04: Sheryl , the Lady in a Wheelchair

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4: SHERYL and the Lady in a Wheelchair

This is a true story just like the rest. A chain of events has led us to this story beginning some time back. As readers of the previous stories will know I am a very skilled healer using light and colour energy that can be applied even into the eyes. What makes this story so poignant is the twist at the end. If only I had known – Read on …

Following the previous night’s amazing sex with Sheryl we set off in the car to visit a lady in a wheelchair. Now, like many before me and no doubt millions who come after me, we create images in our mind of what this or that person might look like. And in my case how she might feel about the light treatment. Fortunately this lady had been told what I could do so I was hoping her expectations were not too high. After all there was only one healer who was capable of instant miracles.

We arrived at a neat little house on the outskirts of the beach settlement. In fact it was the last house of all. On three sides it was bordered by wild marram grass and a small stream ran past the back garden. I admit I was nervous; more from what the lady’s expectations might be than from anything else.

Sheryl led the way onto the deck and into the living room. Seated in a wheelchair with a smile on her face was a lady of late 30’s early 40’s dressed in a green smock type dress. She was lovely.

We said our hello’s and Sheryl went to make us a cup of coffee while I engaged Maureen in small talk explaining about the use of the Bioptron. Over coffee I was able to find out that her legs were, according to the doctor’s, paralyzed through nerve damage in the lower spine. They were feeling very bloated and contributed to her inability to walk or move them.

I do know a lot about anatomy because it often helps us to know where a problem might be being generated from a different part of the body. For example nearly all intermittent lower back pain actually begins with the shoulders. It is posture that causes the problem and that starts at the neck. And in Maureen’s case I discovered this could be part of the problem.

She had been taking her young kids to school when she was hit by a car load of teenagers.

Her daughter had been killed and her son was in a home for the mentally impaired as a result of injuries he sustained. She had suffered whiplash and a broken leg and of course the continuing mental anguish of what had become of her children. This had been several years ago and her husband had left her only a year after the accident.

It was a distressing story but she was very brave in being so open with me about the circumstances. It had taken two years before the paralysis had appeared and she had been in this state for over 3 years. The doctor and specialist costs had eaten away at her remaining savings but they said there was nothing more they could do for her. So she relied on the goodwill of people like Sheryl to visit her, help with housework and keep her spirits up.

While this discussion was going on an idea began to form in my mind. Now I am a firm believer that ideas, gut instinct, intuition are heaven sent and have never failed to follow the instincts that were starting to blossom in my mind. So I asked her one simple question “What do you miss most of all”?

I had expected many of the usual answers but hers floored me.

“I want to still be sexually attractive to men” was her answer. Even Sheryl hadn’t seen that answer coming.

Sheryl and I looked at each other with mutual understanding before I answered.

“From what I can see you are a very attractive woman but to make sexual advances in your condition would be cruel”

She smiled then said “Oh I have been propositioned once or twice before so I know I have the physical assets to be attractive, but most males wouldn’t want the bother of caring for someone who can’t walk.”

Then she added ” I get relief by masturbating but it can’t replace the real thing”.

I sat there stunned by this revelation. Even Sheryl was surprised by this open statement and she had been around Maureen for nearly 2 years.

I said I needed to excuse myself for a few moments to go into the back garden for a smoke and to think things over about the treatment and the two women said that was fine.

There was no mistaking the intent in Maureen’s words. She wanted sex but probably without the problems associated with a long term affair. She seemed to know how that would work out.

I wondered what Sheryl was thinking about the situation and if we might have a private moment to discuss what the implications were. So I had to think in two different bakırköy escort ways.

First, how was I going to respond to what had obviously been a sexual challenge. And secondly what could I do with the light treatment to try and ease her physical disability. The most pressing question was which I should attend to first. Then I made up my mind and followed my instincts. The treatment had to come first and I was fairly positive how to go about that.

When I arrived back in the room Sheryl was comforting Maureen with a hug. As Sheryl told me later, Maureen was astounded by her own temerity in letting her feelings towards me come tumbling out of her mouth and was concerned I wouldn’t offer to treat her.

I put on a happy face and announced “I have an idea but I will need your help Sheryl. We need to get Maureen onto a bed and dressed in just pants and bra. Maureen, I am going to shine the light along the inside of your groin down both sides along with a few other less private areas. So if you have any objections I will try and think of some other way to get fluid flow through the lymph nodes in your groin. Or Sheryl might offer to do it for you with my guidance”

She stopped sniffling, gave a rueful smile and said “No I am quite happy for you to do the treatment. I have nothing to hide, I am not a prude and I am built just like any other woman”

So we wheeled Maureen into her bedroom and between us we helped her into a sitting position on her low level bed. I offered to leave the room while Sheryl got Maureen’s outer wear off and said softly to Sheryl “Come and get me when you have finished. There are a few questions I need to ask you”. She gave me a knowing smile then shooed me out of the room.

About 5 minutes later she came out and straight away said to me “You know she wants you sexually don’t you”? I replied “I guessed as much but I can’t do that”. “Why not?” she retorted. “Well I have no idea how it will affect the way you feel about me” I said.

She gave a low chuckle and said “Would it upset you if you knew I gave the Sir I looked after the occasional blow job when he needed it?”

“What you have done in your past life and I in mine doesn’t come in to this equation. But we have a ‘now ‘ situation and I don’t want that to upset you” was all I could think of to say. Sheryl then came up with the perfect answer “What if we both give Maureen sexual satisfaction together”?

God she was some woman this one. I laughed and said “O.K ., but we have to do this very sensitively and at her pace and with her agreement” “That won’t be necessary” said Sheryl. “When you feel the moment is right I know you will start kindly; I will just tune in when I feel it is right”

So we headed back into the bedroom where Maureen was now lying on her back on the bed, in her bra and pants. She had beautiful full breasts that didn’t flop to the side. They were not overly heavy, just nicely shaped and the nipples created a little bump against the thin white fabric.

Her pants were of the same material and enclosed a prominent pubic mound covered with trimmed hair.

She was beautiful in every sense of the word, except for her thighs that were very swollen.

I approached the bed in my best medical manner and said “Now young Maureen why are you showing off such a sexy body to an aged medical man”?

She burst into fits of laughter and I knew we had made the right approach. I showed her a programme of light treatment using different colours that I was going to do.

They also involve various creams and gels that are smoothed on to the area being treated. When I get to the groin with a cream was going to be a telling point – fortunately it was early in the programme with the buttocks being the last area to be treated. That would involve pulling the pants off that area, so any by play could be developed from then on.

I explained the process and showed her the programme as it was written out in the manual. A cleansing fluid is the first to be used on the legs, feet and then the groin. As I approached her pubic mound and pulled the lacy edge away from the legs she asked “Do you see anything there that you like”? ” Of course I do” I said. “I have always been entranced and fascinated by the female vulva area”

She smiled as I applied the fluid down the joint of her leg almost to the anus. I could see wetness on the pants while doing the second leg. She was enjoying this.

The fluid is also applied to the solar plexus, liver and stomach area. I took my time here because I was getting much pleasure running my fingers and palm across escort bakırköy her flat taut stomach area. Then we began with the lights on various upper region areas.

This was followed by using red light on the groin seams. I had to open her legs a bit to get the light down along the groove. “Wanting a better view my dear”? asked Maureen. “You bet” I said. “Well why don’t you take the pants off”? she said. I motioned to Sheryl to give me a hand and we took off the pants. “Take my bra off too please, it is a bit tight when I lie down” pleaded Maureen.

I got Sheryl to oblige while I moved the light down her groin. Then I noticed that Sheryl was at the head of the bed softly massaging Maureen’s shoulders and down onto the upper breast area. Maureen was getting even wetter.

When I had finished with the groin I did the legs with creams and light then asked Sheryl to give me a hand to turn Maureen on her side so I could do her backside.

As we used our hands on her hips to move her body I had to put my hand between her thighs to move the upper leg. Maureen moved her hand down and pulled my hand up into her wetness. I leant over and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek and said “Don’t be so impatient. Treatment number two will begin after treatment number one”. She nodded and Sheryl smiled. Once again we had struck just the right note.

Lying on her right side was difficult for her with both legs together, so when the treatments were nearly finished I re-arranged her legs so the top one was out to her right while the lower one was back a little to her left. This brought her pussy into a more accessible place.

Then while using the last cream on her behind I allowed my hand to slide between her legs and rub her pussy very softly. The wetness just flowed onto my hand even though she hadn’t come.

Then I told her that if she would like some sexual relief both Sheryl and I would oblige.

By this time Sheryl was kneading her full breasts and tweaking the nipples, obviously to the delight of both of them.

Maureen then said “That would be wonderful for me but what about you two”?

I said “This is about fulfilling your needs but we will both get pleasure from your arousal. I am going to enter you from behind which will be easier for both of us while Sheryl takes care of the upper half. Would that be to your liking”? “Oh yes please but can I see your cock and feel it first”?

I walked around to the other side of the bed that she was facing and began to take off my trousers and underpants. I was fully extended and the knob was flushed with blood. “Here you are sweet lady, help yourself”

She reached out and tentatively took my tool in her free hand, stroked it for a while then pulled me towards her upturned face. I let her take me into her mouth for a short while because the novelty of what was happening was already increasing the need to release. Sheryl was all smiles.

Then I pulled away from her mouth and went round behind her while Sheryl took my place and proceeded to suck her breasts.

I had a moment of jealousy because they were stunning and I love breasts but then realised I was heading for a better target.

I climbed on to the bed, spooning Maureen’s back into my chest and put one hand over her shoulder to reach a breast. Sheryl took my hand and guided it to her left nipple.

As I snuggled closer my cock traced down between her buttock cheeks until I reached the lips of her pussy. Maureen’s hand came down and with just her thumb and forefinger she helped to guide me to her treasured place. Using my fingers I stroked the outer lips apart and then slowly pushed myself into her. She kept her finger and thumb around the base of my cock forming a tight ring.

She was very loose at the entrance and further in and I asked her if should feel anything.

“Oh you have no idea how nice that feels as it goes in”, she replied and soon had accommodated my full length.

She couldn’t thrust through lack of feeling in her pelvis so I did all the work for her, fingering her clit as well. It didn’t take long for her to flood my cock with come but the spasms in her vagina were quite soft and not very powerful. However she was gasping with the orgasm and that was enough for me to spurt into her.

She said she could feel that and it felt wonderful.

I peeked over to see what Sheryl was up to and I grinned when I saw Maureen’s hand up between her legs and Sheryl almost coming as well. When Sheryl came I pulled out of Maureen, giving her one last slide of my cock across her anus before wiping myself bakırköy escort bayan with a handy towel.

Maureen began to cry, which I presumed was a combination of joy and gratitude. Or because what she had wanted for so long was now over. We cleaned away the come, gave her pussy a soft wash and made our farewells with many kisses and a final stroke of her breasts and nipples from me.

It was quite late and Maureen said she was quite happy to stay in her bed to relive the moment and eventually, we hoped, enjoy a restful sleep.

We discussed the whole event on our way home and agreed we had both handled everything quite well. I also suggested jokingly to Sheryl that maybe she could become lesbian and give Maureen some more ‘treatment’. She smiled and said “That was not the first time for us”.

Whoa – this lady had more tricks than a bag of monkeys. Including a friendly hand over my still tumescent cock all the way back to her place.

When we got back to Sheryl’s caravan we were both hungry. Not for food but for some good loving sex. Sheryl asked me if I had considered anal entry on Maureen and I told her “I did, but that might have been too close to the spinal damage and maybe just for once it was her need that took priority over her helpless vulnerability.”

“You are a wonderful man and you deserve a big reward. I loved what you did for Maureen and with me last night so I am inviting you to take me like a caveman . I want you to fuck me very hard, deep up my arse”. For someone who rarely used that type of language she must have been really feeling horny.

It was a great love session but she seemed a little sad even though she thoroughly enjoyed the anal. As she said when we finished “I’m glad I got two treatments of that”. I took my leave next morning.

I didn’t know that would be the last time I saw Sheryl. Two months later she died from a cancer I didn’t even know she had. I ended up in hospital for a femoral artery bypass just two weeks after she passed away and through complications on the operating table I nearly joined her.

It was only when I sent her a text message after my operation to let her know what had been happening to me, that I got a reply from her son to say she had passed to the other side. It took me many months to get over her death and the loss of a woman who never once complained about her own illness. It also taught me to stop feeling sorry for my own temporary disability when I thought about what Maureen had endured.

I received a letter from Maureen (actually it was a long email) many months later to say she was now on a walker and out of the wheelchair. She thanked me profusely for both treatments and in her own words believed that the second one had done more for her than the first.I couldn’t complain about that comment because I had been responsible for both and at least one had worked.

But it was her final words that threw me completely.

“I know you can only privately grieve Sheryl’s passing. She told me about your partner and the situation you were in before you came to see me, as well as saying what a fabulous lover you are for a man of your age. She believed you should have been allowed to roam New Zealand to make many other women happy too. That is one of the reasons I came on to you so quickly and with her approval and blessings because I wanted you to know I wanted you.

She said you would soon work out my real need and try and do something for me. Sheryl was right, you certainly do know how to please a woman and I think you knew that was my basic need to get better again. A lot of it was in my head but by being so kind and happy when you loved me made such a difference.

It was also wonderful to again to smell a male scent and to hold and taste your manhood. I just needed someone with understanding to make love to me in the way that you did. And to do it without fear or hesitation because you were so sure of what you were doing”.

“I also knew about Sheryl’s cancer and that being 82 years old she couldn’t last very long. She told me how happy she was when with you. It allowed her to hide her pain and when you made love to her the pain just went away for hours afterwards.

When I cried after making love to you both it was for both of you. It was because I knew how serious her illness was, and you not knowing about her cancer nor knowing her age, or that you would lose her soon.

Or that she and I had been lovers many years before my accident. We both have lost a wonderful person and most of all I treasure her ability to share you with me without jealousy.

Thank you both for your love and understanding of my needs. I hope one day we can meet again and this time let me take care of your sexual needs with gratitude and equal love”.

I cried again as I wrote this story in memory of a precious lady who gave me back an important part of my life, but since Sheryl, the desire has largely deserted me. Until hopefully another Sheryl comes along.

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