way!”

We seemed to hit it off from the start, and of course I started to fancy my chances with her. If I could get her to share my bed, then we could get a third person in and split the rent three ways.

It was on the first evening after she’d moved in, when we were sharing a bottle of wine, that Meg dropped the bombshell.

“I feel I should tell you – I’m a lesbian.”

Well, I nearly choked on my wine, but recovered enough to stammer, “Hey – that’s okay. But thanks for telling me – it will stop me from making a fool of myself trying to hit on you.”

She smiled nervously and said, “Would you try to hit on me? If I weren’t lez?”

“Sure!” I replied honestly. “You’re a foxy little chick!”

“A ‘foxy little chick’, eh?” She shook her head, still smiling. “I never thought of myself as one.”

“Well, you are,” I assured her. “And if you don’t mind me saying, you being a lesbian is a terrible waste!”

She laughed at that, and said, “I’m sorry if I raised your hopes, then. I’ll move out if you want me to.”

“No,” I said, quickly. “Please stay.”

“Okay,” she said. “Thanks.”

Well, we talked some more, finished the wine, and staggered off to our respective beds.

We did become quite good friends after that, and Meg looked after the apartment very well while I was away at sea. If she had a lesbian friend stay overnight, she never told me – and I didn’t ask.

About six months down the track, I returned from a two-month deployment, and that evening we “celebrated” my return with take-away Chinese and a good bottle of Riesling. I’d had a few drinks already, so while I wasn’t exactly pissed I wasn’t feeling any pain.

“God!” I said eventually. “If I don’t get some sex in the next day or so my sperm bank is going to overflow!”

“I know how you feel,” Meg said. “I haven’t had any for a month – and for a lesbian that’s a drought!”

So naturally the conversation then flowed on to sex. I asked her how long she’d been a lesbian, and she said,

“Since I was about fifteen, I guess. I suppose you could say I was pushed into being one.”

“How was that?” I asked, genuinely interested.

“I had this boyfriend – a real hunk. I guess it’s the old story – he wanted to go all the way, and I didn’t. Anyway, one night he got me drunk at a party and raped me.”

“Nice type,” I said, sarcastically.

“That wasn’t the worst of it – he then had a few of his mates do the same.”

“Did you report it?” I asked.

She shook her head. “It would have been their word against mine.”

“Okay – so you didn’t have a very nice introduction to sex. But why did you let that turn you off all men?”

She took another sip of wine, and said,

“It wasn’t so much being turned off men as being turned on to women. illegal bahis I had this one good friend, Sally, and she was the only one I told about what had happened. She was very comforting, let me cry on her shoulder, that sort of thing. Then she kissed me – a friend’s kiss at first, then a real kiss, tongue and all.”

“And you didn’t object?”

Meg shook her head. “No. I was a bit shocked at first, but then I found I liked it. Then one thing led to another, and before I knew it she was going down on me.’

“And obviously you liked that,” I said.

“Uh-huh – I had my first ever orgasm, and from a girl’s tongue! After that I was hooked. No worries about getting pregnant or catching something…”

“I can understand that,” I said. “But then most girls say you can’t beat the feeling of a good…er…”

I was about to say “cock”, but Meg saved me.

“Penis?” She actually blushed a little then as she said, “Well, there are substitutes…”

“Ah – so that’s what the buzzing noise is that I hear coming from your room!” I said.

“You don’t!” she said, really blushing now. “You can’t – I mean…” Then she noticed the grin on my face. “Oh, good one – you got me, didn’t you!”

I had, but she took it good-naturedly. We’d finished two bottles of wine and I was opening the third when Meg said softly,

“You know, I haven’t seen a…penis…for over ten years – and only once in my life at that. I know it sounds silly, but would you…show me…yours?”

I must have been more pissed than I realised, because I grinned like a schoolboy and replied,

“I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours!”

Meg blushed again and said,

“Deal – but you first.”

So I got unsteadily to my feet, dropped my trousers and briefs around my ankles, and stepped out of them.

“Come on,” she said, beckoning me. “Closer!”

So I stood right in front of her, hands on hips, my flaccid cock showing absolutely no interest – for the moment…

“Can I…touch?” Meg asked.

I shrugged and said, “Sure.”

She reached out tentatively with one hand and took hold of my cock in her slender fingers – with an immediate effect! As it gave an involuntary twitch and began to harden she asked,

“Am I doing that?”

“Well, you’re the only one touching it!” I replied.

She began to move her fingers back and forth, squeezing gently, and in no time at all she was faced with my full erection.

“Wow!” she said as she continued to stroke me, her eyes fixed on my boner. “Are they all this big?”

I was flattered, and tempted to lie, but I answered,

“I’m only about average. I guess it might be bigger than some, but then there must be lots of guys bigger than me.”

“Well, it’s sure bigger than the ones that took my cherry. But then, they were only schoolboys…”

I was really enjoying the slow hand-job she was giving men, and the proof came when a little pre-cum oozed from the slit. Meg’s eyes went wide when she saw it, and she asked,

“Did I do that, too?”

“Uh-huh,” I answered, my voice barely a croak.

“Is that…I mean…have you…?” she stammered.

“No, it’s not – and no, I haven’t. But it means I’m not far off!” I replied.

Meg looked up at me with those big, brown eyes of hers and asked,

“Do you like it? Do you want me to keep going?”

“Yes and yes!” I answered.

“Is this what you guys do to yourselves? What you call jerking off?”

“When needs must,” I said. “It’s usually a last resort.”

“Like us girls diddling our clits, I suppose…”

But not as messy, I thought.

“Are you going to…you know…shoot?” she asked, sounding a bit nervous.

“If you keep it up I will,” I answered truthfully. “You don’t have to, though…”

“But you said you wanted me to keep going,” illegal bahis siteleri she said.

“I know, I did, but – “

“Then I will. Just give me a bit of warning!”

I assured I would, and she leaned closer as she began moving her hand faster up and down my shaft, watching the bloated crown swell even more as I got near to shooting my load. The pre-cum was flowing freely from my slit now, and Meg used it like a lubricant.

“Uh…almost…now!” I gasped.

I should have warned Meg not to get so close, as the first spurt landed on her cheek. She gave a startled gasp of “Oh!” and drew back quickly, but her hand kept moving.

After a couple of spurts my ejaculation became more of a dribble, running over my knob and down across her stroking hand. Instinctively, I guess, she squeezed the shaft harder to draw the last few drops from me, then I was finished.

As she watched my organ slowly wilt, she asked,

“Was that good? Did I do okay?”

“It was very good, thank you,” I said sincerely. “You did just fine.”

Her brow furrowed as she looked at the jism on her hand, then she tentatively poked out her tongue and licked a bit off.

“Mmm,” she said, her brow still creased. “A bit salty – and a different taste from a girl.”

Not as fishy! I almost said.

As she wiped her hand with a tissue I pulled up my briefs and trousers, and as I buckled my belt I said,

“Okay – your turn now.”

She blushed again and said, “Yeah – a deal’s a deal, I guess.”

So she stood up, wiggled out of her jeans, then slid her bikini panties down. Standing there in just her T-shirt, she said,

“There’s not much to see, is there?”

In that pose she was right – all I could see was her little triangle of brown curls.

“Well,” I suggested, “sit down and spread your legs.”

She sat, but kept her knees together coyly.

“Come on,” I urged. “You said yourself – a deal’s a deal.”

She was obviously starting to feel a bit embarrassed, despite the wine and her earlier bravado, as she put both hands over her eyes as she parted her knees slightly.

“That’s it – but a bit wider,” I said.

I helped by putting my hands on her knees, moving them far enough apart for her the silky curls to part and reveal her pussy. “Part your lips,” I told her. “Or do you want me to?”

She took her hands from her eyes – although she kept her eyes closed – and used her fingers to part the labia and reveal her pussy in all its glory. I would have loved to have sunk my face into it, but I was sure that would have ended things then and there!

“It’s beautiful,” I said, and meaning it.

She opened her eyes then, and asked,

“Do you really think so? I mean, I’ve never had a man’s opinion…”

“Well, it looks beautiful to me. And you look very wet.”

She really blushed then, and admitted,

“I thought I must be. I got a bit turned on…you know…doing that to you.”

“Well, I let you touch mine – can I touch yours?” We sounded like a couple of schoolkids!

“I guess so – but only with your fingers!”

Facing her like that it was a bit difficult, but by resting my hand on her lower abdomen I was able to rub her clit with my thumb. She moaned softly, closed her eyes again, and wriggled forward more on the chair.

“Nice?” I asked.

“Mmm…yes,” she replied. “Someone else’s fingers always feel better than your own.”

I couldn’t disagree with that. Then, getting bolder, I tried to slip the index finger of my other hand into her vagina. Immediately she brought her legs together, and said firmly,

“No!” Then, more softly, “Please don’t – not now.”

So I withdrew the offending finger, but at least her “not now” gave me hope for later…

I continued rubbing her clit with my thumb, feeling it grow canlı bahis siteleri harder and larger, and Meg let her head fall back, eyes closed, breathing quickly through parted lips.

Almost as quickly as I had done she reached a climax, thrusting her loins forward against my hand, tossing her head from side to side and squeezing her breasts through the thin material of her T-shirt.

When her spasms subsided, I withdrew my thumb and sniffed it unobtrusively as I sat back.

Meg took a few deep breaths, eventually opened her eyes, sat upright in the chair and smiled at me.

“Phew!’ she gasped. “I really needed that!”

“Same as I did,” I replied smiling back at her. Then I asked, “How about showing me the rest?”

“The rest?” she repeated, seeming a bit puzzled. “Oh – you mean my boobs?”

“Uh-huh,” I replied.

With a shrug and a smile she said, “Okay,” and drew her T-shirt over her head.

Her breasts were as nice as I’d imagined them to be – not large, but in proportion to the rest of her, perfectly shaped with rosy pink nipples.

I nodded appreciatively and said,

“Very nice…very nice.”

Meg looked down at her breasts, cupped them and said,

“I always thought they were a bit small.”

“No,” I said. “Just right. Besides, anything more than a mouthful’s a waste!”

She stood up then, did a sexy little pirouette, and asked seriously,

“Do you really think I have a nice body, then?”

I was almost drooling as I replied,

“A very nice body. As I said, it’s a terrible shame.”

“Sorry,” she said, sincerely, as she began to get dressed again. “But I am what I am. But that was okay – what we did, wasn’t it?”

“It was fine,” I replied, “as far as it went. I still need a screw something awful, though!”

She laughed and said,

“I guess we both need a woman badly!”

I couldn’t argue with that, either…

After that we seemed to have a mutual feeling for when we both needed to repeat that evening’s “adventure”. Eventually I managed to prevail on Meg to take me in her mouth, with she did – reluctantly and hesitantly at first, but she was a quick learner. And I never came in her mouth!

And she let me return the favour, burying my face in her sweet-smelling and even sweeter-tasting pussy to eat her out.

Then, one night, Meg “got lucky”. She arrived home with another girl in tow, whom she introduced as Sally, then both of them disappeared into Meg’s room. I resisted the temptation to go and listen at the door, and stayed on the couch watching TV. I guess I dozed off, because I woke to a most exquisite feeling – my cock being sucked by someone with a lot more expertise than Meg!

I looked down, and saw that it was Sally. Apparently she wasn’t totally lesbian – but bi.

She didn’t say a word, but when she had sucked me to full erection she produced a condom, slipped it expertly onto my raging hard-on, then “climbed aboard” as I sat on the couch. I was still too stunned to really do anything more than just sit there and enjoy – and enjoy I did, for the few minutes it took for me to reach my orgasm and fill the condom.

Sally climbed off me, smiled – still without saying a word – and deftly removed the condom. Something made me look over my shoulder – and there, stark naked in the doorway, was a smiling Meg. She must have seen the look of gratitude on my face, as she said simply,

“What are friends for?”

Well, that was the start of a really great three-way relationship. When the three of us were together, the two girls would have their session, then I would get to fuck Sally – or be sucked off by both of them. Whenever Meg was on night shift, Sally and I would fuck like rabbits. Then, when I went off to sea again, the girls would keep each other happy.

All good things must come to an end, however, and the first blow was when Meg applied for a highly-paid job in a private hospital in another state – and got it. Soon after, Sally found herself another girlfriend, and that was it.

But it was great while it lasted!

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Leaving Thrill

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I met you in the lounge of the hotel. We stood across from one another making the exchange we came to transact. I took from you the package I needed, thanked you for it and then started the speech I had mentally prepared on my way to meet you. The speech that would prove to you how much I have grown, and how I am now in control of myself and better able to deal or not deal with you and the power you seem to have over me.

“I am not afraid of you Thrill. I can walk away from you anytime I want and never look back,” I said as I looked into those soft, but strongly seductive eyes of yours. These are the words I spoke – full of bravado (and, perhaps, shit). Time would tell. To me, the words were a statement of impending independence and reclamation of myself. To you, they were a challenge…an invitation to prove me wrong. From my speaking and your listening arose a war of wills. A war, it would be proved, for which I had little ammunition.

You stood there looking at me…as if waiting for me to say something else. Oh, but I know this ploy. You are working me…say nothing. In doing so, I will be so disarmed that I will continue to speak, until I give myself up, or say something to weaken my resolve and strengthen your hold. I said nothing. I looked down instead. Damn, a signal of weakness.

“Look at me”, you said sweetly. I did not.

“Bunny, look at me”, you said with that gentle but firm voice. Just the sound of your voice warned that I might weaken if I was not careful. To look at you would be the true test. I summoned all of the self-control I had and raised my eyes to meet yours.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me, Bunny. I never wanted you to fear me. Of course, you can walk away from me whenever you want. You can walk away right now. Go ahead. Leave.”

You spoke with such calm. Your voice even, mellow…and sensuous as ever. Your eyes bore into mine. “Go ahead. Leave.” The words were new enough to still be heard. I stood there looking at you. Telling myself: This is it…my chance. Turn and slowly walk away. Let him see you stroll away from him. Back arched, shoulders back, head held high, proud, strong, sexy. All that I am except when in your presence, when, then, I am reduced to horny, wet, short of breath, awestruck and pathetically under your control.

And then it happened. While looking into your eyes and telling myself it was time to end it; to walk away and leave this behind; get off the roller coaster ride and breath again; I felt it. That feeling. Try as I might to suppress it, I could not. That feeling that hits me as always: Between the eyes and between the legs. Where were you working now, Thrill? Were you trying to get into my head or into my pussy. Both were opening, warming, readying to let you in.

You stood canlı bahis there, biding your time until a slight smile crossed those incredibly soft lips that I had not felt in too long. You were reading me. That fucking confidence and cockiness began to come to fore. You knew you had me…hell, I had never gone. You walked over to me and took me by the elbow and led me to a table. I went along submissively. We sat down at a table in the corner of the lounge – sliding around from opposite sides of the booth until we met in the middle with you sitting to my left. The waitress came over. You ordered our drinks…both our usual. As she left, you reached your hand under the table and rested it at the hem of my skirt. Then, slowly and deliberately, your hand traced up my inner thigh until it reached the top. Your hand detected stockings and no panties. Just as it is supposed to be when I may see you. (Old habits obviously die hard.) You dipped your finger in. Wet…sopping wet. More than it should be in a public place.

Sitting there, feeling the amount of wetness your fingers stirred up, I feared I might leak and stain my skirt. The thought left me as you began to manipulate your fingers in my pussy right there at the table…and as the waitress brought our drinks, you had me settle the tab, as both my hands are free. She set up our drinks and left. I am curious if she wondered where your other hand was and what it was doing. Just then, you removed your fingers from my pussy and stirred my drink with them. You then lifted my drink to my lips and instructed me to drink from it. I did as I was told. It was then I knew, I was back, under your control. You knew it as well, as if you ever doubted it.

You then placed each of the two fingers that were in my pussy in my mouth. I dutifully sucked them, one at a time. You placed your left hand back under the table and returned it to my twat. My eyes darted around the room of the lounge to see if anyone could detect what was happening. The room was lit just well enough to see figures of people at the different tables, but dark enough to not detect what might be going on. Being it was the middle of the day, the clientele was light. There was privacy enough to make you comfortable with what you were doing, but I was still apprehensive…but not enough so to refuse your advances. I never am.

You inserted two, three, then four fingers inside me. You began to move them around while manipulating my clit with your thumb. The sensations were incredible. I started to shake. My legs spread wider involuntarily. My eyes closed and my mouth opened as I breathed from it with slow, deep breaths. I wondered if anyone could see us. I did not open my eyes to see, but imagined that they could. That they were watching us and could just make out what was bahis siteleri going on and that they were turned on as a result. I sank slightly in my seat. I opened my eyes to get a glimpse of you. You smiled as you sipped your drink…a smile that said that you knew what you were doing and how it was affecting me. A smile that said that you still had me.

“Take a drink”, you instructed. I lifted my glass to my mouth with shaky hands and took a short sip.

“Finish it”, you insisted. I drank it down and cringed at the strength of it. You threw back your drink with no effort or effect. You removed your hand from my pussy and instructed me to follow you.

I followed you into the stairway and down the first flight. As I caught up to you on the landing, without a word, you grabbed me by my arms, turned me swiftly around and walked me over to the wall, pushing me forward into it. I was surprised at your sudden and forceful movements. You pressed the back of my neck with your left hand, holding me in position, slightly bent into the wall. With your right hand, you opened your pants and removed TheEnterprise. Bending into me now, your chest against my back, I felt you lift my skirt and hold it up with your left hand and with your right hand, you quickly aimed and shoved your cock into my pussy with one swift motion that sent it to the very top my tunnel. I stifled my moan into the back of my hand. You stroked in and out of me forcefully, slapping against me with your pelvis as if trying to go through me. Long hard strokes hammered into me with quick succession, bringing forth more and more cum.

Suddenly, you pulled out of me, turned me to face you, and moved your face and body toward me as if to kiss me. As I closed my eyes and opened my mouth to meet yours, you pushed me down by both my shoulders and forced TheEnterprise into my mouth. There, with my back against the wall, squatting in front of you, I received your cock over and over as you fucked my face, sending your cock to the back of my throat time and again. My eyes began to water and I lost my breath as you pushed your dick to the back of my throat and then down into it. You held it there, feeling my throat open and close as I fruitlessly tried to get air. After what seemed like forever, you resumed your pumping in and out, guiding my mouth with your hands holding the back of my head. I loved the feeling of your force and strength and felt ashamed at the same time that I so easily gave in to you. I felt your power and control. Both made me even hornier. I grabbed your ass with both hands and aided you in your assault on my face.

I felt your cock getting harder and larger. Just then, you lifted me to my feet, pulled me past you and bent me over the stairs we had just come down. There I was, bent at the bahis şirketleri waist, my hands on the fourth stair up, skirt over my waist, ass up and bare in the stairway of a busy hotel where someone could appear at any second. While admiring the sight, you opened the waist of your pants and let them drop past your knees. You then came up behind me and, without warning, pressed the huge head of your cock into my asshole. So sudden and skillful was your penetration that I had no time to prepare for the entry. Then, with your usual finesse, but lacking your customary slow care, you began to pump in and out of my ass, going further in each time until you completely impaled me with your long tool. My ass clung to you, squeezing your cock, straining to lessen your assault but causing you to attack harder, it felt so tight.

Standing behind me, you began pushing and pulling me by my hips as you stood your ground, receiving me along your cock over and over again. I felt my orgasm forming in the depth of my uterus. My head started to get light. It all began to overwhelm me: Being bent over so far; the place where this was happening; your expert fucking of my ass; and my impending orgasm. I felt a deep moan building in my throat. I felt you ramming into my ass with a vengeance now. Your cock was rock hard. Your grip firm as you squeezed my hips. Your thrusts along with your pushing and pulling…all more determined and forceful. Just as I felt my orgasm move down my canal to the walls of my cunt, I felt you pull me to you tightly, burying your cock to the hilt into my ass. Your cock began throbbing and squirting as my pussy and ass pulsated simultaneously. As all of this came together, without warning or my ability to control it, I let out an initially low moan that intensified and increased in strength, volume, octave and duration, until it echoed in the stairway the unmistakable, primal sound of a woman reaching a tremendously satisfying climax.

Once my aria and our coinciding orgasms ended, we quickly adjusted our clothes, and climbed the stairs two floors up where it was less likely my outburst was heard. When in the hallway, which was, to my great relief, empty, we summoned the elevator. We entered and the doors closed.

I avoided eye contact with you. You walked over to me, tilted my face up to yours and softly kissed me; then, released my face and backed away from me.

“Bunny”, you said, “you can leave this whenever you want.”

I looked at you from head to toe as you stood there before me in your meticulously fitted suit, crisply pressed shirt, perfectly coordinated tie, and expensive shoes – and then allowed my eyes to travel back up along your body until they automatically lingered at the part of your pants that housed TheEnterprise before they continued their assent to those gorgeous, soft, hypnotizing, incandescent eyes of yours.

Just then you said, “I am not stopping you.”

After what I just beheld before me, all I could say was, “The hell you are not.”

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Lauren the Cock Tease

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Lauren slowly pulled her tight t-shirt over her head and tossed it to the side. Her firm d-cup tits that had stretched the cotton of the t-shirt all day were still restrained in the white bra, but the bra was low cut and now framed a generous cleavage with innocent looking white lace. She bent over, slowly pulling her shorts down, revealing what at first appeared to be her naked ass, but when she stood up it was obvious that she was wearing white string underwear. She turned around and released her hair, shaking her head until the golden locks flowed free down her back. She looked innocent and pure.

She walked around the room, turning lights off, until the bedside spotlight was the only source of light still on. She stood next to the bed. The light illuminated her pale skin. She reached around and unhooked her bra. She shook it off, bouncing her enormous mounds as the cool night air stiffened her pink nipples. She slowly pulled her last piece of clothing off, leaning forward, her tits blocking the view. Then she stood up and showed her smooth, waxed pussy.

She opened a drawer of the bedside table and took out a giant pink gel vibrator and a tube of lube. She lay on the bed, parted her legs and turned on the vibrator. At first she teased her clit with it and then she started running it up and down her wet slit. Her other hand cupped her tits and she licked her nipples. She moaned and bit her lip. Then she squirted some lube on the giant toy and slowly started penetrating herself with it. She’d parted her legs wide and held them up to open herself wide for the vibrating dong.

Her face was rigid with pleasure as the pleasure toy filled her completely. Her finger moved to turn up the vibrations and then she switched on the thrust action. Her eyes were closed by now and her mouth open, panting desperately for air. Her free hand squeezed her tits hard, leaving big red marks behind. In the end she had to give in to the immense pleasure and her cries echoed in the night air as the intense orgasm took over her body.

Lauren’s cries drifted through the open window, across the balcony, over the fence and into the bedroom of Juan de Almovar who sat in the darkness with his hand around his hard 9 inches. He had been pumping his shaft hard since the young Englishwoman next door had retired to her bedroom. His eyes finally closed and he sighed with relief as he shot his spunk into the night. It was but a temporary relief. As he got up he looked back into Lauren’s bedroom and saw her licking her pussy juices off her vibrator while her fingers caressed her clit. How he wanted his tongue to be where her fingers were.

The Spaniard had first seen Lauren a month ago when she moved into the recently renovated house next door. The Seville mansion had been converted into apartments and Lauren had bought the one with windows facing canlı bahis the bedroom wing of Juan’s family home. He’d soon realised that the pale English rose had a high sex drive, but apparently no man to please her. He had considered that she might be a lesbian, but then he dismissed that thought. She was far too sensual to be wasted on another pussy.

Every night she performed a highly teasing striptease in her bedroom and by now Juan felt as though he was addicted to it. In the last two weeks he’d turned down two dates and three dinner parties so that he wouldn’t miss the show. He came home in the evening and kept a constant eye on Lauren’s apartment so that he wouldn’t miss the slow reveal of her tempting body.

At 38 Juan was still unmarried, having spent his adult life seducing every woman he wanted. He’d never wanted children and he’d resisted all attempts at getting him down the aisle. Never had a single woman managed to keep his attention for more than a month. For Juan, part of the excitement lay in the seduction. He set his sight on seemingly unattainable women, and sure enough, within a week he usually had them in his bed, lips wrapped around his giant piece of meat, begging for more. He revelled in the power he had over his women. Often, if he’d gone without pussy for a week, he’d drop in unannounced on a former lover and, no matter how much they despised him for dumping them, they always welcomed him back into their arms, even the married ones.

He’d been obsessed with Lauren for a month now. In the last two weeks he’d dropped in on countless former lovers on his way to work, to get rid of the sexual tension in his body. But fucking the other willing pussies only made him hungrier for Lauren. He’d done everything to get to know her. He’d even gone so far as to washing his own car, wearing only a pair of tight shorts, but much as the other women in the neighbourhood fawned over him, Lauren had passed him with a polite hello. In the supermarket, in the garden, in the bar… It didn’t matter where he ran into her, she was cool and polite and then left his company. His cock ached as he fell asleep.

The next morning Lauren stretched her naked body and walked up to the window to open it fully. She giggled as she saw her neighbour entering his car to go to work. She knew that he was attracted to her and that made her nightly activities even more fun. She loved to fuck herself with her new best friend, but the thing that excited her the most was knowing that her neighbour was watching with his cock in his hand. She’d been warned about Juan de Almovar. Several of her friends of work had either been seduced and dumped by him, or knew someone who had. The pretty promotions girls were the type of women the well endowed man liked to enslave with his cock.

The first time she met Juan she immediately knew what bahis siteleri all the other girls were attracted to. But Lauren didn’t want to be just another notch on his bedpost. She knew they’d end up fucking eventually, but she wanted it to be on her terms. So she’d started performing her shows for him one night when she saw him in his bedroom. She knew that he was hooked when she noticed him moving around in the dark room the very next night. Now it had become a habit and putting on her show excited her more than she was prepared to admit. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep it up, but it was a fun game to play.

A couple of days, and nights, later Lauren casually strolled home from her bus stop. In her hand she held a bag from Seville’s most exclusive lingerie shop. Juan had just parked his car as she passed his driveway. He moved quickly and blocked her path.

“Good evening,” he smiled at her as he spoke English with a faint Spanish accent.

“Good evening,” Lauren replied, knowing that his dark eyes took in her ample cleavage and the name of the shop that was printed on her bag.

“Would you do me the honour of having dinner with me tonight?” he asked her.

“I’m sorry, I can’t.”

“Are you going out?”

“No, I just can’t. I have to do some things.”

“Are you sure they can’t wait until tomorrow. It’s Friday night after all.”

“I wish, but I simply have to do them tonight.”

“How about dinner tomorrow night?”

“Sorry, I can’t make it tomorrow night either. Thank you so much for inviting me, but now I really have to go.”

With those words she turned around and headed for her house. The minute she closed the door behind her she started giggling. If only he knew what her plans for tonight were. She opened her bag and took out the sheer babydoll she’d purchased during her lunch that day. It left nothing to the imagination. Two hours later, armed with a glass of wine and an erotic novel, she stepped out on her balcony, wearing nothing but her transparent garment. Her nipples were fully erect and her pussy wet as she sat down and continued reading the exciting story. She had to read it slowly to understand all the Spanish words and it gave her an opportunity to sit with her fingers teasing her wet slit. She smiled as the pleasure started building in her body.

In the house next door, Juan was desperate. His cock was hard as steal and the tease next door was at it again, even earlier than usual. So that had been her important plan that he’d turned him down for. Reading pornographic tales in a slut’s outfit. He finally decided that enough was enough. He was going to fuck her brains out tonight, whether she wanted it or not. With determined steps he walked out of his house and into the house next door. It was his company that had done the conversion so he knew bahis şirketleri which door went to Lauren’s apartment. He started banging on her door and soon she opened it.

She took his breath away. The soft light from the bedroom lit up the babydoll, showing off her figure to him. Then he remembered what he’d come for. He pushed her in and locked the door behind him. He pressed her up against the cool white wall and pinned her hands up above her head with one hand as his other hand pulled off her babydoll. When she was naked, he pressed himself against her and kissed her hard. His tongue soon parted her lips and he devoured her mouth. Her small cries of protest meant nothing to him. His head moved down and he started sucking her tits. He bit her nipples, one by one. God, she tasted good.

Soon he picked her up and walked in to the bedroom where he threw her on the bed. He quickly shed his clothes and his cock jumped to its full 9 inch attention. He lay on top of her and kissed her some more. He wanted no foreplay. A month of cock teasing was enough foreplay for him. His legs parted her thighs and then his cockhead was resting against her slippery slit. She was as horny as he was. His cock needed no help and they cried out in unison as he filled her wet cunt. With one hard thrust he was buried deep inside her and it felt so good.

She wrapped her legs around his waist as he started rocking his hips. Her bed creaked and they both panted loud as their fucking intensified. Her cunt was soft as satin as he tried to burrow deeper inside her with each thrust. The long month of teasing soon took its toll. With a final thrust he sent her screaming over the edge and as her cunt convulsed around his shaft he started shooting his generous load inside her.

He slowly pulled out and moved down to her battered pussy. His lips locked on her pussylips and he started eating his cum that was now mixed with her sweet nectar. She sprayed him with her cum twice before he was full and by that time his cock was bone hard again. He got her on her hands and knees and fucked her from behind. The pleasure was even more intense now and once again she managed to reach an orgasm at the same time as him.

He got her to suck herself off his cock and then he was ready for more action. She rode him, and with her tits in his hands, her nipples occasionally between his teeth, they orgasmed again. They didn’t fall asleep until the early hours. Juan woke up to daylight and slipped out of the bed. He was fully satisfied. He’d taken the cock tease at last. It wasn’t until he’d showered and got into his car to go visit some friends whom he’d neglected lately that he realised that last night was the first time he’d ever fucked without a condom. Well, if he was going to get sucked into marriage it might as well be with that young, nubile blonde who was obviously compatible in bed.

Nine months later Juan Jr was born by caesarean and his father made the nurses giggle as he questioned the doctor in depth about how soon he could resume sexual activity with his wife.

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Late Quickie

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I undress myself just as quickly as I possibly can, as I walk over to your waiting arms. I knew I was late, but apparently you weren’t too upset, by the look of you. I was so surprised to walk in the door and find you already naked, waiting for me.

When I finally make it over to you, having only my thigh high stockings left on, I stand on my toes to kiss you deeply. Your hands like hungry wolves, devouring every last inch of my flesh, deepening your kiss. My own hands enjoying the feel of your skin beneath them, my nails gently raking across your back. My mind begins to spin, visions of the last time we made love, making my heart and body react with a feverish wanting. I kiss your neck and nibble on your ear lobe, the smell of your cologne drifting into my senses, driving me mad.

“Glenn, my love, I’m sorry I was late,” I whisper into your ear. I’m answered canlı bahis by your deep growl as you forcefully massage my body with your strong hands, kneading my ass and breasts as if it were the first time you’d ever touched a set of them. My heart swells as I realize your want for me. Your hand sweeps up my back and into my hair, pulling at my pins. My long tresses fall, freed from their prison, the ends brushing against your hand and my bottom.

My heart is pounding so hard in my chest. I want to be one with you, I want to be one with you in this moment forever. Can we freeze time? Can we fool Father Time into letting us have this for an eternity? Just when I think it couldn’t get any better than this, you bring me back to reality. Your warm breath on my neck, whispering the things you want to do to me. With each syllable out of your mouth my small body climbs your tall bahis siteleri frame. My arms closed tightly around your neck, my legs wrapped around your waist.

With a fire in your eyes that I’ve never seen before in any man, you spin the both of us around so my back is against the smooth wall. I feel your hardness wedged between your abdomen and my aching sex. That’s when I notice that my hips have been moving to their own accord, rubbing me against your shaft.

With your upper body pinning mine against the wall, you pull your head back to look into my eyes as you ram your swollen cock deep into me in one quick move. As you begin to pump in and out of me you suck on first my bottom lip then the upper. Loving the feel of your hardness, I tell you so and you thrust harder, your pelvis slamming into my willing hole.

I feel my lips swelling from your forceful bahis şirketleri kisses. My tongue seeks out yours and I feel the beginning of an orgasm. My walls start to contract around you. You tell me to scream, you want to hear how good it feels to me. My lungs burst, surprising even me as I let out the first of a series of pleasure induced screams. I lean my head back against the wall and feel my breasts bouncing with your pounding force. Suddenly, your cock squirts a piercing stream deep within my canal, hitting my cervix. The feeling is exquisite… my fading orgasm renewing, my control on reality fleeting. Your cum pours into me for what seemed like hours, having an effect on me that can only be described in sounds, and I sing my approval.

Thrust… your final gift deposited deeply. Thrust… my body draws you in with one last, contracting squeeze. Thrust… and we are still. Your soft lips, kissing my cheeks, my nose, my eyelids, my forehead.

Then you whisper, as you lower me back to the ground, “Please don’t be late again. Next time I might not be able to control myself!”

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Like No Other

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The screen name on the e-mail was vaguely familiar, like I should know who it was but couldn’t quite place it. I was at work and our system had a good firewall and virus protection so I wasn’t too worried. Usually I just delete e-mails if I don’t know who they are from. But this name stuck with me and after a few minutes I just had to see who it was from. God, am I glad I did.

The e-mail was from Jamie, my oldest friend in the world. We had known each other since we were babies, literally. Well, since she was a baby, anyway. I was a whopping three years older than she!! Our parents had been best friends and we grew up together for most of our pre-teen years. Even with the age difference we were always very close. There was always a bond between us that neither of us could explain, but that both of us felt.

As soon as I opened the e-mail I knew who it was from. It was her married name that I thought I recognized but wasn’t quite sure. After all, I hadn’t seen her in almost ten years and had only seen her once in about twenty. She had run into my sister while shopping one day and had asked about me. When she heard I was divorced, she decided to contact me since she was in the middle of a divorce herself. After all, we were old and dear friends.

Her e-mail told me of meeting my sister, of hearing about the recent events in my life, and a little about hers. She left it open for me to respond if I was interested in talking to her. Of course, I sent her a response immediately. I didn’t hear back from her until the next day but after that we were talking via e-mail every day. After about a week I decided I wanted to hear her voice and asked for her phone number. She sent both her home and cell. I called her immediately. She sounded exactly as I remembered and it was wonderful to hear her voice again.

I don’t remember exactly when it was that she told me she was getting divorced but at that moment I knew there was a good chance something could be developing between us. Our telephone conversations became more and more involved and more intimate and within a few weeks we were talking about sex. Those conversations led to me making plans to go see her, which, in turn, led to discussions of what was going to happen when we did see each other. Finally, after talking about it for several days and both getting extremely horny for each other, I asked her to have phone sex with me. She happily obliged and we made love that night via long distance. She was totally uninhibited and we had an incredible experience, touching ourselves physically but loving each other verbally and mentally. I like to talk during sex anyway and this was working out well. She came twice that night before I joined her on her third. Although I had known her all my life, this was definitely not the same “good girl” I knew as a teenager.

I give you this background because it leads up to the best part of this story, one simply unbelievable night that I will never forget. I had gone up to visit Jamie a couple of times and the visits were incredible. From the very first time, we made love like we’d been together forever. Her body was wonderful, even at 42 with two kids. Her face was as beautiful as I remembered and her smile still took my breath away. In bed she was almost insatiable. It took several minutes for her to warm up but once she did, she could keep going for hours. We have had several marathon fuck sessions – one in particular that lasted about six hours. I tell you, the woman is the most amazing lover I have ever known. As the title says – “Like no other.”

Ok, on to the good part. I was visiting yet again and Jamie had farmed the kids out for the weekend so we could be alone. We started the evening with a couple of strong drinks apiece, just to relax and let our blood flow. Still in the kitchen, I began kissing her beautiful lips and tasting her tongue, while my hands reached behind her and gently grasped both of her ass cheeks, pulling her tightly into my body. She could feel me already beginning to grow and moaned into my mouth, wiggling her hips against my rising erection. She moved back a few inches and I felt her hand reach down and begin to caress my throbbing, growing cock. It felt wonderful and I buried my tongue in her mouth, sucking her tongue and trying to show her my excitement.

She broke the kiss and whispered huskily “Let’s go upstairs.” We each picked up our drinks and I let her lead the way. I loved to watch her cute little ass as she climbed the stairs and I could never resist reaching out and goosing her. This time was no different except for her reaction. When my hand pushed up between her cheeks, instead of squealing and running on up the stairs, she stopped in her tracks, stuck her ass back toward my face and spread her legs a little. I took the hint and rubbed her pussy vigorously through her jeans. I couldn’t feel much but she moaned and said “Oh man, that feels good. Let’s go!” Then she hurried on up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Once we had set our drinks down safely, she turned toward me and began canlı bahis unbuttoning her blouse. “Wait,” I said. “Let me do it.” I looked at her beautiful face, framed by her short, blonde hair and those deep brown eyes and fell in love. I began by kissing her lips, then her neck. (She loves her neck being kissed and it tastes wonderful.) I gently rubbed my hands up her sides and over her full, round breasts, just lightly touching and not lingering. I then began unbuttoning her blouse, very slowly. As the blouse parted and skin appeared, my mouth and tongue were on it. Little by little her cleavage began to show, then the top of her bra cups. The bra seemed just a little too small which made her breasts push up over the top of each cup, a sight that was not at all unpleasant. I kissed the top curve of each breast, running my tongue over each one and eliciting a quick gasp from Jamie. She was fumbling with my belt and I had to stop her, saying “Not yet. Don’t be impatient. You’ll get what you want.”

“I want you now! I want you inside me!”, she said in desperation.

“Patience, Sweet Jamie. You’ll get it, I promise.”

She let go of my belt and I began removing her clothes again. I opened the blouse all the way up and beheld her beautiful chest and belly. Jamie was a few pounds overweight (according to the “average” chart) but it was attractive on her and only added to her beauty and sexual magnetism. And she wasn’t really self conscious about it with me because she knew the physical effect she had on me was incredible. By her own words, she’d never seen a man express or demonstrate such desire for her as I did. I have to tell you, after being with this woman once, I was hooked. She is that good.

I let her blouse drop to the floor and turned her around. I kissed her shoulders and back, licking and nibbling my way down to the top of her jeans. I unhooked her bra but said “Hold it against your breasts – don’t take if off yet.” Then I turned her back around. I tongued her belly button (something I love to do) and began kissing upward on her belly. Jamie was panting and whimpering and I knew she would soon be begging me to fuck her. One by one I slid her bra straps down her arms. She was still holding the cups in place with one arm. I gently placed my hands under her arm and told her to lift it. I was then holding her bra in place myself.

Gently I lifted the right one away from the gorgeous mountain of flesh that it covered. Jamie was an avid tanner, going to the tanning booth in the winter and getting as much sun as was healthy in the summer. She had no tan lines because she liked to tan naked. I love the sight of tanned breasts – it’s an insight into a woman’s open mindedness. I leaned in and planted a warm, wet, sloppy tongue kiss right on her nipple, which was hard and erect. She moaned loudly. “Do the other one, please!” she begged. I was getting the effect I desired.

I moved the other cup from her left breast and dropped her bra to the floor. Again I planted my tongue and lips on her nipple, sucking this one into my mouth like a nursing baby. I moaned as I sucked her and she panted “God, I want you so much. Please fuck me!!”

“Working on that, Baby” was my response. I popped open the button on her jeans and pulled the zipper down. She was wearing my favorite, tiny, thong underwear in my honor. “Good girl” I whispered in her ear before I put my tongue into it. Again she moaned. “Hurry, please hurry” she begged. I love it when she gets this excited. It was going to be a great evening.

I slid her jeans down over her hips and all the way to her ankles. She stepped out of them quickly and tried to pull down the panties. I stopped her and got on my knees in front of her. Gently, I hooked my fingers under the tiny elastic bands and slid them down a little. Another pleasant surprise – she had shaved her pussy for me. She knows I love that and had obliged me once again.

I gently kissed her mound above her clit, not wanting to go there yet. I was enjoying her excitement and the tension building in her. I knew when I finally did touch her, orgasm would come almost immediately. I slid her thong the rest of the way down and took one long lick from the bottom of her lips all the way up across her clit, but only one. She took a deep breath and I felt her knees give a little. I held her for a few seconds until I felt her stabilize, then turned her around. There was something I wanted to see. As I said, Jamie likes to tan naked, particularly in the tanning bed. Her all over tan is beautiful but I knew there was one place she didn’t tan. The only white area on this beautiful blonde woman was in the crack of her ass and just at the top of it, where her ass cheeks kept the tanning light out when she was laying down. It was a huge turn-on to see this one, small, white area of skin in such an intimate place.

I stood up, turned her back around and kissed this beautiful lady, and slowly guided her back to her big, king sized bed. She lay on her back and I started with her left foot and began kissing and licking bahis siteleri my way up her leg. When I got to her mid-thigh, I moved to the right foot and started over. “Aaaagghh!” she groaned when I went back down. “I want you! Come up here!” she complained.

“I’m coming, Baby. Trust me – you’ll be OK. It will all be worth the wait.” When I got up to her mid-thigh again, I began going back and forth between them, kissing, sucking and licking my way up slowly to the wonderful treasure at the junction. Her beautiful, shaved lips were glistening with the first hints of the warm, wet liquid she was producing. I was working my way up to taste that liquid when I heard her say “Damn it – hurry up! I need you now!”

I decided it was time to give her a break. I moved quickly up to those gorgeous lips and began licking them from the bottom up. I licked and sucked on one side, then moved to the other. Finally I stuck my tongue between them and pushed it in, instantly feeling and tasting a wash of her wonderful, sweet pussy juices. It was like a dam broke as her excitement flowed out of her like a river. I pushed my face forward, sticking my tongue as deeply into her as I could and getting my face covered with her slick wetness. I was in heaven.

“My clit. Suck my clit. I’m ready to cum!” I pulled my tongue out and slid up to her waiting button. Knowing how to please her, I licked it a couple times, then sucked it into my mouth, pressing my lips firmly around it and sucking on it like a nipple. She screamed out “Oh God!” followed by several audible, high-pitched moans as her first orgasm ripped through her body. It lasted about 20 seconds and she came down slowly, breathing hard and smiling. I continued to gently lick and kiss her pussy all over, staying away from her clit at this point. She continued to breathe deeply and I knew what was happening.

You see, Jamie is an exceptional lover. She has this ability, once she’s reached her first orgasm, to make herself cum again in only a couple of minutes. When she is really worked up, she lets go of everything except the physical, carnal pleasure she’s experiencing and it’s like her body won’t stop making it happen. I had already planned that today was the day to find out just how far that would go. Unbeknownst to her, I was going to see how many times this woman could cum in one day.

I began pushing my tongue into her a little at a time, letting the feeling gradually get stronger again. Jamie is a woman who’s clit doesn’t get extremely sensitive after orgasm (unlike my ex-wife) and she can be licked to two or three before she makes me stop. I stuck my tongue deeply into her dripping slit at the bottom most point and dragged slowly up, licking her entire vaginal opening as deeply as I could until I reached that magic button again. She moaned in pleasure and I began licking all around her clit, teasing it with my tongue. Her breathing became faster and heavier and I knew it was getting close again. I reached up for her breasts and began to tease them, rolling her nipples between my fingers. I felt Jamie’s hand on the back of my head and I knew it was time. Once again I sucked her clit forcefully into my mouth and sucked on it like a baby bottle. I heard that familiar squeal begin and felt her legs stiffen as the second orgasm hit her. Her body ran up that mountain and leaped off the other side, not caring where it landed. She called out my name over and over as this one took her. I felt like the king of the world.

After she had rested a few minutes, I decided it was time for something different. I moved up beside her on the bed and kissed her deeply. I then began lightly stroking her gorgeous body. I rubbed my fingertips over her skin, starting at her shoulders and down her chest, playing with each nipple briefly before continuing down to her belly. I rubbed my palm over her tanned belly, stopping at her belly button to caress it, then on down to her mound. I could feel her slightly lift her hips toward my hand and knew what I had to do next. I ran my fingers down each side of her soaking wet pussy, only touching the outside lips. She gasped and then moaned. I kissed her and her tongue invaded my mouth like a paint mixer, swirling around my tongue and tasting every inch of my mouth.

I flattened my hand out and rubbed it over her entire vaginal area and up over her clit, putting direct pressure on her clit before starting back down. She was so wet it was as if I was spreading oil around. My hand was drenched and I raised it up to my mouth, licking some of the juices off, then moved it to her mouth so she could do the same. (When we first got back together, tasting herself was something new to her. The first time I took my fingers out of her and held them to her lips, she looked at me like I was crazy. But after trying it a couple of times, she was hooked. She told me now she even tastes her sweet juices when she masturbates. Score one for me!)

As I continued rubbing her, I began dipping fingers into her wet opening. First one, then two, then three. When the bahis şirketleri third finger went in I stopped rubbing and began finger-fucking her sweet, dripping pussy. She began moving her hips up and down to my rhythm, helping me to push further and further into her. I flicked her clit lightly with my thumb and could feel number three headed her way. “Faster”, she whispered. “Keep doing that, just do it faster.” Her wish was my command and I did as she asked. I heard her breathing quicken again and knew she was close. I literally fucked her with my hand for all I was worth and her orgasm took her again in less than thirty seconds. I watched the pain/pleasure look that crossed her face – that look that means you don’t know whether to scream or laugh. My hard-on jumped once, making me aware that he hadn’t had any attention yet. But that was OK. Today I was on a mission and my own pleasure would be the last item on the agenda.

Don’t get me wrong – my own pleasure is always the last item on the agenda. I pride myself in the fact that when I’m with a woman, her pleasure always comes first. I have always enjoyed making and watching a woman cum more than cumming myself. Let’s face it, unless a man has recently cum and it’s too soon, or he’s too drunk to achieve orgasm, he can pretty much always get off. So my orgasm isn’t important to me until I’ve satisfied my partner as much as I possibly can. There was a time with one woman that I erupted all over the bed just from watching her orgasm. I was finger-fucking her while she played with her clit and we were talking really dirty. When she came really loudly, my balls apparently couldn’t take it and I came just after her, without even touching myself. She said it was sweet and it was like we were in high school. She also said it let her know just how hot she made me which made me feel better. Afterward we laughed but she never forgot my excitement for her that day. I’ll tell that story another day.

Anyway, back to Jamie. She had experienced three orgasms in about twenty minutes. I knew this day was going to be exceptional and I was determined to keep it up. I slowed my movements down a little to give her some recovery time, but continued to move my fingers in and out of her. She was really into it now. Her eyes were closed, her hands went to her breasts and she was breathing through her mouth. “Do that again” she said. “That was intense.”

I began pumping my fingers into her quickly again. She squeezed and manipulated her breasts, pinching her nipples and running her tongue around her lips. Her breathing quickened once more and I could tell her orgasm was imminent. “Kiss me!” she said. I bent to her mouth and pushed my tongue into her other orifice. Her orgasm took her almost immediately and she moaned loudly into my mouth, then practically stuck her tongue down my throat. Her hips bucked up off the bed several times before her whole body stiffened, then literally collapsed like a rag doll. I felt her lips break into a smile and pulled my face back to look at her. She was giggling to herself and totally satiated, for the moment. “OK, break time. I need a drink.”

We separated and sat up in the bed, each taking a few large swallows of our drinks. The alcohol was having different effects on each of us. It was making her extremely horny and allowing her to lose her inhibitions. And it was making me completely oblivious to my raging hard-on. I had no thoughts whatsoever about wanting release. All I wanted was to ravish this beauty and make her cum over and over. Jamie even reached out and began stroking him. “Poor baby”, she said. “He needs attention too.”

“Don’t worry – he’ll be fine. Right now it’s all about you. You are amazing.” I smiled and kissed her deeply. “You ready for some more?”

Her smile lit up the room. “I’m ready. What do you have in mind?”

“How about you masturbate for me? You know how much I like to watch you.”

“Can I use my vibrator?”

“You can use anything you want.” I smiled at her. “In fact, why don’t you get your vibrator and your dildo? I think we can put them to good use.”

“Absolutely!” Her face lit up again as she got off the bed and went to her “hiding place”. (Kids in the house, remember?)

She came back a few seconds later with her toys. Her vibrator was a long, straight black instrument that really was made for massages, but it worked really well for her sexual pleasure. It had a large, flat head on it that she held up against her clit and it really did the job for her. The dildo was a small one, about five inches long and only about an inch in diameter. She laid the dildo on the bed between us and laid on her back with her legs spread. She put the “black monster” against her clit and turned it on. Immediately she moaned in pleasure.

“Show me how you do it when I’m not here, Baby. I want to watch you cum.” My cock jumped again at the sight of her pleasuring herself. I think it grew another half inch. She whispered “Play with my breasts, please?” I needed no more encouragement. With my eyes on what she was doing to her pussy, I began squeezing one nipple as I sucked the other one into my mouth. Both nipples reacted immediately, becoming hard. “Oh my God, that feels wonderful. Please don’t stop.” As if I was going to.

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Life is Short: Have an Affair Pt. 01

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I’m sitting on a wooden bench in the concourse level of the hotel. I check my phone for the 25th time in a minute. It’s still 7:55.

We’re supposed to meet in the lobby at 8, under the big clock there. I don’t want to be early – I don’t want anyone else to see me – but I really don’t want to be late. I get a text from you and my heart jumps. You say you’ll be another few minutes because of traffic.

I’m relieved to have the extra time to prepare.

I sit there, dressed to perfection. For weeks we’ve been texting back and forth, and in that time I’ve come to understand what you like physically. I’m wearing a white linen strapless dress (to show off my tan, like I promised, and for you to raise in the elevator. Like you promised.), nude patent heels that look like sex itself, black Ray Bans, red lips, and my hair is piled in a bun atop my head. Just how you requested it to get at my neck and ears more easily.

I look again at my phone and see it’s 8:03. I fear that if I sit here any longer I may lose my nerve and leave. This is crazy! Is this crazy?

I’m here to meet a man to whom I have no connection personally. I have no idea if you’re going to fuck me or kill me. Will you look like you do in your picture? Will you be awful? Will you be boring?

Will you be wonderful?

Will someone see us together? Will they tell my husband? What will I tell them? What will I tell him?

Will I even care?

There’s canlı bahis only one way to find out.

I can’t take it anymore, this mental hurricane. I stand up, smooth out my dress, take a breath and relax my shoulders. I walk slowly to the grand staircase, in part because I think that’s the sexiest gait for you…and in part because I’m so goddamn nervous I have to walk slow so that I don’t fall over.

I’m shaking as I walk up the stairs towards the clock. And as I ascend the last few steps, I see you coming up the other side of the staircase.

I know instantly that this is going to be fun.

You are so disarmingly handsome I almost can’t look. Your hair is dark but lightly salt and peppered that reflects a perfect age gap between us. You are trim, and fit, and you carry yourself well. Your skin is just as you described, Colombian with a Mediterranean look. You are wearing a navy jacket with suede patched elbows, a light blue checked shirt, paprika coloured pants, and dark leather loafers.

You’ve done this before. You look perfect.

It hits me in a flash that I am actually about to have an affair with a tall, dark, and handsome latin stranger. And I’m ecstatic. I have to lower my gaze because I’m smiling so much, but I can see from my periphery that you are smiling too. And that you like what you see.

I get to the top of the stairs and you take my face in your hands, firmly but also gently, demonstrating bahis siteleri tenderness and control, and kiss me. Deep. Now I actually can’t breathe. I try to get my breath back, which means now I can barely talk. I am overcome with lust.

I’ve been wet for days dreaming about this, planning it out, wondering if there will be an attraction in person. There is. You say something in your sexy Spanish accent, something to the effect that you’re happy with what you see, and ask if I’d like to get a drink.

I would.

You keep your hand on my lower back but walk just behind me, and it feels so sure, so assured, so confident, that I feel completely safe. This immediate sense of trust scares me a little, because it gives me permission to let my guard down more. You smile so confidently, ask me if I’m excited, and lead me to the dimly lit hotel bar, in its own separate area. I tell you I’m very excited, and can’t hold back that I am nervous, and would very much like a drink. Like, right this very second.

I can’t believe this is happening. (Oh shit, I think I may have said that out loud.)

You laugh and we are lead to a table in the bar. We sit beside each other and order two margaritas. That ought to help. You lean in towards me and put on hand on mine, the other on my leg. I am so drunk on lust alone that I barely know what we are talking about. But I know that we are getting along, really well, and I am loosening up as I bahis şirketleri accept the fact that you are the most beautiful man I have ever been out with, and start to sink into my own sensuality again.

Between conversations you lean over to kiss me. Rub my hand. Trace my leg. Touch my cheek. We are laughing. Talking. Flirting. Charming. Kissing.

Ready for the next step.

You ask me with lowered eyes in a lowered voice if I’d like to get a room.

I would.

I wait at our table while you suss it out at the front desk. You’re back moments later with that magical key card in hand, then you take mine as I stand up and allow you to lead me by my waist to the elevator.

This is happening.

There is no guilt. Only joy. And pure, unadulterated excitement (that is about to get ADULTerated).

We wait a moment in front of the big, brass doors, only a few other people around. You lower your hand a little and lean closer to my ear. As you index finger gets closer to my ass, you quietly say “I feel a thong.” I nod, slowly, and silently. “Let me guess,” you whisper. “Lacy and black?” I look right into your eyes, and nod slower, with almost no movement.

The doors open and we step in, waiting with a four inch space between us. As they close in front of us and you lean in and kiss me hard and passionately, and run your hand up just inside the bottom of my short hemline.

Our room is only on the second floor, but it’s enough to send the message, foreshadow what’s about to happen, and for me to need to wipe my lipstick off your face.

The doors open, and we walk hand in hand towards the night that lies ahead.

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Letter for College

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A few years ago, while still in high school, I had a teacher who was just starting his career. As a junior, I was one of many students he had in his first year as a teacher. He was young, probably 24, and cute in a nerdy, science teacher way. Several girls found him very attractive, but I never thought of him as more than my teacher. I did well in the class, though I never considered Chemistry a strong point for me. Looking back I see that I was quite naïve. In my senior year, I needed a few letters of recommendation, and who better to ask than a teacher who constantly complimented you’re skills. Well it was at this time that I began to see why I got the A I didn’t know that I deserved.

I had asked Mr. Green to write a letter of recommendation with the assumption that he would then give it to my guidance counselor to mail out with my transcripts. Apparently Mr. Green had other plans. Although I saw him from time to time in the hallways, I no longer had class with him, so I had to go out of my way to find him to ask about the favor. He figured he should do the same and took it upon himself to find out where I would be during his free periods. He came into the class and made small talk with the teacher, before coming over to me. He offered me the letter of recommendation and told me to read over it and if I wanted him to change anything I should just write it down and he’d take care of it. He also told me that after I was done I should bring the letter by his office. I told him that was unnecessary and I would just use the letter he had written. He insisted that I read it and bring it back later that day. I took the letter and went back to work.

At lunch I told my friend about the strange situation I was in. She was baffled at his actions, but she also thought he was very sexy. She encouraged me to stop by his office after school got it like he has suggested. I was very hesitant, but I also knew that I had to give him the letter back so he could send it out, the sooner the better. After sitting through another class the bell rang and buses started leaving the school. I lived close enough to walk home if I had to, so I hung around by my locker until the hallways cleared out. Finally I got the nerve to swing by Mr. Green’s office.

The door was open but Mr. Green was facing away from it, so I knocked hesitantly. He turned around and a smile came across his face. He ushered me inside, never taking his eyes from mine. I could feel my face flushed from embarrassment. I didn’t know why I was so shy all of a sudden. Finally Mr. Green sat down and offered me the seat across the desk from him. I sat with my hands folded in my lap, clutching the letter I had to return.

“I was just dropping my letter of recommendation back off to you. It sounded fine to me. Thanks so much for writing it,” I spoke quietly.

“It was no problem at all Ari. I could have gone on forever and not told a lie.”

Again I felt my illegal bahis face burning red. I could not calm down regardless of how hard I tried. I also couldn’t help but think of how cute Mr. Green looked in his khaki pants and black tee. He had taken off his dressier shirt since he was technically off work. His arms looked buffer than I expected, though clearly he didn’t work out daily. His skin had a subtle tan, probably left over from the summer sun. His hair was longer than most professionals, reminding me that he was only a few years older than me. I was so lost in his appearance that I hadn’t been listening to him speak.

“Ari, is everything alright?”

I couldn’t believe how stupid I felt. And therefore how stupid I sounded. “I’m fine. I’m sorry. I just never noticed how young you were until now.”

He laughed, “Well I’ll assume that’s a good thing then.” He stood up and walked over to the door. He shut the door quietly. “Don’t take that the wrong way, but I don’t need anyone to hear us and get the wrong idea.”

“Oh, alright then. I can go if you’d like. I really just came by to drop off the letter like you asked. I didn’t mean to be so weird. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Don’t worry so much Ari. You’re more than welcome to stay and talk with me. I enjoy your company. I hardly see you now that you’ve left my class. How’s everything going? “

“Well everything is going pretty well. I just turned 18, so that’s exciting. I’m applying to schools, but you knew that, and I can’t wait to get out of here, haha,” I said, as I began to relax. I was still mesmerized by Mr. Green’s arms, but also found myself wondering what he was thinking. I suddenly wanted to be closer to him, kissing him. I wanted him to want me back.

I think he sensed this, because more than once I saw him staring intently at me, and lick his lips. I just blushed when I saw this, hoping he might do or say something about it. There was silence between us, both of us watching each other. We both sensed that nothing should happen, but we both were thinking about the same things we knew we shouldn’t do. I finally decided to act before I lost the guts. I stood up, and headed towards the door. I knew that Mr. Green wanted to say something to stop me, but before he had a chance I simply turned the lock on the door and smiled at him. He smiled back and stood up, finally allowing me to see his tight fitted jeans slightly bulging at the crotch.

“So about that letter of recommendation you wrote for me. Do you want me to repay you for all the wonderful things you said?” I asked teasingly. I wasn’t sure what had gotten into me, but I couldn’t stop the words from coming out.

I walked over to his side of the desk and ran my hands up his arms. My chest barely pressing against his back as my hand worked up his arms, closer to his shoulders. We were both breathing harder because of the anticipation. Finally Mr. Green turned illegal bahis siteleri around and faced me. He still made no attempt to touch or kiss me, he just watched me. I could not believe what I was doing, this was so unlike me. I was reserved, quiet, and not the promiscuous type. I continued running my hands over his arms, under the sleeve of his shirt, and back down. Soon I ran my hands down over his shirt, feeling his chest and stomach. Finally I got a reaction as his breath caught.

“Listen Ari, I want you to know you don’t owe me anything for that letter. I meant what it said, and more. You’re an amazing girl, and you will make someone very happy someday. Just think about this before you get over your head. I know what I want, but you’re still young.”

I understood every word, and in response I slid my hands under his shirt and lifted it over his head. He took the hint and leaned in to kiss me. He was very gentle, holding my chin in his hand, he simply touched his lips to mine before pulling away. I smiled, and realized that he was as nervous as I was. I encouraged him by running my hands all over his bare chest, stomach, and back. We kissed again, this time more passionately. I used my tongue to gain access to his mouth. He met me halfway and we grew more intense with our kissing and touching. Still sensing his hesitation, I began lifting my shirt over my head. I dropped my shirt to the floor and stood a step back, allowing him to view my body. I stood before him in a denim skirt with my black and teal bra covering my young breasts. After letting him take in my bare skin, I stepped forward again, kissing his neck now. I let my hands work on the buckle to Mr. Green’s belt while he now caressed my bare back. I moaned against his neck when his hands grazed the strap to my bra, wanting him to remove it. He took this moan as the hint that it was and unhooked the bra, helping it off my shoulders and to the ground. I worked his belt off and undid the button and zipper on his pants before dropping to my knees. I slid Mr. Green’s pants down around his ankles and ran my hands up his calves and thighs, all the way up under his boxers. I squeezed his balls before taking my hand out of the bottom of his boxer shorts. His moaning made me so hot that I couldn’t wait any longer. I slid his boxers to his ankles, where his pants were waiting, and began running my hand up and down his throbbing cock. As my pace quickened so did his moaning.

“Why don’t you sit down and enjoy this Mr. Green?” I say, while pushing him into his chair. He falls back willingly, just watching me work his cock with my left hand. I use my right hand to alternate between rubbing his balls and rubbing my tit. I replace my hand with my warm mouth, licking and sucking his hard shaft. I take his hand and place it on my hand to control the pace of the cock sucking. He finally loses control and forces my head up and down his cock with urgency. I’m getting canlı bahis siteleri hornier and wetter as he forces my head up and down his cock. I rub his balls between my left hand and with his free hand in mine, we play with my tits.

“Ari, suck my balls.” He grunts as he lets go of my head. I’m eager to please him, so I drop his cock out of my mouth and suck on his balls one at a time. I jerk his cock in my hand while I suck his balls. His moans tell me what he really likes, so I continue to suck hard. Finally I place my mouth around his cock again with his help, taking most of his cock down my throat, gagging a little, but still continuing. Soon his breathing is very fast, and he moans that he’s going to cum. I continue sucking until I feel the cum in my throat. I swallow eagerly, waiting for more to fill my mouth. Finally he stops and he gently pushes my head away from his cock. I stand up and grab my bra and top from the floor.

“Where are you going?” Mr. Green asks, still breathing heavy.

“Well I thanked you, so I thought I’d get going,” I smile and get dressed.

Mr. Green walks over to me, his pants still around his ankles. He kisses me without reservation. When he pulls away he whispers into my ear, “I told you that you didn’t need to thank me. And if that was all because you wanted to say thank you then it was unnecessary. I wanted you to want that, and if you didn’t then it was a big mistake.”

“Mr. Green, I wanted that more than you can realize. I didn’t know I wanted it until I was here, but oh boy did I want it.” I kiss him and start to turn around towards the door when I feel a hand grab my wrist and pull me back.

“As a real thank you, I want you to let me taste you.”

All I can get out is an okay before I see Mr. Green clearing off part of his desk. He then motions for me to sit on the desk with my legs on either side of his chair. I do as he wants and he runs his hands up my skirt, rubbing my soaking wet panties into my pussy. I moan quietly as I feel him sliding my panties down my legs. I help lift myself up so that the panties slide off easily. His hand returns to my waiting pussy and I open my legs wide for him. He runs his fingers up and down between my pussy lips, and I lean back on my elbows to get comfortable. It only takes a minute before I feel his mouth over my clit. He slides both hands under my ass, squeezing my ass cheeks and holding me close to his mouth. My moans are getting louder, so I bite my bottom lip. Mr. Green licks my pussy from the back to the clit before taking my clit into his mouth. He uses his teeth to gently nibble my clit, making me almost scream in pleasure. His fingers are rubbing my asshole while his tongue laps up my juices. I feel my orgasm and I hold my mouth shut while I start to cum on Mr. Green’s face and desk. Once my pussy is clean, Mr. Green sits back in his chair, a small bit of my cum still on his lip. I get off the desk and lick my cum from his lip before grabbing my panties and putting them in my purse.

“Maybe I should get back to you with my revised letter of recommendation sometime this week?” I ask as I walk out the door, not waiting for an answer.

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Summer Time

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It was the summer after the completion of high school. I hadn’t done too poorly at school and was excited for my move to college, but first I had one endless summer ahead of me. It was on the fateful day two days after graduation that I was driving to my girl friend Renee’s house.

I had spent the morning working out. I was proud of my body. Playing wide receiver had given me a body of almost no fat and tight, corded muscle. I stand at 6′ 3″ and am topped with brown hair and bright blue eyes. I always work out naked when my family isn’t home, and the feeling of the air on my body always give me a hard-on. It’s difficult to manage push-ups when you have a 7-inch steel rod attached to your crotch, but I wasn’t one to complain, my penis had made me rather popular with the ladies.

We didn’t live far from one another, but on days that we particularly hot or cold I’d drive down to her house when I wanted to see her. It was on this 15 minute drive that I spotted a jar sitting on the side of the road. Curiosity made me stop, as usually when you see glass on the side of the road it’s because the glass fell from a car and is shattered all over the pavement. I turned off my car and crossed the street.

In front of me lay a medium-sized mason jar filled to the cap with green vegetation. Not one to pass up opportunity, I opened the jar and took a sniff. I was immediately dazed by the strong herbal scent that can only be credited to marijuana. I’m not much of a smoker, generally I avoid the stuff, but to find it in this quantity made was too lucrative to leave behind.

I snapped the jar shut and finished the drive to Renee’s house. I pulled up to her lavish house. Renee’s father is old money, so, naturally, she has a massive house with 4 bedrooms, each with their own bath, as well as a huge kitchen, a pool, and a home theater that would put your local cinema to shame. I stepped out of my car and walked into their marbled entry way without knocking.

I announced my arrival with a loud “I’m here!”. Renee’s family was oddly forward and only asked that you make your presence known when you walk into their house. Renee came around the corner smiling the sly smile that I only see when she’s horny “Hey John” she said, greeting me verbally. Renee is about 5′ 6″ and weighs around 140 lbs. She carries most of her weight in her 32 D bust and her amazingly round, jiggling ass. She always wears her red hair short and has heart-stopping bright green eyes. She was wearing a new, purple with polka-dots string bikini and had obviously been planning to go out to the pool when I arrived.

“That looks nice” I said, with a sly grin as I pulled her in for a long kiss. “Why thank you” she said, with the kind of tone that indicates she already knew that the bikini looked nice on her, she just liked to hear me say it. “You’ll never guess what I found on the road today” I said, trailing off to let her know that it was a good surprise. “Really? What is it?”

“This” I stated, pulling out my new prize. Renee froze with a huge smile on her face. She wasn’t much of a stoner either, but we both knew that this could mean tons of money for ridiculous things we didn’t need. She popped the cap and took a sniff. I watched as she got just a little bit of a buzz out of just smelling the sweet aroma. “This is good” she said with a lazy smile, “but we have to make sure…”. With that, she darted up her hardwood stairs.

I didn’t need a prompt to watch her bouncing ass go up the steps and immediately follow. Her body had a way of hypnotizing me, and it didn’t take any suggestion from her to have me following close behind whenever she walked away. “Go wait in my room!” she called, from within the master bedroom, “I have to get something from here!”

“Okay!” I shouted as I walked down the long upstairs corridor to Renee’s room at the end of the floor. Her room was as massive. She had all the walls painted purple and a wonderfully soft tan carpet surrounding her Asian-style low bed and some matching furniture. I was only sitting on her white comforter for maybe canlı bahis a minute when Renee came walking in, breasts bouncing jubilantly, with something held behind her back.

She said “Tada!” as she pulled out a clear glass bong with water already in the ball. “Where’d you get that?” I asked. “From my parents room, duh.” She stated emphatically. Since her mother and father never had to work, Renee’s parents acted immaturely at times. They’d often let us drink in the house and would ask us if we were going to have sex so they would know not to disturb us. Therefore, it was no surprise that they had a bong hidden in their room.

Renee packed the bong and informed me that her mother and father would occasionally invite Renee and her older sister, Samantha, to smoke in their room with them. Renee sparked up first and drew a huge hit out of the weed. She couldn’t get all the rip into her lungs, so she passed me the bong and I was able to get a whole breath out of the pipe. We held the smoke for a long time and exhaled simultaneously. “Mmmmm” Renee softly moaned, “we can’t let any of this out” she said as she shut her door and stuffed a towel underneath it.

We each took turns smoking from the bong, enjoying some of the best pot I’d ever experienced. It was so good, that after about 5 hits each, we were extremely high. It was then that we heard the front door open, and Renee’s mother, Janice, come walking up the stairs. She’d seen my car, and knocked on the door asking “Are you two fucking?”

“No mom, it’s okay to come in” said Renee, not lifting her head off the bed. I wasn’t listening, as I was too busy reaching my hand into Renee’s top to fondle her rather large nipples. Janice walked in and closed her eyes as she smelled the smoke-filled room. “Wow.” she said “Not even your father can get stuff this good”

“I know” said Renee. “Wait a minute…” said Janice, drawing her words slowly in mock suspicion, “are you two using my bong?”

Renee gave a mischievous smile and then promptly dropped her head back on the bed, as my nipple-play had started to get her very horny. “Well you know the rules” said Janice, “my bong, so I get free hits”

“Go right ahead” I said as I leaned in to give Renee an open-mouthed kiss with lots of tongue. Janice was slightly shorter than her daughter, but other than that she was a slightly aged version of my lover. There are a few laugh-lines around the eyes and she wears her hair much longer, about half-way down her back, but otherwise the two women could be twins. Because of this similarity, I’d often imagined Janice naked when I masturbated at home.

Janice began taking rapid bong hits while Renee and I quickly got in the mood to start fucking. My boner was showing through the fabric of my khaki shorts, and Renee’s pussy juice was flowing out the sides of her bikini bottoms. It was after Janice took a huge hit from the bong that she leaned in between us and locked lips with her daughter.

My cock throbbed and precum began soaking through my shorts as I watched the two women hold their lips together. It was obvious that Janice was tongue kissing her daughter as she passed smoke into Renee’s lungs. The broke the contact and Renee exhaled, then they both turned to see my reaction.

“What?” Janice asked, “Who do you think taught my daughter to shotgun in the first place? In fact” she continued “weed gets me so horny, I’m surprised you two aren’t already naked and on round three with stuff this good”. Renee again got her mischievous smile and said, “I was waiting for you mommy.”

I thought Janice may have been surprised by that, but instead she crossed the room and locked the door. “Well in that case” she said, “let’s get naked”.

Renee was undressed first, as she pulled the strings on her swimsuit and quickly removed the fabric. Her pussy was glistening in the smoke-filtered afternoon sun and she immediately began rubbing her labia, stimulating her clitoris in the process. She moved her other hand up to her nipple and fondled her huge breast while moaning softly. I met her green bahis siteleri eyes, the whites of which had turned a bright red that only intensified her irises. I was so entranced by Renee that it took effort to look over as Janice released her own 36 DD bust from her black bra. Her white button-up blouse had already been cast aside and I watched as she unzipped the side of her deep-gray pencil skirt to reveal the black thong underneath.

She noticed I was watching her and asked “Would you care to do the honors? You do deserve a reward, since you found the grass.” I nodded dumbly, too entranced to speak. Renee shifted on the mattress to get a better look as I stood up and walked behind her mother. In heels, Janice was still only up to my nose, so I knelt behind her as I pulled the thong past he expansive, rounded ass, and down her beautifully muscled and smooth legs. I unbuckled her heels while I was there, and couldn’t resist diving mouth-first into her snatch.

She moaned in ecstasy as her pussy began pouring juice down my throat. Renee couldn’t stand the arousal of watching her mother be eaten out by her boyfriend and began fingering herself hard. Janice bent down in front of Renee’s pussy and said “Move your fingers sweety”. Renee didn’t need to be told twice, and her whole body shuddered as Janice’s tongue penetrated her vag. I stopped tonguing long enough to spit on Janice’s brown little asshole and I stuck my two first fingers all the way in her ass as I resumed eating her sweet pussy. Both of the girls couldn’t take it any longer, and shuddered their way into their first climax of the day.

Janice stood up and let me slide my fingers out of her ass. Renee sat up on the bed and noticed that I still had my shirt and shorts on. “Looks like you missed out on that one” she smiled. “Let’s fix that” said Janice and she unbuttoned my pants. Renee lifted my shirt over my head and I head a little purr of pleasure as Janice discovered that I had elected not to wear underwear, as well as my 7-inch, veiny, and throbbing cock.

“Do you mind if I get the first taste?” asked Janice to Renee, “Oh why am I asking you? You get this all the time!” She teased as she plunged her lips down my shaft and deep-throated me. I smiled and my knees almost gave out at the wonderful sensation; Renee was amazing at giving head, but it was clear that Janice was the true master. Renee gave me a deep kiss and then slid down to her knees to join her mother in sucking my rock-hard penis. Renee couldn’t get any real-estate on the shaft, so she elected to shuffle around behind me and lean back so she had access to by balls and taint.

Renee put both my balls in her mouth and hummed emphatically as her mother gagged on my cocked. I shivered with pleasure and Janice pulled me out to stroke my shaft as she kissed Renee. Renee didn’t miss a beat, she tongue kissed Janice and simultaneously massaged my balls in one hand whilst running her index finger from the other hand between my scrotum and my asshole. I left out a soft moan, and they both realized that I was ready to burst. Janice broke off the kiss and began ramming my cock down her throat as Renee continued to work me with her hands and lean back farther to suck on her mother’s nipples.

Every muscle in my back tensed and I knew climax was close as I clasped Janice’s head on either side and began moving my hips in time with her head’s bobbing. I let out a savage roar as a slammed my cock down Janice’s throat one last time and began filling her mouth with hot, sticky cum. Janice moaned in delight and came to the taste of my giz. Renee put her hands back to support herself and broke her lip-seal on her mother’s nipple in order to hold her mouth open beneath Janice’s and make an “Ah, ah” sound like a baby bird begging for food. The load was too much for Janice to swallow at once, so she obliged Renee and spat about half of my sticky cum into her daughter’s mouth. She caught the strand between them with her finger and sucked it clean as they both swallowed.

“Mmmmm” Janice moaned, “Round two!” I wasn’t bahis şirketleri so sure about that, but the combination of the smoke-filled room keeping me high as a kite and watching mother and daughter tag-team my cock had my johnson spring to attention. I’m never one to argue with body chemistry. “Sounds good to me.” I said with a little chuckle as I laid down on Renee’s bed. Renee didn’t wait for Janice to steal my cock away this time, and she promptly hopped onto my steely rod, slipping it deep into her pussy until my head just brushed her cervix.

Renee came instantly, a loud, rushing orgasm that had her pussy squirt down around my cock and had Renee screaming loudly. Janice was already hot as well, and she knelt over my face, facing towards her daughter. My tongue began its work on Janice’s shaved cunt as I heard them exchanging a loud, wet kiss. The two each got another simultaneous cum and, when Renee’s screaming subsided, Janice politely asked “Can I have a turn?”

Renee was reluctant to give up her perch, but she agreed as long as Janice sucked it clean before she started. Janice had been planning to do so all along, and flopped down into a 69 position as soon as Renee moved. Janice’s tits were warm against my stomach as she began moving her wet mouth up and down my shaft with vigor. Renee came up to my head and got me to pull my tongue out of her mom’s cunt long enough to give her a taste of the sweet pussy while we shared a passionate kiss.

While Janice was busy getting every last drop of her daughter’s juice of my cock, Renee took another hit and passed the smoke to me to make sure we didn’t lose our high. While I held the smoke, Renee started tonguing Janice’s ass. I quickly exhaled and we double-penetrated Janice with our tongues until her pussy squirted the two of us in the face as a reward. This time Janice’s screams were the ones heard echoing through the room as Renee and I greedily mopped up the juice with our tongues.

Janice finally finished her clean-up of my dick and began riding my cock, fondling her pink nipples as she did so. To my great relief, I finally got to eat out Renee’s sweet pussy. Her mother’s cunt tasted great, but Renee’s was much better. I lost myself in the task of drinking up her juices as she moaned excitedly. I was hardly aware of Janice having multiple orgasms on my cock, and I could barely hear moaning that it was “bigger than her husbands”.

When Janice had had her fun, she graciously allowed Renee to finish my second cum off. “But I’m gonna get you back for the naughty trick you and your boy-toy pulled while I had that beautiful dick in my mouth” she warned. I had already forgot what she was talking about, but it quickly came back to me as Renee put me inside and Janice got on all-fours behind her daughter. I could feel Janice’s tongue flicking in and out of Renee’s asshole and Renee rode my cock. I was grateful to get to watch her 32 D tits bounce up and down with her motion as she slammed herself down on my cock. It was too much, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and I poured my cum into Renee’s cunt. Janice, who’d be working her clit, came to a big orgasm too, but both our cums were dwarfed by Renee’s massive, squirting orgasm. She screamed loudly and her body shuddered as she collapsed in a sweaty head on top of me.

I could feel Janice’s tongue lapping up the mix of cum that was seeping out of Renee’s pussy around my dick. She couldn’t possibly finish all of it, and climbed up next to me on the bed. Renee finally got herself together enough to roll to my opposite side, and we all lay there naked, one woman on each arm. “Welcome to the family” said Janice, “I wasn’t sure if you would be okay with the stuff we do here, but now that I know, we won’t be leaving you out ever again”

“That’s good to know” I responded, half asleep already. Renee was softly snoring next to my ear, and Janice settled her head onto my shoulder. We all drifted off to a great sleep. We woke up to order two extra-large pizzas. We never got our clothes back on, the delivery guy almost fainted when Janice greeted him at the door with no clothes on. We finished both pizza’s together, and spent the rest of the day fucking and hanging out by the pool.

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