Katelyn Learns to Close Ch. 02

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Katelyn checked her delivery logs one more time, and was delighted to see another Gerson shipment had arrived ahead of schedule. Every delivery Blake had sent with Katelyn’s company had arrived on time, and the latest had made it to the distributor ahead of schedule.

“This could not have gone any better,” Katelyn said to herself.

It had taken some doing to get Gerson to sign on with Katelyn, even on a trial basis. Her pussy tingled a bit when she thought how she had landed the account. It was definitely shaping up to be the most profitable blow job she’d ever given.

With the service going better than expected, Katelyn was ready to make the next move. A contract with Gerson would mean a huge commission for Katelyn, and it would mean that she had landed a client her company had been chasing for a long time.

She dialed Blake’s office number, and when he picked up, she had already found her inner Katie.

“Hello, sweetie,” she flirted. “Did you see another delivery went through? Isn’t it about time you pulled the trigger on this deal?”

Blake was not a bad guy, just kind of boring. That hadn’t stopped her from sucking his cock to help land the deal. She’d done what it took, and now she was ready to cash in.

“I just talked to my boss, and he wants to talk to you,” Blake said. “Can you meet us for dinner tonight to go over the details?”

Katelyn knew Blake was a little smitten with her, and she played along. She’d already swallowed a load of his cum, so flirting may have been going overboard. But she liked having the power after so much time working on Blake.

She agreed to meet Blake and his boss, Cliff for dinner. Katelyn figured that Blake had gone to bat with her with Cliff, so she hoped the dinner meeting would be a formality. And because she was having so much fun now, she unbuttoned one of the buttons on her blouse, which gave anyone who cared to look a view of her bra and the large boobs contained therein.

The restaurant was on the other side of town, so she left a little early, telling her boss she was meeting a client. He had been thrilled with her landing a trial with Gerson, so he didn’t say anything about her skipping out on the end of day sales meeting.

It was just after five when she arrived. Katelyn picked out Blake right away, but she was surprised to see two other guys at the table with him. She walked over to Blake, shook his hand and gave him a little wink.

“You brought friends I see,” she said to Blake.

“This is my boss, Cliff,” Blake said. “And this is Billy. He’s a vice president in charge of operations.”

“Nice to meet you both,” Katelyn said.

“Blake wasn’t lying about you,” Cliff said with a smile. Actually, it was more of a leer, Katelyn thought.

Cliff was a big man. Not fat, but tall and well-built. She noticed how big his hands were when they shook. She could tell he was used to being in charge, and his confidence was a little intimidating.

Billy on the other hand was a fairly quiet younger guy. His handshake was perfunctory and not particularly strong, but even so she could tell both Cliff and Blake deferred to him. He was dressed stylishly and he had good looks that could only be described as boyish.

Katelyn sat down, and the three of them discussed business over drinks. Cliff said he was satisfied with the service thus far. Katelyn assured canlı bahis him that she was sure that the service would continue if they signed an exclusive contract.

“I’ll bet you’re sure of that,” Cliff said suggestively. She was starting to think Cliff knew about the special presentation she had given Blake. And the fact that he kept stealing glances at her tits only heightened her conviction that he knew.

In fact, all three of her dinner companions had been sneaking peeks at her boobs. That was fine with her, because men often behaved more like boys in the presence of big boobs, and she was playing it up nicely.

The food arrived, and the conversation flowed freely. Katelyn let Katie direct the conversation, and the men seemed to enjoy the bubbly and flirty saleswoman. She was pretty sure things might be going her way, so she asked if they were ready to sign the contract with her company.

“It all sounds good,” Cliff said. “Blake speaks highly of you, and Billy’s dad likes to keep his business local, so we might be willing to work with you.”

Billy’s dad? Then it hit her. This was Billy Gerson, the owner’s son. No wonder he got a VP title, she thought.

“But there’s one more thing,” Cliff said. “Blake said you had a sales presentation that really helped him make up his mind. I’d like to see that presentation as well.”

So they knew, Katelyn thought. Oh well, it was too late to turn back now.

“Sure, I think we can set that up,” she said, knowing what it would take to get the contract signed. In for a penny, in for a pound, she told herself.

“Well, it so happens I do a lot of business in my Escalade,” Cliff said. “Should we retire to work out the final details?”

She was surprised he would be so brazen. And when she looked at Billy and Blake, she saw by their dopey smiles that they were in on it too.

“Sure thing,” she managed. “Billy, Blake would you excuse us for a bit?”

“Oh, I think we’d all like to see the presentation,” Billy said. “I know Blake would.”

This was unexpected. She had thought she might have to suck a cock to close the deal. But now it was looking like it would be three.

Before she could protest, Billy got up to pay the bill. Cliff and Blake also got up and headed outside. Without really thinking about it, she followed.

As she walked, she figured she’d better try and get control of herself and the situation. Katelyn knew what she had to do, but she was going to do it on her terms.

“All right, you two sit in the back seat,” she told Cliff and Blake. “Blake’s already familiar with my technique, so I will demonstrate for you Cliff.”

Cliff already had his cock out, and so she wasted no time taking it in her mouth. What they said about guys with big hands certainly was true in Cliff’s case, as his hard cock was quite a bit bigger than Blake’s. But she’d handled bigger, so it was not a problem for her talented mouth. Cliff groaned as she deep-throated him, and she knew it wouldn’t be long until she had a load in her belly.

From the corner of her eye she could tell Blake already had his out and was stroking it. As she moved her head up and down Cliff’s big dick, she heard the front door open and assumed it was Billy climbing in the front seat.

It wasn’t long before her mouth and hands had pushed Cliff to the edge, and he grunted as he erupted bahis siteleri in her mouth. She looked up at him and swallowed his cum, letting him see the delight she took in getting him off.

“Billy, how about you?” she asked. “Are you ready for my sales presentation?”

Billy stammered something about just getting married. She replied that Cliff and Blake were both married, and she wouldn’t tell if he didn’t. He stammered a little, so she moved on to Blake.

“Well Blake, how about another demonstration?” she said with a smile.

Blake eagerly agreed. Katelyn took off her top and bra, setting her double-d tits free.

“There now,” she said to the guys. “Now we’re all comfortable.”

As Blake nervously laughed, she took him in her mouth. Katelyn again considered what an unremarkable guy Blake was, and how his cock fit in with the rest of his unremarkable personality. But dollar signs danced in her head, and that gave her all the impetus she needed to get him off again.

She knew what Blake liked, so she took him all the way into her mouth and met his gaze. A few strokes, a few licks and some eye contact had him blowing his load down her throat, her second of the meeting.

By this time, Billy had taken his cock out and was stroking. She was having so much fun that she thought she’d take another run at him.

“You know, if you don’t stick it in my mouth, it isn’t cheating,” she said.

He looked a little puzzled until she held her tits together, and then he got the message.

“You know, I guess you’re right,” he said.

Katelyn pulled him by his stiff cock into the very back row of seats. She stroked his stiff cock a bit, and spit on her hands to provide a little lubrication. Then she wrapped her boobs around his cock and started moving up and down on his cock.

It wasn’t long before he started going with her, fucking her tits with wild abandon. Figuring she would leave no doubts with them about how much she wanted their business, she began talking dirty.

“Fuck my tits, Billy,” she said. “I bet that little wife of yours doesn’t have tits like this. This may be the only chance you ever have to fuck big titties like mine, so do it like you mean it.”

Billy moved faster as Katelyn kept up the dirty talk

“Fuck my big titties, Billy,” she said. “I love cum on my tits. Cum on them, Billy, cum on these big, beautiful tits.”

That did the trick, and Billy’s body clenched as his cum blow all over her neck and chin.

“Nice pearl necklace,” Cliff said dumbly.

As she scooped up the cum off her neck and chin and spooned it into her mouth, she saw Cliff was hard again. Katelyn was having so much fun, so she upped the ante a bit, lifting her nipples to her lips and cleaning what was left of Billy’s jizz with her tongue.

“You wanna fuck them too?” she asked in her most lascivious tone, as she looked into his eyes.

He did, and it wasn’t long before his cock was between her tits.

“Goddamn, Cliff, this is a big dick,” she said as he fucked her boobs.

The compliment was over the top, but she could tell he loved having his ego stroked along with his dick. She dribbled more spit between her tits to keep the friction at bay, and Cliff pumped harder between her tits. It wasn’t long before he shuddered and gave Katelyn her fourth cumshot of the day. She cleaned herself bahis şirketleri up with her fingers and tongue and looked over at Blake, who was furiously trying to get his cock hard again without success.

Billy was having no such problems getting hard again, so she asked him if he was ready to go again.

“Suck it, Katelyn,” he said. She guessed he had reconsidered his position on oral fidelity, and she was happy to oblige with the cutest one of the guys in the SUV.

She knew his second orgasm would not come easy. With her hands on his stiff cock, she looked up into his blue eyes and smiled before taking him all the way into her mouth.

“Mmm, you taste good,” she said as she pulled off his cock. “Your dick is perfect!”

Katelyn thought she might be laying it on a little thick, but he did have a nice cock, and complimenting it certainly did nothing to discourage him.

Moving up and down on it with her hand, she gave him another intense session of eye contact before taking it back in her mouth. Now she began moving up and down, taking him further and further into her mouth with each stroke.

Everyone in the Escalade had cum but her, and she was dying to touch herself. She reached down with her hand and began rubbing her pussy as she sucked and licked his cock and balls. Billy seemed to enjoy watching her play with her pussy, and his cock twitched a little bit in her mouth.

“Not yet,” she said. With that, she stood up and dropped her skirt and panties, revealing her completely naked body to the guys for the first time. She knelt back down in front of Billy, and began rubbing her clit furiously as she stroked his cock with her other hand. Katelyn wanted, needed, to cum, but she didn’t want to do it alone.

She saw the other guys staring at her, dumbfounded. Cliff was spent after cumming twice, and Blake was still unable to get it up, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. But they were sure as hell enjoying her show.

As she approached her climax, Katelyn took Billy’s cock back in her mouth. It wasn’t long before she felt him getting close, and she wanted to time her orgasm with his. She pushed her fingers in and out of her pussy, and it wasn’t long before she began to cum. As her orgasm hit her, she moaned on Billy’s hard cock, which pushed him over the edge. She felt his sperm hitting the back of her throat as he gasped, and she swallowed yet another cum load.

“Wow,” Billy said, as he came down from his orgasm.

“Wow,” said Cliff and Blake in unison.

“That was fun, boys,” Katelyn said. “So, now that you’ve seen how I close a sale, can we get the paperwork done?”

She cleaned up as best she could, wiping herself off with her panties. Cliff grabbed a briefcase from under his seat, and she saw that the contracts were already written up and signed. He threw the contracts at her, and told her it was the best sales presentation he’d ever seen.

Fully dressed now, Katelyn smiled at the guys.

“Pleasure doing business with you, and don’t hesitate to call me if I can help you with anything in the future,” she said with a smile.

The three guys laughed and helped her out of the Escalade. She was surprised to see that the whole thing had taken less than an hour, and it was still light outside. She climbed into her car with the precious contracts clutched tightly to her.

With this commission, she thought she might be able to put a down payment on a new car, she thought as she got behind the wheel and put her Britney Spears CD in the stereo. She realized it was the most productive hour of work she’d done in a long time.

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Kate’s Christmas Job

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Author’s note: a bit of a slow builder, but hopefully worth the wait.


Mark says… A few Decembers back and, facing the prospect of spending Christmas alone for the first time in years, I found myself at a low ebb. Having split with Donna in the summer, a stopgap at work colleague Gary’s house had turned into an elongated stay. Not that Gary minded unduly, a fellow singleton, he was glad of the company and happy with the rent, besides which I happened to be his boss. I suspected that, with the New Year pay reviews impending, he’d be expecting a better-than-average rise this time around.

Having graciously let Donna keep the car, as well as being his lodger I was his passenger on the trip into work each day. A fortnight away from Christmas and with the inclement English weather at its most mischievous, I was grateful of the warmth of the Mercedes that was Gary’s pride and joy. One of those ice-cold December mornings straight out of a Victorian Christmas card, a light covering of snow brushed the ground, supplementing the freezing rain to form huge slushy puddles. The breath from those walking on the pavement, wrapped in padded winter coats, hats and scarves, was clearly visible.

Being a passenger and not having to concentrate on the road, I didn’t notice her until the very last minute. Dashing for the bus in inappropriate heels, a white blouse and cream jacket, she really was asking for trouble. Gary saw her, however, and issuing an evil chuckle veered suddenly left to churn through a massive roadside puddle of sludge. Wheels spinning, a blanket of murky icy water flew up to splash the girl neck high, turning everything she wore black in its wake.

My colleague howled with sadistic laughter as in the rear view mirror the girl banged her fists, stamped a foot and bawled mute expletives our way. A right nasty piece-of-work at times, Gary could hardly to stop laughing throughout the rest of the journey. Pulling up in the company car park beside the office, we headed inside to join our colleagues about to embark upon another dull Monday. Still, Christmas was close and, with the festive season in full swing, the huge over-decorated spruce in reception brought some seasonal cheer, alongside the telephonists who were clearly trying to outdo one another with the largest Christmas card collection.

An hour later Jane Rees, the office manager came up to my office to reveal that our new temp had been in accident and would be late. Looking at the piles of work that had accumulated thanks to annual leave and a bad strain of the flu, I sighed. “Where does the agency find these people?” I mused, the festive spirit having quickly evaporated and not for one moment realising the journey that was about to begin.

* * *

Kate says… If I hadn’t needed the money so badly for Christmas, I’d have had no need to go temping. But I did and that was why I found myself rushing around on that horrid Monday morning. Blonde hair tied into a ponytail and smoothing the skirt down my bum, it wasn’t until reaching the front gate that it dawned upon me just how badly dressed I was. The cream jacket and skirt I’d worn to my last job a couple of summers back was totally inappropriate in the bleak midwinter. I shivered, almost loosing my footing as I stepped out onto the glazed pavement like Bambi on ice.

Seriously pushed for time, there was no turning back. I had to press on or risk being late for work on the very first day. Heading to the bus stop, I was lucky not to topple over two or three times on the way. Yet nothing could prepare me for what happened next. It all happened in a kind of slow motion. He knew exactly what he was doing, the nasty so-and-so, swerving so as to plough through the puddle to send a tidal wave of dirty slushy water all over me. Dripping from head to toe, I banged my fists and let fly with a string of expletives before breaking down in tears.

With no option but to head home to change, sobbing all the way, I knew my ‘work’ wardrobe was stretched already, the tight black skirt more apt for the nightclub than the office, the split up the side far from subtle. The only other top that wasn’t a t-shirt was a tight-fitting blouse from days gone by. Though I could hardly be described as busty, the blouse accentuated what boobs I had rather obscenely. I only hoped this firm had a relaxed attitude to dress code. I flung the heels in a bag and slipped into a sensible pair of trainers for the journey, making a note to get to the shops after work. I was so ill-prepared it was untrue.

10.30 before I made it in and, almost turning back several times, I carried on thinking only about the money and how useful it would be. Unable to locate the door – it just wasn’t my morning – I headed up the side, searching for an entrance. It was then that I noticed it, that same damned Mercedes that had drenched me in crap first thing. A black mist descended and, not really thinking straight, I moved upsides, taking out a shoe. A grimace slipped from my lips as the heel scraped the paintwork, its sound like the shrill chalk-on-a-blackboard noise from my schooldays.

Satisfied with my handiwork, leaving a nice illegal bahis dense scratch, I quickly changed footwear and looked around for a way in, finally locating a carousel door. It was only as I waited in the reception, cheered by the huge Christmas tree and abundance of pretty cards, that it occurred to me that the owner of the car I’d just vandalised probably worked here. Breaking out into a cold sweat and about to flee, I heard a voice in my ear. “Kate Lee?”

“Yes, that’s me,” I replied timidly.

“Jane Rees, office manager,” she introduced. “We’ll just get you issued with a pass and I’ll take you up.”

Too late now, I figured no one could possibly suspect innocent little me of inflicting the damage.

I turned a deep shade of crimson upon following Jane into the office as, standing at the coffee machine, the first person I laid eyes upon was the driver with a smug expression I’d recognise anywhere. He glanced my way, thankfully without a hint of recognition (at least that’s what I hoped), just that knowing look guys tend to give me whenever they set eyes upon me for the first time: heavy with lust and wanting. I had to run the gauntlet of a dozen more men, ranging from teenagers just out of college to those nearing retirement. A cosmopolitan bunch, they shared a collective one-track mind, mentally undressing me. “Is that the new temp?” I heard one whisper.

“Phwoar, wouldn’t ya just!” mouthed another.

You should be so lucky, I thought, making a point of glancing over my shoulder and pouting, despite having clammy hands and a heavily pounding heart. “Okay, this is where you’ll be working Kate,” Jane announced. “I’ll leave you in Kirsty’s capable hands.

And capable hands they appeared too. In her late twenties / early thirties, Kirsty Peters looked a real dish. With a brunette bob and a businesslike demeanour, she was my antithesis. Thank God the job only lasted a fortnight. She pulled up a seat and started showing me around the system. A whistle-stop tour, I was ready to begin work by 11.30. With the fax machine located at the side of my desk, it was funny how popular it proved to be over the next few hours. By lunchtime, it seemed that every guy on the floor had been over to check me out.

A quiet and uneventful rest of morning, just as well after the dramatic start, I was getting ready to go to lunch when the still was shattered and all hell broke loose. Mercedes Man, it seemed, had discovered my handiwork. He stormed down the aisle, cursing and raging and heading for one of the private offices. Even with the door shut it was possible to hear his raised voice and I felt my face redden. “It’s got a bloody great scratch down the side,” I heard him whinge from behind closed doors.

Serves you right, I thought.

The office door opened and he was preceded by the guy had I remembered had been in the passenger seat. Of medium height and build, his head was shaved, a look I had to admit I quite liked. “That’s the boss, Mark,” disclosed Kirsty in a whisper, rising to join the Pied Piper-like exodus as everyone went off to witness my malicious act of vengeance.

I let them get on with it, heading off to grab a sandwich and familiarise myself with the surroundings. Having killed the mandatory half-hour, the afternoon turned out to be less apocalyptic than the morning, spent working solidly. Having quickly picked up what was required, I was able to shift quite a few piles of work. “Wow, I’m impressed,” Kirsty enthused.

I blushed and at that moment we were joined by someone else. “Mark, this is Kate, the new temp,” Kirsty introduced.

I stood and turned to face him, holding out a hand in greeting. He took it and smiled, issuing the obligatory welcome and a look I couldn’t quite fathom. Was it possible he recognised me as the girl from the bus stop? Had he put two and two together? “How are you feeling now?” he asked in a deep voice that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention.

And his smile, gosh, I nearly had to fan my face. “…After your accident,” he clarified.

“Fine thanks,” I replied, feeling my cheeks redden. “Sorry for getting in so late.”

“That’s okay. I’m impressed you came in at all.”

Everyone seemed to be impressed by me so far, well everyone apart from Gary. As he turned and walked away, Kirsty grinned. “Well it looks like you’ve won the boss over already.”

On account of the late start, a late finish was assured to make up the time or lose valuable pay. The office thinned gradually until the only sound came from my fingers clicking the keyboard. At least I imagined I was alone until a hand touched my shoulder. “Kate, would you mind coming in for second?” sounded Mark’s voice from behind.

My heart leapt as I followed dutifully and he gestured me to pull up a chair the other side of the desk. Out of the blue he asked: “Kate, um, do you know anything about what happened to Gary’s car this morning?”

My jaw dropped. Such a shock to hear those unexpected words, the guilt must have registered clearly on my face. I could feel myself overheating, throat dry.

“Well?” he prompted.

I stared up at illegal bahis siteleri the ceiling. How could he possibly know? Oh God I felt awful, tears welling up. “Yes, I do,” I confessed. “I did it.”

My candid admission seemed to take him as much by surprise as his question had me. He took a moment to process the information, staring into space. Then he looked over and straight into my eye. “Well, if nothing else I admire your honesty.”

I bowed my head, avoiding his piercing glare.

“You were the girl at the bus stop,” he said, before adding: “Not that that makes it right.”

“No,” I managed, then from somewhere finding the inner strength to defend myself. “It was a horrible thing to do. I was drenched through.”

“Yes it was,” he concurred

Gathering up more inner strength, I stood defiantly. “If you’re going to sack me, I’ll be off home and not waste any more of my time.”

As I headed for the door he said calmly: “Kate, wait.”

Our eyes met and he rubbed his chin. Moving back I sat down again, trembling.

Mark exhaled hard. “It’s, um, it’s not as simple as that, I’m afraid. Gary wants to involve the police.”

The revelation knocked me for six and I erupted in tears, head buried in hands. Looking up eventually, I apologised.

“The thing is, I’m in a real dilemma,” Mark offered diplomatically. Whilst I can’t condone what you did, I CAN understand why you did it.”

I looked over appealingly.

“Plus your work today has been first class,” he added, as if trying to justify things to his conscience. “AND you seem to have brightened up the office no end. AND we’re really snowed under at the moment,” he added, trying not to grin at his own pun.

I offered a forced smile.

“Okay Kate,” he said eventually, leaning back in the chair, hands behind head. “Tell me, what would YOU do if you were in my shoes?”

I shrugged. “Are you really going to involve the police?”

He let out a pained-sounding sigh. “I need to think about it. I’ll call you back in a few moments.”

I thanked him for his magnanimous approach to the sorry situation, before pulling up sharply. “Um, how did you know it was me?”

“CCTV,” he replied, hand resting on a video. “You were caught red-handed.”

I smiled awkwardly before departing. Doubtless he was thinking what a brainless bimbo I was.

* * *

Mark says… Well what a dilemma I was faced with! Never great at making decisions, being in charge of a twenty-strong team, that was somewhat worrying. The truth was I’d been promoted beyond my capabilities as a result of two former superiors moving on to bigger and better things. Rather than bring in an outsider with the requisite experience, they’d installed me in a caretaker kind of role. Things drifted like that for six months and, although far from ready, I was given the promotion on a permanent basis. Like a school uniform bought at the start of term, I’d grow into it eventually, but for now it was just a little big for me. “Oh Kate, Kate, Kate,” I sighed, fingers drumming the desk.

It didn’t help either that she was the cutest damn girl I’d laid eyes on in months. Not that that should sway my judgement… At that moment the phone rang. It was Gary and decision time. “Hi mate, did you manage to get it repaired?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he replied. “Got a fair deal too. Turns out the bodyshop manager knows my old man. Not only that…” he continued, voice lowering as if about to disclose some top secret. “I think I might have pulled the receptionist.

“So all’s well that ends well?” I suggested, trying hard to justify to myself saving Kate’s neck. “Look, I’ve been through the CCTV footage and there’s nothing on there,” I lied.

“Oh well,” he conceded. “Thanks for looking.”

“That’s okay,” I offered, secreting the tape in bottom of the desk.

Two minutes later I was standing behind Kate, dispensing the news. She could keep her job and Gary wouldn’t be taking things any further with the police. She breathed a sigh of relief and thanked me before returning to her work. “Go on, you should get off home,” I suggested. “You’ve had enough excitement for one day.”

“But I’ve still forty minutes to make up,” she contested.

“Says who?” I replied, leaning over to sign her time sheet. “Go on,” I prompted, “You’ve put in good day’s work. Just try to get in a little earlier tomorrow, yeah?”

She smiled awkwardly and it took another prompt to get her to move.

After returning to the office to sign the day’s cheque requisitions and some of Kate’s dictation – most impressive typing I had to admit – I headed across the road to The White Hart. Despite being a Monday, there was a prevailing party atmosphere, courtesy of the festive season. The pub was all decked out in low-hanging paper chains, whilst spangly decorations adorned the walls and tinsel reflected back the lights of the fruit machine into which I fed a fiver. Mind wandering as the reels spun before my eyes, I found myself thinking about Kate. She’d made a huge impression in such a short space of time and I’d fallen for her in a big way. My resolution to avoid bunny canlı bahis siteleri boiler-types was in grave danger of being severely tested.

Having done my money in the bandit, I joined a group of acquaintances at the bar. Despite protestations to the contrary, a second drink arrived and I found myself being absorbed into a big round. In fact, it was gone eleven before I could get away, somewhat the worse for wear and stumbling into a cab.

As I drunkenly attempted to fit the key in the lock of the front door, missing the hole several times, I heard voices from within. Gary, it seemed, was entertaining. I opened the door quietly and crept through, eager not to disturb. Indeed he was entertaining, locked in a clinch with an attractive girl who, I surmised, was the receptionist from the Mercedes dealership. He must have assumed I was already in bed, for unashamedly they were getting cosy on the rug before the fire. I’m afraid to say, I was magnetised to the scene, gazing in from the doorway with voyeuristic abandon.

Gary certainly had had one hell of a result on account of Kate’s destructiveness. The receptionist was stacked like a Playboy model and her tits looked real, jiggling naturally as she rode his cock. Occasionally he’d reach up and fondle or suck the nipples as he pumped hard from the buttocks. Gary was one lucky fucker – literally. Why couldn’t I have his kind of luck? Deciding that enough was enough in my sex-starved purgatory, I headed to bed, falling into an easy snooze. I was roused momentarily by the screams and grunts as the pair came hard, before submitting once more to comforting sleep.

* * *

Kate says… Having made an extra special effort to go to bed early on Monday night, I was rewarded with a seven o’clock awakening the following morning. Another cold and shivery winter’s morning, the urge to remain snuggled in the warm air-trap under the duvet was overwhelming. But I’d pledged to get in early and hated to break a promise, especially after the huge favour Mark had done me.

Hop-skipping to the bathroom to avoid the cold floor, I ensured the shower was piping hot before slipping under a jet of water that immediately smoothed away each and each goose pimple. Mmm, that felt so good, more so when the soap touched my body, rolling down my tits in thick trails and hanging off the ends of each nipple. The soap and water felt great on my pussy too, coating the sparse thatch of blonde. I hated to admit it but I was horny as hell and all that was missing was a shower buddy. Hmm, I could think of one or two ideal candidates from the office. In fact, somewhat perversely I was quite looking forward to getting into work.

A quick stop-off at the Christmas sales the previous evening, I was able to mix and match a number of cheap purchases, plumping for a vanilla blouse and grey slacks that showed off my bobble bum rather nicely. Still a little damp from the shower, the blouse stuck to my skin, accentuating what curve there was in my tits and hips. The boots I’d bought were far more sensible for the elements and a blue Paddington Bear anorak would keep out the cold.

Tea and buttered toast wolfed down, I headed off into the dull grey and cold pre-Christmas morning. A fifteen-minute wait for the bus, as my body temperature dropped, I could feel my nipples stiffen and chafe against the lacy black bra. Unsubtle I know, but I wanted to give the men in the office an image to remember whilst they were fucking their wives or girlfriends that night, or masturbating with me in mind. A not unpleasant sensation in my tits, I felt a series of tingles down below, stifling a satisfied little sigh.

Coming to my senses, I noticed that a city gent in his fifties was watching me intently. I smiled inwardly, basking in the effect I seemed to have over men of all ages – and even a few women too. In fact, my last two lovers had been women and, at 22 I’d grown to adore pussy nearly as much as cock. Nearly, but not quite, for there was no feeling to match the sensation of a good, hard, throbbing cock banging my tight little vagina. No strap-on dildo or hi-tech vibrator could ever quite replicate that feeling.

Lost in reverie, I must have groaned aloud for, growing braver, the city gent grinned my way. When finally the bus arrived, like a true gentleman he ushered me on first. In hindsight, he probably just wanted to check out my gorgeous arse as I mounted the step. The bus full of commuters, standing in the aisle was inevitable. The city gent had managed to manoeuvre so that he stood directly behind me, physical contact unavoidable as the bus moved with an erratic stop / start motion. He was so close I could feel his racing breath warming my neck.

Wickedly I decided upon a little harmless fun, pushing my bum back into his groin and hearing a baritone gasp of surprise. It made me feel like the dirtiest of sluts as I wiggled on his bulge, mercilessly teasing a fellow who was old enough to be my father if not grandfather. As a horn screeched in the road, the driver hit the brakes and the city gent was thrust into me. I could feel his cock rubbing my arse and hear the mumbling beneath his breath. Angling to allow even closer access, well as close as two sets of clothing would allow, this was as close to sex as it was possible without losing one’s clothes and, for a girl who’d been starved of cock for a year, it felt blissful.

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Letter to my Angel

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I think about you constantly, my Angel…I often think how nice it would be, to be alone with you, to take you away somewhere, to a nice Hotel somewhere by the sea, with views over the Water, a nice balcony to sit and watch the Boats go past, to watch the sun set over the Ocean, somewhere quiet, peaceful, relaxing…some place where we can be alone to talk, hold hands and just be as one…

I imagine how nice it would be to wake up next to you, to watch you as you sleep, to touch your hair and feel the warmth of your body next to mine…

We are alone and we have all the time in the world to be together…as I wake, I see that you are still asleep, your arm over my chest, your head resting against my shoulder, I can feel the warmth in your breath on my skin, your naked thigh just resting against mine…I place my fingers against the side of your face and just run it gently over cheek, caressing your smooth beautiful skin, I feel nothing but the deepest Love for you, my mind and body are yours and yours alone, and I know you feel the same, right now I am the most happiest I have ever been and it is all because of you…still you sleep and I wonder if you are dreaming of me, of us, and of our family…there is no love in the world as strong as ours right now…

I can feel your hair against my chin, I can smell the sweet smell of your body next to mine…you look so peaceful as you sleep, that I want this moment to be captured in my mind for all eternity, I never want to forget how Beautiful you are…my hand moves down onto your neck and then across your hair, just stroking you gently, I kiss you gently on the forehead, as a man does, to the one he protects and cherishes…you feel the warmth of my lips just brush your skin and you smile as you realise where you are and who you are with, your eyes stay closed, just enjoying the peace of the moment…but you move your head ,enough for our lips to meet and taste the first Kiss of a new day…we hold our lips together we do not need to say Good morning our Kiss speaks a thousand words…

As I feel your lips against mine, my hand moves over your shoulder, I can feel the strap of your Silk nightdress loose against your shoulder, my hand continues along your arm, the touch of your skin so smooth and warm under my fingers…I continue down until I feel your hand on my chest, I take your hand in mine our hands now entwined, you squeeze my hand, the kind of squeeze that says “I am here, Baby”…I bring your hand up to my lips, I break away from your lips to kiss the back of your hand and then I kiss you again, slowly our lips part to let our tongues just touch, the tips brushing against each other, our mouths now fully open , our tongues tasting each other…I let your hand go and you place it against my face and onto my hair…my hand moves onto your perfectly slim waist, the silk beneath my fingers…your leg moves tighter against my thigh ,your toes rubbing against mine and still we kiss, and still your eyes are closed…I know you don’t want to open them in case this is all a dream, I know you just want to enjoy the moment and you are afraid if you open your eyes I will not be there, so you keep them closed…

I run my hand up and down your waist, feeling all the perfect curves in your heavenly body, your leg now moves against my thigh, drawing me closer to your Womanhood, you want to feel the touch of a man’s body on your Womanhood, you need to feel it, and you want that Man to be me…You move your face up, allowing my tongue to run over your jaw and down onto your neck, I need no further encouragement, so my tongue begins to move up and down your neck, occasionally taking your skin into my mouth and touching you with my teeth, your head now above mine , I can see you smile more with each pass of my tongue and teeth, my hand moves from your waist onto your bottom, gently pulling you closer on to me, I gently clench your flesh in my hand and then release, feeling your nightdress move up your back exposing you ,in all your beauty…

You move fully onto me, your legs now either side of me, gripping my waist, you sit up, your hair hanging down over your face, in this early canlı bahis morning light, I can see your outline, and I think that there is No-one in this world as beautiful as you, you are an Angel…you sit on top of me, your hands on my chest, you stay like that for a while just feeling my growing cock against your pussy, and then you place your hands on your nightdress and lift it over your head, your hair falling about your shoulders, your head high above me, I see your magnificent body naked before me, every time I see you before me it makes me Love you even more…you place your nightdress slowly on the floor, you can feel my eyes burning into your soul, you can feel my body needing you more with each passing second, you know exactly what I need and desire, your smile grows more as you become more in control, and still your eyes are closed…

You sit there on me just feeling my chest with your fingers, taking your time to explore all there is about me, and then you lean down and whisper “This is for Both of us” and then you lift yourself from me and turn around, you now face away from me, your hands now on my legs, you lift again and this time move back towards my head, now I know what you desire, and now it is my turn to smile, I place my hands on your thighs, guiding you to my tongue, as I feel your pussy push against my tongue, I feel the touch of your tongue on my cock, I feel the warmth and Love in your touch, I groan slightly as I realize what pleasures await me…the tip of my tongue pushes into your pussy, parting your lips, feeling the wetness and smoothness of your Womanhood, I run my tongue around your pussy and over your clitoris, only lightly at first allowing you to feel the pleasure rise within you, my hands now over your back and down to your bottom, holding the cheeks between my hands, exposing your pussy more to me…

As you feel my touch on you, you tingle with anticipation, your grip on my cock tightens as I grow between your fingers, you lean your head down, close enough to let your tongue glance quickly over my ever-growing manhood, again you lick at me, then slowly moving your tongue you caress the whole of the top of my manhood, around and around it goes, then you lick along the side, down to the base and back again, you know what I want but you are in control and so you continue to take your time…

The pleasure levels in me rise with each of your strokes, your loving touch, your skill at pleasuring begins to drive me crazy, and now my tongue moves quicker over your pussy, every once in a while I take your clitoris deep into my mouth, sucking and licking it with more passion and desire each time…I can hear your groans increase in frequency, I know what I must do to please you and so I continue licking at you with the tip of my tongue, my hand now moves across your silky back and round underneath and onto your Luscious Bosom, taking you in hand ,squeezing your nipple gently between my fingers, making you harden with my touch, and still I taste you , my tongue moving quicker and quicker as your body tenses and you groan again at the pleasure beginning to ripple throughout your body…

As your excitement rises, you now want to take me completely…you lift your head slightly above my cock, your hand now pulling quicker and quicker on my flesh, my manhood now stiff with your pleasuring, you move down and take me fully into your mouth, deep into you, I groan deeply at the touch of you, I can feel the warmth around my cock, deep inside your mouth, you hold me there for a second feeling my cock grow again inside you, then you lift your mouth and plunge again, wanting me to feel how much you Love me, showing me your Love through your desire, you lift and fall again and again, then you take me in your hand as you lift your head and again you stroke my cock back and forth, your tongue glancing over my tip as you pull harder and harder, then down again your mouth goes, over my cock and deep within you…

My excitement is now almost complete with the skill of your touch, the tip of my tongue now licking at your pussy more furiously, around your clit and down over your entrance, I push my tongue against bahis siteleri you, feeling you open slightly with the pressure, my tongue continues back to your clit and instead my finger moves over your pussy and down to your opening, pushing against you, feeling your groans now turning to moans of total contentment, you need to feel me inside you, so you push back against my finger, and I slip effortlessly into you, I feel the wetness inside you ,my finger just inside your Womanhood, and still I taste your sweet pussy on my tongue…my finger moves slowly deeper inside you, all the way it goes into you, and as I lick at you , I now start to move in and out of you, your pussy tightens against my finger, your body wanting to feel the pressure grow in you, in and out I go, my tongue tasting your clit, my finger penetrating you harder and always in time with your moans, bringing your passion and desire closer to explosion with each thrust…We continue to pleasure each other , feeling the excitement rising with us, you take my cock into your mouth and out again, quicker and quicker, your hand still gripping me pulling and releasing with each plunge of your mouth, your skill is all down to your Love for me, and you are very skillful, your mouth so warm and comforting around my stiffness…My tongue licks at you , my finger throbs within you, in and out ,in and out, in and out, my other hand now on your bottom ,gripping your cheeks the palm of my hand moving between them, moving from your pussy up to your back and down again, pleasuring every part of you, wanting to stimulate all of your body, my tongue continues to taste your Love, my finger penetrating you, my other hand on your bottom pleasuring the other parts of you, bringing all your senses online, the feeling of my tongue , the feeling of my finger and the feeling on your bottom, slowly driving you to fulfillment, every part of you is beautiful, every part of you is receiving pleasure, and every part of you is Mine…in and out, in and out, in and out, my tongue around and around, around and around, around and around, my fingers rubbing and squeezing and playing with your bottom, sending tiny pulses of pleasure direct to your Soul…

You are now lost in a world of total pleasure, your body searching for ways to express the Love you now feel, you suck my cock harder and harder, quicker and quicker, you want to touch and taste all of me, your mind now racing with all the sensory pleasure you are feeling, you think that if you don’t cum soon you will scream…your head moves up and down sucking the Love from my body, your hair is now completely covering your face, your desire now knows no bounds or limits, you want only to feel all the pleasure that a body can take, as you feel my tongue on you clit and my finger moving in and out of you , you find that you now cannot help but scream “Yes, Yes, Yes, Yessssss” your passion is almost complete, but you know that there would be no fulfillment if you could not feel my cock inside you, you need to feel the throb of a man deep inside your pussy…

You lift your self from me, pulling your pussy away from my tongue, my finger exiting the opening of your Love…

You fall next to me, you grab my hair and kiss me, your passion is now escaping from every part of your body, you reach round to my ear and say “Take me Now , my Darling”…

I move onto you, lifting my body just above yours, you take my stiff, hard cock in your hand and pull me down to your sweet, beautiful pussy, you push my cock against your Clitoris, and then move it around you, feeling the tingle in your pussy ripple again through your body, and then you guide me into you, pushing your opening wider, you pull at my cock, needing to feel the width inside you…

My cock glides inside your already wet and open pussy, one hand on my cock, your other on my neck pulling me into you…my cock is now fully inside you, it aches with the pressure of it’s stiffness inside you, I know no-one can pleasure me the way you do, you wrap your legs around my waist, pulling me deeper and deeper inside you, holding me there…

We kiss, the way Lovers do in the throws of total passion, bahis şirketleri furiously trying to taste all of each others Love, our tongues running against each other…I move my cock in and out of you, bringing your pleasure levels back to the point of complete ecstasy, we kiss and kiss your hands now holding my head tightly to yours, keeping our tongues together as one…in and out, in and out, in and out my cock throbs inside you, your pussy tightening again around me, keeping our bodies entwined in Love…you moan again and again now next to my ear, I feel your growing excitement and your moans turn me on, more and more, to hear your pleasure makes me more and more excited, my desire for you is beyond words, my cock moves on, in and out, in and out, your moans now turn to screams as your body gets nearer and nearer to completion, I hear you scream “yes, yes, yes, yesssssssssssss” each scream gaining in intensity with each thrust of my hard cock inside you…And still I push on, my cock deep within you and out again, your pussy so tight around me, your tongue now searching my neck and ear, your legs tight around my waist, your thighs squeezing me, needing always to pull me into you, in and out ,in and out, in and out…your breath now shallow and fast, your screams now almost sounding like cries of pain, but I know it is just the extreme pleasure you are feeling, in and out ,in and out, in and out, onwards toward Ecstasy…your hand now gripping my hair as you rapidly lose control of your senses, your other hand now on your breast ,squeezing and pulling at your nipple, feeling the passion flow through your entire body, in and out ,in and out ,on and on we go moving ever closer to that moment of complete togetherness, your breath becomes even quicker and now you are taking deeper breaths, my cock throbbing inside you with every breath you take…

I know you are close, I can feel your whole body on the verge of complete abandonment, I can see the sweat of your Love making run down the side of your face and onto your chest, I lick at you wanting to taste you, your hands now rub furiously at your magnificent breasts, your nipples fully erect, your screams of pleasure are almost at it’s completion “Yes, Yes, Ohhhhh God Yes” you cry…

And then with one final thrust of my manhood, you cry out in Ecstasy, “Yessssssssssssssssssss” your body convulses as the force of your Orgasm explodes throughout your sweating naked body, you feel nothing but complete satisfaction, you grip my back with your hands digging your nails into me, pulling me into you, we are one, we are together, we are in Love, your body arches as your orgasm travels throughout your body, tingling and exciting every inch of you, making you feel a complete Woman and Lover, still your nails dig into me you cannot help it, your mind is now in another place entirely, a place full of love, happiness, and pleasure…with the screams of your pleasure still ringing in my ears, my cock throbs for the last time…

Like an explosion, I cum deep inside you, my cock pulses as it ejects the material of my love…my body tenses and throbs with total Love for you, only you can make me cum so forcefully, I lower my lips to you, to kiss you during my orgasm, to feel you, to be closer to you than ever before, to share my Love with you, we kiss and kiss and kiss, my hands now ripping the sheet from the bed as the force of my Ecstasy takes control of my body, I have no words to describe how you make me feel…We kiss and stroke at each other, you whispering over and over “I Love You, I love You”…

As the force of our Love subsides, we stay together, my Manhood still within you, your pussy still tight around me, just kissing and caressing each other, enjoying being one with each other, letting our bodies relax while still being one…

After a few minutes, I lower myself next to you, you move in tight against me, our arms around each other, your head now back on my shoulder, my hand stroking your hair…back the way we were 2 hours ago…I whisper “promise me you’ll never leave me” and you reply softly “I could never leave the one I Love”…

As we lay there, so completely in Love with each other, there is a knock at the door, it is the Waiter with our Breakfast, you lift your head and softly say “That’s a shame, I’ve just eaten” we both smile and I know now, that you will always be the one for me…

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Beyond the Ordinary – Sisterly Love

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Anal Sex

AUTHOR’S NOTE: “Beyond the Ordinary” will be a series of stories about the further escapades of Ron and Jenna from my series “Uncharted Territory.” Each story will be a standalone story and not a continuation of the one before it.


Sisterly Love

Life had returned to something he could consider normal, although he had never really been certain what “normal” was. There was no denying that his relationship with Jenna had taken him into uncharted territory. She had reawakened him sexually, and before they had become exclusive, he had experienced sex with other women including one older woman and a former girlfriend, threesomes with two of those other women and one with Jenna and his ex-girlfriend, a foursome with an older couple who were Jenna’s former neighbors, not to mention a jaunt to a wild sex club. Each had been new and exciting for him.

And so, after the last threesome with Mary, his former girlfriend and the finalization of his divorce from Dana, a process which had been going on before he even started with Jenna, he had asked Jenna if they could hold off on any further excursions into uncharted territory. She had readily agreed, realizing she had thrown a lot at him in a short time, and she even managed to keep their sex life exciting without all of the kink. Knowing her as he did, he hadn’t expected the respite to last more than a couple of weeks, but it had, and he wasn’t certain if she was waiting for him to green light further activities or that she just hadn’t been able to find anything that went beyond the ordinary.

As he entered his two-bedroom apartment, which he now shared with Jenna, a little later than usual—as director of IT for Ford Enterprises, his schedule was never a guarantee—Ron had a feeling it was all about to change.

He heard two voices and instantly wondered whom Jenna was talking to. The other was clearly another female, and as she knew very few people here, his first thought was a return to their previous escapades. Had she brought someone home for a threesome or some other kinky reason? A part of him was excited . . . until he thought he recognized the voice.

Both women stood. It had been a long while, but he of course recognized his sister, Rhonda. While that in itself was a surprise because they hadn’t seen or talked to each other in quite some time, what was even more shocking was to see Jenna clad only in bikini panties, her marvelous breasts and legs on display, and Rhonda with a thin short-sleeved, low-cut shirt, obviously braless underneath, and also only in skimpy panties.

He was simply too stunned to say anything.

* * *

Jenna was, at first, jealous to see the attractive woman knocking on the door to Ron’s apartment when she arrived home. Her initial thought was that the woman was another ex-girlfriend. But Jenna cautioned herself not to jump to conclusions just yet. Ron had given her no reason to be distrustful.

“Can I help you?” Jenna asked evenly.


“Yes,” she confirmed with mounting curiosity.

“I’m Rhonda, Ron’s sister.” She held out her hand.

Accepting and shaking the woman’s hand, Jenna remembered that Ron had a sister and vaguely recalled the name. But what was most redeeming was that Jenna could now see the resemblance. “What a nice surprise,” she said to be friendly.

“Thanks. But I’m not sure my brother will see it that way.” There was obvious nervousness in the woman’s demeanor.

Ron didn’t talk much about his sister. Jenna knew they weren’t that close nor did he speak to her very often. So, she was quite likely right. “Oh? And why is that?”

“May I come in?”

It was kind of awkward standing here in the hallway. “Of course,” Jenna said, unlocking the door. Once inside, Jenna gestured to the sofa. “Please. Have a seat. Can I get you something to drink?”

“A glass of white wine would be helpful right now, if you have it,” Rhonda said with a restive smile.

“Yes, I think you’re right,” Jenna agreed as she stepped into the kitchen to pour the wine, suddenly thinking this might not have been such a good idea. She quickly returned with the filled glasses.

Rhonda took a jittery sip.

“And you were saying why your brother might not think this is a nice surprise,” Jenna prompted.

“My husband left me,” Rhonda began with some emotion. “Ron never wanted me to marry him in the first place because he believed Tony was not very responsible.” She took a deep breath and another sip. “My brother was right.”

Jenna felt very sorry for the woman. She had a vulnerability that encouraged sympathy. Jenna also found her quite likeable, even after only knowing her for a few minutes. Jenna further decided that she was quite attractive. Her tight shirt hinted at fair-sized, nicely rounded breasts, and her snug jeans outlined a shapely rear and toned legs. “No chance the two of you would get back together?”

Shaking her head, Rhonda said, “This is not the first time he’s walked out. I took canlı bahis him back the previous two times. This is the third strike. He’s out.”

Jenna nodded her understanding. “How do you feel about this?”

“The longer I’m away, the better. I came here because my brother will give me the strength to go through with this and not give in—after he gets over being mad.”

“I have to tell you, Rhonda. I’ve haven’t seen a side of Ron that makes me believe he can be that angry.”

She shrugged. “Yeah, I’ve heard he’s mellowed. Some say it’s because of you. I hope you’re right.”

Jenna smiled warmly at the compliment. “I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’m sure you know, he just went through a divorce. So, I’m not sure he’s in a position to judge.”

“Yeah, I’m counting on that also.”

The two ladies paused for a minute to sip their wine.

“You’re very nice, Jenna,” Rhonda further complimented. “Dana (Ron’s ex-wife) would have never been so accommodating.”

“You trying to win over an ally?” Jenna asked lightheartedly and with a smile.

Rhonda returned the smile, her first, and patted Jenna’s leg lovingly. “I’ll take what I can get, but that’s not why I said that. Some people you just like right away. I really appreciate you taking the time with me. Another woman might have run into the bedroom, called Ron and told him to get home right away, and just left me to sit until he did.”

There was something in the way Rhonda touched Jenna’s leg that had the latter seeing her differently; as though she might not be a stranger to the affections of another woman. Jenna reached out and rubbed her palm up and down the other woman’s upper arm in the same manner. “As you said, some people you just like right away. So, if it’s not too personal, what are the issues between you and Tony?”

Rolling her head from side to side, Rhonda said, “It’s complicated.”

“It always is.”

“You really want to know?”

“I wouldn’t have asked.”

With an uneasy smile, Rhonda went on, “I don’t know if this is a subject you would be comfortable in discussing.”

“And what subject would that be?” Jenna persisted to prove her resilience.

Somewhat embarrassingly, Rhonda mumbled, “Sex.”

With a smirk, Jenna revealed, “I hate to admit it, but that’s one of my favorite subjects.”

A big smile formed on Rhonda’s face. “I knew there was a reason I liked you immediately.”

“So, I’m guessing you not providing it was not the problem.”

“As I said, it’s more complicated than that.” Again, her uneasiness was showing. “This is hard to admit.”

“Believe me, I’m in no position to judge you.”

“Well, the thing is . . . I . . . I needed more than he was willing or able to give.”

Jenna placed her hands gently on Rhonda’s shoulders, a gesture the latter found endearing. “Nothing to be ashamed about. Believe me, I know the feeling.”

That opened the floodgates. “As I’ve gotten older, I feel as though I can’t get enough sex,” Rhonda admitted. “Tony would only do it when he wanted me to have it.”

“Sounds awfully controlling,” Jenna observed.

“Ya think?”

Shaking her head in stupefaction, Jenna had to say, “It’s almost hard to believe that a man who was married to a woman who was always ready for sex wouldn’t take advantage of it.”

“Well, he wasn’t really very good at it, quite possibly because he wasn’t very well equipped. I think the way he compensated was, as you pointed out, to try to be a controller.” Rhonda grinned devilishly. “But I wouldn’t let him.”

“Well, good for you.” Jenna leaned closer, putting her hand on Rhonda’s knee. “I have to ask, how did you compensate?”

She held up her middle finger, wiggling it back and forth. “Manual manipulation.”

Completely surprised, in complete astonishment, Jenna asked, “You survived only with your finger? No toys, no . . . one else?”

Hanging he head in shame, Rhonda said, “That’s about as much as I care to admit right now.”

“Why? You’re on a roll.”

“It’s the kind of thing that many people frown upon.”

“I told you, I’m in no position to judge.”

Taking a deep breath, Rhonda leaned forward and planted a sloppy kiss on Jenna’s lips. When she pulled back, she was horrified by the appalled expression on Jenna’s face. “Oh, my, I’m so sorry. I told you you would frown on it. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but I couldn’t help myself. You just looked so inviting—”

Jenna reached out and put a finger to Rhonda’s lips to shush her, and then, just as quickly, pressed her lips to Ron’s sister’s. Though taken aback, Rhonda was so starved for love, she didn’t dare question the return affection, and instead, relished the kiss with complete abandon.

When they broke it off, Jenna said, “So, you like women?”

“I had a friend who had a similarly bad marriage. We commiserated. First, it was just hugs, then a quick kiss here and there, and those turned to more passionate kisses, and, bahis siteleri well, you can figure the rest. I enjoy being with a woman, but there’s still nothing better than a hard dick.”

“You got that right.”

“So, you do girls, too?”


“Does Ron know?”

With a nod and wicked ideas forming in her head, Jenna unabashedly said, “So far, I have only done women as part of a threesome with him.” That’s all she needed to know right now. Perhaps in the future, Jenna would talk about her marriage.

Rhonda’s eyes lit up excitedly. “My brother does threesomes?”

Jenna merely nodded with a big smile.

“Wow! He’s come a long way from Dana.” Rhonda shivered. “This conversation is making me horny—not that it takes a lot for that to happen.”

“Me, too.”

“Well, then,” Rhonda said with a tickled smirk, “mind if I have another . . .” her lips made contact with Jenna’s before she finished her question.

Nor did Jenna resist, this kiss quickly escalating to passion. The longer it lasted, Jenna had the weird feeling that kissing Rhonda was eerily similar to kissing her brother. It made Jenna wonder if brother and sister had ever done anything sexual together, or at least, maybe practiced kissing when they were younger. Now, there was an erotic thought that manifested itself in the aggressiveness of her kissing. When Rhonda hesitantly eased her tongue into Jenna’s mouth, the latter surprised the former by licking it rather than simply dueling with it. Rhonda clearly had not expected that, but totally loved the titillating concept. It made her breathing quicken. As their familiarity grew, the kisses became less urgent and more loving.

Rhonda cupped Jenna’s neck as Jenna’s arm wrapped around Rhonda’s back. It wasn’t long before Jenna’s hands were under Rhonda’s shirt and had lifted it to the bottom of her bra. And shortly after that, Rhonda lifted her arms to encourage Jenna to remove the shirt. Ron’s girlfriend quickly accommodated Ron’s sister, and the two parted lips only long enough to complete the task.

With rising fervor, Jenna eased Rhonda onto her back to stretch out on the sofa, and then came down on top of her, their lips never parting. Jenna couldn’t help pawing Rhonda’s breasts. They weren’t as big as her own, but were still of fair size. After getting a nice “feel” for them, Jenna’s hand drifted down between the other woman’s legs, pulling up her skirt to touch the wet crotch of her panties.

Rhonda let out a short giggle, not that anything was funny, but more out of joy, and with their lips parted, she quickly undid her skirt, pushing it down so she could kick it off. With her hand back between Rhonda’s legs, Jenna pulled the elastic to one side. Her bare finger on the other’s clit was electrifying for both of them. After several seconds of rubbing, as Jenna became the aggressor, she pushed Rhonda’s bra up to expose her breasts. Jenna’s lips were instantly drawn to Rhonda’s cute little nipples. Jenna’s hand returned between the other’s legs to an ever moistening pussy.

It took no mystic power for Jenna to determine that it had likely been some time since Rhonda had had any kind of sex. On the flip side, the milder copulation that Jenna and Ron had had of late coupled with the fact that this was his sister kicked her up a few notches on the stimulation scale. It had also been some time since Jenna had been with another woman, so she was ready for a taste of pussy.

Squirming down, Jenna again pulled the elastic of Rhonda’s panties aside and zeroed in. Rhonda braced for another electrifying jolt, and was not disappointed. Jenna’s tongue felt divine. As Rhonda had mentioned, she and her friend had done girl-girl sex, but neither really knew what they were doing, just enough to get each other off. But Jenna was obviously highly skilled in cunnilingus. Her mouth against Rhonda’s pussy was doing things and providing feelings Rhonda had never experienced. Her labored breathing reflected that fact.

Getting even more serious, Jenna yanked Rhonda’s panties and bra off giving herself better access, and then stripped herself down leaving only her panties on.

“Oh, my, no one’s ever given me oral sex this good!” Rhonda moaned.

Jenna’s tongue movement became quicker alternating darting it in Rhonda’s hole and flicking her clit.

Rhonda had been so deprived and was so desperate to come, but just as she was about to explode, they heard a key in the lock. She sprang up, nearly knocking Jenna to the floor. “Oh, no! Is that Ron?”

“Better be,” Jenna calmly answered, amused by Rhonda’s sudden fright. “Calm down.”

But Rhonda still scrambled to jump back into her panties. But she knew she would never have time to get much more on so she slipped her shirt back on without her bra.

When Ron entered, Jenna stood and faced the front door. For lack of anything better to do, Rhonda followed suit. She readily saw his stunned expression and wondered whether it was because she was here, or more bahis şirketleri likely, their scanty appearance.

“Look who came to visit!” Jenna announced gleefully. She, too, was curious what caused his reaction.

“And you’ve obviously been getting to know her,” Ron said, stepping up to his girlfriend and wiping pussy juice from her chin with his finger. Assuming the same bodily fluids coated her glowing lips, he refrained from kissing her. Turning to his sister, eying her up and down, he greeted her by saying, “And you’ve obviously made yourself comfortable. What brings you here unexpectedly?”

Now, it was Rhonda’s turn to be dazed.

Jenna was amazed to see her freeze up. She wondered exactly what the nature of these siblings’ relationship was.

“Tony left—”


“—and I needed someplace to go so I wouldn’t take him back.”

“Well, that’s the first sensible thing I’ve heard you say.” Ron kept his voice even, allowing no emotion. “What was it this time?”

“Same old, same old.”

Jenna was instantly curious what reasons Rhonda had given him in the past, particularly if she did not think her brother was sexually open-minded.

Ron nodded.

“Would it be okay if I stayed here for a bit?” Rhonda nervously asked.

Jenna desperately wanted to give her approval, but knew better than to interfere.

For the first time, Ron saw an innocence in his sister that he had never noticed before. He could see that she was desperate and the fear in her eyes told him that it was not easy for her to come to him, particularly with the little compassion he had shown her before. The problem was, he didn’t know how to be kind to her since he had not shown her much in the past.

A part of him wanted to be annoyed with Jenna because he knew she was the reason he was now able to feel this way toward Rhonda. He looked to his girlfriend for . . . what?

Jenna thought she knew Ron well enough by now to see the emotional struggle he was experiencing. She offered him a brief smile, a barely perceptible nod, and a wink.

But even though Jenna had given him what he took to be non-verbal approval, he still asked, “Jenna, what do you think?”

“Of course, she can stay.” The two women glanced at each other and smiled almost conspiratorially.

“Okay, then. You can stay.”

That unleashed a flood of tears from Rhonda as she threw her arms around her brother. “Oh, thank you, Ron.”

He hugged her back instinctively and he could feel her barely covered body against his. That was a first. When she pulled back, he asked lightheartedly, “So, you doing girls now?”

“Well, when your spouse doesn’t take care of you . . .”

“Desperate times, desperate measures?”

“Maybe at first, but now, not so much. Does that bother you?”

“No. I just didn’t know. We’ve never really had any discussions about, you know, sex.”

“Lately, we haven’t had many discussions about anything.” Rhonda was careful to keep her voice even and non-accusatory, particularly since that was not her motive.

“You’re right. We haven’t. You said the problems with Tony were same old, same old, but I’m really not sure what those are or what that means.”

“Why don’t I freshen our drinks,” Jenna interrupted, anticipating a heavy discussion coming. “You guys, sit and talk. Honey, can I get you a beer?”

“I think I need one.”

Rhonda sat at one end of the sofa, Ron sat in the middle and left the other end for Jenna.

“So, can I deduce that your comment about your spouse not taking care of you implies that your marital problems are sexual?”

“You can.” Rhonda told him basically the same story she had imparted to Jenna, by which time Ron’s girlfriend returned.

“And you’re determined to end it this time?”

“As I said to Jenna, this is his third strike. He’s out. That’s another reason I came here. I believe you can help me remain strong.”

“I can help give you courage, but you have to remain steadfast.”

Rhonda nodded. “I will.”

There were a few moments of silence as they each sipped their drinks.

“Wow, you’ve really mellowed,” Rhonda noted, finally able to breathe easier. “I was expecting ranting and raving.”

“Apparently, neither of us has been very adept at choosing a spouse.”

“I think it’s mostly this lady here,” Rhonda pointed out. “Appears she’s really brought you out.”

“I can’t dispute that.”

Another pregnant pause followed to imbibe liquid fortification.

“So, I didn’t know you were . . . had a . . . were so—”

“Horny?” Rhonda finished for him.

“Okay, we can use that word.”

“Well, that’s what it is. And you have no idea how miserable it is to be married to someone who can’t help with that,” she told him with anguish.”

“Actually, I do,” Ron revealed to her, downing the rest of his beer. “I was married to Dana.”

“Really? She was cold?”

“As cold as the iceberg that sank the Titanic.”

Rhonda giggled at his analogy and Ron chuckled in response to her reaction. He hadn’t noticed Jenna get up and return, replacing the empty beer bottle in his hand with a fresh one. Naturally, he took another sip.

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Kendra and Rob

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Part 1: The Wedding Night and Honeymoon

I looked at my bride Kendra at the wedding reception. She looked so good in her wedding dress. Her shy smile could capture the heart of any guy. She had not had intercourse before. Technically, she wasn’t a virgin, since she had let a guy finger her pussy once and it was painful for her.

This was my second marriage. After my first one blew up, I took the time to think long and hard about how to avoid the innocent mistakes, and keep her from falling into the same ones. I trained myself, via edging, to endure long periods of intense stimulation before surrendering to ejaculatory release. I also had a plan for how the wedding night was to proceed.

It was difficult to refrain from solo relief for more than a week prior to the wedding, but I was sure it would be worth it. Finally, the reception was over and we made our way to the next town where we had reserved the bridal suite for a week.

When we got to our room, I knew she was nervous about intercourse. I was sure that she had heard some interesting accounts of wedding nights from her friends.

Before doing anything else, I caressed her face and told her how lovely she looked, and gave her gentle kisses. I lightly nibbled on her earlobes, kissed her neck, until I heard her sigh. Then I had her sit on the edge of the bed. I knelt before her and removed her shoes. She never wore stockings, which made it easier. Her bare legs always drove me crazy on our dates.

Then I breathed on her toes, and gently took each one in my mouth, one at a time. I swirled my tongue around each one, getting acquainted with its taste and texture. Her sighs were more audible, and I wondered how wet her pussy was. My cock was throbbingly hard, and it desperately wanted to do what it was built for. I bet none of your friends had this done to them on their wedding nights, my mind was telling her.

Then I stood up and lightly kissed her lips again as I reached behind her and partly unzipped her wedding dress. I kept kissing her as I tugged the top part of her dress down to her waist. In an instant I removed her bra, and saw her wondrous breasts.

Only then did I remove any of my clothes. I stripped down to my briefs, which were obviously tenting from my arousal. I nudged her on her back, and lightly ran my fingers all over her gorgeous, firm breasts. My cock was seeping at that point, as my self imposed pre-wedding denial had been frustrating. But I knew I had to carry out my plan.

Kendra’s dark eyes were wide and excited. I licked all over each breast, paying some attention to swirling my tongue on her hardening nipples. Her desire overcame her trepidation, and her visage displayed her growing need. She restrained herself though, something that I would remedy.

Kendra offered no resistance when I raised the hem of her wedding dress to her hips. She obviously thought that the moment of ravishing was near. My cock and balls ached as I slid her dampened white lace panties down and off. The sight of her gorgeous bare legs drew more pre-cum and intensified my ache. I removed my briefs and my erection sprang free. Then I gazed at her pussy with its brunette mat. It took all my self control to resist plunging in immediately.

I got close to her pussy and inhaled her aroused, musky scent. “Kendra,” I whispered, “You smell so good. I’m going to kiss you there.” She said nothing, though her hips stirred. I kissed her wet pussy, and she softly moaned. I gave her splendid pussy several more kisses, then began to lick. I knew she was aroused, and she squirmed and moaned. A few more minutes of this, and I knew she was close to orgasm.

Eventually I found the right combination of pressure, location, and tempo of licks to send her over the edge. As soon as she began to exclaim with orgasmic gasps, I guided my aching erection into her womanhood. Her remaining orgasmic contractions felt like a milking appliance, and I plunged in all the way without any resistance. Now lying prone on top of her, I slowly pumped my cock in and out, taking care not to ejaculate, although I didn’t know how long I could stand it.

There was something about knowing that I was the first male to be allowed intercourse with her that heightened my arousal. “Kendra, that feels so good!” I exclaimed in a hoarse whisper. I felt her arms around me, and saw her sensuous lips and widened eyes.

We rolled over so that she was on top. She wasted no time pumping her hips. In spite of all my solo self control work, there was nothing more I could do to hold back in the charged atmosphere of our wedding night and my first time inside her. “Oh my god!” I exclaimed, and began to spurt uncontrollably. She kept pumping and I felt spurt after spurt shoot into her delectable pussy. Finally, when she was sure I had not one more drop to give, she stopped pumping, and kept me inside her.

She smiled sweetly. “That didn’t hurt at all,” she said. All I could do then was whisper her name. We exchanged affectionate kisses for a few canlı bahis moments, and I nudged her over on her back.

I slowly withdrew my erection, which was still firm. Then, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, I got my mouth between her legs and began to lick her sperm filled pussy.

“Oh!” she gasped, and stirred. As I kept on, she became more vocal. By the time I got to giving her full-mouthed kisses on her snatch, her hips were trembling and she squirmed and twisted. After a moment of my steadily licking her aroused clitoris, she exploded in orgasm. She made sexy wordless sounds as she bucked her hips, and I slowed the pace of my oral servitude while she calmed down.

We lay there for a while, panting. Although I was still aroused and my member quite turgid, I suggested we go to dinner in casual clothes. I told her I wanted her to wear her wedding dress when we went back to bed, and all night.

When we got back to the bridal suite she took the lead and aggressively took my clothes off me. Her aroused smile was incredibly sexy. She undressed and put her wedding dress on, with the top pulled down to her waist. I got on top of her and stimulated her breasts until she squirmed and moaned. I got on my back and pulled her on top of me. She guided my aching member inside her and straddled my cock. Then she steadily pumped as she gave me that excited, sexy smile.

I was able to last several more minutes inside her, although with her continual pumping, I cried out and bucked like a stallion when I released my sperm inside her. She giggled, and gave me nuzzling kisses until I started to slip out of her. At that point, I grasped her hips and pulled her so that she straddled my mouth. I fervently kissed and licked her pussy until she again exploded in orgasm. We soon drifted into a deep refreshing sleep.

I had an arousing, sexy dream, and when I awoke, Kendra was on top of me, straddling my midsection, with my aroused cock inside her. She had discarded her wedding dress and was completely naked. “I couldn’t help it,” she whispered. “I had to have you again. God, I’ve waited so long for this!”

My new bride’s words were so sweet to me, and my arousal compounded by my dream, that I was unable to resist her pussy for long, and I recklessly spurted inside her. Her giggle was one I would come to know well, which would intensify my need for self control. After I nudged her on her back and extracted the mixture of our juices, she again raucously climaxed, and we cuddled. During that night we had one more sensual episode after exploring each other’s bodies, and slept well into morning.

After a full day of sightseeing, in which Kendra wore teasingly revealing clothes, she discarded her panties before going to dinner. During dinner I frequently put my hand on her leg and inserted my finger into her pussy, after which I licked off her juices. She reciprocated by skillfully handling my balls, avoiding contact with my cock as much as possible for the teasing effect. It worked, and when we got back to the bridal suite I had her lean forward onto the bed with her feet on the floor, flipped her short dress up, and entered her. It was a quickie, and subsequent to my spurting hot jets of sperm inside her, I lay on the floor and she rode my mouth to her intense climax.

During the next several nights, I showed her how to bring me to the edge of ejaculation and back down without my release. I did not have to be bound for this – I kept my hands out of the way in an impressive (to her) show of self control. It’s terribly frustrating to be edged, and Kendra was so aroused from doing it that several times in the two-hour edging session she straddled my mouth for orgasmic relief. When she could no longer stand it, she would get on her back and invite me inside her. My eventual ejaculations were so much more intense and lengthy from the edging.


Part 2: Girls’ Night Out

Kendra was with her girlfriends at her usual weekly dinner night out. She wore a radiant smile, and, naturally, the others wanted to know about her wedding night and honeymoon. Not generalities, either – details. And a few drinks made the details more easily forthcoming.

“What was your first time like?” asked Cassie, a leggy blonde who had mentioned in the past that her husband had been too drunk to do anything on their wedding night.

“It was wonderful,” Kendra beamed. “The first thing he did was take off my shoes and kiss my feet and toes.”

“Oh my God,” Cassie exclaimed, and the others showed interest. Barb, a cute petite brunette, looked on with wide eyes. Lexie, a slender sensuous blonde whose relationships were frequently on-again and off-again, pressed her knees together.

“And then?”

“I was about creaming my panties when he pulled the top of my wedding dress down to my waist. He started kissing me here,” she said, placing her fingers on her nipples. The others squirmed. “And then he took his clothes off and got bahis siteleri me on my back. He pulled my panties off and started to eat my pussy.”

“With your wedding dress on?” Cassie asked.

“Oh yeah, that was so sexy!”

“When did he, you know…”

“Right when I started to cum, he went inside me. It felt so good!”

Barb surreptitiously put her hand inside her panties. Lexie giggled and asked, “Who slept in the wet spots?”

“Wet spots? There weren’t any.”

“What do you mean? Didn’t he cum inside you?”

“Well, yeah, lots of times. He eats my pussy every time.”

Lexie and Cassie gasped. Barb exclaimed, “Oh my God!” and shook with her eyes closed as she orgasmed.

Kendra had a confused look. “Doesn’t every guy do that?”

“Oh my gosh, no!” exclaimed Cassie. “It would be so sexy, but I don’t dare even ask my husband. I’d give anything to have that done to me!”

“Me too,” added Lexie. “Barb, have you ever had that done?”

Barb was coming down from her orgasm, and had a sexual blush on her face. She just shook her head no.


I was asleep when Kendra came home from her first girls’ night out since our honeymoon. I was pleasantly surprised at her arousal – it seemed like she wanted to screw all night. After her first creampie orgasm of the night, I asked her how her dinner went.

“They all said I was lucky,” she giggled as she cradled my balls in her hand. “I hope you don’t mind, but I told them some details about our wedding night.”


“Tee-hee! When I told them that you started out by kissing my feet, I thought they were all going to cream their panties. Cassie made no secret of the fact that her husband was too drunk to do anything on their wedding night. They asked about who slept in the wet spots, and when I said that you eat my pussy before and after intercourse, one of the girls had an orgasm.”

She couldn’t help noticing that my cock hardened at her narration.

“None of the others have ever had that done – after intercourse. When Cassie said that she’d give anything to have that done to her, I got an idea.” She giggled.

Just thinking about all her friends with cum-filed pussies and wanting the same kind of relief that Kendra gets regularly, made my cock harder still.

Kendra giggled and said, “I should edge you ten times before you fuck me again!”

“Oh God, Kendra!” I moaned. “What’s this idea of yours?”

She giggled again and said nothing. She just kept stimulating my cock until I was about to ejaculate. Then she pulled away. Abiding by my unspoken code of self-control honor, I didn’t take matters into my own hand, as much as I wanted to.

“Aaahh! Kendra!”

“I love it when you call my name, especially when you’re about to spurt!”

As soon as my cock began to recover from her teasing, she again brought me near ejaculation and backed down.

I grimaced and made a determined effort to keep my hands away from my midsection. “Tell me your idea,” I panted.

“No, I’ll tell you after I’ve edged you ten times and before we fuck!”

So it went for the next forty minutes. Kendra immensely enjoyed teasing and edging me, and after the tenth ascension just short of the pinnacle of ejaculation, she told me her idea.

“It would be so sexy if I could see you eat Cassie’s pussy right after she’s been fucked by her husband,” Kendra began. “Maybe Barb and Lexie too. They’d get to experience what they’ve been missing for a long time, and I’d get to watch. Would you do that for me?”

I had to be sure to keep my head and think about it, because at that point I would have agreed to almost anything for Kendra. The little vixen knew that I’d be more agreeable to anything she suggested if she had edged me. Of course the idea of licking and kissing her friends’ pussies with her approval appealed to me, but I had a feeling she was holding back something.

“What would I get,” I asked, “other than some loads of other guys’ cum?”

Kendra got on her back and pulled me inside her. “Go slow if you can, lover. You feel so good inside me. I’m thinking about your question.”

I had a feeling that she had her mind made up, but was just playing for strategy. I slowly thrust all the way in, and almost all the way out so that I could feel the full effect of her splendid pussy. I had to consciously hold back my sperm several times when I saw her excited eyes and teasing smile.

“You know,” she panted, “Lexie’s not married, and I think she’s between relationships now. Would you mind terribly if it was your cum in her pussy?”

That was all it took. My cock couldn’t lie, and her words sent me over the edge into ejaculatory convulsions. As I emerged from my deliriously intense orgasm, she giggled and said, “I thought you might like the idea!”

After I enthusiastically applied my mouth to her pussy and swallowed our combined juices, we had intercourse two more times. She told me that she wanted bahis şirketleri to implement her idea at the next girls’ night out. “I can’t guarantee anything, but I think I can make my idea happen.”

Part 3: A Week Later

Kendra asked me to abstain from release for several days before the event. She did, however, have me eat her pussy at least once every night, which increased my desire. Also serving to keep me aroused was the prospect of licking and kissing the pussies of Kendra’s friends, and wondering what was going to happen with Lexie.

The plan was for the girls to meet at our place and then go to dinner from there, after my initiating Cassie and Barb into the delights of having their sperm filled pussies licked, if they could manage to get laid immediately before.

The three girls showed up, each one excited and giggling. “I had him fuck me twice before I left,” Cassie began. “He wondered what got into me, but he was happy as a clam when Lexie came to pick me up!”

Barb stood with her legs together and said, “Let’s just say that my husband is very contented right now.”

“Okay,” Kendra said, “Cassie, you go first. And we all get to watch. Rob, lie down here on the carpet and she’ll straddle you.”

A little self-conscious, Cassie removed her panties and stood with her feet on each side of my head. I gasped when I saw her lovely legs and light brown mat. Her pussy was reddened and swollen. She hiked up her skirt, bent her knees and settled right above my mouth. My erection, of course, pressed hard against my pants.

I grasped her hips and guided her womanhood closer and started licking. She had a sensual aroma – different from Kendra’s – a ‘well used’ scent. Cassie started to rock her hips. It took a few minutes for the cream to emerge, and I applied my mouth more fervently. First she whispered, “Yes!” several times, then, “Oh, yeah!” When she crested, she groaned, “Uhhh! Uhhhh! UH! Oh! Ahhh!” I paused for a few moments, inhaling her scent, and started again. More sperm. I swallowed a couple of times, and she threw her head back and exclaimed with open-mouthed sounds of another orgasm.

Kendra had her hand inside her panties. “Oh my gosh, that was sexy!”

Cassie had a satisfied smile as she shakily got up. Kendra had me take off my jeans because of my painful erection. I was a little self conscious, but most guys are willing to undress in front of sexy women. It was fun seeing the women’s eyes focus on my erect cock and ball sac, and then on Kendra’s midsection, as if connecting the two.

I lay back down on the carpet, and Barb shyly stepped out of her panties. She straddled my mouth as Cassie had, and I started licking. Her husband’s sperm came out immediately, and I swallowed, “Gmmmmff!” Barb may be quiet and shy, but she really knows how to pump her hips. The sperm kept coming, and I kept licking and swallowing.

“Ahhh! Ahh! OH! Oh my God!” she exclaimed, and I felt her whole body tremble. She panted as she came down from her orgasm, and then gingerly stood up. “My God, that was an experience! What a trip!” Cassie and Kendra nodded in agreement.

My erection was hard and purple, and I felt it reaching for the ceiling. Kendra wrapped her hand around it, and gave a few pumps. “I’ll be back later. Get some sleep, because you won’t get much rest when I come back.” Lexie gave me a conspiratorial smile, and the girls left for their night out.

Part 4: Midnight

Kendra nudged me awake around midnight. In the dim light I saw that Lexie was with her. “He’s saved up for several days,” Kendra told Lexie as she removed her clothes. “Get undressed and let’s get in the bed.”

My boner sprang to attention. “Normally I’d edge him a few times before taking him inside me,” Kendra said. “But my pussy’s so hot that I want satisfaction now. I’m his wife so I’ll go first.”

Kendra straddled my boner in the cowgirl position, and very slowly pumped. “It feels good, doesn’t it, Rob? I bet it’s even more exciting with Lexie here.” All I could do was whisper, “Yes, Kendra! It feels so good.”

She continued her slow pumping, gradually working me up, over an extended time, to ejaculation. With two attractive and naked women in my bed, one of them using me for intercourse, my arousal was heightened to such an extent that, when I did cross the line into ejaculation, it was one of the most intense experiences of my life. I kept spurting and spurting, all the while bucking like a stallion trying to throw its rider. Kendra and Lexie both giggled, and as Kendra pulled back, she said, “Watch closely, Lexie. Are you ready, Rob?”

“Yes, yes!” I exclaimed. “Let me lick your gorgeous sperm-filled pussy!”

Kendra’s midsection was already trembling when she settled her pussy on my mouth. I fervently licked and kissed her like a hungry animal, and I was surprised at the copious amount of cream that entered my mouth. “Glmmmpf!” I swallowed and went back to work. Kendra voiced sensuous arousal sounds as Lexie whispered, “Oh my God!” several times. It didn’t take her long to cross the line and fill the room with her gasps of orgasm.

A few moments to come down, and Kendra said, “Rob – you can fuck Lexie. I want to see you cum inside her and lick her pussy.”

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Karen’s First Year Ch. 02

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This is a story of pure fiction. This story is copyrighted and all rights reserved by the author. I hope you enjoy, and please vote.

The past two and a half days had been a blur as Karen tried valiantly to purge the x-rated thoughts she had of Paul and Jeannie. Several times she had convinced herself that she should beg off of the weekend, but she couldn’t follow through whenever she had the chance to tell Paul. Her mind was flooded with images of Paul and Jeannie, and she kept trying to refocus her thoughts back onto work.

She didn’t usually masturbate every night, but since Tuesday night she was extremely horny every night by the time she was ready for bed each night. She found herself repeating the events of that night, logging on and finding a hot video to watch. She found herself selecting videos with older men and threesomes. She had had mind shattering orgasms each night driven by fantasies of Paul and Jeannie.

And now she was less than an hour from the beach house where she would be spending two days with the two people that had been fucking around inside of her brain. And, no matter how hard she tried, she found herself included in many of those images. She knew her imagination had gone wild, but she seemed incapable of doing anything about it.

Karen was wearing her usual jeans, but had selected a pair that was one size smaller than her normal size. And she had selected the tightest sweatshirt in her drawer. And for reasons she couldn’t understand, she was wearing some of her sexiest underwear. Not that she had lots of sexy underwear; she didn’t. She normally wore basic underwear, but for that day she had selected a lacy bra and matching panty set that one of her few boyfriends had bought her. Besides her weekend bag, she had a bottle of wine and a fruit basket for her host and hostess.

The GPS indicated that she was still ten miles away when she drove through the last town on the route. She now realized that the beach house was truly remote just like he had described. The road was paved, but it was barely wide enough for two cars to pass. A warning sign just outside of town had told her that the remaining stretch of road was considered primitive with no warning signs. Driving at less than 25 miles per hour, the last stretch seemed to take forever. She found herself occasionally holding her breath, and tried to tell herself it was because of the road. She couldn’t hide the fact that she was holding her breath out of excitement for what she hoped would be an interesting weekend.

She finally arrived at Paul’s beach house and turned down the gravel drive. About a half mile down the driveway, the outline of Paul’s house came into view, silhouetted by the setting sun disappearing over the western horizon. She pulled up next to two other cars, and climbed out of her car. She found herself looking up at a three story A-frame. She grabbed her stuff from the car and walked to the front door. It opened as she took the step up onto the porch. Paul saw the surprise on Karen’s face and explained, “I have sensors in the driveway, and so I know whenever anyone is driving up.

He took her overnight bag and ushered her into the house. He directed her up the stairs, explaining that she had entered through the basement, and they would go up one floor to the primary living area. Karen headed for the stairs, passing by Paul. Now that she was in the light of the foyer, she could see that Paul was wearing a tank top and a pair of loose velour pants. For a man in his fifties, he looked might scrumptious, she thought.

She headed up the stairs, not realizing that he was having similar thoughts about her delectable ass. It looked mighty scrumptious to him.

Jeannie met Karen at the top of the stairs and graciously received the fruit basket and wine that Karen had brought as hostess gifts. Karen noticed as Jeannie’s eyes gave her body the once over. Then she realized she had done the same thing, taking note of Jeannie’s outfit. Jeannie was wearing a neck to toe leotard that appeared to be a second skin. She had a bright red vest on over the top that did nothing to hide the curves of her breasts or the nipples poking through the thin leotard.

“Come on in,” Jeannie said. “I am so glad you took Paul up on his offer. I am sure you will enjoy the weekend. I’ve been looking forward to spending more time with you. Pardon my outfit. I just finished my workout.”

Karen was taken aback at this level of friendliness, and she stumbled through her thanks, embarrassed at the fact she had caught herself staring at Jeannie’s tits. Paul saved her though by taking her arm and leading her away. “Let me show you around, and your room for the weekend.” Karen followed willingly.

Her room was on the top floor. As it was at the top of the A-frame, it wasn’t very big, but it did have its own bathroom and entertainment system. Paul showed her where the towels were, and then explained the entertainments system. It was full HD and Dolby digital with satellite service and canlı bahis access to his movie library which he had loaded on a set of servers in the basement. He left her alone to freshen up, explaining that dinner would be served in about 45 minutes, but that she should come down and have a glass of wine as soon as she had settled in.

She turned on the TV for some entertainment while she unpacked. The first menu required her to select between the house movie network and the satellite service. While she had intended to turn on the satellite, she couldn’t resist looking the movies available. Selecting the movies she was presented with another menu from which she was to select a genre. She gasped when she saw that adult was one of the genres available. She quickly returned to the satellite selection and picked one of the Sirius music stations off the satellite to listen to.

Twenty minutes later, Karen headed back downstairs. Paul was watching CNN, and she found Jeannie in the kitchen, but in a different outfit. Jeannie laughed at the surprise on Karen’s face due to her clothing change. She explained, “You arrived just as was finishing my cool down period after exercising. Now, I’ve had a quick shower and can relax. This is so much more comfortable for lounging around. What do you think of it? I just got it.”

It certainly looked comfortable enough. Again, it a single piece of clothing, consisting of loose pantaloons that came together at a very tight waist. From the waist up, two pieces of material covered her breasts and were tied behind her neck, resulting in a large expanse of exposed back. It was obvious that Jeannie was not wearing a bra. Karen noted that her back muscles were well toned. Finally, she answered, “It looks quite comfortable, and very sexy.” She instantly regretted the last part of the comment, wondering to herself where the hell it had come from. She didn’t normally say things like that.

“Do you really think so? Sexy, I mean. Do you really think it makes me sexy?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Oh, good. I hope Paul thinks so, too. I intend to seduce him big time tonight.”

Karen was having a tough time keeping up with the onslaught of information she was taking in. It was certainly becoming obvious why Paul had made her read the document before coming to the beach house. But, she was so embarrassed, as it seemed she was going to be the proverbial extra thumb when Jeannie intended to make love with Paul for their first time. “You mean you’re not already….?” Karen stuttered.

“What? Lovers? Of course, we are. I’m just doing it for the fun of it. Keeps the spice in the relationship, you know.”

Then the overwhelming truth of it hit Karen as she realized that she was surprised at the very thing that this woman probably coached other couples to do. Of course, she would follow her own guidance, and was clearly not ashamed of it at all. In fact, it was obvious that Jeannie intended to enjoy it whether Karen was there or not.

Jeannie recognized the shock in Karen’s face and decided that it was time to come clean about who she was. Otherwise, she realized that she would probably give the poor young girl a heart attack. “Changing the subject a bit, did Paul tell you what I did for a living?”

The reaction in Karen’s face revealed to Jeannie that Karen knew of her profession, but was surprised at her answer, “No, Paul didn’t tell me a thing.”

“Do you know what I do?”

“Uhhh, yeah,” Karen stuttered.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed about it. I’m certainly not. I am a sex therapist, and pretty damn good one at that. When you’re a nymphomaniac like I am, what better occupation. But, the ethics suck! I can’t fool around with my patients.” She laughed.

“Hmmm. Okay,” was about all Karen could get out. Finally, after a few seconds, she got it out, “Yeah, I knew. I looked you up on google and found your website.”

“And, what did you think.”

“Well, to be honest, I hadn’t even realized that there were therapists like you. At least, not consciously. It makes sense that couples might need counseling like that, so obviously there are people who provide the counseling. I just never thought I’d meet one.”

“Well, there you go. Now you’ve met one. So, I hope you enjoy Italian. Dinner tonight is fettuccini alfredo with shrimp and asparagus.”

“Sounds yummy!” Karen responded, meaning it.

Dinner went smoothly as they chatted about the latest debate in DC and other things in the news. Karen realized that the conversation stayed away from their personal lives. The food and wine were great, and Karen was most assuredly enjoying the meal and the company. Jeannie kept the wine flowing, and by the time Paul announced that there was Tiramisu for dessert, Karen was feeling the effects. Paul went to the kitchen to fetch the dessert, commenting to Jeannie as he headed in, “Why don’t you get the pipe out?”

“Hmmm. Sounds good,” said Jeannie. She opened the cabinet behind her and pulled out a box. She opened the box and extracted bahis siteleri a small water pipe.

Karen watched in stunned silence as Jeannie filled the bowl with grass. Karen was not new to weed. The group of nerds that she ran around with all got stoned regularly. She was just surprised to see how casual Paul and Jeannie were about it. Jeannie took her toke as Paul returned with the Tiramisu and passed the pipe to Karen.

“Uh, no thanks. I don’t,” Karen said, shaking her head.

“Relax, Karen,” Paul said. “Don’t feel pressured. Feel free to have a toke whenever you desire. We know you smoked in college.” At Karen’s obvious surprise, he added, “We did a background check, remember.”

“Wow. I guess I hadn’t thought you’d get that data, but of course you would. And you still gave me the job?”

Paul laughed. “Shit, if we denied the job to every kid who smoked grass, we wouldn’t have a staff. Those kinds of transgressions don’t bother us in the least.”

“So, I guess you know everything about me, then?” Karen asked, somewhat rhetorically.

“Probably not everything, but a lot. But the one thing we don’t know is you. We’re just now starting to find out who you are? By the way, in case you couldn’t tell, everybody at the firm loves you and we’re glad to have you as part of the team. Now, try to relax this weekend.” Paul then picked up the pipe and took a huge toke, rippling the muscles in his throat as he held the breath in. After exhaling, he sliced and served the Tiramisu.

They continued to chat as they ate dessert. Karen learned a little more about Paul, discovering that he had been smoking pot nearly continuously since high school, that his kids smoked, and that there was seldom an evening at the beach when the pipe wasn’t passed around. He had a great sense of humor, often in a self-deprecating way.

They finished dessert and all three pitched in to do the clean up, which took all of ten minutes. Paul poured himself a scotch, and the ladies opened another bottle of wine. Karen was quite tipsy and knew that another half bottle would make her quite drunk. And on top of that she was fighting with herself over whether or not to have a few tokes. Logically she could see no reason not to, but her guilty conscience was certainly arguing loudly against it.

As they finished cleaning up, Paul asked, “Are you comfortable, Karen? There are some comfortable lounging clothes in the closet upstairs. Make yourself comfortable if you want to.”

The idea appealed to her. “Thanks. I think I will.” She headed upstairs.

As soon as Karen headed upstairs, Jeannie slipped into Paul’s arms and gave him a deep kiss. She felt his manhood harden between his legs. “Ooh, is that for me?” she asked.

“Absolutely. But what do you expect when I have two gorgeous young women running around here?

“She is a real hottie!” Jeannie whispered into Paul’s ears. “But she seems so innocent. We’re going to have to take it slow and careful if we want to get her into our bed.”

“I know. But, I’m sure it will be worth it. In the meantime I’ll just have take advantage of you.”

“Mmmmm. I hope so.” She responded. “Just remember who won the last bet.”

“Yeah! I remember. You did.”

He could feel her press her breasts against his chest. He reached down and squeezed her ass to prove his intent and pulled her tight against his large hard-on. She moaned in his ear in appreciation.

Karen was surprised when she opened the closet, as there was a fairly extensive collection of lounge wear, including robes, sarongs, and various types of wraps. She felt one of the sarongs with her fingers, wondering if it was real silk and found that it was. The material felt sensuous on her fingertips. Finally deciding to enjoy the evening and let her hair down, she selected the sarong and started to undress. When she got down to her bra and panties, she started to put on the sarong. She hesitated, and then decided to truly be comfortable and stripped out of her underwear as well. She pulled the sarong on, and felt her nipples stiffen as the silk brushed across them. She tied the sash and headed downstairs.

Paul and Jeannie had settled in on one of the two sofas in the entertainment room, and Paul was scrolling through the cable channels. As she watched, she remembered one of the rules of the household; Paul had total control of the entertainment room remote control unless he wasn’t around or yielded it. The guidelines suggested that if anyone was unhappy with his choice they could retire to their own room and watch whatever they chose there. Seemed reasonable. She took her refilled glass from Jeannie and accepted the pipe from Paul she settled comfortably onto the other couch. The couches were arranged at angles to each other, so not only did one of have a good view of the large TV screen on the wall, but could easily see people on the other couch to promote conversation.

She pulled her feet up underneath her thighs and took a deep toke, and watched as bahis şirketleri Paul perused the channels. Paul spent enough time searching that Karen was on her third toke before he selected one of the premium movie channel movies. It was some sort of detective movie with a cast of babes with oversize boobs. As it started to play, Karen realized Paul had actually selected a soft porn channel to watch. “Oh, my gawd! He’s putting on porn to watch,” she thought to herself. The evening was certainly tending towards wild and away from mild.

Jeannie saw Karen flinch when Paul made his selection, and knowing Paul’s rules for the house, offered her a way out. “You know that you can watch anything you want in your room, if you don’t want to watch what Paul chooses.”

Fortunately the room was dark enough that no one could see Karen blushing, as she contemplated her options. Part of her wanted to run to her room and hide, while her curious self demanded that she stay. Her pussy’s desires carried the day. “Thanks. That’s all right. This looks interesting enough. I’ll stay and watch some, if you don’t mind.”

Paul responded, “Please don’t feel pressured into anything this weekend. Just relax, and do whatever you want to enjoy yourself. That is what this place is for. Let your hair down, escape from the real world for a bit, relax, and enjoy. That is what I do when I’m here, and I don’t anyone or anything get in the way of that. To the extent that my behavior might shock you, I apologize. For the shock, that is, not for my behavior. And whatever you choose to do to relax will not be judged by us.”

“Thanks. I know I could use some r and r. It’s been a hectic three weeks. I really appreciate the opportunity to come out here. Your place is truly awesome.”

“And we’re glad you could join us.”

At that they all settled in to watch the movie, sip their drinks, and enjoy the pipe being passed around. Karen had made herself comfortable on one couch with her feet tucked under her and leaning against the armrest. In so doing, part of her sarong had fallen away revealing a considerable portion of her thigh. Paul and Jeannie had cuddled with each other on the other couch. She was leaning back into his shoulder, and he had his arm around her.

All three were feeling the effects of both the alcohol and the good weed that Paul had provided. The movie, although poorly scripted, made for good comedy as a caricature of detective flicks, and it proceeded with a plot line for at least fifteen minutes before the video became graphic. During that time all had relaxed a bit. But none of them were fully relaxed, as the sexual tension was ever present.

Karen was nervous, as she had never watched porn, even soft porn, with anyone else in the room. But she wanted to be perceived as an adult, and she feared that running off to her room when confronted with adult entertainment would perpetuate her image as a girl, not a woman. And her pussy screamed for it. She couldn’t believe that she was actually going to watch porn with the couple she had been fantasizing about the previous three nights.

Paul was nervous because he wasn’t yet sure how Karen would react to the liberal adult attitudes and behaviors that she was going to be confronted with over the next 48 hours. He didn’t want to overdo the weekend, but he sensed that inside Karen was a real woman ready to come into her own. He knew she was intelligent, yet naïve. While he most assuredly wanted to make love to Karen, he still had developed a fatherly protectionist attitude towards her. Not that this dilemma was a problem. He actually reveled in the role of being father-mentor and lover. And with Jeannie as his soul-mate and partner in seduction, they had certainly enjoyed making love to other young adults.

Jeannie had mixed emotions. Sexually, she desired Karen big time. Jeannie had been bisexual since her freshman year at Wellesley, and especially enjoyed introducing young women into the pleasures of Sapphic sex. Still, her professional ethics caused her to continuously question her own behavior. She was one that believed that if sex between two adults wasn’t completely consensual, then it was probably rape. Yet, she also loved role playing as the victim of an overpowering aggressor. She still masturbated regularly to the memories of the night that Paul had broken into her apartment and ‘raped’ her while wearing a mask. They had planned that night for weeks, and it ranked as one of her more powerful sexual experiences. No matter what, there was no doubt that Karen was yummy, and she couldn’t waste to taste her juices.

Fifteen minutes into the movie, a busty blonde cop was put in the position of having to service her captain sexually. Her uniform consisted of a very short skirt, and a very tight uniform blouse that displayed lots of cleavage. When she was ordered by the Captain to undress, she did of course.

Karen’s eyes were glued to the screen, partially out of curiosity, but also because she didn’t want to invade on the intimacy of her hosts. The scene was eerily similar to the video she had watched earlier in the week. Also, she hoped that they weren’t observing her. She didn’t want them to know she was actually getting turned on from the movie.

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In Search of Tamar Ch. 1

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Finally, I was returning to Israel after five years. I never forgot Tamar Ya’akov, the soldier I had met on a chance encounter one night in Tel Aviv. I may have been with Tamar only a few days but the were enough for me to fall in love with her. Then, a chance meeting with her boyfriend’s cousin resulted in my leaving Israel under a cloud of suspicion and in pain. Now I was returning to Israel.

Why did I wait five years to return? One reason was that I could now get safely through Lod airport without encountering Daniellah Argov, my interrogator the night that Tamar and I were separated and a dominatrix of painful memory. Daniellah had taken a post as El Al’s security head in Toronto.

Another reason that I could go back was that Air Canada had recently instituted service between Tel Aviv and Toronto. By bypassing El Al, Mistress Dani would never discover that her favourite sub was returning to Israel. Finally, I was absolutely sure that Mossi Bar Lévi was out of jail by now and getting on with his life. Surely five years was enough time for even a Morroccan to forget me and how I had stolen his girlfriend.

As I sat in my airplane seat, I wondered if Tamar remembered me at all. Was she still available and did she still love me? Would she appreciate that I took up studying Hebrew for her? I hadn’t been wasting my time in the last five years. At least I would be able to find my way around Israel in search of the woman I love.

I remembered when I landed in Lod on El Al that the passengers burst out in hand clapping. This time there was stony silence. We’re Canadian after all. As I exited the airplane, the heat hit me like a hot iron that fell off the ironing board. This wasn’t Whitehorse, Toto. I had my passport stamped by the same unsmiling clerk as five years ago. Where do they get these people from?

I collected my luggage and made my way to the bus stop for the Ashdod Express. Why Ashdod, a city that wasn’t on anyone’s tourist list? I had stayed in contact with Colonel Chava Krotchnik, the only person I could trust in Israel who had any contact with Tamar. Colonel Krotchnik had had her own tragedies. She lost her lover and bondage partner, Percival Purves and got demoted at the same time. Somehow, she had rebounded, getting back her rank, although she wasn’t the Chief Army Censor now. We never talked on the telephone about our love life. It’s not something a young guy can discuss with an older woman.

So I had to see Colonel Krotchnik first on my way to find Tamar. The Colonel was in charge of the Israeli Army’s Ashdod Women’s Training Facility. When an Israeli girl got out of high school, her first month of army service consisted of Colonel Krotchnik beating her into shape. Well, that may be a poor choice of words. I knew the Colonel was a dominatrix but I was almost sure that she restricted her talents to submissive men. Colonel Krotchnik was a pervert but it didn’t involve young women.

I found the Army base in Ashdod and located Colonel Krotchnik’s office. She obviously hadn’t had the time to beat their girlishness out of the new recruits by the time I arrived at the base. The ones I met as I was escorted to the Colonel’s office giggled and stared at their male visitor.

As I sat outside the office, I practiced my newfound Hebrew and made out the letters “Chvh Qrtznk” on the door. Damn, what a difficult language. No vowels and what about that throat-clearing “ch” sound? Suddenly, I heard shouting and a uniformed girl burst out the door in tears. This girl wasn’t giggling and staring. Col. Krotchnik appeared in the doorway. She was fit, tanned and she stood ramrod straight so that she looked taller than her actual 160 cm. She hadn’t added one wrinkle in the five years since I last saw her. Her brown hair, tied in a roll at the back, didn’t have one grey hair. Her stern face turned into a cheerful smile when she saw me. When Colonel Krotchnik spoke, it was in an Eastern European accent so thick that you could smell the borscht on her breath:

“Chris, dollink. You come from Canada to zee me? Come in. Ve must talk dollink. I must apologize for zis unpleasant scene vit Private Zohar but Zahal must maintain its discipline. Please heff a seat. How long has it been Chris? Five Years? Ve must talk. I vill heff Private Reubens bring us zome refreshments.”

We sat down across her desk. One of the Colonel’s flunkies brought some café botz to sip whilst we performed the Middle Eastern socialization ritual. The Colonel brought me up to date on her reinstatement in rank and transfer to the Ashdod women’s barracks. When I asked her if she had ever gotten together again with Percy Purves, she shook her head:

“I neffer hear from Percy again. I hear from zome journalist friends zat he is vorking for American scandal paper writing stories about young ladies spanking bottoms of English lords. I don’t care vun bit because ze English heff zo many good submissives. I can heff my pick from ze English commandos who come train vit our army. Right now, I am canlı bahis training two English officers, Captain Biff Whipple und Corporal Bart Bottomley, how to be good submissives. Ze men vear me out, ze vay zey luff to be beaten. But enough about me und my luff life, dollink. How can Colonel Krotchnik help my good Canadian friend?”

“Colonel, I’m on a mission to find and marry Tamar Ya’akov. I’ve been hiding from Daniellah Argov and Mossi Bar Lévi for the past five years. These have been five years of pure loneliness and increasing desire for my lost love. Even if I am in danger from Daniellah or Mossi, I must find Tamar. You were the last person I know who had contact with Tamar. Can you tell me how to find her?”

“I vish I could help more but all I know is zat Tamar completed her service in her home town of Be’er Sheva. I only know zis from ze army records. Ven Tamar und me left zeh Army Censor’s office, ve lost all contact. Zat girl didn’t vant to shame me because I vas demoted. Eff you find her, tell her no hard feelings, don’t feel guilty und don’t be a stranger. If you vant to find Tamar, I suggest you go to Be’er Sheva and see if she is still zer.”

“I thank you for the fine coffee and the help you’ve given me, dear Colonel. I’ll try and find Tamar there in Be’er Sheva or someone who knows where she’s gone. I’ll get right on the next bus.”

“Zer is no bus to Be’er Sheva until tomorrow. I heff a suggestion if you heff ze time. Biff Whipple und Bart Bottomley heff gone to Dimona to show our people ze English technique of interrogation. Zat Bart luffs to get a beating from ze rubber hose when he plays ze prisoner. I tell you zis; zat man is a born submissive. So, I heff neither of my true luffs vit me tonight. Since you must stay vun night in Ashdod, zo vhy don’t you spend zeh time vith me? I know ver ve can eat vun good falafel und I heff a leather thong, yust your size. Ve could heff a good time after zupper.”

“Colonel, I wouldn’t have anyone else show me the delights of Ashdod but you. But I must decline your idea of a good time. You’re a good looking woman but I’m not into whips and leather, whatever you may have heard about my last visit to Israel. But I promise you this. If I’m ever in the mood for a good beating, I want it to be at your hands and your hands alone.”

“OK dollink, ve only have supper und talk about zeh good old days. I see you ven I am off duty zis evening.”

The way Colonel Krotchnik said it, she gave an order I couldn’t refuse. She commandeered a jeep and ordered one of her soldiers to drive me to the hotel and another to load my luggage. As I walked into the hotel, I’m sure that I heard the driver whisper to the other soldier “takat yafeh” (nice buns). I snoozed away my jet lag in my room and was awakened precisely at 7:00 p.m. by the Colonel ringing me up on the house phone:

“If you ver in my unit, I vould make you do 50 pushups for sleeping so late. Get down here now, dollink. Ve heff a date.”

Colonel Krotchnik turned out to be a fun date. We were an odd couple, a 50-year old army officer and a young civilian. Despite the differences, there was something between us that clicked that night. The Colonel had a good sense of humor and a lot of stories to tell. Who knows? Maybe she was that rarest of breeds, a happy dominatrix. She didn’t just talk but she listened. She asked about my career as a journalist, as if I was any match for her experiences in life. Most of Colonel Krotchnik’s stories were about her days in the Army Censor Office.

“Of course, I got all zeh stories to be sent to Eastern Europe. Zose Communist journalists ver zo obedient zat I could tell zem to write anyzing. But zen, zey ver used to taking orders vere zey come from. Zey took orders zo vell zat zey vere almost as good submissives as ze English. It vas ze Americans who giff me trouble. Zey alvays zot zey knew grammar better zan Chava Krotchnik. I got speeches from ze Americans like you vouldn’t belief about Freedom of the Press. Zo, I alvays gave ze Americans und ze Canadians as a bonus to my Tamar to deal vit.”

“Tell me more about the Tamar you knew, Colonel. Was Tamar a good worker? Did you get along well with her?”

“Tamar vas to me like zeh daughter I neffer had. Such a good vorker und villing to go zeh extra mile. Ve had a good vorking relationship und personal relationship as vell. Tamar told me all about you and asked my motherly advice. It vas me who got her leaf for a veek to go avay vit you.”

“I didn’t know that. What did Tamar tell you about me and why would that convince you to give her leave so she could go on a trip like that?”

“Vell dollink, you know how vomen are ven ve talk? Tamar said that she fell in luff vit you ze first time you met. She said, zis guy, Chris, is kind, he luffs life, he’s good in bed but maybe a little stupid. But Chris is only a man, after all. She could go on for hours about how she vas neffer fucked the vay you fucked her und how she luffed your zain. Ven she found you again at bahis siteleri the Censor Office, I tell her, ‘You must not let zis man get avay. Go vit him und enjoy der sex. He is perfect for you, effen if he has a goyische kopf.”

Slightly stupid was I? It sounded like a good time to change the subject before she got too curious about my zain. I was curious how an apparently normal woman like Chava Krotchnik end up as an officer in Zahal and an accomplished dominatrix? We were at a sidewalk café and had downed a few 777 brandies. That loosened both of us up a bit so I decided to ask the Colonel a personal question.

“Colonel, how come you never got married? I mean you’re fun to be with, you’re a good looking woman and you seem to like sex, even if it’s a little on the perverted side. Are you one of those people married to their careers?”

“Vell, I vas actually engaged vunce to be married. It vas anuzer soldier doing his compulsory service like me, Tzvi Studman. I vasn’t into ze bondage zen. Tzvika made luff zo beautifully, it vas like music made by zer Israel Philharmonic. He vas der man for me. He vas zo vell hung und he knew vat to do vit it. Ze first time ve made love, I zink he push my vomb up into my stomach. I neffer see again in my life zain on any man like I see on my Tzvikah. He vas a sex machine zat could play Chava Krotchnik like Yitzhak Perlman play ze violin. Ven ve finish our army service, ve vanted to start a farm of our own. By day, Tzvikah could plow ze ground und, by night, he vould plow up Chava’s insides. I vas zo happy and looking forward to being under ze choopah vith Tzvikah zat I bought a vedding dress vhile I vas doing my service.”

“But what happened to Tzvikah and your dreams of life on a farm.”

“Ze Yom Kippur Var ended my dreams. Tzvikah vas killed during heavy fighting in ze Sinai. I vas devastated but I stayed in ze army zo I vould alvays remember zeh time I had vit Tzvikah. I couldn’t stand ze zought of being vit another man until I met a man who didn’t vant sex, just a few slaps on his bottom. I discovered I had a talent as a dominatrix und, hineh, here I am.”

Tears began to well up in Colonel Krotchnik’s eyes as she told me about her long-lost love. I didn’t think that an old dominatrix could cry but there she was with mascara running down her cheeks. She dabbed her eyes with her napkin, smearing around more mascara. I put my hand on the Colonel’s free hand. It was smooth and warm. She didn’t push my hand away.

“I didn’t mean to bring up am old hurt, Colonel. I can imagine how losing your fiancé that way would break your heart. What can I do to make it up to you?”

“Let me clean up my face in your room. Zey heff no bathroom in zis place.”

I took Colonel Krotchnik back to my room. OK, you know what happened next. I ended up fucking a 50-year old woman, Tamar’s old boss no less, when I should have been looking for Tamar. How could I do that, you ask? As I said, Chava Krotchnik really wasn’t a bad looking woman. Probably she looked even better in the evening and with a few shots of 777 brandy in me. I checked to make sure she wasn’t carrying a bag full of sexual toys, so I wasn’t in for a beating.

Then there was the curiosity factor. Did Colonel Krotchnik still have it after 50 years? Someone once told me that an older woman was the best lay because she never knew when she was going to get it again. Was that true? If she still had it, how does an old dominatrix respond to her first plain vanilla sex in 20 years? And was Tzvikah’s technique as pure and unperverted as the Colonel implied? And was Tzvikah better hung than I was? My curiosity turned into a challenge, but it wasn’t any trouble to get the Colonel into bed, naked and no leather . In fact, she was already in bed when I got out of the bathroom. She had placed her uniform neatly on my suitcase and made sure it wouldn’t wrinkle. Her brassiere and panties were on the floor beside the bed. As I came out of the bathroom, The Colonel took the clasp out of her hair and let the roll cascade down to her shoulders. Long brown hair completely changed Colonel Krotchnik’s face. She was smiling, an almost sensual look on her face. I undressed without ceremony and climbed under the sheets with her.

She whispered, “Please call me Chava, Chris. Please be gentle with me und I vill show you vat an old lady can do.”

Chava Krotchnik turned out to be one wild woman in bed. I had no sooner slipped under the sheets than she was all over me, kissing and thrusting her tongue in my mouth and kissing my face. I thrust my tongue back in her mouth and checked for dentures. None. The thought occurred to me that either they fluoridate the water in this country or they have good dentists. Chava’s teeth were straight, all accounted for and a delight to run my tongue over. I remembered when she was smiling in the restaurant that her teeth were nice and white. The Colonel didn’t smoke like so many Israeli women.

I reached for one of Chava’s breasts to check out if other bahis şirketleri parts of her were still in shape. Chava had small breasts for an Israeli woman, which meant that she had a pair which a woman anywhere else would kill for. A Colonel’s uniform was no better at displaying breasts that Tamar’s regular soldier’s uniform. Chava’s breasts had a slight sag in them – well, they had been hanging there for 50 years. Chava started to moan and squeal like a 15-year old as soon as I touched her tit. Probably she had forgotten the pleasure of a man gently touching her breast during her years of administering beatings.

As I played with Chava’s tits, sucking on her nipples and then gently pressing them between my fingers, Chava’s moans and squeals went up in volume. She was no singer but any woman who expresses herself with noise makes the music I love to hear. As I ran my hands along her hips and along her thighs, I didn’t find one speck of fat or love handles. Chava Krotchnik still had one nice tight body for her age, just the slight bulge around her stomach, not anything you would term a potbelly.

I reached down to Chava’s crotch and parted her legs. I wondered what I would find there. It’s always an adventure touching a woman’s pussy for the first time but this was my first touch of fifty-year old pussy. I had heard so many stories from my friends about how older women’s pussies dried up like the Negev Desert once past menopause. It was usually accompanied by my friend giving a graphic descriptions of the pain of a dry fuck and the discomfort of a foreskin being sandpapered off. There I was in a foreign country without a foreskin to protect me and no KY lubricant.

As it turned out, I didn’t need to worry at all. Chava’s crotch was soaked and the juice was running down her thighs. I parted her outer lips. If I remember my Slavic language studies correctly, the surname Krotchnik must mean “little crotch”. If I was right, Chava Krotchnik was carrying on a proud family tradition. As my finger glided up between her inner lips, it was like exploring between two narrow, hard walls. Chava was a tight little package between her legs. When I get back to Canada, I’ll have to tell the guys that everything they told me about older women was wrong.

I stroked the lower side of her clitoris lightly, never touching the tip, always staying on the side. Chava was so wet that my finger glided easily and lightly up and down these sensitive parts. Chava enjoyed the light touch. She didn’t complain about tickling. The only sounds she made were groans, gasps and sighs the reached a crescendo as her clitoris bulged up as large as a baby’s pecker. Chava’s body convulsed as she had a prolonged orgasm.

You can take the dominatrix out of her leathers but you can’t take the domination out of the dominatrix. When Chava stopped coming, she told me to lie on my back. I lay there with my pecker in the air while she fumbled in one of the pockets of her uniform on the suitcase and pulled out an army-issue condom. I already knew that the civilian Israeli condoms were as thick as a rubber boot so the military ones must be like truck tires. I had to put an end to this.

“What’s with the rubber, Chava? I hate those things.”

“But I tell all my recruits to use zese ven zey heff sex. It has ze Zahal serial number right here. Zere is vun of zese kaputs in effery Israeli soldier’s field equipment, male or female. It’s in ze regulations.”

“I can’t recall that you read that regulation to Tamar. Besides, you left the Colonel on my suitcase. You’re Chava right now.”

“OK, ve don’t use der rubber if you promise neffer to tell my girls.”

I promised, Chava discarded the package and she eagerly started to suck dick. She was even better than Daniellah at fallatio. Chava could not only apply the vacuum to a dick but she could run her tongue up and down the shaft of the dick at the same time. In no time at all, I shot off. I don’t know if it was Chava’s intention to blow me off but she swallowed without letting go of my dick. If Chava was typical, Israeli soldiers must be tough women.

I got hard again as Chava kept sucking my dick and maintaining my dick at full alert. Finally, she was satisfied with its condition and squatted so that our business parts touched and lined up. Her pussy was even wetter with excitement as she sensed that she was about to get some young zain again. She rubbed my tip a little between her pussy lips and then inserted the tip in her cunt.

Damn, for 50 years old, Chava was a tight little piece. My buddies told me stories about 50 year old women so completely fucked out that they were big as a coffee can down there. I shouldn’t have worried. Chava hadn’t had any children in her 50 years. I had checked for stretch marks while I was kissing her stomach. My dick hurt as she pushed to get me in but finally her cunt yielded and I was in an inch. Chava gasped:

“You’re effen bigger zan Tzvikah. I vill heff trouble vit you tonight.”

Was Chava saying that to make me feel good or was I really was bigger than her first love? Was she tight like a virgin because she never got a poke from her submissives? After all, what did I know about what really went on in the bondage scene?

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Oddball for Britney

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Britney loved the Harley-Davidson Electra-glide; loved kicking it into life, feeling the powerful motor rumble to life, loved feeling the motor vibrate between her legs. She loved taking the motorcycle down to the pockmarked Highway 171; each bump and jolt driving the leather seat into her crotch.

She’d bought the motorcycle as a late twenty first birthday present for herself, along with a bar in Holly Bridge, Mississippi. She renamed the Magnolia Lounge the Fleur De Lis and spread the word that there was a new Lesbian bar near the Mississippi State College campus.

Britney looked up at the kitchen window of the small home that she and Chin Li shared. For a moment, she saw Chin Li’s face in the window, and then the small face disappeared.

She double-checked her helmet chin strap, stomped her foot down on the gear peg and surged forward. Twenty minutes later, she pulled up to the bar and smiled. There were nine trucks and four cars in the parking lot, and six other motorcycles.

Britney frowned as she spotted Sandy’s Kawasaki 900, the garish green crotch rocket almost an insult to the other chrome monsters around it.

“Fucking bitch better not give me shit tonight; I just ain’t in the fucking mood,” Britney muttered.

Britney took off her helmet and pulled her purse out of the small storage compartment. She rummaged around in the purse and found her hairbrush.

She brushed her short blonde hair and shook her head as Mickey, the burley bouncer, whistled at her.

“You’re fucking gorgeous, Wertmuller; just get in there, huh?” Mickey playfully teased her boss.

Lesbian or not, motorcycle or not, Britney was feminine, liked looking pretty, liked looking her best. She used to have long blonde hair, but a motorcycle helmet made long hair impractical, and sometimes unsafe. But, her short hair was styled in a manner that framed her beautiful face.

“What’s up?” Britney asked casually, making sure that her lace blouse was still tucked into the red leather shorts.

“Nothing, couple of football players from that high school drove by, screaming all kind of shit, but that’s about it,” Mickey said, giving Britney an appraising glance.

Britney had found out, within a month of opening, that college town or not, some people weren’t exactly open-minded about an openly gay bar in their midst. After a few cars had been vandalized, Britney took to hiring off-duty police and ex-military women to act as bouncers slash parking lot security.

“And of course, you scared the shit out of them,” Britney said, glancing at the gun strapped to mickey’s hip.

“Naw, fucking know how expensive bullets are?” Mickey laughed. “I pull this, somebody’s going to get hit, that’s all I got to say.”

Britney gave the burly woman a quick, friendly kiss, and sauntered into the dark club.

A few people called out to her; she greeted some with waves, others she gave quick hugs, and two of them she completely ignored.

“Hey,” she said to Marge, the old woman behind the bar, leaned over and gave the woman a quick kiss.

She laughed as Marge tried to force her tongue into her mouth.

“About six stools down, red hat,” Marge hissed, putting a shot glass in front of Britney.

Marge smirked as Britney gave an almost imperceptible nod.

Marge knew Britney’s tastes; Britney liked them small, liked them young, and liked them scared, defenseless. Britney liked victims, damaged women. The more insecure, the better.

And the girl with the red baseball cap was right up Britney’s alley. Barely five feet tall, with long brown hair, slim figure, and scared out of her mind.

According to Mickey, the girl had sat in her car for nearly fifteen minutes before finally getting the courage to open her car door. From her car, the girl nearly ran for the door of the bar.

From the door, Marge had watched the girl’s skittish travel to the long, tall bar. Once the girl finally decided on a stool, she’d barely whispered her request for a rum and coke.

“You old enough, Sweetie?” Marge had asked, not unkindly.

“Yes ma’am,” the girl had whispered and pulled out an obviously fake ID.

Marge didn’t care; the police had not once raided the place and most likely wouldn’t raid it now. They were too afraid of the negative press that raiding an openly gay bar would bring them. Even if people hated the homosexual lifestyle, they didn’t want to be branded as bigots, so they would throw their support behind the Fleur De Lis bar.

Britney tossed back the whiskey shot and casually looked around, finally looking at the girl that hunkered down on the stool two stools to her right.

“Hey,” she said to the girl, and then continued her surveillance of the bar.

“Hi,” Megan whispered. “Um, are you, you wouldn’t be Denise, um KittyKat, huh?”

“Sorry, what?” Britney asked.

“Um, I’m uh, I’m supposed to be meeting KittyKat, um, said her name’s Denise; she said to wear something illegal bahis red and this was all I could find an…” Megan stammered, tugging on the visor of her cap.

“Sorry, Babe,” Britney smiled easily. “Why? I look like her?”

“Um, no, um, but she said she’d wear something red and I’d wear something red and we’d…” Megan stammered, about to cry.

Britney looked down at her red leather shorts and smiled at Megan. Megan, despite her fear, smiled back.

“Nope, I’m not Denise; whoever that is. “I’m Britney,” Britney said and held out a hand.

“I’m Megan,” Megan said, then almost groaned.

The name on her doctored ID card was Collette, not Megan. And Denise knew her as Collette, not Megan.

“Oh well, too late now,” she thought to herself.

“What you drinking?” Britney asked, gesturing to Marge.

“Rum and coke,” Megan whispered.

“Ready for another one, Sweetie?” Marge asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Megan nodded.

“Hit me,” Britney said and Marge nodded.

Megan quickly finished her first drink and smiled as Marge put the second drink down for her.

Britney raised her shot glass in a silent toast, smiling at Megan.

A song played in the background but the small dance floor only had two couples on it; most of the clientele were crowded around the three billiard tables and five video game consoles.

“Want to dance?” Britney asked, nodding with her head toward the dance floor.

Given a choice, Britney would have rather steered Megan toward the video games, letting a little friendly competition lower Megan’s inhibitions and fears, but the crowd that was on that side of the bar was a rough group; loud, brash.

“Um, okay, um sure,” Megan said and slid herself off of the stool.

Britney looked around at her bar in satisfaction.

She’d bought two scratch-off lottery tickets at a gas station just outside of Mumphrey, Louisiana. Chin Li had rolled her eyes at Britney when Britney had asked if she wanted any.

“Gambling is for fools,” Chin Li had declared. “You’ll never win; the odds are stacked against you.”

“Uh huh,” Britney had laughed. “But for what? Ten bucks? I just bought two dreams.”

“Two dreams?” Chin Li had asked, wrinkling her face in confusion.

“Uh huh. ‘Ooh, I wonder what I’ll do with all that money’ and then when you don’t win on the first one, you move on to the next one and start the dreaming all over again,” Britney had laughed. “See, I got a ‘King Float’ Mardi gras scratch-off and when that one turns out to be a dud, I’ve got this ‘Louisiana Gumbo’ scratch off.”

“And I still have my ten dollars,” Chin Li had said smugly.

“Speaking of which, bitch, cough it up; gas ain’t free,” Britney had smiled and dug a quarter out of her purse.

Britney scratched the film off of the play area and blinked.

To win, the player needed to get three King Floats in a row. Either up and down, or across, or diagonally. There were nine squares on the play area. Britney could see two floats under the removed film and unless it was a trick, there was a third one in view.

(The printer had printed up a test ticket, to make sure the art work was legible and that each thumbnail sketch was distinctive, clearly discernable, one from another. He was supposed to shred the test ticket after the ticket had passed his visual inspection, but accidentally shredded the second test ticket, letting the first ticket pass through the overlay process.)

“Holy fucking shit,” Britney gasped, stunned as she looked at nine King Floats on her ticket.

“What?” Chin Li had asked, looking at her friend and dorm roommate.

“Chin Li, I got all nine floats; you get three in a row, it’s a million dollars,” Britney had whispered urgently.

“You’re making that up,” Chin Li had said dismissively.

The Louisiana Lottery office tried to get out of paying; it was obviously a forgery, or a mistake. Thankfully, Sophia Coutre, a lawyer that lived next door to the Wertnullers in DeGarde, Louisiana, took the case. According to the rules printed on the back of the lottery ticket, Britney was due eight million; she had three matches across, three down, and two diagonal. The printer and the Louisiana Lottery office settled and Britney was awarded five million dollars.

The Harley-Davidson was one of the gifts Britney gave herself. The bar was another gift. The small house she and Chin Li shared, along with four other small homes she rented to college students, preferably gay students was yet another gift.)

“Millionaire or not,” Allison Wertnuller, Britney’s mother had sternly said, “You’re finishing college, you hear?”

Now, taking the sweating hand of Megan and pulling the small girl onto the floor, Britney was pleased with her investment.

Marge smiled as Britney became slightly aggressive; pulling a still quite frightened Megan into an intimate pose. Marge let the song finish, then hit the disc carousel.

“Marge, I fucking hate you!” Britney screamed as ‘Vertigo’ by U2 started.

Marge laughed and turned the volume illegal bahis siteleri up.

“Damn it, Marge, you know what that song does to me!” Britney complained.

“Dance, bitch, dance,” Marge demanded.

Megan felt someone grab the collar of her silk blouse and pull her backward off the small dance area.

“Watch this,” a friendly voice laughed.

Britney launched herself into the dance routine she and the DeGarde High School cheerleaders used to perform to the song.

“Oh my God,” Megan gasped as Britney flipped backward, seemingly effortlessly.

“See why I pulled you out of there, Honey?” the woman laughed as more and more of the customers crowded around the dance floor.

The song ended and the crowd applauded as Britney pulled herself out of her leg split.

“Bitch, I’ll get you for that,” Britney yelled at Marge.

“Ooh, I’m so scared,” Marge laughed and hit the carousel again.

“Come on Marge!” Britney yelled as Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ came booming out.

“Come on, just one more, huh?” Marge called back.

“Wow, she’s good,” Megan said to her new friend as Britney did the moonwalk across the small tiled area.

“Uh huh, yeah she is,” the older woman agreed, clapping in time to the music.

“How about…” Marge called as the crowd applauded Britney’s performance.

“No, Marge, no, put on anything else,” Britney complained as Kylie Minogue’s ‘Fever’ came booming out.

“Fine, fine, you’re the boss,” Marge laughed and put on a Taylor Swift song.

“Wow, you’re amazing,” Megan gasped as Britney again pulled her into a very close embrace.

“Thanks,” Britney laughed and chanced a quick little kiss on Megan’s lips.

Megan gasped and pulled herself slightly away, then reminded herself why she was there.

The nineteen year old girl and her twenty year old boyfriend had smoked a few joints, drank a pint of rum, and then shared their deepest sexual fantasies with each other.

“Me too!” Megan had blurted out when Conrad had said that he fantasized about making love with her and another woman.

The moment she sobered up, she regretted admitting to Conrad that she had bisexual feelings; he simply would not let the matter drop. He pressured her and pressured her until she agreed to follow through on the fantasy.

Together, they had logged onto his computer and found a few dating sites that had ‘Alternate’ sections.

KittyKat4U30341 had intrigued them, they made contact, and KittyKat4U30341 had agreed to meeting with Megan at the Fleur De Lis, to see if they were a match. If they did, then of course their next meeting would include Conrad.

She smiled nervously at Britney, and then leaned her head against Britney’s shoulder as they swayed to the music.

(In a dirty dormitory room, KittyKat4U30341, a twenty four year old Teacher’s Assistant cursed herself for again chickening out of going to the Fleur De Lis and meeting with a girl; Collette had sounded so promising. Toni unzipped the red blue jeans and wiggled out of them and dropped them onto the floor. The fact that Collette knew her as Denise and not Toni was of little comfort.)


Megan smiled as Britney pulled her into the small house.

Britney looked around; no sign of Chin Li.

“So, um, you want to sit; get to know one another?” Britney asked, tracing a hand up and down Megan’s arm. “Or, you want to play?”

“Um, I don’t know,” Megan let out a breathy whisper.

“Come on,” Britney said, taking the girl’s hand.

Without the silly baseball cap, Megan was cute. Her face was small, small brown eyes, small nose, and small mouth. Her chest, while not flat, was not very large either. Her waist was tiny; Megan had admitted to Britney that finding jeans was somewhat of a struggle.

“I find ones that don’t just fall off, they’re too tight in the butt,” Megan had complained.

“It is a nice butt,” Britney had said, chancing a quick pat on Megan’s buttock.

“Really? I think it’s too big; I mean look at me! I’m too short! Then you slap a big old butt on top of that?” Megan had said.

“Nah, it’s perfect,” Britney had assured the girl.

Inside her bedroom, Britney turned on her bedside lamp, casting a soft glow in the room.

Megan stood at the foot of the bed, uncertain of what to do.

“Don’t worry, Mary,” Britney whispered, softly touching Megan’s arms, dragging her hands down to Megan’s small hands.

“Um, it’s Megan,” Megan corrected Britney.

“We’ll go as slow as you want to,” Britney assured the girl, kissing her lightly.

Megan closed her eyes and returned Britney’s kiss.

“As slow as you want,” Britney assured the girl and traced the tip of her tongue around Megan’s small lips.

“Oh,” Megan moaned with the intimate gesture.

“I love you, Mary,” Britney whispered into Megan’s ear.

“It’s…” Megan said then moaned again as Britney gently nipped on Megan’s ear lobe.

Britney undid the first button on Megan’s silk blouse and gently kissed Megan’s throat.

“When canlı bahis siteleri did you start wearing perfume?” Britney asked, tasting Megan’s perfume on Megan’s skin.

“I’ve always, it’s my favor…” Megan said, confused.

“Smells nice,” Britney assured her and undid another button.

“Oh, Megan moaned as Britney softly kissed the newly exposed flesh.

“Like that?” Britney asked and again kissed Megan’s mouth.

“Yeah,” Megan admitted.

“How about this?” Britney asked and gently raked her fingernails along Megan’s throat.

Megan couldn’t help but giggle.

“I forgot; you’re ticklish,” Britney whispered and undid another button of Megan’s blouse.

Megan was puzzled at Britney’s comment, but another soft kiss distracted her.

“Oh, I like that,” Britney groaned as Megan’s black lace bra was exposed. “Oh, Mary, that looks amazing on you.”

“Thank you,” Megan whispered as Britney’s feather light touches were driving her crazy.

She tensed up for a moment when she felt Britney’s fingers at the snap of her jeans, then relaxed and let Britney undo her jeans.

“Let me…” Megan asked and reached out to unbutton Britney’s blouse.

“”Yes,” Britney hissed.

Underneath, Britney wore no bra; her 32 B breasts and their pale pink nipples rarely saw a bra.

Megan reached out a trembling hand and hefted small breast.

Britney unzipped her leather boots and kicked them off, pushing them under her king sized bed. She let her white lace blouse slide off of her shoulders and stood, posing in her red leather shorts.

In high school, Britney and her twin sister Tiffany had sported thirty four C Breasts, twenty eight inch waists, and thirty two inch hips. Their legs were their best feature, long, tan, muscular, and both twins wore clothing that highlighted their best feature.

Then, when news of Tiffany’s death reached her, Britney spiraled into deep depression and she quit eating. She dwindled down to nearly ninety three pounds, could not be bothered to shower, or brush her teeth.

Chin Li’s sharp slap shocked her and Britney stared in disbelief at her dorm roommate.

“You in a hurry to see your sister again?” Chin Li screamed at her best friend, her only friend.

“What?” Britney stammered.

“Here, eat this,” Chin Li ordered, slapping a slice of pizza in front of Britney.

“I’m not…” Britney protested.

“Eat it!” Chin Li screamed, after delivering another slap to Britney’s face. “I didn’t ask if you were hungry! Just eat it!”

Nearly nine months later, Britney was back to looking healthy and loved showing off her body to her lovers.

She unzipped the leather shorts and slid them down her legs, showing Megan the thick blonde bush. She then turned, in an exaggerated movement to pick up blouse and shorts, displaying her round ass to Megan’s view.

“Here,” Britney said, and knelt down to unlace Megan’s tennis shoes.

Megan stepped out of the shoes and smiled down as Britney unzipped her jeans, and playfully inched them down slowly over her hips. Britney smiled appreciatively as Megan’s skimpy black lace thong came into view.

“Beautiful; I really like that; they look great on you,” Britney praised and planted a kiss right on Megan’s slightly pudgy belly.

Megan let Britney pull the jeans all the way off of her short, pudgy legs. And smiled as Britney made quick work of pulling off the sports socks.

“Okay?” Britney queried and Megan nodded in agreement.

“Good,” Britney breathed and took Megan into her arms again.

Megan’s head actually buzzed with the excitement that threatened to overwhelm her.

Conrad’s kisses were clumsy at best, too forceful. Britney’s kisses were feathered light, yet passionate. And Conrad’s breath always tasted foul, foul from the marijuana he smoked constantly. Only when he drank did she get any reprieve from the sickly sweet and burnt taste of his tongue.

Britney’s tongue entered Megan’s mouth and danced on Megan’s tongue, then quickly pulled out so that Britney could again press a feather soft kiss to Megan’s throat. The tongue tasted of peppermint and whiskey. It was a pleasant taste, an exciting taste.

“May I?” Britney asked softly, tugging on the clasp of Megan’s bra.

“Uh huh,” Megan agreed and became slightly aggressive, taking a kiss from Britney as the slightly taller Britney unhooked the bra.

“Oh, God, they’re beautiful,” Britney sighed as Megan’s little buds came into view.

“They’re too small,” Megan whispered.

“They’re perfect,” Britney corrected and softly placed her hands over Megan’s pale flesh.

“Not like yours,” Megan protested and put her small hands over Britney’s slightly larger breasts, mirroring Britney’s movements.

“Perfect,” Britney insisted and again kissed Megan.

Megan shivered as Britney’s fingers left her breasts and began to travel up and down along her sides, reaching down to her hips, to the straps of her thong, then back up again. The whole while, Britney’s lips kissed her lips, her throat, her earlobes, her eyelids, and her small nose.

She again mirrored Britney’s movements, not really knowing what else to do.

“May Me” Britney asked, hooking a thumb underneath the thin elastic band of Megan’s panties.

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Bath Time

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He took my hand and led me with silent steps towards the bathroom. He dropped my hand as he paused and turned around. He leaned back against the door and smiled at me. I smiled back at him and stepped forwards. He laid his hand on my shoulders and slid them softly down my arms. His fingers sought mine and interlaced. He pulled me towards him and kissed me hotly. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and pressed my body against his, moaning softly into his mouth. I longed to taste him – the sweet nectar of his skin.

His hands broke free of mine and slid the thin straps of my jammys down across my shoulders. I trembled at his light touch and felt my breath catch in my throat. He abruptly broke our kiss and moved his lips to the place where my neck met my shoulder and kissed from my shoulder to my earlobe. He nipped at my earlobe and then whispered ‘I want you, Lai.’ I tilted back my head and whispered ‘I want you too.’

He trailed one fingertip across my collarbone while his eyes locked into mine. He continued trailing his fingertip down my sternum, between my breasts, across my belly button, and along the length of my waistband. His deep eyes penetrated mine and I felt my very soul canlı bahis quake. I wanted to look away but I remained spellbound.

He closed his eyes and tilted his head to the side, leaning forward. His lips met mine and as I felt his tongue invade my mouth his hand slipped underneath my waistband. He expertly parted my cunt lips and drove his index finger deep within me. I gasped against his hot mouth and felt my knees grow weak. He growled low in the back of his throat and I knew I was his. He withdrew his finger, glistening, from my cunt and lifted to his mouth. He parted his lips and put his finger inside, sucking it clean. Then he reached behind him and opened the bathroom door.

The bathtub was enormous and the frothy bubbles spilled forth. The lights were off and candles burned around the perimeter, casting shadows on the tiled walls. I stood barefooted on the white carpeting. He stood before me and removed his shirt and then stepped out of his pants. He told me to lift my arms and as I did so, he pulled off my shirt, revealing my hardened pink nipples. He took one and pinched it between his thumb and his forefinger. ‘Turn around.’ he said.

I turned and faced the bahis siteleri wall. I heard his soft steps behind me. He pulled my jammy bottoms off my body and told me to step out of them. I did so and he put his knee between my legs and spread them further apart. I heard him kneel and he began again to rise as he was kissing the back of my legs, my thighs, and then nipped my ass. I moaned softly and he silenced me. He kissed up the length of my spine. He stood behind me and pressed himself against me. I felt him hard against my ass. Then he stepped back and I felt the sting as his hand met my ass with surprising force. ‘Into the bath with you then.’ he growled.

I stepped naked into the water. I felt the steam rise around my and my cunt grow wet in anticipation. I knelt in the water as he stood next to the tub, his hard cock jutting out before him. I licked my red lips and leaned forward, taking the purplish crown into my hot, wet, waiting mouth. I swirled my tongue around the tip and cupped his sac with my free hand. He grunted. I buried his cock in my mouth, taking him all in until my nose was buried in the tangle of hair there. I breathed in his intoxicating scent. He grabbed my bahis şirketleri hair with one hand and urged me to suck harder. I obliged.

He stepped back and his cock slid out of my mouth with a soft pop. He put his hand on my shoulder and stepped into the water. He laid down and settled back then crooked his finger at me. I crawled on top of him, careful to keep my cunt just barely on the tip of his cock. I met his lips and kissed him deeply. His hands swum through the water and he splayed his fingers across each of my ass cheeks and raised his hips all at once. I moaned as I felt him penetrate me fully. ‘Oh yes…’ I whispered into his mouth.

He removed his hands from my ass as his hips begin to keep rhythm with mine. His fingers found my nipples and pinched them as his cock thrust in and out of my cunt. I leaned forward and sucked on his neck until I felt a welt rising beneath my tongue. ‘Fuck me baby…’ he cried out. I intensified my efforts. The water ebbed and flowed around us as his cock mercilessly pounded my cunt over and over again. I screamed out in pleasure as I felt my back arch involuntarily.

I felt his cock slide in and out of my cunt repeatedly as he moaned out my name. I felt myself begin to cum and I screamed out his name as my muscles milked him repeatedly as I crested over the edge. My orgasm was enough to set him off and he kissed me deeply as he exploded in waves deep within me.

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Independence Day Ch. 01

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MMMMM. 4th of July weekend. I went to the Green with a friend and her son. While standing in line to get her son an Ice Cream, Sarah and I spotted an attractive man walking towards us. I told Sarah that I would be right back I pulled out the winder on my watch and changed the time. I walked toward him and like an innocent child I told him that winder on my watch had gotten snagged and was wondering if he could tell me the time so that I could reset it. He told me the time and I began my flirting. Knowing what I wanted I went for it. I cast out and he bit the hook. I found out that he was on the green with his daughter but that the next day was all open. I asked if he had any friends that might want to join.

When I met up with Tony the next day he had 3 friends with him, Bryan, Billy, and Chris. WE got a room in the next town and went straight to it. As soon as the door was closed Tony took his clothes off and then his friends followed. Tony came up to me as I sat on the edge of the bed and stroked my hair and put his cock in front of my mouth. I went right to it taking his big hard cock into my mouth, canlı bahis moving my lips up and down the shaft. HE stepped back and I looked around the room and noticed that Bryan, Chris, and Billy were all stroking their cocks. He had me lay on the bed and he straddled my face and stroked his cock as I licked and sucked on his balls. I felt someone pull at my shorts till they were off but I couldn’t tell who it was.

Once my shorts and underwear were removed I felt a very nice tongue hit my clit sending shocks through my body. It was such an exciting feeling not being able to see what was coming next. It heightened the sexual pleasure so much. Tony still stroking his cock backed up a little so that I could get his cock into my mouth. As Tony was fucking my mouth The tongue on my clit started to flick sideways and then I felt a finger enter my wet pussy tickling me from the inside. Then as I sucked Tony’s cock I felt the tongue stop and the fingers stop. I then felt someone’s cock slowly enter my pussy. They pulled out just a bit and then thrust back inside and started to thrust hard and fast. Before bahis siteleri I knew they pulled the cock out of my pussy and I felt something hot hit my thigh. He had already Cum. With Tony’s cock in my mouth I couldn’t say much and I then felt someone wipe the cum away with what felt like a towel.

I was so disappointed. Tony leaned forward and was fucking my mouth straight down so his cock was actually starting to go down my throat making me gag a little. He then pulled up some and let me move my head to suck his cock. Tony began to cum and as he did he pushed his cock back down into my mouth. I drank it all down. He then moved and then I could see that Bryan and Billy were still stroking their cocks as Chris sat on the other bed and Tony went into the bathroom to clean himself off. Bryan and Billy both moved up so that their cocks were on each side of my mouth. I began to suck on Brian’s and then turn and suck on Billy’s. Tony came out of the bathroom and left the room.

I was still sucking on Brian and Billy’s cocks as Tony walked back into the room with a bandanna. He told me to sit up and bahis şirketleri he then blindfolded me with it. He told me to get on all 4s and I did so. I then felt a cock hit my lips and I took it into my mouth. I then felt another cock enter my pussy and almost at the same time they began to thrust into me. I tried to let out a moan but a cock thrusting toward my throat silenced it and in turn I gagged instead. I felt the man behind me grab my hips and push his cock all the way inside. Once there he started to grind his hips in almost a circular motion. The man in front of me was holding onto my head as he fucked my mouth as deep as my throat would let him. I then heard the man in front of me moan just slightly (I realized then that it was Bryan) and he came into my mouth.

After swallowing I leaned my head down to enjoy the cock inside of my pussy. Then he stopped and told me to turn around. I did and he inserted again in the missionary position then lifted my legs so that they were on his shoulders. He leaned down just a bit and started to thrust deep. Then his thrusts became shallow and he pulled out and I felt his cum hit my stomach. I immediately started to wipe it with my hand so that I could taste it. I licked my fingers clean and then the bandanna was removed. All of us cleaned up and then went and got something to eat.

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