20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 11

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The wedding was set for April 10th, Jenna and I opting for a simple, small ceremony at the beach and a small party afterward. My Aunt Agnes (Denise’s mother) offered up her house for the reception. I had so many fond memories of the place that I didn’t mind a bit.

The beginning of March was slated for the respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, and as it happened, the best time for both to happen fell on the exact same Saturday. This didn’t seem to be a problem at all. In fact, this way neither one of us would be sitting around wondering what the other was up to.

Jenna’s plan was fairly straightforward, though as it turned out, decidedly not straight-laced. She would invite five friends; they would have a nice dinner at a French bistro, and then head back to our rented house for a combination wedding shower/slumber party. Denise, as Maid of Honor, would be there of course, along with Heather, the slim Asian that had been with us on the camping trip, a blond named Sara that had gone to high school with Jenna, and two sisters, Jackie and Gina, who worked at her office. I was familiar with Heather, and we’d hung out with Sara several times as well, but I’d only met the sisters once at an office Christmas party. Jackie was petite, with an olive complexion, dark eyes and darker hair. Even as a young mother of one, her figure was still tight, and the “Cindy Crawford” mole on her cheek only added to her brooding beauty.

Her Sister Gina was lighter complexioned all around and a bit taller, and by all accounts was a bit of a wild child. We had seen some swimsuit modeling shots she had posted on Facebook, taken by an amateur photographer. I joked with Jenna about how cheesy they looked, but the sight of her standing knee deep in a river wearing only a black thong and a black tank top were actually fairly arousing.

As for Sara, she was a “good girl”, a real sweetheart as they say, with long straight blond hair falling midway down her back, and firm, tanned runner’s legs. She had been married to a lawyer for several years, and they were planning to start a family any day. She had a naive disposition and a tendency, without even trying, to make you feel dirty for whatever sexual scene you might be thinking about, simply because you couldn’t fathom her ever having similar thoughts.

The big day finally arrived, and I kissed my fiancee goodbye and told her to be good.

“You too,” she said, coyly. “But not too good, right?”

I rolled my eyes. “Right.”

While her group was having dinner, I was whooping it up at a USC football game with my cousin Rob, my friend Scott and three guys from work, two of which went to USC and would not stop hollering during the entire game. I had gone to a small liberal arts college and hadn’t been to a real wild college game, so I agreed to have that event start off the night. The guys insisted that afterward we’d be hitting not one, but several strip clubs, even against my wishes if need be.

I had been to several strip clubs when I was younger, being curious about all things female and/or sexual, and the view had been stimulating, of course. However, there was something about the public aspect of the experience, as well as the impersonal lack of respect I assumed existed between the customers and the dancers that turned me off after a while. I am somewhat private by nature, and the thought of doing anything sexual in front of a bunch of other men didn’t sit too well with me.

Still, my friends begged me to allow myself one last experience with a strange girl before I locked myself away into the institution of marriage. I tried to tell them that I had high hopes that this particular marriage might not be such a prison, but their own libidos finally won out.

Besides, our seats at the game were only about 15 rows up from the field, and therefore the cheerleaders. After 3 hours watching those little white skirts bounce up and down, offering tantalizing glimpses of tanned thighs and white panties, I found myself actually looking forward to a little release.

Around 11pm, we pulled into the parking lot at Diamonds, a high end strip club near LAX. Now, before I get too far into my part of the night, I have to interrupt my story to do something I haven’t done before. I’m going to give the reins over to my lovely fiancee Jenna and let her give you the scoop on the female activity, since that tale can best be told by someone that was there.


Hi kids. Okay, first off, I’m not so much of a writer, so bear with me. Thom’s the egghead in the family. He wanted me to get this down on paper, and I agree it’s too good a story not to be shared with such fuckin’ pervs as I know you all are.

So kadıköy escort yeah, my little girl’s night out started innocently enough; my best girlfriends and I ate at this way overpriced French place that liked to put a tiny bit of food on a really big plate, but we all had a great time making fun of the waiter’s accent. Gina thought he was cute, though and gave him her number, so we may unfortunately be seeing more of that douche.

Okay, so cut to our house, which we only arrived at safely thanks to little Sara, the DD for the night, who had one wine cooler with dinner or something. The rest of us had a pretty good buzz by the time I started opening the presents, and we still had two full bottles of Patron in the house.

The girls had all gotten together and decided that what I really needed was more lingerie and sex toys (like I don’t already have a backlog of that stuff). I gotta admit, though, their taste was impeccable.

Jackie got me a “rabbit”, which, if you don’t know, is a battery operated clit stimulator that I can now confirm works with a vengeance. This particular one straps on so you can wear it under a dress, all day. Not so good if you want to get any work done.

Her sister Gina gave me a full set of lingerie: black stockings, garter belt, panties and bra from Victoria’s Secret that left very few secrets and was almost sure to make Thom enter a second puberty.

From Sara, more panties: a surprisingly risque trio of silk g-strings.

Heather freaked me out with a 10-inch, very realistic looking (right down to the veins on the side) black dildo, which cracked everybody up for about 3 minutes until they all realized privately that they sort of wanted one.

Thom’s cousin Denise had, for some reason, been put in charge of the porn. Wouldn’t have been my choice, since I didn’t think the chick had ever seen anything stronger than an R-rated movie. Well, wasn’t I surprised… I got about a year’s worth of DVDs, magazines, and even a CDRom computer game thingy. I was a little shocked to see that about half the stuff was girl-girl. Maybe Denise was considering going lesbo after all. I even noticed her checking out the magazines while we were sitting around, and I got the impression that a few of those DVDs might have been “previously viewed”.

We were deep into the second bottle of Patron when somebody had the brilliant idea that I try on some of my new “intimate apparel”. Ya know, to make sure it fits, right?

I gotta say right here that we were all pretty dolled up that night. It was like prom night 10 years too late. I had on this black satin dress with a zipper up the back and black stockings, killer black pumps – the whole thing. So I’m bitchin’ about having to change out of it, but they convince me to shut up and do it. Even Sara, though I’m positive she had no idea what she was getting into.

So I stumble off to the bedroom with one of Sara’s g-strings, take everything off but my bra and somehow get this little pink thing on, which may I say, did not look half bad. Then I come back and do a little runway walk for the chicas in the living room. Compliments all around: “my god, you’re a hot little bitch”, etc. Except for Denise, who was curiously quiet, sitting there staring and biting her lip.

Now here’s where things definitely started to go off the rails, for me at least. For some reason that still escapes me, being half-naked in front of these beautiful, gussied up girls got me going. I mean, soaking wet within a minute or two of being out there. I hurried back into the bedroom and took my time changing into the black garter belt/stockings set, but I guess by the time I got out to model that stuff, there was already a pretty conspicuous wet spot between my legs. I think Denise noticed it first, but the whole group was suddenly very interested in this exciting new development.

Jackie: “Holy shit, honey! Thinking about that black dildo already?!”

Gina: “Uh oh, don’t stain those yet! They cost 60 bucks!”

Laughter all around. Nervous laughter, though. And let me say, sixty bucks for a little piece of fabric that barely covers your taint seems excessive to me, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, I happened to wind up standing right in front of Denise, and she just sort of reached out and touched the wet spot with two fingers – just naturally, like it was no big deal. And left ’em there.

Well, that was it. It was like a dam broke inside me. I had never gotten that wet that fast. There I am in black stockings, garter belt, thong, bra, no shoes, and visibly shuddering in front of my girlfriends. Next thing I know, Denise, in her black skirt and green sweater, üsküdar escort is kneeling down in front of me in her bare stockings, rubbing her hand over my crotch, which is now literally dripping through my panties.

Nobody was saying anything, and I guess at that point they were all just in shock. Denise looked like she was in a trance, and I think all of her inhibitions had been stolen by Doctor Patron. I was sort of trying to laugh it off, but at the same time I felt like I might cum into my panties any second.

I looked over at Sara, who had her hand over her mouth like she was afraid she’d catch something. This was already way out of her comfort zone, for sure. The other girls were speechless and motionless, but it was Gina (typical) that snapped out of it first. She jumped out of the easy chair and padded over in her red mini-dress and white stockings and knelt down next to Denise.

“What’s the situation down there, J?” she said. “What did she find?”

I was trembling. “I don’t know, ladies, but if you wanted to supplement my sex life, I think it’s working.”

I was absentmindedly caressing Denise’s hair when she took her damp fingers and held them up, first to her nose, then her lips, licking my juices off one finger at a time.

“My gawd,” Gina gasped, watching Denise with amused interest. “Denise, honey, we hardly knew ya! Jenna, did you know this girl was so nasty?”

I looked down into those soft, brown, intoxicated eyes. “I kinda did, yeah,” I answered. “But I wonder if she knows.”

Now, I don’t know what Thom has told you about Denise, but I’m well aware that he has it bad for his cousin, and really who could blame him, ‘cuz I do, too. I’m sure he’s told you all about her, but whatever he’s said, go ahead and double it. The girl is fuckin’ perfect, and her body is moving work of art. Most girls can appreciate the female form even if they don’t have any attraction to it, but it’s hard to imagine anyone, male or female, that wouldn’t want to touch those curves or kiss those full, pouty lips. I had known Denise for over ten years and I still had fantasies of getting between her legs. I knew Thom would fuck her if he had the chance, cousin or not, and I also knew I would join him in a second.

Now suddenly there were two pairs of hands on my body, moving up the stockings to my thighs, caressing my ass, the little triangle of damp fabric…

“Ok, girls…new game,” Gina announced. “How quickly can we make the bride cum?!”

“What?” Sara gasped. “Oh my god. Oh my god.”

“Now that’s a crazy game,” said Jackie, drawing her legs up under her on the couch and taking another drink.

Heather, always up for a new experience, had grabbed the rabbit, unwrapped it, and now came to kneel in front of me next to Denise and Gina. “I think we need to try out this “marital aid” before we lose the receipt.”

She had to compete with Denise’s mouth, however, which was now suctioned to the mound of my panty-covered crotch, her tongue hungrily lapping at my swollen lips through the thin fabric. She lost contact for a few seconds when I reached down and pulled her sweater over her head, but quickly picked up right where she left off.

Gina went immediately to work unhooking Denise’s white lacy bra, and got no argument from anyone.

Meanwhile, Heather had given up on competing for my front side, and had moved around behind me. She switched on the rabbit and slowly started running it up and down the crack of my ass, first over the g-string, then hooking it with a finger and pulling the black strip to the side. The little vibrating mouse soon made its way to my asshole, sending waves of pleasure up my spine.

Gina had gotten Denise’s bra off, and everyone in the room seemed to pause for a second when those pristine tits started to sway freely beneath her.

Gina shook her head. “Unbelievable. Come on Sara. Jackie! You’re gonna miss out on the game!”

“No, thank you,” Sara answered, but her expression betrayed her interest in the whole enterprise.

“I think I’ll just watch the game,” Jackie said, but I noticed that her right hand had disappeared under the waist band of her skirt.

“You know, I think she’s almost there,” Heather remarked.

I was. I was SO almost there, with three hotties working my body with a skill that can only come from somebody who has the same parts.

Denise peeled the front of my panties away and then quickly slid them about halfway down my thighs, just to the top of the stockings. I knew if she so much as breathed on my bare pussy that I was gonna cum and cum hard. Instead she moved her face closer in and examined the shaved tuzla escort folds, licking her lips in anticipation. Heather was pressing the pulsating rabbit hard against my asshole, and Gina was running her hands up my inner thighs while lying on her back under Denise’s heavy tits.

I looked over at Jackie and saw that she’d slid down the couch, and seemed to be fingering herself inside her skirt. Sara still watched the whole scene with wide-eyed disbelief.

Denise finally dove into my glistening snatch with those soft lips and that searching tongue, and as it flitted across my engorged clit I felt the levee give way. I came generously into her mouth, my knees buckling and my panties finally falling all the way to my ankles.

I literally couldn’t stand up any longer, and after I had sprawled out on the floor Denise climbed on top of me and smiled, kissing me softly on the lips, the taste of my own juices rich and pungent in her mouth. I ran my hands down her bare back and reached her skirt, which was already in the process of being unzipped and removed by Gina. She, like the rest of us, it seemed, couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of the rest of that gorgeous body.

Denise’s skirt came off, and she straddled me in just her black lace panties and black silk stockings. I wish I could have seen the whole view, but I was too busy making out with her and running my hands over those fabulous curves. I could feel the glowing heat of her crotch against mine, even through her panties. I positioned my hands on her hips and encouraged her to move back and forth, feeling the rough lace brushing my bare and swollen slit.

“Would ya look at these two,” Gina said, sitting on the floor next to us. “They really are BFF’s, aren’t they? Known each other for ten years, and they’re finally gonna fuck.”

This was all too much for little Jackie, who had stroked herself to the brink and finally squeezed her legs together in a whimpering and somewhat embarrassed orgasm over on the couch. Sara, still opting out of everything else, very sweetly reached over and held Jackie’s hand as she came under her skirt.

The other girls had backed off and left Denise and I alone on the floor, waiting to see what was coming next. All I cared about was getting pussy to pussy with her. My cunt literally ached for her warm, slippery mound. I had to get those panties off now. She was rubbing against me so intensely that I had to push her off a bit to get the black lace down off her thighs, after which she pulled them halfway down her legs and got one leg out, leaving them to hang alluringly off of her left calf. Her bald pussy was touching mine now, and we maneuvered ourselves into a scissor like position until we were able to get the maximum pressure between our legs. Denise’s soft pussy was like a rose on fire, and I could feel her sticky juices mingling with mine as our clits slid back and forth together.

I could not believe I was finally fucking my best friend after all this time, and with these half naked beauties watching and egging us on, no less. I took one of Denise’s stocking covered feet and slid it up to my mouth as we writhed there on the floor. Her perfect feet were smooth and sensuous under the black sheer silk, and I licked and sucked each toe as our cunts locked together.

I looked over and saw Gina sitting against the wall. Her red skirt was up around her waist, revealing a sticky white g-string that she was feverishly trying to work around to get at her own wet snatch. “Oh my gawd, fuck her Jenna! Fuck her!”

“Double points if you can make her cum again, Denise,” said Heather, also stroking herself while lying on her stomach on the floor.

Another wave of realization hit me as I gazed at Denise’s smooth tanned torso and those heavy but firm tits swaying with our movements. Her long dark hair had fallen over one breast, and the look of sheer ecstasy on her face was what finally shook my second climax loose, and without trying to we both half squirted onto each other’s pussies, coming together in slow spasms. The audible wet slapping sound of flesh on flesh was matched only by the overwhelming scent of aroused female sex in the room. Ya get that pussy juice flowing and the scent alone could’ve made me cum.

The other girls finished themselves off one by one, except Sara of course, with the group applauding each shuddering climax, until we all lay around the room in various poses of spent pleasure.

I suddenly noticed that a John Mayer CD was playing, and we must have dozed off for a while. I woke up about an hour later in Denise’s arms, our stocking-covered legs entwined, her huge tits pressed up against my small ones.

“What now?” I thought. It was still relatively early. 11pm.

Then I had an idea. A wicked and somewhat scary idea that gave me butterflies just thinking about it, but I knew it had to be done. I kissed Denise gently and said, “Wake up honey, and get dressed. The night’s not over yet!”

To Be Continued…

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